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05.12.19 - SLP Pledges Support for Striking French Workers

We wish to join the many international labour and trade union groups and parties which have done so already in expressing our support for the CGT and the French workers who are resisting their governments proposals for pension reform. The protests seen this year on the streets of Paris against the economic plans of the corporatist Macron are part of a growing, multinational response to the broader policy on the part of Europe's ruling classes of rolling back welfare protection and the living standards of workers and the poor. The plan to rob low paid workers of pension rights, in full swing here in the UK, suggests a renewed confidence among the ruling elites that finally the moment has arrived when they can break among the people all remaining feelings of solidarity. For them, today's strike, and the phenomenal support it is attracting across the world, is a rude awakening.

National Executive Committee, Socialist Labour Party

16.08.19 - Remove 'Rebel' MPs Says Scargill!

HERE to read full statement

02.08.19 - By election Disaster for pro EU Labour

The result in the Brecon and Radnorshire by election is a disaster for the Labour Party and a success for Brexit. The total vote for parties backing leave without a deal was 50.21 per cent whilst the vote for remain parties was 49.78 per cent. The vote is in line with the 2016 Referendum result and the vote in the 2019 European Elections

Arthur Scargill, Leader, Socialist Labour Party

07.07.19 - Corbyn Must Back 'No Deal' Says Scargill

It's time Jeremy Corbyn supported the campaign to leave the European Union; its Customs Union and its disastrous free movement of Capital policy. He should remember comrades like Tony Benn who explained the Socialist case for leaving this bastion which has a Constitution which embraces Capitalism

He should round on those who are seeking to destroy him including so called left wingers and those on the shadow front bench who are constantly undermining him

I urge him to campaign for Britain to leave the EU with 'No deal' - it's the best deal for the British Working Class, it's the only deal for socialists

Arthur Scargill, Leader, Socialist Labour Party

26.04.19 - Socialist Labour Calls for a Boycott of EU Elections!

As they are taking place in violation of the referendum decison of June 2016, the SLP will not contest the EU election and re-iterates its opposition to any particpation in them

HERE to read full statement by ARTHUR SCARGILL

11.04.19 - Julian Assange: the Price of Exposing the Crimes of Power

THE arrest of Julian Assange, inside the Ecuadorian Embassy, represents the most serious violation of international law and human rights. Political expediency is clearly the basis for the arrest of Mr. Assange but it also represents the most corrupt practices by the Ecuadorian, UK and American governments. It is reported that Ecuador has been offered considerable debt relief by the American government in exchange for abandoning Assange

The only crime Assange has been accused of in the UK is jumping bail, a petty crime by most standards, yet the official reason for his arrest is given by the British police as “on behalf of the United States”. The clear intention is to extradite Assange to America who has already applied for his extradition

As a journalist, Julian exposed war crimes committed by America. No country, including America, the most powerful country on earth, should have its war crimes, like the murder of a dozen innocent civilians, from a helicopter gunship, subjected to total blanket of secrecy or from being reported, and those found guilty of such crimes should be brought to justice

What we are witnessing, with the arrest of Julian Assange, is not the guilty being brought to justice but the person who reported and exposed the crimes being treated as if he were the criminal

His treatment and arrest have been condemned by “Reporters Without Borders” and a number of high-profile journalists, human rights activists and Lawyers

This is a shameful crime committed by those who believe they should be immune from being exposed for the war crimes they commit. They profess to support press and journalistic freedoms but woe betide any journalist who exposes the crimes of the most powerful countries on earth. All self-respecting journalists (and there are not many) should condemn this blatant attack on freedom of speech and expression and the very principles of democracy. It is an infringement of the rights of every journalist who puts pen to paper

We call upon all human rights lawyers to immediately offer their services – free of any charge – to defend Julian Assange against these trumped up charges and ensure this courageous man’s freedom

Arthur Scargill, Leader

Ken Capstick, Former Treasurer

Robert J Hawkins, Treasurer

Kim Bryan, General Secretary

HERE to read as pdf

03.04.19 - Ramsay MacDonald 2.0: Labour's EU 'Deal' With the Tories!

The Labour Party leadership's betrayal of the British people's vote represents the most treacherous act since Ramsay MacDonald sold out the Party and headed a National Government in 1931

The British people and Socialists voted to leave this bastion of Capitalism which is based on a Customs Union, a Single Market and Free Movement of Workers and Capital

So far Britain’s membership of the EU has cost British workers jobs, an annual deficit in trade with the EU of over £85billion, an annual membership fee of £25billion plus being ruled be unelected bureaucrats in Brussels

In the name of all those who fought for freedom, I call for a ‘No Deal’ exit from the evil European Union

Arthur Scargill, Leader, SLP

HERE to read as pdf

14.02.19 - Statement to the UK Embassy of Venezuela!

In light of the ongoing destabilisation of Venezuela by foreign powers seeking the overthrow of its lawful government, the Socialist Labour Party in the UK expresses its solidarity with the people of Venezuela in their struggle for national self determination

In contrast to the western narrative that Venezuela is 'failed' the truth is contained in the overwhelming support of the poorest, most needy sections of the population for the Bolivarian revolution

In return for the restoration of its privileges, the willingness of a wealthy section of Venezuelan society to sell Venezuela's national assets to foreign corporations is confirmation of the true nature of the unelected western supported 'opposition' which is neither democratic nor sovereign nor representative of the interests of Venezuela's people

While the complicity of the UK government in the plan to plunder Venezuela is to be expected, it is no less shameful placing Britain once again at odds with the principles of sovereign equality enshrined in the UN Charter and understood outside the West as the foundation of all human freedoms

National Executive Committee

'No War on Venezuela' statement HERE

10.01.19 - Labour: The Betrayal Goes On!

The Labour Party MPs and the Labour Party leaders who voted yesterday to oppose a 'NO DEAL' are guilty of betraying the British people and betraying comrades such as Tony Benn and Michael Foot who warned that membership of the EEC and later the European Union would destroy our economy and hand over our sovereignty to an unelected body

It would take decisions and adopt laws which are binding on all member states, and more important membership would bind Britain to an EU which has a constitution which commits all member states to a Capitalist system

I congratulate Ronnie Campbell (a mining MP) Graham Stringer and Kate Hoey who were the only three to keep the faith. The Labour Party leadership should lead the fight for a (NO DEAL) exit from this rotten bureaucratic EU

Arthur Scargill, Leader, Socialist Labour Party

HERE for Arthur's statement after the 'No Confidence' vote and response by TAKIS FOTOPOULOS

23.09.18 - Second Referendum: Scargill Condemns Betrayal!

The statement by the Labour Party Leadership that they would support a second referendum is an act of treachery for which they will never be forgiven.

The ruling class have used and will continue to use every means including a media which has sought to overturn the decision of the British people in the 2016 Referendum.

Tony Benn warned that membership of the European Union would mean that Britain would be governed by a Constitution which is committed to Capitalism.

The ruling class and the EU will demand another referendum and another until they get the result they want.

As a socialist I call for all those who call themselves socialists to condemn this act of treachery by the Labour Party Leaders and campaign for withdrawal from this bastion of Capitalism.

Arthur Scargill, Leader, Socialist Labour Party

HERE to read Arthur's statement on Labour's embrace of the customs union

20.05.18 - Korea for the Koreans!

Following the meeting on 27th April between KWP Chairman Kim Jong un and South Korean President Moon Jae in, Socialist Labour expresses its support for the peace process initiated by the two leaders.

Most Koreans on both sides of the de-militarised zone are opposed to the US military presence in the region which they see as an obstacle to the shared dream of re-unification.

If progress towards the goal of de-militarisation is to be made, negotiations must be driven by Koreans not by foreign powers pursuing 'global' objectives.

Given its ability and willingness to 'hit' any nation anywhere in the world, the Korean people are unlikely to realise their goal to live without the threat of war unless the US ideology of forced 'regime change' is overcome.

National Executive Committee

02.03.18 - No Customs Union! No Single Market!

Jeremy Corbyn and Keir Starmer ask how we protect jobs in Britain without being members of a customs union and a single market. The answer is simple.

Introduce import controls in the same way that the 1945 - 1951 Labour Government did, and ironically the same way as the United States is now doing. Import controls help build a manufacturing base which was 80% of Britain’s GDP. It worked then and it would work now to protect British jobs.

The implementation of import controls is a Socialist answer to anyone who is arguing for a Capitalist customs union or single European market.

Arthur Scargill

07.01.18 - Scargill at Eighty: NEC Sends Congratulations

Next Thursday, 11th January, marks the eightieth birthday of SLP Leader, and tireless advocate for the working classes, Arthur Scargill.

On this momentous occasion, the National Executive Committee of the SLP sends its warmest congratulations.

Speaking out still with devastating clarity on a range of issues, the powers of Arthur Scargill remain undiminished.

Thank you, Arthur, for your outstanding leadership, for your passion in the cause of social justice and for your courage in the face of hostile political power.

Long May it Continue!

National Executive Committee, Socialist Labour Party

19.10.17 - Scargill: Labour’s Shameful EU Betrayal

Britain should have left the European Union on Friday 24th June 2016. All that was required was to invoke Article 50 (1) in accordance with Britain's own constitution.

Immediately, Britain would have (a) ceased paying the £10 billion annual membership fee to the EU and (b) saved the £60 billion trade deficit Britain incurs each year.

I am appalled by Jeremy Corbyn's u turn on this fundamental issue. I together with Jeremy Corbyn and Tony Benn campaigned against Britain's membership of the EU and against every Treaty and Directive for over sixty years.

Get out of the EU NOW without any agreement with an unelected bureaucratic bunch of ‘blackmailers’.

Arthur Scargill, Leader, Socialist Labour Party

23.09.17 - Brexit: Scargill Calls on May to Resign!

Following the Prime Minister's announcement that the government will seek to maintain Britain's membership of the single market until 2021, SLP Leader Arthur Scargill says he believes the political establishment is preparing to betray the democratically expressed will of the British people. He called upon Mrs May to resign.

The full text of Arthur's statement:

'Theresa May’s announcement that the Government is prepared to keep Britain in the European Union for a further four years is a betrayal on a par with Chamberlain’s sell out to Hitler in 1938.

It is the ‘Will of the People’ expressed in 2016 to get out of the EU and back into the world which has been betrayed so shamelessly.

The Prime Minister’s announcement means that for at least another four years the UK is saddled with ‘Free Movement’, the Customs Union, Single Market and continuing political control exercised by an unelected body in Brussels.

The British people voted against continuing to pay £10 billion a year to the EU and maintaining a trade deficit of £60 billion.

May should resign. The British People will never forgive an act of such treachery'.

Arthur Scargill, Leader, Socialist Labour Party

07.08.17 - Socialists Must Defend Venezuela Says Scargill

Arthur Scargill today condemned 'left' politicians and activists whom he says criticise Venezuela's government while they should be condemning the war being waged against the country by foreign powers.

'Unlike Social Democratic leaders I support President Nicolas Maduro and the United Socialist Party as it struggles against forces supported by the USA and the CIA'.

The Socialist Labour Party Leader went on to say that those who have been trying for many years to overturn the USPs elected mandate are the 'same anti-democratic forces which overthrew Allende in Chile and murdered thousands'.

'All socialists' he said should support and defend the sovereign identity of Venezuela.