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Salisbury: What is Really Going On?

In 2001, one week after the September 11 plane attacks on the US, five people in the United States were murdered after touching letters containing anthrax spores. The White House blamed al Qaida and commissioned the FBI to find the evidence. After an exhaustive investigation spanning seven years the agency identified a primary suspect. He was a top US biodefense researcher. Following his suicide, the FBI closed its file concluding he acted alone

In no sense does an attempted political assassination, if that is what happened in Salisbury on 4th March, explain the narrative of Russian ‘evil’ dominating the corporate news media

The UK is not opposed to political assassinations. It has a ‘list’ of people, including its own citizens, earmarked for ‘targeted killing’ by drone. It has connived in the murder of political leaders including Heads of State. It has supplied chemical agents used in assassinations. It refuses to condemn assassinations by allies

The UK does not accept the principle of sovereignty. Since World War II it has ‘intervened’ violently in the affairs of other countries more than one hundred times. All these wars, waged from distance against poor or weaker countries, have been attacks on the principle of sovereignty. From Malaya, Kenya and Aden in the fifties to Iraq and Libya today, the military campaign is defined by the scale of suffering concentrated almost entirely among the indigenous people. Here, constant bloody wars against distant 'enemies' are accepted casually, if noticed at all, by a population ‘primed’ to believe in the exceptionalism of the British state

The UK does not accept the principle of state accountability for political crimes. No UK Prime Minster has ever been held accountable to the international community for war crimes, never incidentally carried out in defence of British territory or sovereignty. No state actor has faced the courts here for acts of state terrorism abroad (defined legally as the use of force to coerce governments) or for the arming of terrorist groups and insurections. If we were Pakistan, more than a thousand of whose citizens have been assassinated by the US outside the theatre of war, our outrage would be wasted

The media narrative that we are ‘under attack’ is not about the victims in Salisbury for whom justice, as in the anthrax case, can result only from an honest judicial process. We are once again being ‘primed’ to view the role of Britain in conflicts around the world as a ‘benign’ and disinterested response to the wickedness of others

Almost daily, fabricated, exaggerated or misrepresented stories about Russia are afforded inexplicable airtime, played as ‘evidence’ of the unnatural or crazed nature of its ‘regime’ or society: homophobia, football hooliganism, racism, sexism, cyber warfare, ‘state’ responsibility for cheating in sport, ‘fixing’ the US election in favour of Trump. Unlike the standard applied to our own, Russia’s sins are defined by its enemies not its peers with responsibility allocated invariably to its leader. In the targeting of a rival power we are hearing frightening echoes of the preparations we know preceded the western coup in Ukraine and the waging by the US/UK alliance of illegal wars of 'regime change' in the Middle East

That they can fume, without irony, over a few Russian hackers and one small TV outlet ‘interfering’ in the political affairs of other countries, suggests it is here, not Russia, where the integrity of political reporting should be called into question

As ‘reward’ for its role in ‘exposing’ Russia as the source of the Salisbury attack, Porton Down, Britain’s own secret chemical and biological weapons research centre will receive an extra £48 million in funding. This too was reported without irony. Unlike the VX which poisoned Kim Jong Nam, the ‘scientists’ at Porton Down have ‘confirmed’ that the evil nerve agent involved here is definitely not one of ‘ours’

It is not responsibility for a crime in Salisbury that is being denied. It is the directing role in conflict around the world of Britain and its NATO allies

National Executive Committee

18th March 2018

Press Release: No Customs Union! No Single Market!

Jeremy Corbyn and Keir Starmer ask how we protect jobs in Britain without being members of a customs union and a single market. The answer is simple

Introduce import controls in the same way that the 1945 - 1951 Labour Government did, and ironically the same way as the United States is now doing. Import controls help build a manufacturing base which was 80% of Britain’s GDP. It worked then and it would work now to protect British jobs

The implementation of import controls is a Socialist answer to anyone who is arguing for a Capitalist customs union or single European market

Arthur Scargill

2nd March 2018

Victimised? Yorkshire Women's Aid Campaigner Set to Lose Job

In spite of a vigorous local campaign, Labour controlled Doncaster Council has withdrawn the funding of the only women's aid service in South Yorkshire.

Now, Louise Harrison, the founder of SYWA, its primary fundraiser and leading campaigner against closure has been told by the charity trustees that her contract of employment will not be renewed.

HERE to read 'Freedom News' report.

De-Classified: More Documents Confirm Plan to Destroy Mining Industry

The plan to close down Britain's mining communities was we were told in 1984 the invention of anti democratic extremists not interested in 'negotiating' with elected politicians.

In this war too, they lied about their true objectives. And when the truth is out we are too invested in the lies of today to draw conclusions from the lies of yesterday.

Collusion during the 1984-85 strike between the 'scab' Union of Democratic Mineworkers (UDM) and Margaret Thatcher is already 'outed' by a researcher at the University of Liverpool. On Saturday 30th December 2017, the Morning Star reported newly de-classified documents showing the continuing role of UDM leader, Roy Lynk, after the strike in formulating with Thatcher's successor John Major the programme for closures.

While you will recall reading the great lie, you will not it seems be reading THIS anytime soon, at least not in the 'mainstream' press.

HERE to read pdf of Morning Star report

HERE to read account of the life and work of miners leader, David Swallow, by Graham and Ken Capstick

EU: Scargill Condemns Scheming Politicians

Labour politicians and trades union leaders, are, says the former miner's leader, Arthur Scargill, engaged in the open betrayal of their members. They are conniving with right wing politicans in building a parliamentary movement to defeat Brexit. Here is the SLP leader's full statement:

'The leaders of Britain's trades unions and The Labour Party's leadership are betraying the people of Britain by their disgraceful campaign to keep Britain in the European Union.

They aim to retain (a) the free movement of people and capital (b) the single market (c) the customs union and furthermore they advocate payment of 40 billion to ‘leave’ the EU.

The British people voted to leave the EU, not to give it more money!

The statements by Corbyn, McDonnell and Starmer are creating a ‘case’ to keep Britain in the EU. As a Socialist I am disgusted'.

Arthur Scargill, Leader, SLP, 16th December 2017.

Fake Truth: Knowledge is Our Defence

The twentieth century, wrote sociologist Alex Carey, is characterised by the growth of corpocracy and its monopolistic ability to re-frame truth.

Such is the inclination of human beings to adapt to what they believe they cannot change, there is no clearly observable truth that we cannot be lead into denying.

Any lie becomes truth if repeated often enough. When it is the only lie out there it becomes official truth. When it is offical truth, dissent even debate becomes unacceptable.

The almost desperate character of current attempts to demonise, silence, deconstruct, control or ban tiny non corporate media outlets tells us how important it is that official truth (what we think we 'know') is protected from knowledge, from what we really know.

It tells us what we must do to keep our grip on reality. At every call to arms we must remind ourselves of what we see in the world but are persuaded not to recognise: the terror unleashed by the world's rulers on persons, groups or nations they cannot 'manage' is denied only because it is everywhere; no truth is bigger than this.

We present here two articles that challenge our inclination to forget: they remind us of the torment inflicted by the corporate power on two countries targeted for ‘regime change’; North Korea and Zimbabwe.

HERE to read FRFI on US 'Policy' on North Korea

HERE to read Trinidad and Tobago News 2008 piece on the West's Zimbabwe

SLP Congress 2017

Sadly for those who missed it, the party congress is over; the delegates left Blackpool emboldened in their conviction that the power of the party's principles will secure for it a bright future as the only true representative of the working class in Britain.

HERE for our account of the congress business

HERE for the text of Arthur Scargill's closing speech, a complete demolition of the pretensions of the Labour Party Manifesto

Rodney Bickerstaffe 1945-2017

All socialists will be saddened to hear of the death of former Unison leader, Rodney Bickerstaffe, a champion of worker's rights and social justice.

HERE to read tribute by Arthur Scargill

Freedom for Catalonia!

The Socialist Labour Party supports the Catalan people in their struggle for independence.

In the 1930’s they fought against Franco's fascist thugs and today once again they are fighting ultra right thugs who beat people to the ground because they seek to cast a vote in a democratic ballot.

The autocratic European Union condemns the people of Catalonia for daring to democratically vote and openly supports the thugs who lead Spain as they violently attack men and women who courageously demand the right to vote.

The Socialist Labour Party extends the same support to the Catalan people as The International Brigade gave eighty years ago in the fight for freedom and democracy.

Independence for Catalan.

Arthur Scargill, Leader, Socialist Labour Party, 3rd October 2017

European Union: May Should Go Says Scargill!

Following Theresa May’s announcement that the UK will seek to remain in the EU open market and customs union for a further four years, former Miners leader Arthur Scargill, a longstanding opponent of the EU, has called upon the Prime Minister to resign.

Calling Mrs May’s announcement a betrayal of the British people ‘on a par with Chamberlain’s sell out to Hitler in 1938’, the Socialist Labour Party Leader said the principle of free movement of labour and capital had been specifically rejected by the British people in a democratic vote.

Read the full text of Arthur's statement in 'Press Releases'

European Union: Scargill on Labour's Betrayal

The Socialist Labour Party warned that the Labour Party would betray not only its members but the democratic vote by the British people to leave the European Union.

As soon as that vote was announced on 23 June 2016 Britain should have left the E.U including the Customs Union, the Single Market and above all the ‘Free Movement of Labour and Capital’ which has seen the population of Britain rise from 59 million to 67 million.

The U.K. should not pay a penny or euro to the E.U. If the Border in Ireland is a concern the solution is simple; return the North of Ireland back to the Republic of Ireland from where it was taken.

Arthur Scargill, Leader, SLP, 27th August 2017

More despair in North and Midlands since Thatcherism

Recent surveys conducted by the University of Manchester have indicated that life expectancy is lower in the North and Midlands than the South of England. The figures have, apparently, dramatically worsened since the early 1990’s.

Early deaths have been caused by suicides, increased use of drugs, excess drinking, poor quality food and other social and environmental issues.

What the mainstream Capitalist media will not talk about is the effect of Capitalism and in particular the Thatcherite attacks upon the working class, especially at the time of the 1984-5 miners’ strike. The use of huge state power, armed forces and the shutdown of normal society during this time led to industrial devastation in the North and Midlands from which the areas have never recovered. The failure to give the working class any hope for the future led to run down areas where despair and despondency filled the void. Coal mining, steel production, automobile construction and many other industries based in the North and Midlands were decimated under Thatcherism and the Thatcherite reigns of Blair, Brown , Tory-Libdem coalitions and subsequent ideologically driven regimes. The Thatcherite agenda followed the mantra of the rules of the European Union which demanded that Britain de-industrialise and become a services based ‘theme park’ economy.

What the mainstream media will also not talk about are the remedies available. The most pressing is the abolition of Capitalism in the UK along with immediate leaving of the EU. Further measures would be the reindustrialisation and provision of real jobs and hope, alongside vast welfare spending for the devastated areas of the North and Midlands. Since the study has not, apparently, included Wales and Scotland then these are also areas that have seen the devastating attacks of Thatcherism and require similar measures. Areas in the South, such as Kent and the West Country were not immune to the attacks and should also come into consideration.

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