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Resurgent Zionism: The Left Must Rise Above the Noise!

Yes, it's been provoked if not incited by the media's promotion of the 'left antisemitism' narrative. Nonetheless, arguments used currently by some people on the left about Israeli 'influence' in our political life are misguided

Deflecting responsibility for the crimes of the British state on to 'outsiders' may be tempting but it is wrong. The fact that the UK shields Zionism is far less important than the reasons

Britain's 'foreign policy' is governed by mass murder, as practised routinely and universally by all elite states. In reflecting the immediate interests of our homegrown ruling class, it is not lead by the USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia or anyone else, even where, as often they do, these interests coincide

We might avoid falling into the traps laid for us by the propaganda models if we found the courage to aim a little higher and say rather more than we do

Aiming higher means placing the complicity of the political class, academy and media at the centre of the stage. Once you choose to respond or explain your positions to elite people who live outside the standards of morality recognised by everyone else, nothing you say will compensate for the damage done in accepting the inferiority in rights of oppressed people

The complicity of Labour for instance is not explained by a chap from the Israeli embassy who courts sympathetic politicians. It is explained by the nature and historical role of the Labour Party which is integrated completely into the ruling ideology

It is a mistake to copy the foreign danger/conspiracy themes played by the press. The privileged standard protecting the powerful from accountability means it can never 'work' for us. In missing the target, the 'influence' argument is simply converted into the 'lefties picking on Israel' meme

The ideology of our political class is pervasive, reaching well beyond short term, low level objectives such as 'smearing' Jeremy Corbyn. Unless confronted at its highest level, in exposing its origins, scale and purpose, its aberrant 'standards' are normalised

So long as so many are sharing a party and therefore a platform with pro war politicians, the will to fight the world 'order' they uphold and defend will be found wanting

Kim Bryan, General Secretary, Socialist Labour Party

We Must Never Abandon Palestine!

On Friday 20th July 2018, a day after its parliament declared the supremacy of Jews in Palestine, and five months after its soldiers killed more than a hundred protesting civilians on the border, Israel launched another mass bombing of Gaza

Israel doesn't face the prospect of annihilation as did Iraq, Libya and Syria. No great power, coveting its resources, seeks the destruction of its civil society. It's opponents are not outside actors who cannot be called to account but 'enemies' from within whose aspirations are rudimentary. Naturally its excesses are criticised - this confers on Israel the status it seeks - but, unlike Syria, Israel has a voice, Israel is forgiven, Israel is 'understood'

The elevated status of the Israeli state as an 'entitled' power, equivalent to its allies in the West, is the core reason peace across the territory, and the possibility of co existence, is denied to those who live there. Unless our directing principle is equal respect and esteem, reconcilaition between peoples is unachievable

It is in the perception of Israel as exceptional, like the US or UK, we find the basis of the latest drive by radical Zionists to entrench the de-legitimisation of Palestine, in this case by writing up its cause as anti semitism

Be assured, they can call us what they like. Nobody here will be ' persuaded' to 'see' the Palestinians as the 'great' wish us to see them - terrorists, fanatics, people who 'hate' their oppressors - nor frightened into abandoning their cause

Palestinian self determination remains, for many outside the corridors of global power, their cause. For millions - and if we dig deep for all of us - the 'standard' is not 'exceptional' but very ordinary, the protection of laws and rights which apply to the poor as they do the rich

HERE for Kim Bryan on the campaign to redefine anti semitism

Their 'Europe' is Not Ours!

News that Jaguar Land Rover has moved production of it's 'Discovery' off roader to Slovakia shows that the programme of the EU is still very much alive and active here in Britain. The Tory Mayor for the West Midlands has greeted the news equivocally stressing promises of new investment

It demonstrates that the livelihoods of people in the West Midlands and the UK remain threatened. The automotive industry was once a staple part of the region’s economy. In contrast by keeping its industry alive Germany has shown it is able to dominate Europe

For some time we have been describing developments on the left in the direction of Lexit, the idea that real political change is now possible only from outside the neo liberal EU

The relocation of production such as JLR Discovery shows how when national democracy is overcome, divisions are created between nations and workers. The fight for a political life beyond the global market can be won only by a rally of the left committed to the interests of workers

Beginning with a conference later this year, the SLP aims for a place at the forefront of this struggle

John Tyrrell, President, Socialist Labour Party

HERE for an introduction to the Lexit Network

Back to Basics! There is No Left Case for the European Union

In shifting its position from fighting the single global market to embracing a 'people's' European Union, a large chunk of the Labour 'left' is abandoning the struggle for global justice

Socialist Labour does not accept that the domination of political life by elitist global institutions and blocs is inevitable

In this struggle, built on the core principle of political sovereignty, the primary weapon of the people is the integrity of the nation state

HERE for Kim Bryan on the ideology of 'Left Against Brexit'

HERE for Anthony Coughlan on James Connolly: why the founder of the original SLP would have had no time for the EU

Britain Out of NATO! Time for a Referendum

In the modern era we have lived through three decades of NATO targeting smaller sovereign states, using military power to impose 'regime change'

The 'process' begins with 'evidence' of 'guilt' or 'threat' which becomes a pretext for conquest. The April 2018 attack on Syria was carried out on the pretext of a chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians by the Syrian government. While terrorists have carried out chemical attacks there is no proof the government has done so. Witnesses who saw no chemical attack told 'Russia Today' of people being washed down with water and filmed. Was the washing staged to provide an excuse for bombing Syria? Was the real intention of the missile strike to intimidate Russia into abandoning its defence of the country? NATO sees no role for itself beyond the need to exercise dominion

Again, Britain's government and political class consented to a missile attack, in this case retrospectively, unable or unwilling to see the role of the Pentagon and weapons manufacturers in these endless wars

We live in an era of mass killing by NATO. The Israeli state is killing Palestinians and Saudi Arabia bombing civilians in Yemen, both armed and protected by the US, the ruling power in NATO. The need of NATO powers to exercise control in every 'sphere' is leading to increasingly reckless acts with the potential to create a third world war. America's withdrawal from the nuclear deal suggests Iran is back in the frame as a target for the policy of expansionism

While it is SLP policy to pull Britain out of NATO, I believe the world situation is serious enough to warrant an immediate referendum on withdrawal. This time no 'official' campaigns constructed by the elite of the ruling class but publically funded equal representation of all viewpoints

Kathrine Jones, Vice President, Socialist Labour Party

Our London based Parliament is completely unrepresentative of the feelings and thoughts of the vast majority of the population

Watching the debates in the House of Commons concerning the illegal blitzing of Syria has highlighted once again how unrepresentative are the vast majority of M.P.’s.

There have only ever been a tiny number of members of Parliament who have not been swept along by jingoism, lies, deception and the interests of weapons manufacturers when interventions in the Middle East have been called for by the British government executive. Corbyn, for instance has normally been one of the few voices of dissent, as in the case of the illegal Iraq War intervention. It appears that although he is now leader of the Labour Party, he is still a voice in the wilderness in the current Parliament.

It is almost impossible to find any difference between the utterances of many Tory and Labour M.P.’s in connection with the Syrian conflict and Labour members can be seen to stand up and praise the actions of the Tory Prime Minister. Where were all the calls denouncing use of poison gases when it was the Western powers’ ally Saddam Hussein using them against his then Iraqi and other opponents in the Middle East. The hypocrisy and humbug of so many M.P.’s is galling to us.

As recently pointed out in the media, the Prime Minister seems to have a conflict of interest since her husband has close connections via share ownerships to British and American arms manufacturers whose shares have risen as a result of the Syrian intervention

Again, it has been mentioned in the media that Israel and Saudi Arabia have been pushing for more ‘western’ intervention in Syria to counter any Iranian influence. The shadowy ‘White Helmet’ group who reported the recent gas attacks are, apparently, tied up closely to terrorist groups operating in Syria and it is in their interests, with defeat looming, to summon in the support of the western powers who finance them. Since the precedent has been set for intervention, it is now easy for them to summon in western interventions at any time.

In too many cases, the interventions of western powers have been instigated by spurious and ‘false flag’ incidents. These have included the ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ incident at the start of the Vietnam war. The false accounts of Serb atrocities leading to interventions in order to break up the old Yugoslavian workers’ state and the notorious ‘weapons of mass destruction leading to Blair and Bush’s Iraq War. In another example, U.S. General Colin Powell also gave his misleading lecture to the United Nations.

It would, therefore, be highly desirable, if the true facts were established before Parliament made any decision on intervention in a sovereign state, thereby enabling the British executive to act through the auspices of the UN. Unfortunately, too many of our M.P’s have vested interests in helping the arms manufacturers maximise their profits. There is also an imbalance and illogicality of too many M.P.’s who take the side of Israel against the interests of the Palestinians. The recent murders of Palestinians and other mass casualties in the Gaza ‘prison camp’ setting have received very little attention in Parliament or the British media.

The testing of public opinion in Britain in connection with possible UK intervention in Syria has found that it is generally of the order of two to one against any intervention. This has not been reflected at all in Parliament in the subsequent debate following the Western powers bombardment, unauthorised by the U.N.

The fact that those very few cool heads calling for evidence have been marginalised in the House of Commons means that nothing has been learned in this ’House of Bedlam’ from past illegal conflicts and the continued vandalism inflicted on opponents of Israel, Saudi Arabia and their few friends in the Middle East. The decimation of Libya, Iraq and Yemen spring to mind. It is clearly evident that the real enemies of the British people are those dragging us into the conflicts. We have even had the example of a Labour M.P. calling for action against anyone opposed to the intervention. How anyone should want to be part of a Political Party harbouring such a viewpoint stiffens our resolve to build an alternative harbour for the support (and votes wherever possible) of the majority of Britain’s working class.

'Me First'! Beware the Rage of Exceptional People

Kim Bryan on how elite people use media smear campaigns to stifle dissent


Homes for Heroes! What Went Wrong?

For centuries workers have fought landlords for the right to a home at a rent they can afford. Historically two issues lay at the root of rent strikes and other collective action by tenants. The first is government schemes to raise rents to 'market' levels whether by legislation or selling stock to private providers. The second is the means testing by which tenants subsidise the rents of those who are poorer

Both causes are drawn from a simple principle: the belief that the provision of homes for citizens is the responsibility of the whole community

Now, even the housing associations or 'social' landlords created to replace local authorities are facing competition from private companies

HERE to read Yorkshire's IAN WILSON on Grainger Homes and the next phase of the social housing sell off

Salisbury: What is Really Going On?

In 2001, one week after the September 11 plane attacks on the US, five people in the United States died after coming into contact with letters containing anthrax spores. The White House blamed al Qaida. After an investigation spanning seven years, during which it resisted political pressure to 'find' a Middle Eastern link, the FBI identified a primary suspect. He was a top US biodefense researcher. Following his suicide, the FBI closed its file concluding he had mental health issues and had acted alone

In no sense does an attempted political assassination, if that is what happened in Salisbury on 4th March, explain the narrative of Russian ‘evil’ dominating the corporate news media

The UK is not opposed to political assassinations. It has a ‘list’ of people, including its own citizens, earmarked for ‘targeted killing’ by drone. It has connived in the murder of political leaders including Heads of State. It has supplied chemical agents used in assassinations. It refuses to condemn assassinations by allies

The UK does not accept the principle of sovereignty. Since World War II it has ‘intervened’ violently in the affairs of other countries more than one hundred times. All these wars, waged from distance against poorer or weaker 'enemies', have been attacks on the principle of sovereignty. From Malaya, Kenya and Aden in the fifties to Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya today, military campaigns by superpowers like Britain are defined by suffering concentrated almost entirely among the indigenous people. Here, constant bloody wars against distant countries are accepted casually, if noticed at all, by a population ‘primed’ to believe in the exceptionalism of the British state

The UK does not accept the principle of state accountability for political crimes. No UK Prime Minster has ever been held accountable to the international community for crimes committed in wars invariably unconnected to the defence of British territory or sovereignty. While Britain has armed, directed and suppported numerous coups, terror campaigns and uprisings, the only leader doing time here for aiding an armed insurrection is an African, former Liberian President, Charles Taylor. If we were Pakistan, more than a thousand of whose citizens have been assassinated by the US outside the theatre of war, our outrage would be utterly pointless

The media narrative that we are ‘under attack’ is not about the victims in Salisbury for whom justice, as in the anthrax case, can result only from an honest judicial process. We are once again being ‘primed’ to view the role of Britain in conflicts around the world as a ‘benign’ and disinterested response to the wickedness of others

Almost daily, fabricated, exaggerated or misrepresented stories about Russia are afforded inexplicable airtime, played as ‘evidence’ of the unnatural or crazed nature of its ‘regime’ or society. The misuse of global institutions to punish or sanction Russia recalls the 'legal' torture inflicted on Iraq during the twelve years prior to invasion. In the targeting of a stronger, rival power, we are hearing echoes of the build up to recent wars of 'regime change' in Libya and Syria

That they can fume, without irony, over a few Russian hackers and one small TV outlet ‘interfering’ in the political affairs of other countries, suggests it is here, not Russia, where the integrity of political reporting should be called into question

As ‘reward’ for its role in ‘exposing’ Russia as the 'source' of the Salisbury nerve agent, Porton Down, Britain’s own secret chemical and biological weapons research centre will receive an extra £48 million in funding. This too was reported by our media without irony. Unlike the VX which poisoned Kim Jong Nam, the scientists at Porton Down have ‘confirmed’ that the weapon involved here is definitely not one of ‘ours’

It is not responsibility for a crime in Salisbury that is being denied. It is the directing role in conflict around the world of Britain and its NATO allies

National Executive Committee

18th March 2018

HERE to read additional comments by members

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Press Release: No Customs Union! No Single Market!

Jeremy Corbyn and Keir Starmer ask how we protect jobs in Britain without being members of a customs union and a single market. The answer is simple

Introduce import controls in the same way that the 1945 - 1951 Labour Government did, and ironically the same way as the United States is now doing. Import controls help build a manufacturing base which was 80% of Britain’s GDP. It worked then and it would work now to protect British jobs

The implementation of import controls is a Socialist answer to anyone who is arguing for a Capitalist customs union or single European market

Arthur Scargill

2nd March 2018

Victimised? Yorkshire Women's Aid Campaigner Set to Lose Job

In spite of a vigorous local campaign, Labour controlled Doncaster Council has withdrawn the funding of the only women's aid service in South Yorkshire.

Now, Louise Harrison, the founder of SYWA, its primary fundraiser and leading campaigner against closure has been told by the charity trustees that her contract of employment will not be renewed.

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