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As an additional feature on our website we include a list of works recommended by SLP members. Not all are written from a Socialist perspective or represent the views of the SLP.  

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Thousands Say, We Won't Pay: Merseyside Tenants in Struggle 1968-1973 – Kim Singleton

Read or download FREE e copy of the SLP General Secretary's study of housing struggles during the tumultuous era of labour 'unrest', the late sixties and early seventies.

The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists – Robert Tressell

"The first great English novel about class war" – Alan Sillitoe.

First published in Britain in 1914 but has been republished many times. Available from Flamingo publishers ISBN 0 586 09036 3.

The Enemy Within – The Secret War Against the Miners – Seumas Milne

"The most important expose of contemporary political Britain I have ever read" – John Pilger. Originally published in 1994.

Updated paperback third edition published by Verso in 2004 ISBN 1 84467 508 4.

Saddam Hussein: An American Obsession – Andrew and Patrick Cockburn

Revealing account of US cynicism and double-dealing and the encouragement given to Iraq to attack Iran and Kuwait.

Verso Books ISBN 10 1859 8442 27.  

Virgin Soil Upturned – Mikhail Sholokhov

From the author of 'Quietly Flows the Don', this novel is set during the collectivisation of agriculture in 1930. With great humanity the author depicts the suffering and laughter of the fighters for progress and the bitterness and anger of their opponents.

Progress Publishers Moscow. 1st edition 1961.

Heart of Darkness – Joseph Conrad

Sometimes the book is a little difficult to grasp but worth the effort as Conrad is one of the most innovative authors of the 20th Century. This is a particularly haunting work, exploring the grim realities of imperialism in Africa. We see today the results of that imperialist meddling with the slaughter of millions of Africans in the pursuit of greed and profit.

Originally published Novella 2002.

'The Rape of the Fair Country' and 'If You Believe the Soldiers' – Alexander Cordell

The first a moving novel of white slavery set during the Industrial Revolution in 19th century Wales, the second written in 1973 imagines an eighties characterised by a harsh reactionary culture sliding towards fascism. Contemporary, anyone?. Both books are a must read for anyone who cares deeply about social justice.

Published by Blorenge Books ISBN 1 872730 15 9. Hodder and Stoughton ISBN 10 0340166118

Cwmardy - We Live – Lewis Jones

Two epic novels, now published together, of life in the industrial communities of South Wales during the twenties and thirties.

Published by Library of Wales ISBN 10 1902638832

The Great Hunger – Cecil Woodham – Smith

The factual story of one of the greatest disasters in world history, the Irish potato famine of the 1840's in which one million people died of starvation while hundreds of thousands more fled to America. Amidst pain and despair there was also courage and resistance.

Published by Old Town Books NY ISBN-D-88029-385-3.

Race, Class & Power in the Alabama Coalfields 1908-21 – Brian Kelly

A meticulously researched, engaging and convincing study which explores the decisive role of white coal operators in shaping race and labour relations in the Deep South of America.

Published by University of Illinois Press 2001. ISBN 0 25206933-1.

The People of the Abyss – Jack London

A non-fiction but first hand study of life in the East End of London in 1902.

Available online at  

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: an Indian History of the American West – Dee Brown

First published in 1970, this extraordinary book changed the way Americans think about the original inhabitants of their country. Beginning with the Long Walk of the Navajos in 1860 it concludes 30 years later with the massacre of Sioux men, women, and children at Wounded Knee in South Dakota.

Owl Books; 2001 edition. ISBN-10: 0805066691