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Their 'Europe' is Not Ours!

News that Jaguar Land Rover has moved production of it's 'Discovery' off roader to Slovakia shows that the programme of the EU is still very much alive and active here in Britain. The Tory Mayor for the West Midlands has greeted the news equivocally stressing promises of new investment

It demonstrates that the livelihoods of people in the West Midlands and the UK remain threatened. The automotive industry was once a staple part of the region’s economy. In contrast by keeping its industry alive Germany has shown it is able to dominate Europe

For some time we have been describing developments on the left in the direction of Lexit, the idea that real political change is now possible only from outside the neo liberal EU

The relocation of production such as JLR Discovery shows how when national democracy is overcome, divisions are created between nations and workers. The fight for a political life beyond the global market can be won only by a rally of the left committed to the interests of workers

Beginning with a conference later this year, the SLP aims for a place at the forefront of this struggle

John Tyrrell, President, Socialist Labour Party

HERE for an introduction to the Lexit Network

Back to Basics! There is No Left Case for the European Union

In shifting its position from fighting the single global market to embracing a 'people's' European Union, a large chunk of the Labour 'left' is abandoning the struggle for global justice

Socialist Labour does not accept that the domination of political life by elitist global institutions and blocs is inevitable

In this struggle, built on the core principle of political sovereignty, the primary weapon of the people is the integrity of the nation state

HERE for Kim Bryan on the ideology of 'Left Against Brexit'

HERE for Anthony Coughlan on James Connolly: why the founder of the original SLP would have had no time for the EU

Resurgent Zionism: The Left Must Rise Above the Noise!

Yes, it's been provoked if not incited by the media's promotion of the 'left antisemitism' narrative. Nonetheless, arguments used currently by some people on the left about Israeli 'influence' in our political life are misguided

Deflecting responsibility for the crimes of the British state on to 'outsiders' may be tempting but it is wrong. The fact that the UK shields Zionism is far less important than the reasons

Britain's 'foreign policy' is governed by mass murder, as practised routinely and universally by all elite states. In reflecting the immediate interests of our homegrown ruling class, it is not lead by the USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia or anyone else, even where, as often they do, these interests coincide

We might avoid falling into the traps laid for us by the propaganda models if we found the courage to aim a little higher and say rather more than we do

Aiming higher means placing the complicity of the political class, academy and media at the centre of the stage. Once you choose to respond or explain your positions to elite people who live outside the standards of morality recognised by everyone else, nothing you say will compensate for the damage done in accepting the inferiority in rights of oppressed people

The complicity of Labour for instance is not explained by a chap from the Israeli embassy who courts sympathetic politicians. It is explained by the nature and historical role of the Labour Party which is integrated completely into the ruling ideology

It is a mistake to copy the foreign danger/conspiracy themes played by the press. The privileged standard protecting the powerful from accountability means it can never 'work' for us. In missing the target, the 'influence' argument is simply converted into the 'lefties picking on Israel' meme

The ideology of our political class is pervasive, reaching well beyond short term, low level objectives such as 'smearing' Jeremy Corbyn. Unless confronted at its highest level, in exposing its origins, scale and purpose, its aberrant 'standards' are normalised

So long as so many are sharing a party and therefore a platform with pro war politicians, the will to fight the world 'order' they uphold and defend will be found wanting

Kim Bryan, General Secretary, Socialist Labour Party

Britain Out of NATO! Time for a Referendum

In the modern era we have lived through three decades of NATO targeting smaller sovereign states, using military power to impose 'regime change'

The 'process' begins with 'evidence' of 'guilt' or 'threat' which becomes a pretext for conquest. The April 2018 attack on Syria was carried out on the pretext of a chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians by the Syrian government. While terrorists have carried out chemical attacks there is no proof the government has done so. Witnesses who saw no chemical attack told 'Russia Today' of people being washed down with water and filmed. Was the washing staged to provide an excuse for bombing Syria? Was the real intention of the missile strike to intimidate Russia into abandoning its defence of the country? NATO sees no role for itself beyond the need to exercise dominion

Again, Britain's government and political class consented to a missile attack, in this case retrospectively, unable or unwilling to see the role of the Pentagon and weapons manufacturers in these endless wars

We live in an era of mass killing by NATO. The Israeli state is killing Palestinians and Saudi Arabia bombing civilians in Yemen, both armed and protected by the US, the ruling power in NATO. The need of NATO powers to exercise control in every 'sphere' is leading to increasingly reckless acts with the potential to create a third world war. America's withdrawal from the nuclear deal suggests Iran is back in the frame as a target for the policy of expansionism

While it is SLP policy to pull Britain out of NATO, I believe the world situation is serious enough to warrant an immediate referendum on withdrawal. This time no 'official' campaigns constructed by the elite of the ruling class but publically funded equal representation of all viewpoints

Kathrine Jones, Vice President, Socialist Labour Party

'Me First'! Beware the Rage of Exceptional People

Kim Bryan on how elite people use media smear campaigns to stifle dissent


We Must Never Abandon Palestine!

On Friday 20th July 2018, a day after its parliament declared the supremacy of Jews in Palestine, and five months after its soldiers killed more than a hundred protesting civilians on the border, Israel launched another mass bombing of Gaza

Israel doesn't face the prospect of annihilation as did Iraq, Libya and Syria. No great power, coveting its resources, seeks the destruction of its civil society. It's opponents are not outside actors who cannot be called to account but 'enemies' from within whose aspirations are rudimentary. Naturally its excesses are criticised - this confers on Israel the status it seeks - but, unlike Syria, Israel has a voice, Israel is forgiven, Israel is 'understood'

The elevated status of the Israeli state as an 'entitled' power, equivalent to its allies in the West, is the core reason peace across the territory, and the possibility of co existence, is denied to those who live there. Unless our directing principle is equal respect and esteem, reconcilaition between peoples is unachievable

It is in the perception of Israel as exceptional, like the US or UK, we find the basis of the latest drive by radical Zionists to entrench the de-legitimisation of Palestine, in this case by writing up its cause as anti semitism

Be assured, they can call us what they like. Nobody here will be ' persuaded' to 'see' the Palestinians as the 'great' wish us to see them - terrorists, fanatics, people who 'hate' their oppressors - nor frightened into abandoning their cause

Palestinian self determination remains, for many outside the corridors of global power, their cause. For millions - and if we dig deep for all of us - the 'standard' is not 'exceptional' but very ordinary, the protection of laws and rights which apply to the poor as they do the rich

HERE for Kim Bryan on the campaign to redefine anti semitism

Our London based Parliament is completely unrepresentative of the feelings and thoughts of the vast majority of the population

Watching the debates in the House of Commons concerning the illegal blitzing of Syria has highlighted once again how unrepresentative are the vast majority of M.P.’s.

There have only ever been a tiny number of members of Parliament who have not been swept along by jingoism, lies, deception and the interests of weapons manufacturers when interventions in the Middle East have been called for by the British government executive. Corbyn, for instance has normally been one of the few voices of dissent, as in the case of the illegal Iraq War intervention. It appears that although he is now leader of the Labour Party, he is still a voice in the wilderness in the current Parliament.

It is almost impossible to find any difference between the utterances of many Tory and Labour M.P.’s in connection with the Syrian conflict and Labour members can be seen to stand up and praise the actions of the Tory Prime Minister. Where were all the calls denouncing use of poison gases when it was the Western powers’ ally Saddam Hussein using them against his then Iraqi and other opponents in the Middle East. The hypocrisy and humbug of so many M.P.’s is galling to us.

As recently pointed out in the media, the Prime Minister seems to have a conflict of interest since her husband has close connections via share ownerships to British and American arms manufacturers whose shares have risen as a result of the Syrian intervention

Again, it has been mentioned in the media that Israel and Saudi Arabia have been pushing for more ‘western’ intervention in Syria to counter any Iranian influence. The shadowy ‘White Helmet’ group who reported the recent gas attacks are, apparently, tied up closely to terrorist groups operating in Syria and it is in their interests, with defeat looming, to summon in the support of the western powers who finance them. Since the precedent has been set for intervention, it is now easy for them to summon in western interventions at any time.

In too many cases, the interventions of western powers have been instigated by spurious and ‘false flag’ incidents. These have included the ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ incident at the start of the Vietnam war. The false accounts of Serb atrocities leading to interventions in order to break up the old Yugoslavian workers’ state and the notorious ‘weapons of mass destruction leading to Blair and Bush’s Iraq War. In another example, U.S. General Colin Powell also gave his misleading lecture to the United Nations.

It would, therefore, be highly desirable, if the true facts were established before Parliament made any decision on intervention in a sovereign state, thereby enabling the British executive to act through the auspices of the UN. Unfortunately, too many of our M.P’s have vested interests in helping the arms manufacturers maximise their profits. There is also an imbalance and illogicality of too many M.P.’s who take the side of Israel against the interests of the Palestinians. The recent murders of Palestinians and other mass casualties in the Gaza ‘prison camp’ setting have received very little attention in Parliament or the British media.

The testing of public opinion in Britain in connection with possible UK intervention in Syria has found that it is generally of the order of two to one against any intervention. This has not been reflected at all in Parliament in the subsequent debate following the Western powers bombardment, unauthorised by the U.N.

The fact that those very few cool heads calling for evidence have been marginalised in the House of Commons means that nothing has been learned in this ’House of Bedlam’ from past illegal conflicts and the continued vandalism inflicted on opponents of Israel, Saudi Arabia and their few friends in the Middle East. The decimation of Libya, Iraq and Yemen spring to mind. It is clearly evident that the real enemies of the British people are those dragging us into the conflicts. We have even had the example of a Labour M.P. calling for action against anyone opposed to the intervention. How anyone should want to be part of a Political Party harbouring such a viewpoint stiffens our resolve to build an alternative harbour for the support (and votes wherever possible) of the majority of Britain’s working class.

Homes for Heroes! What Went Wrong?

For centuries workers have fought landlords for the right to a home at a rent they can afford. Historically two issues lay at the root of rent strikes and other collective action by tenants. The first is government schemes to raise rents to 'market' levels whether by legislation or selling stock to private providers. The second is the means testing by which tenants subsidise the rents of those who are poorer

Both causes are drawn from a simple principle: the belief that the provision of homes for citizens is the responsibility of the whole community

Now, even the housing associations or 'social' landlords created to replace local authorities are facing competition from private companies

HERE to read Yorkshire's IAN WILSON on Grainger Homes and the next phase of the social housing sell off

Salisbury: What is Really Going On?

In 2001, one week after the September 11 plane attacks on the US, five people in the United States died after coming into contact with letters containing anthrax spores. The White House blamed al Qaida. After an investigation spanning seven years, during which it resisted political pressure to 'find' a Middle Eastern link, the FBI identified a primary suspect. He was a top US biodefense researcher. Following his suicide, the FBI closed its file concluding he had mental health issues and had acted alone

In no sense does an attempted political assassination, if that is what happened in Salisbury on 4th March, explain the narrative of Russian ‘evil’ dominating the corporate news media

The UK is not opposed to political assassinations. It has a ‘list’ of people, including its own citizens, earmarked for ‘targeted killing’ by drone. It has connived in the murder of political leaders including Heads of State. It has supplied chemical agents used in assassinations. It refuses to condemn assassinations by allies

The UK does not accept the principle of sovereignty. Since World War II it has ‘intervened’ violently in the affairs of other countries more than one hundred times. All these wars, waged from distance against poorer or weaker 'enemies', have been attacks on the principle of sovereignty. From Malaya, Kenya and Aden in the fifties to Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya today, military campaigns by superpowers like Britain are defined by suffering concentrated almost entirely among the indigenous people. Here, constant bloody wars against distant countries are accepted casually, if noticed at all, by a population ‘primed’ to believe in the exceptionalism of the British state

The UK does not accept the principle of state accountability for political crimes. No UK Prime Minster has ever been held accountable to the international community for crimes committed in wars invariably unconnected to the defence of British territory or sovereignty. While Britain has armed, directed and suppported numerous coups, terror campaigns and uprisings, the only leader doing time here for aiding an armed insurrection is an African, former Liberian President, Charles Taylor. If we were Pakistan, more than a thousand of whose citizens have been assassinated by the US outside the theatre of war, our outrage would be utterly pointless

The media narrative that we are ‘under attack’ is not about the victims in Salisbury for whom justice, as in the anthrax case, can result only from an honest judicial process. We are once again being ‘primed’ to view the role of Britain in conflicts around the world as a ‘benign’ and disinterested response to the wickedness of others

Almost daily, fabricated, exaggerated or misrepresented stories about Russia are afforded inexplicable airtime, played as ‘evidence’ of the unnatural or crazed nature of its ‘regime’ or society. The misuse of global institutions to punish or sanction Russia recalls the 'legal' torture inflicted on Iraq during the twelve years prior to invasion. In the targeting of a stronger, rival power, we are hearing echoes of the build up to recent wars of 'regime change' in Libya and Syria

That they can fume, without irony, over a few Russian hackers and one small TV outlet ‘interfering’ in the political affairs of other countries, suggests it is here, not Russia, where the integrity of political reporting should be called into question

As ‘reward’ for its role in ‘exposing’ Russia as the 'source' of the Salisbury nerve agent, Porton Down, Britain’s own secret chemical and biological weapons research centre will receive an extra £48 million in funding. This too was reported by our media without irony. Unlike the VX which poisoned Kim Jong Nam, the scientists at Porton Down have ‘confirmed’ that the weapon involved here is definitely not one of ‘ours’

It is not responsibility for a crime in Salisbury that is being denied. It is the directing role in conflict around the world of Britain and its NATO allies

National Executive Committee

18th March 2018

HERE to read additional comments by members

HERE to read KENNY COYLE on the second, 'novichok attack' in Amesbury

Press Release: No Customs Union! No Single Market!

Jeremy Corbyn and Keir Starmer ask how we protect jobs in Britain without being members of a customs union and a single market. The answer is simple

Introduce import controls in the same way that the 1945 - 1951 Labour Government did, and ironically the same way as the United States is now doing. Import controls help build a manufacturing base which was 80% of Britain’s GDP. It worked then and it would work now to protect British jobs

The implementation of import controls is a Socialist answer to anyone who is arguing for a Capitalist customs union or single European market

Arthur Scargill

2nd March 2018

Victimised? Yorkshire Women's Aid Campaigner Set to Lose Job

In spite of a vigorous local campaign, Labour controlled Doncaster Council has withdrawn the funding of the only women's aid service in South Yorkshire.

Now, Louise Harrison, the founder of SYWA, its primary fundraiser and leading campaigner against closure has been told by the charity trustees that her contract of employment will not be renewed.

HERE to read 'Freedom News' report.

De-Classified: More Documents Confirm Plan to Destroy Mining Industry

The plan to close down Britain's mining communities was we were told in 1984 the invention of anti democratic extremists not interested in 'negotiating' with elected politicians.

In this war too, they lied about their true objectives. And when the truth is out we are too invested in the lies of today to draw conclusions from the lies of yesterday.

Collusion during the 1984-85 strike between the 'scab' Union of Democratic Mineworkers (UDM) and Margaret Thatcher is already 'outed' by a researcher at the University of Liverpool. On Saturday 30th December 2017, the Morning Star reported newly de-classified documents showing the continuing role of UDM leader, Roy Lynk, after the strike in formulating with Thatcher's successor John Major the programme for closures.

While you will recall reading the great lie, you will not it seems be reading THIS anytime soon, at least not in the 'mainstream' press.

HERE to read pdf of Morning Star report

HERE to read account of the life and work of miners leader, David Swallow, by Graham and Ken Capstick

EU: Scargill Condemns Scheming Politicians

Labour politicians and trades union leaders, are, says the former miner's leader, Arthur Scargill, engaged in the open betrayal of their members. They are conniving with right wing politicans in building a parliamentary movement to defeat Brexit. Here is the SLP leader's full statement:

'The leaders of Britain's trades unions and The Labour Party's leadership are betraying the people of Britain by their disgraceful campaign to keep Britain in the European Union.

They aim to retain (a) the free movement of people and capital (b) the single market (c) the customs union and furthermore they advocate payment of 40 billion to ‘leave’ the EU.

The British people voted to leave the EU, not to give it more money!

The statements by Corbyn, McDonnell and Starmer are creating a ‘case’ to keep Britain in the EU. As a Socialist I am disgusted'.

Arthur Scargill, Leader, SLP, 16th December 2017.

Fake Truth: Knowledge is Our Defence

The twentieth century, wrote sociologist Alex Carey, is characterised by the growth of corpocracy and its monopolistic ability to re-frame truth.

Such is the inclination of human beings to adapt to what they believe they cannot change, there is no clearly observable truth that we cannot be lead into denying.

Any lie becomes truth if repeated often enough. When it is the only lie out there it becomes official truth. When it is offical truth, dissent even debate becomes unacceptable.

The almost desperate character of current attempts to demonise, silence, deconstruct, control or ban tiny non corporate media outlets tells us how important it is that official truth (what we think we 'know') is protected from knowledge, from what we really know.

It tells us what we must do to keep our grip on reality. At every call to arms we must remind ourselves of what we see in the world but are persuaded not to recognise: the terror unleashed by the world's rulers on persons, groups or nations they cannot 'manage' is denied only because it is everywhere; no truth is bigger than this.

We present here two articles that challenge our inclination to forget: they remind us of the torment inflicted by the corporate power on two countries targeted for ‘regime change’; North Korea and Zimbabwe.

HERE to read FRFI on US 'Policy' on North Korea

HERE to read Trinidad and Tobago News 2008 piece on the West's Zimbabwe

SLP Congress 2017

Sadly for those who missed it, the party congress is over; the delegates left Blackpool emboldened in their conviction that the power of the party's principles will secure for it a bright future as the only true representative of the working class in Britain.

HERE for our account of the congress business

HERE for the text of Arthur Scargill's closing speech, a complete demolition of the pretensions of the Labour Party Manifesto

Rodney Bickerstaffe 1945-2017

All socialists will be saddened to hear of the death of former Unison leader, Rodney Bickerstaffe, a champion of worker's rights and social justice.

HERE to read tribute by Arthur Scargill

Freedom for Catalonia!

The Socialist Labour Party supports the Catalan people in their struggle for independence.

In the 1930’s they fought against Franco's fascist thugs and today once again they are fighting ultra right thugs who beat people to the ground because they seek to cast a vote in a democratic ballot.

The autocratic European Union condemns the people of Catalonia for daring to democratically vote and openly supports the thugs who lead Spain as they violently attack men and women who courageously demand the right to vote.

The Socialist Labour Party extends the same support to the Catalan people as The International Brigade gave eighty years ago in the fight for freedom and democracy.

Independence for Catalan.

Arthur Scargill, Leader, Socialist Labour Party, 3rd October 2017

European Union: May Should Go Says Scargill!

Following Theresa May’s announcement that the UK will seek to remain in the EU open market and customs union for a further four years, former Miners leader Arthur Scargill, a longstanding opponent of the EU, has called upon the Prime Minister to resign.

Calling Mrs May’s announcement a betrayal of the British people ‘on a par with Chamberlain’s sell out to Hitler in 1938’, the Socialist Labour Party Leader said the principle of free movement of labour and capital had been specifically rejected by the British people in a democratic vote.

Read the full text of Arthur's statement in 'Press Releases'

European Union: Scargill on Labour's Betrayal

The Socialist Labour Party warned that the Labour Party would betray not only its members but the democratic vote by the British people to leave the European Union.

As soon as that vote was announced on 23 June 2016 Britain should have left the E.U including the Customs Union, the Single Market and above all the ‘Free Movement of Labour and Capital’ which has seen the population of Britain rise from 59 million to 67 million.

The U.K. should not pay a penny or euro to the E.U. If the Border in Ireland is a concern the solution is simple; return the North of Ireland back to the Republic of Ireland from where it was taken.

Arthur Scargill, Leader, SLP, 27th August 2017

21.02.16 - EU Referendum.

If Jeremy Corbyn does not campaign for the UK to leave the European Union it will be not only a u-turn but a sell-out of nearly 60 percent of Labour Party members who voted for him as Leader of the Labour Party. In 1975 I campaigned with Tony Benn against the European Common Market. I warned that it would become a United States of Europe controlled by an unelected body of bureaucrats, a warning that has become reality. Corbyn should commit all Labour MPs to vote against the Tories and call on the British People to vote to leave in the referendum on 23 June.

Arthur Scargill

Leader, Socialist Labour Party.

More Despair in North and Midlands since Thatcherism

Recent surveys conducted by the University of Manchester have indicated that life expectancy is lower in the North and Midlands than the South of England. The figures have, apparently, dramatically worsened since the early 1990’s.

Early deaths have been caused by suicides, increased use of drugs, excess drinking, poor quality food and other social and environmental issues.

What the mainstream Capitalist media will not talk about is the effect of Capitalism and in particular the Thatcherite attacks upon the working class, especially at the time of the 1984-5 miners’ strike. The use of huge state power, armed forces and the shutdown of normal society during this time led to industrial devastation in the North and Midlands from which the areas have never recovered. The failure to give the working class any hope for the future led to run down areas where despair and despondency filled the void. Coal mining, steel production, automobile construction and many other industries based in the North and Midlands were decimated under Thatcherism and the Thatcherite reigns of Blair, Brown , Tory-Libdem coalitions and subsequent ideologically driven regimes. The Thatcherite agenda followed the mantra of the rules of the European Union which demanded that Britain de-industrialise and become a services based ‘theme park’ economy.

What the mainstream media will also not talk about are the remedies available. The most pressing is the abolition of Capitalism in the UK along with immediate leaving of the EU. Further measures would be the reindustrialisation and provision of real jobs and hope, alongside vast welfare spending for the devastated areas of the North and Midlands. Since the study has not, apparently, included Wales and Scotland then these are also areas that have seen the devastating attacks of Thatcherism and require similar measures. Areas in the South, such as Kent and the West Country were not immune to the attacks and should also come into consideration.

For the Moneyed Not the Many: Labour's Real Manifesto

Usually people want justice and a fairer society. At present some of those people are feeling inspired. We have an opportunity to change Britain they say, if we could only unite behind ‘New’ Labour. Unite, in fact, behind its 2017 general election manifesto.

Who wouldn’t in today’s harsh world feel a little excited at the prospect of a government that will roll back austerity, improve the quality of public services, place ‘human rights’ at the centre of its foreign policy and defend hard won social benefits and political rights?

No. Those on the radical left who are drifting towards Labour are repeating old mistakes; the result, empowering the pro capitalist ‘consensus’, is predictable and sets back the wider struggle for a just world. In our view, those following the Labour lead need to face the true nature of the ‘hope’ they have embraced.

Offering no formula for the redistribution of economic wealth or political power, Labour’s 2017 manifesto is a slick but transparent re-statement of the post 1945 ideology of the political class.

None of the mainstream parties wants to enforce the dominance of either the private or the state sector over the other which means none favours fundamental change. They differ in how social or liberal or free they might like it to be, but none is interested in replacing capitalism's successful 'social' model (social democracy) with anything else.

According to its manifesto Labour ‘understands that the creation of wealth is a collective endeavour between workers, entrepreneurs, investors and government’. Socialists understand that under capitalism governance is subordinated to the interests of the corporations and individuals who control resources. The effect of political change, while it can be worthwhile for a few, is largely cosmetic with no impact on the nature of the prevailing order. Labour’s promise to the workers is not the fruits of their labour but ‘partnership’, the benefits of what it calls ‘civil society’. The ‘power of finance’ will be ‘turned’ by honest and open governance to the ‘public good’. Under Labour ‘planning’, the citizen will ‘shape the kinds of high streets, homes and amenities’ he wants. This isn’t the principle of universality, according to our needs: this is ‘fair’ competition under the protection of Labour’s ‘responsible economic management’.

It is in the arena of international affairs where dissent from the natural order is most dangerous. And it is here where Labour’s record is most damning. In ‘support’ of ‘global and regional security’ Labour’s partners will be NATO, the UN and EU ‘allies’. Its promise of a foreign policy ‘guided by the values of peace, universal rights and international law’ recalls Blair’s 1997 ‘ethical’ foreign policy.

While invariably it shouts its commitment to overseas aid and ‘development’, Labour is nowhere near conceding even a little of the principle of equality with western powers for other sovereign states. As is the case with all its foreign policy manifestos, Labour’s ‘values’ driven approach is code for the coercion of poor countries by powerful super states and global ‘coalitions’. Committed to spending 2% of GDP on ‘defence’ and to maintaining our nuclear ‘deterrent’, Labour will beef up the armed forces for deployment in ‘a range of roles’.

Yes, we concede, it’s hard not to feel a little flutter at the prospect of a government that ‘embraces … the good that government can do’ promises ‘fairer corporate governance’ and ‘vigorous action against tax avoidance’ as well as ‘a new deal for ordinary working people’. Who wouldn’t support a foreign policy based on ’an international order in which rules govern state conduct … in a principled way’?

Welcome to 'Forward Together', the manifesto of the Conservative Party!

National Executive Committee, 24th July 2017

Comment by Arthur Scargill

The Labour Party Manifesto puts ’small businesses’ at the centre of its economic strategy: support for business to create secure work and reducing corporation tax for ‘small businesses’.

In order to create fertile ground for business to achieve its missions it will encourage private investment by removing new plant and machinery from business rate calculations and ‘expect’ all businesses to pay their taxes!

It will establish a National Investment Bank that will bring in ’private capital’ to deliver £250 billion of lending power and establish a new deal for business. Why? Because it is vital that government ensures that businesses doing the right thing are rewarded.

And members thought the Labour Party was committed to common ownership!

It does not stop there. The Labour Party wants companies to deliver shared wealth and give workers ‘buyer or first refusal’ when the company they work for is up for sale!

The Party will bring private rail companies back into public ownership but only when their franchises expire. This means twelve private companies will continue for between three and twelve years.

They will ‘regain control of energy supply networks en route to a publicly owned system’ and 'reverse' the privatisation at the 'earliest opportunity'.

Why not take all industries and services back into public ownership within one month of coming into government?

HERE to read this post as pdf

Lessons from History: the Globalist ‘Left’ and the Embrace of Capital

With the drift of much of the left into the Labour Party, we have seen an increased volume recently of familiar comment about ‘progressive alliances’. Lest we become seduced if not overwhelmed by this well meaning chicanery, we need to remind ourselves firstly of what distinguishes advocates of social democracy from socialists.

Yes, it wants change, but in a nutshell the non socialist left sees the roots of social injustice in political inequality. Socialists see it in the ownership of economic power.

It is for this reason that political orthodoxy, ranging from UKIP on the conservative right to some (though by no means all) of the Trotskyite left, focuses on personal identity, civil rights and ‘freedom’ at the expense of the core struggle of the dispossessed for economic power.

Since it shares its prognosis - we can be free so long as civil society can be subordinated – the embrace of capitalism is built into the DNA of social democracy. Often social democracy, by which we mean the left of the political consensus, shares the hostility of the right to any grassroots resistance which is not ‘in tune’ politically with a ‘progressive’ view of the world.

At the heart of the social democratic left’s embrace of ‘globalism’, implicit in its support of or indifference to the EU, lies an inability or unwillingness to recognise capital not ‘society’ as the source of repression.

DiEM25 or the ‘Manifesto on Democracy’ launched by Yanis Varoufakis, former Greek Finance Minister and latterly embroiled in the country’s Syriza nightmare, seeks a ‘democratised’ European Union accountable to the people (see Takis Fotopoulos). It assumes that a sovereign Parliament sharing power with devolved national assemblies and 'open' to scrutiny will transform a power bloc designed to remove political impediments to the flow of capital, into an instrument of 'international' justice. Its ‘Advisory Panel’ includes academic Noam Chomsky, filmmaker Ken Loach, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Green Party Co Leader Caroline Lucas.

Within the lifetimes of most of us, we have witnessed a series of brutal wars waged by globalists on poor sovereign states as well as the open use of insurrection and terrorism against governments. The nations violated, destabilised or destroyed have differing forms of government, some were developing economies, some not, and some were or are socially progressive compared to neighbours. Some, most recently Ukraine, had western style elected leaders. What these countries shared, the only element they shared, was running economies not sufficiently ‘open’ to foreign capital; they retained (or retain) some degree of state control or national autonomy.

From the Blairites on the right to ‘Trotskyists’ on the left, social democrats view the right of self determination of these nations (but not ours) as incumbent in some degree upon the character of their political system. Learning nothing from Iraq or Libya, or indeed from an ignoble left history of failing to distinguish ‘people’s uprisings’ from foreign sponsored coups, left coalitions including ‘Stop the War’ determined that Syria's resistance could not be considered legitimate unless firstly it's people are 'supported' in overthrowing their ‘reactionary’ leaders.

While socialists resist the subordination of workers to the slavery of the borderless ‘market’, for social democrats globalism is good so long as those in government favour or implement open or ‘progressive’ policies.

It has never been more important for capitalism to bury the idea of socialism than it is today. For this reason, it is vitally important for us that the fallacy at the heart of globalism, that civil ‘democracy’ can liberate the poorest nations from imperialism or the poorest people from poverty, does not become the new political ‘norm’ for the left.

Kim Bryan, 13th June 2017

HERE to read as pdf including responses from members

HERE for Takis Fotopoulos on DiEM25

General Election 2017: Flying the Flag for Socialism

In defiance of the direst predictions of doom coming from the ‘new’ Corbynite left, all our candidates in yesterday’s General Election received very good votes in their respective constituencies. In Birmingham Perry Barr, Shangara Singh Bhatoe secured third place, ahead of the Liberal Democrats and Greens. The SLP extends its thanks to our candidates and agents and to all those members and supporters who helped in the campaigns, donated funds or sent their best wishes. We extend our grateful regards to all those who cast votes of conviction and principle for our party.

Given the anti democratic ‘first past the post’ system, voters in a small number of seats who switched parties over ‘Brexit’ appear to have decided the outcome.

What is forgotten of course is that Socialist Labour is the only party contesting this election that opposes the EU idea including Britain’s membership of the single market. No other party has declared its opposition to the so called ‘four freedoms’ enshrined in the Maastricht treaty. In reality the freedom concerned is that of multi national corporations to buy the cheapest, least protected labour and disregard the needs of local communities.

The shift away from government and towards the rule of big ‘borderless’ capital has greatly reduced the ability of social democrats to reform capitalism from within. In light of this, the open abandonment of socialism by the left is all the more startling.

It is hugely important that we offered an alternative at this election. In our political life generally Socialist Labour will continue to expose and challenge the new pro 'business' consensus and the subordination of grassroots democracy to unelected, bureaucratic elites.

9th June 2017

SHOCK! Theresa May Calls Off the General Election

We refer of course to the General Election of 2020 which the Prime Minister has decided we no longer need. Instead, in a shameless example of exactly the kind of abuse the Fixed Term Parliaments Act was designed to deter, the political class, including all the 'mainstream' parties, is united in its enthusiasm for a quickie poll in which they hope once again the issues relevant to the lives of ordinary people will fail to be heard. The focus will be the phoney arguments over Brexit coming from the different factions of the establishment.

One party, however, will be putting before the public an alternative to the expansionist, 'free' market agenda supported in one form or another by all the major parties. Saying No to the EU, No to NATO and No to the armed alliance with the US, the SLP will never accept a Britain tied to political-military powers or blocs.

Socialist Labour stands for a national economy built on the industry of our people in a democratic sovereign state that lives and trades in peace, equality and friendship with all other nations. The governing principles of our Britain are the economic, political and health needs of our people, not the profit calculations of big business interests.

RED LINE! Imperialists Must NOT Take Syria

CLICK HERE to read response to the escalation of war in Syria

Scargill Attacks SNP Plans for Second Independence Referendum.

In an interview published on 15th March 2017, the Socialist Labour Party leader told the 'Morning Star' that 'Parliament must reject any proposal from the SNP for a second referendum until the UK has fully left membership of the EU. Then, and only then' he said, 'should any suggestion of separation be even considered. I am speaking as a socialist'.

'The Scottish people voted 55.3 per cent to remain in the United Kingdom. The Scottish people also voted in the largest ever known referendum whether the UK should remain in the EU or leave the EU. Having participated in that ballot they are bound to accept the decision to leave'.

Mr Scargill added: 'I have fought all my life, along with people like Tony Benn, for the UK to withdraw from the iniquitous EU'.

VIDEO Repression, surveillance, fake news and the lessons of history. Hear Arthur Scargill on Saltley Gate and Orgreave ... Birmingham Council House, 9th February 2017.

NEWS REPORTS HERE Arthur Scargill Joins Tesco Picketers in Ireland ... 'Irish Times'

Draining the British Establishment swamp.

President Trump has vowed to drain the Washington political establishment ‘swamp’. The removal of warmongering rabid capitalists from their hold over the US political process would be welcome at any time. We in Britain have a corresponding need to drain our own putrid Establishment ‘swamp’.

During the revolutionary years of the British civil wars in the 1640’s, the Levellers fought for the principle that ‘Salus populi suprema lex’, in other words, the supreme authority lies with the people. Evidently, today’s Westminster politicians and civil servants haven’t learned the lesson. Their, often, public school arrogance meant that there was no plan if the British people voted to leave the EU. Many of these politicians and civil servants have been delaying matters since the ‘Brexit’ vote. They are trying to thwart the will of the people and because of their gross incompetence need to be shown the door.

The Establishment has at its apex the unelected monarchy and the House of Lords. These expensive anachronisms (as with palaces and expenses) were removed at a stroke in 1649 at the end of the second Civil War. It would be draining the swamp if they were again removed overnight. Britain could then make progressive moves towards democracy with an elected head of state and give consideration to whether there is need for a second chamber in an advisory form.

The mainstream media also needs to be drained because of its malevolent effect upon our democracy. They have acted over the decades in the interests of the Establishment including the tiny, vastly wealthy, capitalist elite who have not paid their taxes and who have been ripping us off. They have backed the disastrous warmongering adventures of Tories and Blairite Labour and ‘mini -me’ Tory or as they call themselves, Lib Dems. The lies that have burst forth from these groups in justification for their actions, as in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria have been sickening. Courts and tribunals should be set up to bring them to account as well as the arms manufacturers in whose interests they have been acting.

Tories, Blairites and ‘mini-me’ Tories have also been causing huge pain to the British working class, as with the privatisation of public utilities, education facilities and the introduction of schemes like PFI. The Health service is currently groaning under the impact of paying huge interest bills to the PFI financiers as well as having to pay well over the odds to the pharmaceutical companies for their drugs. All these companies should be brought into public ownership so that the private profit motive and exploitation of staff and patients are totally eliminated. President Trump is reported to be acting to bring the worst excesses of the pharmaceutical companies under control in the USA. We must do our own ‘cleaning up’. Any compensation payable would be from the privateers into the public purse.

Another aspect of draining the capitalist swamp of the elite would be in regard to the horrible so called ‘public schools’. Their facilities should all be brought into the public sphere, again, with compensation payable to the working class for the exploitation of generations from the so called ‘elite’ that has been given privileged education.

As a political Party opposed to the warmongering aims of NATO, we would also welcome the winding down of this organisation. The political decision of the Gorbachev regime to dissolve the USSR meant an agreement with the Western regimes that NATO would not expand eastwards. This agreement has been reneged upon and huge aggressive deployments were placed up against Russia’s borders by the irresponsible Obama regime and its allies. NATO’s remit has gone much further than the ‘North Atlantic’.

We in Britain need to drain the swamp of a putrid, ageing, decaying political Establishment!

Click HERE for TRUMP AND THE LEFT: Further Debate and Comment ... 'Infantile Disorder? Why the Left Must Let Go of Trump!' by Kim Bryan and response by Bill Ball. Party member or supporter? Send us your views!

Capitalist global planning is falling apart.

The capitalist elite's global agenda for domination by a handful of mega rich at the expense of the masses seems to have come unstuck. The mainly 'old boys' network (with a few 'old girls' in the Thatcher mould) is so inflexible that events in 2016 have thrown their long- term planning into disarray. 'Brexit' wasn't supposed to happen. Trump wasn't supposed to win the Presidency. Corbyn wasn't supposed to be leading the Labour Party.

The mainstream media has completely failed in its job of facilitating the agenda of the capitalist elite. As in 1975 they bombarded the British people with pro-EU (formerly pro-common market) propaganda. Every conceivable so -called expert was wheeled out to tell us to vote to stay. All the old 'failed' politicians including ex- Prime Ministers were also paraded in front of us to guide our 'in' voting.

In America, the same old pattern emerged with everyone in the mainstream media telling their electorate to vote for Clinton. She received endorsement from film and entertainment 'stars', from 'failed' politicians of the past as well as even the incumbent President and his wife.

As regards Corbyn, every trick in the book has been used in Labour Party circles to try to oust him with former leaders lining up to pour vitriol upon his candidacy. The mainstream media has also done its best to destabilise his leadership with rarely anything said in his favour on BBC, Channel 4, ITN, Sky, the 'tabloids', the 'broadsheets' etc.

The 2016 factors that prevented this wave of propaganda from succeeding have been the experiences of the working class and the modern- day usage of social media in their communication with each other. Past experience has taught the masses to distrust the message coming from the mainstream media which has generally been one of lies, deception and misinformation. The so-called journalists putting across this scripted message have been acting merely as echo chambers for the views of the rich and powerful capitalist elite. They have not been (with minimal exceptions), impartial, unbiased reporters of breaking worldwide news. In order to be employed, they have had to be 'on script' with the right-wing pro-capitalist anti- working class agenda passed down to them. They have, in general been a total disgrace!

What is even more remarkable is that the mainstream media is not learning any lessons from backing all the wrong horses in 2016. They have in fact been 'doubling down'. We see, therefore that every trick in the book is being used in conjunction with 'Establishment' politicians to derail the Brexit result, to delay our exit from Europe in the hope of eventually overturning the result. In the US, the old capitalist Establishment is still trying to destabilise any incoming regime so that policies such as peaceful co-existence with Russia are undermined. In Britain, the Corbyn leadership is ridiculed at every opportunity and any calls for the cessation of austerity measures are drowned out.

In a true democracy, the legal profession would not be in the pockets of any wealthy elite. Neither in Britain or the US have any of the super- rich who brought about the 2008 financial crash through their criminality, corruption, massive fraud etc. been brought to task with prosecution, imprisonment and financial ruin. It has been 'crooked' business as usual. Legal redress on behalf of the poor is generally out of reach because of financial reasons.

The World has yet to emerge from the 2008 crisis and since none of the lessons have been learned (with deregulation of finance back on the agenda with a vengeance) it is no wonder that the working class has 'had enough' and that action is now the order of the day (as with the number of strikes mushrooming in Britain) and a winter of discontent on the cards. As we have always done, the Socialist Labour Party supports all workers in Struggle and our supportive strike literature is as relevant as ever!

The Socialist Labour Party sends its condolences to the people of Cuba.

Cuban revolution Castro Funeral

The Socialist Labour Party sends its condolences to the people of Cuba upon the death on 25th November of Comandante Fidel Castro. The achievements of Fidel Castro and his relatives, friends and allies are too numerous to list but history, posterity, civilisation and the cause of World socialism and revolution will never forget.

Click HERE for our message of tribute

US election result: One wealthy capitalist elite replaced by another

The US electorate did not have much of a choice in the Presidential election in that both major candidates represented wealthy capitalist elites. The Establishment of the main media and 'neo-liberal' and 'neo-con' politicians, both in the US and in Europe, were, in general, supporting the losing candidate. The more effective choice for the Democrat party might have been Sanders but it appears that 'dirty tricks' in the primaries cost him the chance. That he ultimately endorsed the Clinton campaign says very little in his favour.

Clinton received almost the entire support of the major arms producers worldwide and it was not surprising, therefore, that she and her cohorts were looking to instigate future nuclear war with Russia. Whether she had other target wars is probable bearing in mind the disgraceful warmongering of America in recent years. The building up of US aggression in the South China seas seems to have been another warning to the world. That she lost was therefore a huge relief (in the short term at least) to those of us that value peace throughout our planet.

President-elect Trump has indicated that he proposes to put the American 'blue collar' population back to work. One of his suggestions has been the reopening of US coal mines. If this involves largescale investment in clean coal technology, then this is one area that may be of future benefit to the industrial future of the UK. As with Clinton, he is in favour of fracking and we totally reject this part of his programme.

It seems to be another aspect of his policies that protectionism may be back in vogue and to the extent that this means a rejection of the 'mantra' of free trade as espoused by the 'neo-liberals' and 'neo-cons', then this might also be something positive that we can work on in the UK.

The Trump regime is overall looking after the super rich in that banking restrictions are being removed. Taxes on the wealthy are also being lowered.

There may well be, as a result of these measures, another crisis similar to 2008 in the financial sector. The inevitable reaction must ultimately come as the working classes reject capitalism and turn to the logic of socialism, having tried the various shades of capitalist finance, thought and politics.

Britain (as with the Brexit vote) may well be leading the world in this regard.

Questions arise about the legitimacy of the UK regime as well as the outcome of the US election.

The Trump campaign in the United States has been outspoken in its criticism of the fairness of the forthcoming Presidential election. It is obvious that the 'political Establishment' has been opposed to his campaign and the mainstream media have been almost exclusively pro Clinton. The voting has been started in some cases and allegations of votes being cast which should be ineligible are already being made. Examples include votes being cast on behalf of deceased residents. Questions of voting irregularity have long existed in the USA. The term 'gerrymandering' was associated with very early elections in a fledgling United States. In 1960, Joseph Kennedy Snr. was reported to have invoked the head of a mafia family to deliver important votes in Illinois in favour of JFK. The 'hanging chads' voting machine controversy surrounded the 2000 Presidential contest.

We may be suspicious of the workings of US Presidential elections but we also have large question marks hanging over our own Parliamentary elections. Here again, the media are very influential, as we have found out to our cost on many occasions. Coverage of the SLP has often been blacked out with our candidates not being mentioned and even excluded from reported lists of candidates. This has happened both in the written and broadcast media. Our candidates have been deliberately excluded from hustings.

Other examples of irregularity have included masses of voting forms being filled in on behalf of large numbers of potential voters (as in postal voting) and this has been particularly relevant in inner city areas and in relation to residents of old peoples' homes. Furthermore, the first past the post system means that millions of votes do not have any representation, a situation that would be resolved by a system pf proportional representation.

Finally, there are ongoing allegations of overspending by the main political parties (as with 'battle buses' and undeclared accommodation expenses) in the last General Election. We must ask whether the Tory majority was therefore 'legitimate'. They barely scraped in, as it was, with only about 24% of those eligible to vote! The current Prime Minister is, of course, unelected in the Country and was ultimately unopposed in an internal Tory Party contest for leader. There is also the question of millions of people without permanent accommodation not being recorded on electoral registers and losing their right to vote. Fairness, impartiality (especially from the media and voting regulators) and openness are requirements in any voting process that is to give the correct result and reflect the true wishes of the mass of the population.

Thoughtcrime: exposing the 'new anti-Semitism'.

‘An expert’ wrote Noam Chomsky, ‘is someone who articulates the consensus of people with power’.

Patriarchy, racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism are orthodoxies promoted by clever people throughout history to whitewash the guilt of powerful elites. Far from being challenged, as we are lead to believe, mostly they are shifted in new directions at different targets.

On the political right the ‘old’ anti-Semitism is giving way to a calculating sympathy for Zionism. The historical hatred of Jews has not subsided. It is simply that a new target has been found. Islam is the alien culture and Muslims prefered as the fifth column.

Given Israel’s alliance with the West, it is no surprise that the campaign by some of its more militant supporters to re write the meaning of anti-Semitism in accordance with the new ‘realpolitik’ is meeting a compliant press.

The core objective of those advocating the idea of ‘left anti-Semitism’ is the legitimisation of Israel. Not in the sense of national sovereignty: rarely do they equate its Arab neighbours with Israel. The acceptance they seek and the standard they use is Israel’s right to equal esteem and entitlement with its allies in the ‘democratic’ West.

Ideologically this conflicts with radical left doctrines viewing Israel not as a haven or homeland but as a European colony established by force, supported ideologically by western exceptionalism.

Differing from arguments about racism historically, the new anti-Semitism draws on the political allegiances of individuals, represented in this case as ‘racial’. Opposition to Israel looks like a sinister ‘double standard’ only if you view Israel as it is viewed by the ‘new’ Zionists, without the perception of displacement and occupation.

Viewing anti Zionism as racially motivated would be a huge victory for a world view extreme even by the outlandish double standards of western ‘foreign policy’; we can criticise Israel for its mistakes, as we might the UK, since this confers on it the legitimacy sought. Anti Zionism however - viewing Israel as an occupying power - is placed beyond the pale of argument, portrayed shamelessly through the prism of old anti-Semitism.

The word Zionist becomes anti-Semitic code for 'Jew'. Referring to Zionism as powerful or unaccountable becomes a covert endorsement of ‘anti-Semitic conspiracies’; questioning its exclusivity becomes a revival of traditional slurs against ‘wealthy’ or ‘influential’ Jews; boycott or divestment campaigns become analogous to the burning of synagogues or the attacks on Jewish businesses or shops in 1930s Germany.

Accepting a definition of anti-Semitism written by Zionists denies the Palestinian experience, turning the case for Palestine into thoughtcrime. Without the Palestinians, the 'repudiation of Israel’s right to exist’ (Howard Jacobson) becomes a denial of Jewish identity, intrinsically anti-Semitic. Anti Zionism is 'associated' with the genocidal instincts of Nazism.

Comparing nations targeted for ‘regime change’ to fascism or their leaders to Hitler is endemic in our culture, no matter what the experiences of their people historically. Slandering the left with the evil of historical anti-Semitism fits the prevailing political narrative well, built as it is on a common aim; avoid addressing the supremacist nature of western foreign policy by denying the oppressed and portraying opposition as ‘hatred’.

What will be achieved if we accept the idea that anti-Semitism has ‘changed’ in the manner stated is no different to what has been achieved throughout history by all ideas constructed to favour the powerful: the real issues of political justice which lie at the core of the conflict in Palestine and many conflicts around the world are avoided.

Kim Bryan, 24th October 2016

Comparisons of British ruling elite's attacks upon the progressive elements in the population.

The Miner's pension scheme has had some 'extra' coverage lately in the 'alternative' media. The main stream media is providing its usual silent treatment over the issue which is causing the rise in interest in the subject. This issue is the billions of pounds extracted from the fund by successive British regimes.

Following the grotesque political decision of the Thatcher Tory regime to close down most of the British coal industry, large areas of the Country were left desolate, devoid of hope, jobs, futures and investment. The funds creamed off (out of pensions) from these areas by the actions of the right-wing politicians, both Tory and Labour, could have substantially alleviated much of the hardship born by the former mining communities. These areas have generally been left with high levels of unemployment, high rates of drug taking and general decline of infrastructure. It is as if they have been singled out since the 1984-5 Miners' strike for special victimisation.

This situation, of course, has historical parallels. One that springs readily to mind is the treatment of the South West after the rising against King James the second in 1685. A rebel army was formed to oppose the actions of an intolerant, autocratic monarch. This army, although largely made up of ordinary craftsmen and agricultural workers, had learned the lessons from the English revolution which had deposed King Charles 1. It had former officers of the New Model Army, radicals, including 'Levellers' and other 'progressive' political and religious elements (e.g. Daniel Defoe). The Leveller colours of sea green were flown in this army.

Following the battle of Sedgemoor in Somerset, James 11 sent the infamous Judge Jefferies to wreak vengeance upon the population. His perversion of justice in the 'Bloody Assizes' left mangled bodies strewn over the South West and largescale transportations of rebels to the West Indies. It would have taken decades for the area to recover economically.

The comparison with the treatment of the mining communities is strikingly similar. Following the paramilitary and illegal attacks upon miners at places like Orgreave, restrictions on freedom of movement, expression and mutual self- help, many of these communities have been left economically devastated. It is as if the recent British regimes have wanted to hound British miners and their communities to the grave! There is also a close parallel in the political outlooks of the various participants. The reactionary Tory and Labour regimes were confronted overwhelmingly by principled miners with generally progressive and more often than not socialist ideas on how to better their lives and communities.

As an historical postscript, the devastation of the South West meant that it was relatively easy for William of Orange to land at Torbay in 1688 and depose James11. Some progressive political reforms came with this so-called 'Glorious revolution'.

Let us hope that the mistreatment of the mining communities will lead indirectly to a future of true Socialism in Britain as a whole.

British working class uses its vote in agreement with the SLP

The British working class has given the Establishment a good kicking by rejecting all the pressure put upon them to accept the status quo of repressive EU membership. As various commentators, including Dr. Lisa McKenzie of the London School of Economics, have indicated, there is a very high correlation between the 'No' votes and the working class. The appeals to their 'so-called' natural supporters from the Labour Party were for the most part ignored.

As Dr. McKenzie has stated, Labour Party spokespersons won't even use the word 'class'. This is ignoring the blatant fact that at least 60% of British people in a recent class survey regard themselves as working class. Since Tony Blair years ago said that the working class were disappearing, this amounts to yet another instance of him being detached from reality. The great majority of Labour M.P.'s just don't represent the people that voted for them. As Dr. McKenzie has also stated, most Parliamentarians we have at the moment are 'useless'. This is despite the fact that they are some of the most educated Members of Parliament that we have ever had. Unfortunately, the Labour M.P.'s are more interested in pushing their own personal and career interests than standing up for their working class constituents. The Socialist Labour Party has a great opportunity to benefit from this gulf in representation.

SLP at Tolpuddle 2016

slp at tolpuddle 1 slp at tolpuddle 2

Chilcot and the Lie that Won’t Die!

In January 1991 a US led coalition began carpet bombing Iraq. The latter's invasion of neighbouring Kuwait was, they said, the perfect cause, since all nations agree the aggressor must be repelled.

Dropping more tonnage in less than a month than was dropped by all powers combined in World War II, they massacred a large part of Iraq’s conscript army and destroyed much of the infrastructure of the country. Coalition casualties were fewer than would have been expected in comparable military exercises outside of war.

Iraq’s surrender did not end the ‘war’. This ‘aggressive’ regional ‘superpower’ had to be contained.

Having used them against the Iraqis the ‘allies’ decided that weapons of mass destruction would be the new ‘cause’. After all, this too is a ‘principle’ on which we all ‘agree’.

While the coalition powers increased their arms sales to Iraq’s neighbours, in violation of their own UN resolutions, Iraq’s defences were dismantled and sanctions were imposed which were so wide ranging Iraq could no longer adequately feed or care for its people.

During this twelve year period the combined effects of continual illegal bombing raids using intelligence supplied by ‘weapons inspectors’ and the 'United Nations' sanctions killed more than a million people with others dying slowly from the effects of the depleted uranium released into the atmosphere by allied bombs, tanks and shells.

The media in the allied countries reported a story of Iraqi ‘intransigence’. In the war on ‘Saddam’, Iraq was rarely if ever referred to by its name or treated as a nation.

In 2003 the invasion finally came. The warnings of some establishment figures that ‘regime change’ would unleash sectarian violence across the region came true and the WMDs were not found. The terrible lie - that the ‘war’ was about weapons of mass destruction - would be sustained now by the only narrative left … the narrative of the ‘mistake’.

With the publication on the 6th July of the Chilcot Report, the lie began the final stage of its journey to becoming official ‘truth’.

The war makers knew what objectives were being served by the terrorism inflicted on another poor country. Supported by historical precedent, the 'evidence' is substantial and easy to interpret; the opening of new ‘markets’, the re-inforcing of outside political control.

Since they were not the reason for the war, it didn’t matter what anyone believed or was told about WMD. And as the war makers had sought the disintegration of Iraq, why would it matter to them what happened after.

We can assume that people who know they’ve made a ‘mistake’ try not to repeat it. After Libya and in light of the ongoing pursuit of regime change in Syria, we can assume that, like the WMD, the narrative of the ‘mistake’ doesn’t actually need to be ‘believed’.

Kim Bryan, 8th July 2016

They lied to us all in 1975. Let us show the EU adherent politicians what we think of them now!

Back in 1975 we were told by the British and European political elite that we were voting on membership of a trading organisation. They didn't tell us that what they really had in mind was a political union or a 'United States of Europe'. They didn't tell us that we would lose the power to make our own laws or that they would form a European Army. They didn't explain the consequences of free movement of labour and capital. They swamped us with false literature whereby they spent nine times more on 'In' propaganda than those of us on the 'left' had available.

We now have the opportunity to redress 41 years of living under a lie by telling the liars where to get off! We must all take this opportunity to regain our freedoms and leave this 'gravy train' for the rich which subjects the rest of us to continued austerity.


Arthur Scargill 'Vote to Leave', Birmingham, June 2016


The SLP flag flown at Burford Levellers Day

slp at burford levellers day 1 SLP at Burford Levellers Day 2

It is now clear that the best way to avoid TTIP being inflicted upon us is to leave the EU.

President Obama has well and truly given the ‘Out’ campaign a terrific boost. He has just arrived in Britain and stated that should Britain leave the EU, then we shall be at the back of the queue as regards trade agreements with the United States. Since the major threat to Britain from the United States is the imposition of TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Industry Partnership, then it is superb news that we can dodge this huge potential blight upon our lives by leaving the EU as quickly as possible.

TTIP threatens that any resistance to the imposition of mass privatisations, including the NHS, will mean that any British Government can be taken to court by American corporations. It is well known that these corporations, along with the whole American system is highly litigious and there is no doubt that the ‘wolves of Wall Street’ are already licking their lips in anticipation of taking over British state owned institutions for a mere pittance. The European Union is currently in secret negotiations with the Americans on how to impose this coercive measure. The workers in the EU are not even allowed to know anything about these negotiations!

This shows the completely undemocratic nature of the EU. Obama has given us a great opt-out chance from this Doomsday scenario!

Seasonal Greetings to SLP members and supporters.

The Socialist Labour Party wishes health, happiness and success to our members and supporters in 2016. We, as always, approach the new year with optimism, especially because of our strong set of policies and values which are particularly topical and relevant.

Again, we remember those members and supporters who have fallen in the long march towards a socialist future in Britain and the world.

Insanity of undemocratic Parliamentary decisions.

With the alliance of the largely public school ‘prats’ of the Tory and Blairite members of Parliament in the recent vote on Syria, we are forced to the conclusion that it is a definite sign of ‘madness’ when you continue to repeat disastrous decisions.

As with the shambolic Blairite wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the Cameron led debacle in Libya, the majority of M.P.’s are still in thrall to the mainly American led arms manufacturers, the weapons industry being one of the few areas of economic growth these days.

With the largely public school dogs of war howling down Corbyn, the supposed impartiality of the Speaker of the House of Commons was brought into question. He allowed applause on the speech from former prisons minister Hilary Benn when, on a previous occasion, he had prevented any applause in the House from Scottish nationalists.

The Scots, of course, have huge reason, once again, to feel aggrieved since only 2 Scottish M.P’s supported Cameron.

The political consideration of the upcoming Oldham by-election, no doubt, pushed Corbyn into allowing a free vote for Labour M.P’s. He did not want any resignations over the issue to hang over the Oldham result. As it was, the media seemed very upset that the result was not a snub for Corbyn. The BBC by-election special was quickly curtailed after the result and Channel 4 news managed to push it down to third place in its list of top stories. There is no doubt that it would have received top billing if the result had gone more against the recently installed Labour Party leadership. UKIP, of course, had their spokesperson on the BBC by-election programme waiting to pounce. The BBC had, after all, ran special Oldham previews of how UKIP were almost there.

One thing that UKIP was justly annoyed about, however, was the use of postal voting. Although it would not have made any difference to this particular result, it has been unofficially stated that over 99% in one ballot box contained pro-Labour votes. We in the SLP have long been suspicious of postal votes whereby one person can fill in the votes for many. Cases in point include votes in ethnic minority areas and also votes in care homes for the elderly.

Further outcomes from the Syrian vote include the comment by Cameron that those opposing him were ‘terrorist sympathisers’. We in the SLP believe that people like him and Blair are the real instigators of terrorism by their continual interventions in places like the Middle East in support of Israeli interests and the Oil Companies operating there. Tristram Hunt has also been on the media proclaiming that the ‘Stop the War’ movement, into which Corbyn is closely tied, is ‘disreputable’. Would any of us wish to be in the same political party as Hunt or his pro big business and capitalism chums?

Apart from the close ties between Blairites and Tories over the Syria vote, it is also reported that there is an unholy alliance between the Tory Chairman, Lord Feldman, Peter Mandelson and Jack Straw’s son Will Straw in drumming up big business support for the pro EU side in the forthcoming vote on Britain’s continued membership. We must ask ourselves in whose interests are these pro Zionists really acting? The majority of the British people are currently against renewed membership of the capitalist EU club, as they are against further involvement in Syria.

If the House of Commons is ignoring the will of the majority of the British people, perhaps it might be worthwhile quoting from an act of Act of Parliament dated March 19th 1649 in relation to the House of Lords.

‘The Commons of England assembled in Parliament, finding by too long experience that the House of Lords is useless and dangerous to the people of England to be continued, have thought fit to ordain and enact and be it ordained and enacted by this present Parliament and by the authority of the same, that henceforth the House of Lords in Parliament shall be and is hereby wholly abolished and taken away’.

Non-stop attacks and encroachments upon our freedoms and natural rights by British fascist regimes who support terrorists abroad along with the US.

It is total hypocrisy for the British regime and its like-minded opposition members in Parliament to be encroaching further upon our civil liberties in the name of countering terrorism.

The latest legislation proposed by the reactionary Home Secretary of the very ‘nasty’ party would involve the police being able to scrutinise all of our internet surfing in order to ‘profile’ every one of us.

The reason for further erosion of our civil liberties is given as the need to combat the threat of terrorism. This is total hypocrisy, however. The British, U.S. Israeli, French etc. regimes have been responsible for starting up and funding terror groups at home and abroad. The Taliban were funded, along with Bin Laden in Afghanistan in order to destabilise the Soviet backed progressive government.

Al Qaida and similar rogue groups, including the so-called ‘free Syrian army’ have been funded to destabilise the governments of Libya, Syria , South Yemen and others. As with the case of the Taliban, however, these groups have frequently turned against their ‘puppet-masters’ in the west.

The tightening of legislation to deprive us of our freedoms has been a one-way ratchet since the brief time of the English civil wars when lack of censorship allowed wide scale political pamphleting by Levellers, Diggers etc. Cromwell was the first to stamp down upon these freedoms.

Who are the reactionary terrorists in our society? On the basis of our knowledge of recent history from Thatcher through Blair, Brown and now Cameron, it is apparent that those in power are acting in the interests of a tiny elite determined to increase their wealth and power at all costs. True Socialists must stand firm in the face of this onslaught and no reliance should be put in so-called ‘independent’ preservers of our hard won rights like Shami Chakrabarti of ‘Liberty’ who as a former personal assistant to right wing Tory Michael Howard, is as much a part of the ‘Establishment’ as any of them.

A fascist state is one where a small, well financed and corrupt ‘elite’ seeks through lies, deception, distortion and intimidation to impose its will upon the population in order to eradicate any opposition to its ideology of ultra capitalism, slavery and militarism. The USA bears a striking resemblance to these characteristics and we British are currently being marched well down the same path!

SLP the true and main voice of the left in the forthcoming referendum opportunity to pull out of the EU

With the main capitalist media, including the BBC, doing their usual stunt of only concentrating on right wing campaigns for a ‘NO’ vote in the forthcoming referendum on membership of the EU, it is time for the SLP to lay out our credentials to lead the campaign to pull us out of this ‘bosses club’.

The capitalist Labour Party has made it clear that they will campaign for Britain to remain within the EU. This will, of course, entail unlimited economic migration into our under resourced and overstretched Country. The effects on British wage rates will continue the race to the bottom. The right wing campaigns may agree with us on this but they certainly don’t agree on our wish to remove the free movement of capital whereby employers just up sticks and move their operations overseas (where wage rates are often cheaper).

Since the modern re-forming of the SLP in and around 1996, we have been consistent in our view on withdrawal from Europe, unlike many on the left who have swung from pro EU to anti EU and back again. We have long held the position of being the main political force on the left opposed to Britain’s membership . Other opportunistic groups ( not political parties) have been formed on occasion to take up similar positions to us but none have achieved anything like our votes in European elections.

We would call upon other campaign groupings on the left of British politics to get behind our efforts to pull out of the EU in order to open up our trade with the rest of the world. In so doing, we might also secure our valid right to claim official funding as the main campaign grouping on the ‘No’ side in the forthcoming vote and thereby prevent funds going to the big business parties (like UKIP) on the right of British politics.

He’s Not the Messiah You Know!

No doubt you will have noticed the surge of publicity surrounding the Labour leadership contest, focusing on the transformation of ‘left’ MP Jeremy Corbyn into saviour of the British Labour Party. Almost universally the opportunist left has converged around Corbyn with groups and individuals affiliated to or supportive of the various left electoral alliances moving to bolster support for the latest ‘new’ Labour. In it’s contention that capitalism can be ‘moulded’ to the service of the people by progressive social policies, the Labour left historically has aided and abetted the growth of the free market leading inevitably to the corporate hegemony we see today. There’s a scene in the comedy movie ‘Clockwise’ that seems to me to describe perfectly the true nature of this enduring phenomenon. ‘It’s not the despair that kills’, says the hero, ‘it’s the hope’. However sincerely held, the ideas of social democracy lead inevitably to the betrayal of hope which is worse than hopelessness itself. Comrades, do not despair. Take the good news to the people.

Tell your friends and family. There is a real alternative. There is a party not tied to the power structures of capital which has the principles and therefore the promise to fulfil our dreams of a free and fair society.

That party is Socialist Labour.

Kim Bryan, SLP General Secretary

Quickest backtracking in recent British political history?

Having seen Jeremy Corbyn being elected the leader of the Labour Party with a very strong mandate from the various sections in their much criticised electoral process, any outsider would think that his policies would prevail. With a dominant ‘right wing’ of Blairites in the 1990’s, it is difficult to remember any special political concessions or accommodations being given to other trends within the party. Yet within almost the first 24 hours after his victory, we hear Corbyn supporter Diane Abbott on the BBC stating quite clearly that there would be ‘no withdrawal from NATO’.

Since this appeared to be one of his core principles in getting elected, this, almost immediate, backtracking must warn us of what else is to come from this political sector. It is reminiscent of the swift backtracking of the Syriza leadership in Greece. They claimed that they would reject any of the oppressive austerity policies being proposed by the European and World financial gangsters. This kind of selling out on principles brings the ‘left’ as a whole into disrepute and as in Greece, opens the door to right-wing elements (e.g. Golden Dawn) who move in on similar sorts of policies but with less obvious political elasticity and more sinister motives as far as the working class are concerned.

British political elite continue to put the boot into our working class

The Tory regime claiming to represent the Country on a mandate of about 24% of votes cast at the recent General Election has put forward proposals affecting the British working class. Bearing in mind the 7 million of the electorate disabled from voting (by homelessness etc.) their mandate is much weaker.

They have proposed that a living wage be implemented which rises to £9 per hour by 2020. This figure is, of course, pathetically inadequate, especially in areas such as London where property prices and rents are going through the roof as a result of capitalist regime induced ‘bubbles’. The Socialist Labour Party, for instance, have been calling for much higher levels of wages for years and for £12 per hour immediately. The cynicism of these, largely public school, prats when comparing workers’ wage rates to their vast (largely unwaged) earnings is one factor in explaining the growing huge inequalities apparent in British society.

Furthermore, how are minimum rates of pay going to benefit in any way those of us who are on commission only agreements with no basic wages? There will be lots of examples where minimum rates will not apply (as with large numbers of exploited ‘illegal’ and other economic migrants to which our capitalist politicians have continually turned blind eyes).

A further blow was landed by our current regime when they announced that education grants for worse off students would be replaced by loans. As if the working class doesn’t have enough debt! It has been said over the last few days on nationwide TV that elements of capitalist economies are being swallowed up by vast ‘black holes’ of debt and those of us amongst the ‘99%’ who have had our fill of economic exploitation will be cheering any massive implosion when it happens on a worldwide scale. Blair’s mantra from the ‘privileged elite’ was ‘education, education, education’ but not apparently as far as the working class will be concerned. Some sections of the ruling elite have, however, been apparently ‘overeducated’ as far as their intellectual capacities are concerned, as noted by Dennis Skinner M.P. the other day in the House of Commons.

British Working Class gets short changed again as we remember the heroic defeat of Nazism

At the end of World War 1, the returning British troops were promised by Lloyd George and his government that they would return home to a land fit for heroes.

The promises were completely hollow (as with the Lib dems promises on tuition fees) and there followed a period into the 1930’s when mass unemployment and starvation forced the likes of the Jarrow march and the song lyrics ‘buddy can you spare me a dime’.

Similarly, following the fantastic efforts from the British working class and our allies (including the inspired Red Army) against Germany and its Axis allies in World War 2, the British Establishment promised returning troops and home workers that they would have a Country that they would be proud to inhabit.

Again, the promises were illusory. Some sops were thrown at a population that was still suffering from rationing so that social housing availability was stepped up and decent health provision became widespread.

But whereas huge US funding was poured into reconstructing Germany (new factories, equipment etc.), Britain was left to plod on with outdated and often Victorian factory industrial facilities. Germany had huge swathes of its debt written off. A new ‘power’ axis (supported by the USA) was formed in Europe with Germany and France at its head.

On Britain entering this European bosses’ club, we were required to follow the rules which involved large scale de-industrialisation for us, but not for Germany. It is little wonder that today’s Germany remains relatively strong in an industrial sense. It would seem that the right wing instincts that supported Nazism still rule the roost in large areas of the European Union. Germany, for instance seems to delight in bullying Greece (whose patriots fought the Nazis and were largely undermined with elite capitalist British assistance). German right wing politicians have continually refused to write off huge Greek debt (which debt has been set up largely to bail out German and French banks) with the citizens of that Country seeing little if any of the funds.

How can we sum up today’s status of the British working class? Well, it is clear that all political decisions over recent decades have been to favour the elite one per cent of British society. Availability of affordable social housing has greatly diminished (especially after Thatcher’s massive sell off of stock). The once free NHS has seen charging introduced so that dental charges, for instance, can become exorbitant. Labour and Tory regimes have stepped up privatisation of the NHS with people like Burnham being the motors of these policies (e.g. with the Private Finance Initiatives).

With the enforced de-industrialisation, we have lost most of our Coal, Shipbuilding, Steel and Car manufacturing industries. Fast food and tourism are poor substitutes for these important employers. Large chunks of our railway transport system were closed down at the time of the Beeching ‘axe’. We have seen how risky our reliance on the unnecessary and corrupt finance sector of the economy can be after the crash of 2008.

Furthermore, the attacks upon British trade unionism from the British elite, supported by a rabid right wing dominated media, as in the Great Miners’ strike of 1984-5, has worsened pay and conditions for our workers. A regime encouraged influx of economic migrants from the EU has also helped to drive down wages and conditions for British workers. Meanwhile, the massive tax dodgers and unpatriotic ‘non-doms’ at the top of society have been raking in their largely unearned benefits from regimes who have little in common with the British working classes who helped build the Country and defend it from the horrors of facism. It is the task of the SLP to help reverse all these detrimental changes.

Opportunities open up for the Socialist Labour Party

It seems certain that there will be a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU within the next two years. As has been stated recently on BBC, the ‘Establishment’ parties including Labour, Tories, Nationalists etc. will be lining up to support a ‘Yes’ vote for staying in. It was incorrectly stated, however, that only one party – UKIP, would be campaigning for a ‘No’ vote. The BBC’s political pundits are, of course, ignoring the anti-EU membership party of the ‘left’, the Socialist Labour Party. Since the majority of British voters seem to be against continued membership, then this obviously gives us a tremendous opportunity to make huge political impact as the ‘No’ party of the left.

The Labour Party were, of course, once the ‘No’ party of the left back in 1975 when we were asked to join a ‘Common market’ with no political, legal or military tie-ups mentioned. With nine tenths of electoral expenditure favouring a ‘Yes’ vote at that time, for the ‘left’ in Britain to gain one third of the vote was exceptional. The Labour Party of today does not claim to represent the ‘left’ at all and all its leadership candidates are generally acknowledged to be on the centre right or even more extreme in the spectrum of right wing British politics. Very few (if any) in that party claim to be socialists and they all seem in favour of a ‘yes’ vote for Britain to stay in the EU.

The capitalist Labour Party is in disarray. We must help them further over the cliff (as have the electors in Scotland and elsewhere) with a solid anti-EU referendum campaign.

Broken British electoral system gives Tories no genuine mandate to govern

The capitalist press stated on the eve of the General Election that 7.5 million people had until midnight on 20th April to register to vote or else they would be ineligible. As it turned out, only 0.5 million did register before the deadline. This means that 7 million people were unable to vote. These include the homeless, those with no fixed abode and those without access to the means of registering.

These are the sort of people that have the least to gain from a continuation of the rotten corrupt capitalist system and are, of course, the sort who would be tempted by a party supporting those with no stake in the British set-up, i.e. those who might vote for the Socialist Labour Party.

As it is, the proportion of the eligible voting population who turned up was only 66.1%.

Since the Tories achieved 36.9% of the residue 66.1% they only had support of 24% of those eligible to vote. This gives them NO MANDATE to govern. Theirs and the capitalist media claims of democratic mandates don’t hold water.

Another aspect that should be borne in mind is the millions of pounds of continuous political bombardment that the capitalist political parties threw at the British population during the years from the last election in 2010. We, in the SLP have miniscule resources compared to these parties funded by ‘big business’ and the bankers. To achieve our creditable votes in the seats where we stood makes our results all the more remarkable and we continue to out perform other parties of the left where we are up against them. Our Party put in huge efforts and we are grateful for all involved in assisting in the campaign. We are not the only party calling for a complete overhaul of the British political system and proportional representation would be a good first step. The BBC political lackey Andrew Marr claimed after the election that we are a nation of good losers. We should all be furious with the continual political stitch-up in Britain!

May 2015 - Vote Socialist Labour Party on policy

The latest Plaid Cymru Election Communication shows a picture of the only Green Party M.P.urging people to vote Plaid Cymru in the Arfon Constituency, North Wales. The Green Party has an anti-nuclear power policy so on policy would be against the building of Wylfa B on Anglesey/Ynys Mon. Plaid Cymru are not opposing the prospective building of Wylfa B on Ynys Mon. The only Party standing in Arfon against Wylfa B is the Socialist Labour Party. I would urge people to vote on policy. It’s not hard to see the importance of this issue when 29 years ago we saw land here contaminated with radiation from faraway Chernobyl in the Ukraine. In the contaminated zone around Chernobyl wild fires are burning now, they were 20kms from the station and it is hoped they can be stopped before they reach the 5km point, where there are nuclear waste burial pits. There is the release of radiation locked into the vegetation as the fires burn and it could threaten us here again. For those of us who live in this area an anti-nuclear power policy is important to know as we live close to Wylfa A, and we will to Wylfa B. A vote against it is important. In the Western Mail it was acknowledged that plutonium from Wylfa A had gone into British nuclear weapons from the 1980s. Wylfa B means at least two reactors and nuclear waste contained on site for 150 years. This issue is a litmus test for others, and here only the SLP seems able to say how we can have mass employment and still oppose Wylfa B. How just looking for private investment will encourage the acceptance of Wylfa B, even at the risk of losing the whole area. How having policies on public ownership ,integrated energy and transport, stopping tax avoidance and refusing Trident to benefit the N.H.S.[to name a few] can make you strong enough to refuse Wylfa B and the nuclear industry. Now more than ever it is important to vote on policy.

Kathrine Jones, Candidate for the Socialist Labour Party, Arfon Constituency, North Wales.

April 2015 - Socialist Labour is the only way forward as the lies of the British capitalist parties are revealed on a daily basis.

The ‘trickle down’ effect from the wealthy elite in Britain getting their coffers filled by successive regimes has proved to be a complete illusion. This lie perpetrated most vigorously since the days of Thatcher has been well and truly shattered as the 99% plus of us are landed with austerity bills whilst those at the very top of the financial circus have more than doubled their wealth since 2009, according to the capitalist press.

With the British General Election going into its final days, the promises have been flowing from the capitalist parties. Unfortunately for them, organisations such as the Institute for fiscal studies have pointed out that their sums often don’t add up. The British general public are also hugely sceptical of any promises coming from these parties. Cameron’s Tories, for instance, promised no undue interference in the NHS at the last election and in fact heaped loads of further privatisation and debt onto it to follow Labour’s example under Blair and Brown. Similarly, the LibDems promised not to go into any coalition nor to increase student tuition fees and, of course, did the precise opposite.

Robespierre, during the French Revolution, stated that Britain needed an opposition to the Government because it was so corrupt. The same is true today but Labour, as a genuine opposition, has not fulfilled its role since all the capitalist parties are pretty well singing from the same hymn sheet. The rabidly sickening right-wingers of UKIP do at least have one useful policy of seeking withdrawal from the EU but pretty well all of the other parties are intent on bowing the knee to this undemocratic bosses club of Europe.

We say VOTE SOCIALIST LABOUR PARTY to free us from the shackles of capitalism and make our lives enjoyable along with the chance for us all to live in peace and prosperity.

April 2015 - Only the Socialist Labour Party gives the full package of policies to provide health, happiness, prosperity and a better future for all.

Having heard the policies of the British political parties to the ‘left’ of Labour (not difficult!) in the recent TV debates, it is true that there are ‘bits and pieces’ of their leaders’ views with which we could generally concur. The Greens, for instance are calling for nationalisation of the rail system and the introduction of a wealth tax.

Unfortunately, the acceptance by these currently smaller Parties of our membership of the European Union means that an enforced ‘right-wing’ agenda from this bosses’ club will always trump any efforts at establishing fairness, equality, happiness, clean environment and self- government in Britain.

The single issue policies on which these minor Parties were founded can do little to alleviate the suffering of vast swathes of the British people. Only a full spectrum of Socialist policies can replace the vile capitalism under which the majority of us are suffering. That is why there is no viable alternative to a vote for the SLP wherever this is possible. A study of our manifesto gives a valuable insight into the reasons for this statement.

March 2015 - Right - wing Establishment drivel.

The perverse thinking of right-wing Establishment political pundits was there for all to see on a recent popular TV show. A writer for the ‘Spectator’ magazine and Guido Fawkes blog stated with a straight face that young people are not responsible enough to own their homes if they cannot raise the deposit money.

There is so much wrong with this statement that it is difficult to know where to begin! Firstly, bearing in mind the astronomical price of houses in much of London and the South-East as a result of deliberate ‘bubble’ inflation of successive capitalist regimes, how can most people, let alone the young , hope to get sufficient deposits together? Secondly, with the pitiful state of workers’ pay because of the lack of decent jobs, it is a struggle to survive financially, let alone save for deposits. The Government might claim (probably incorrectly) that there are more jobs available but these are often those in fast food outlets and stacking supermarket shelves, i.e., at minimal pay rates. Thirdly, is it not the case that very often, help is given in relation to raising deposits, by other family members. It is, indeed, very irresponsible not to be born to rich parents who can help you out in providing substantial funds for property purchase!

Since the prospects for the great majority of the young in regard to climbing on the property ladder are very bleak, then most are forced into rented accommodation. Here again, the capitalist system is designed to exploit them as they pay astronomical rents to unscrupulous landlords.

The logical answer to all these problems is for public ownership of housing stock so that all people can be provided with decent, easily affordable housing accommodation. This might mean very substantial building programmes of state controlled housing and the kicking out of unscrupulous existing landlords.

The Socialist Labour Party calls for widespread public ownership of the State’s assets, including, of course, public transport, house building companies, energy companies, water companies, drug production companies etc. etc.

February 2015 - Dodgy Capitalist politicians and their wealthy supporters and puppet – masters.

With the recent revelations confirming our beliefs that British laws are designed to operate in the interests of a tiny privileged elite of bankers, financiers and the super- rich, we can only sit back and smile as the corrupt politicians in Parliament throw heaps of mud at each other.

It is clear that whilst the vast majority of us have been toiling to keep our heads above water in meeting ceaseless financial pressures, including personal taxes, there is a financial elite who have been dodging their fair share of meeting the nation’s tax burdens. They have also failed to contribute their fair share towards social, health, defence etc. spending.

The fact is that the whole British tax system has been designed by successive regimes to allow the super- rich to evade tax. It has been estimated that within 20 minutes of new tax laws being passed, specialist accountants and lawyers can find their way around them. These firms of accountants behind the evasions also advise the various capitalist regimes upon their tax regulation. The top capitalist politicians, including some on the current Labour front bench also have research ‘funding’ also, reportedly, provided by some of the leading accountancy firms.

The New Labour Blair and Brown regimes passed over 3000 new laws, mostly aimed at the British working classes. At the same time, there was massive deregulation of the banks and financiers. The capitalist media, including T.V. and the press, however, concentrated their ’fire’ upon supposed benefit scroungers (often involving trifling amounts) whilst ignoring the massive wealth grabbing theft by the super- rich tax dodgers with their overseas tax havens.

The revolving doors between the tax ‘poachers’ and ‘gamekeepers’ indicate that only with a clean sweep of all the capitalists out of Parliament can we begin to build any fairness into our welfare, benefits and taxation systems. The first step is to elect as many Socialist Labour Party M.P’s into Parliament in May as possible.

We, in the SLP are proud to fly the red flag of socialism. Unlike ‘slightly pink’ Ken Livingstone and Miliband’s New Blue Labour, we don’t condone wishy washy capitalist policies (or insipid coloured pink buses, for that matter!)

January 2015 - Political ‘left’ on the march in Europe.

The electoral victory of the Greek Syriza Party of the ‘left’ has given a new impetus to the efforts of all working class people throughout Europe as they attempt to unshackle the capitalist burdens placed upon them by corrupt politicians in the pay of the bankers.

It was telling that the first political act of the Syriza leader, Tsipras, once in power, was to lay a floral tribute to Greek partizans who had fallen in the fight against the Nazi invaders of World War 2. The Greek people have been suffering badly at the hands of German dictated economic austerity measures over the past few years. These policies, designed to redistribute wealth to the obscenely rich bankers and financiers at the expense of the ’99 per cent’, need reversing fast so that the ill-gotten gains are handed back. We have to hope that the new Greek government heads down this path swiftly.

The Greek workers did not, however, only suffer at the hands of Nazis and neo-Nazis. It has recently emerged that Churchill in 1944 handed weapons to Greek Nazis in order for them to shoot partizans in the streets of Athens. What a shocking act of betrayal but typical of Churchill’s hatred of the working class. Similarly, the post war Labour government led by Attlee sent troops to put down Greek Communists and those fighting under the EOKA banner.

What the Greek election has shown is that ‘left’ political parties and policies are totally relevant in today’s Europe. Unfortunately, Syriza are not calling overtly for the Country to pull out of the corrupt bankers’ controlled EU. Here, we must draw a clear distinction with the policy of the Socialist Labour Party which is for swift, total withdrawal from this ‘bosses club’.

January 2015 - A letter to Eric Pickles in response to his letters to UK Mosques

Dear Mr Pickles,

I see that you have written letters to members of our society to try and encourage them to stamp out extremism. I was left slightly saddened and confused when I got home and my letterbox greeted me with a vacant silence. Why did I not receive one? Granted I am not a Muslim, nor is my voice one that's heard by millions of ears. But am I not a member of this society? Do I not share influence with those around me, Muslim or not? Or are Muslims those that sit outside of our society? Do we all not jointly and collectively share in the responsibility of ensuring no member of our society feels so disconnected, who feels no warmth in the arms of british society that they would instead find comfort and warmth in the arms of extremists? If you wish to see who really shoulders the majority of the responsibility, then you'd need only look into a mirror. The letters you sent out should have been sent to all those in Westminster. I believe that it is Westminster that has the largest amount of influence when it comes to someone being radicalised or not. Actions speak louder than words Mr Pickles and a picture is worth a thousand words. Do you not believe that the pictures of civilians being killed in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and many more places at the hands of forces supported, funded and aided by Westminster have less of an impact than one extremist speech. Do you not feel that were these pictures not being painted by the hand of Westminster then speeches calling for an attack against the UK would carry all the weight of a feather. There is such a thing as a society and we are all a part of it. Religious, non religious. Blond hair, brown. Blue eyes, dark eyes. Light skin, dark skin. This is our society, there are no individual sections of it. Our society then looks to Westminster to lead it, is that not the point? And lead you do, however you seem to lead yourselves in one direction and point us to another. Leading by example is always the best way. Rather than insisting others do more to end extremism perhaps you should do more to end extremism in the decisions you make. Decisions that affect people all over the world. You may respond to this letter if you wish or you may not, I wouldn't get offended if you didn't. My reason for writing this was not solely to get a response but to at least get you to think. It's with great optimism that I hope it has, however it's with a heavy heart I fear it has not.

All The Best, Damien Biggs East of England Regional Secretary Socialist Labour Party.

January 2015 - SLP Wales General Election Candidates Announced

The SLP are proud to announce our candidates standing in Wales for the upcoming General Election.

Aberavon - Andrew Jordan, Anglesey/Ynys Môn - Liz Screen, Arfon - Kathrine Jones, Clwyd West - Bob English, Cynon Valley - Chris Beggs, Neath - Shangara Singh, Pontypridd - Damien Biggs.

The candidates for England and Scotland will soon be confirmed.

January 2015 - Tory ‘scab’ Minister gives fallacious argument for escalated intimidation of workers

The Tories are proposing that 40% of workers in the Public sector should be needed to vote in favour of strike action before it becomes legitimate. This is despite the vast majority of MP’s (including Tories) getting nowhere near these figures from the electorate when claiming to represent them in Parliament. In attempting to draw a distinction, the Tory Minister Patrick McLoughlin said that in a strike ballot there are only two options. The fallacy about this spurious attempted justification is that workers in strike ballots are being intimidated. In voting for a strike, they risk a loss of earnings which can have devastating financial consequences. In order to call the bluff of people like this former ‘scab’ during the great Miners’ strike of 1984-5 it should be part of the deal that strikers are guaranteed full pay by the Government during the duration of the strike. In that case, it would seem virtually certain that ‘yes’ votes for striking would be in the 80 or 90+ percentage rates. The democratic deficit between these and actual ‘yes’ vote percentages can be attributed to the financial intimidation of workers by British capitalist regimes (Tory and Labour).

December 2014 - They cannot be serious!

It was with some interest that we noted the recent appointment of the Blairite New Labour henchman Jim Murphy as the appointee to lead their Party in Scotland up to the next General Election.

The logic behind such an appointment seems strange since Labour has been losing electoral ground to the Scottish Nationalists who have been politically posturing as to the ‘left’ of the Labour Party.

During the recent Sottish referendum debates, Murphy was apparently at ‘daggers drawn’ with a great swathe of the Scottish working class who voted in great numbers in favour of independence. The working class of places like Glasgow and Dundee completely rejected their old allegiances to the Labour Party. Murphy was at the heart of this alienation of the once ‘expected’ support from the workers.

His record as a pillar of New Labour is politically atrocious, including support for Blair’s Iraq War and the tuition fee attacks upon Britain’s student population.

As onlookers of this politically obtuse move by the Miliband Labour ‘debacle’, our comment must be ‘never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a serious mistake’.

Murphy is to us socialists similar to many who were brought up in working class environments but who have betrayed their class roots. Like others such as Andrew Neil, they have thrown in their lot with the ‘Establishment’ and continue to put the boot into Britain’s working class.

The natural home for the Scottish working class is the Socialist Labour Party. They should not be forced into ‘unnatural’ support for capitalist elite Parties like ‘New Blue’ Labour and the Scottish Nats.

December 2014 - British regime’s insult to our armed forces, workers’ brigades, civilian wartime assistants, factory, transport, maritime and land employees etc.

The United Nations have within the past few days voted upon a motion regarding fascism. It read:- ‘Combating glorification of Nazism, neo-nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance’.

The motion was approved with 115 Countries in favour, 55 abstaining and just 3 voting against. It appears that the abstentions were mostly Countries under the political and economic influence of the USA and included practically the whole of the European Union. The fact that the disgraceful British regime was amongst the abstentions is a complete slap in the face for all those who fought and worked against the fascist Axis powers in World War 2. It is also putting up two fingers to those brave souls who fought Franco’s fascist forces in the 1930’s. The great irony to this is that all these British pro-fascists, currently in power, have been strutting around in November wearing red poppies supposedly commemorating the British forces’ wartime dead.

The Labour Party and other Capitalist opposition M.P.’s have not raised the slightest murmur about this vote. Similarly, the BBC, Channel 4, Sky, the Capitalist British press and the rest of the media have put a blanket of silence over this insulting vote from our regime.

Further to this, it is worth recording the 3 regimes that voted against the motion. They were the United States of America, Canada and The Ukraine. Canada’s brave soldiers, sailors and airmen who gave us their Commonwealth help and lives in the Second World War must be turning in their graves.

We have little surprise concerning the fascist Kiev regime in Ukraine but, again the US vote is a slap in the face for America’s wartime dead and injured.

The fact of the matter is that many wartime fascists proved to be useful to some Western regimes after the end of the Second World War. They helped in the Cold War fight against the USSR, China, North Korea, Cuba etc. They clearly still carry political weight. It is greatly disturbing that the fascist voices are so loud in our own Capitalist political parties. It can be surmised that a more UKIP influenced British Parliament would also have encouraged a ‘No’ vote from our Public School infected political thugs.

November 2014 - Lying messages from Labour leadership are stuck in the groove.

Once again, we are hearing the same, well-worn messages from the Labour Party and particularly its leadership around the Country, that they will bring in a more equal society should they come to power. It is a fine sounding message for the British working class. Unfortunately, the message is and always has been a complete fiction as far as Labour governments are concerned.

The record of redistribution going back to the earliest of Labour administrations in the 1920’s has been of one in favour of the wealthy and to the cost of the poorest in society. The climax to this came under Blair and Brown’s regimes when the pockets of the bankers, financiers and wealthy were being stuffed. ‘Quantitative easing’ involved billions of our money being poured into the coffers of the banking elite. Blair’s Private Finance Initiative has meant huge interest payments are flowing from the NHS to the capitalist cronies. Similarly, the Labour regimes have stuffed the pockets of the capitalist arms manufacturers and oil magnates with gold.

Expressions from the Labour leadership, promising redistribution, have always meant to the richest in society. There can be no prospect of a fairer society from these habitual liars. They have made no effort to clamp down on tax evasion and avoidance from the richest in society and they are in the pockets of the bankers and financiers. The only secure promises they give are to continue the austerity clampdown being imposed upon the British working class. There have been no worthwhile prosecutions of bankers or financiers for their huge frauds under Labour regimes, in fact City regulations have been eased. This state of affairs has continued under the current Tory LibDem shambles. With Libor rates and foreign exchange rates being fiddled in the amounts of trillions of dollars, there are still no prosecutions of the beneficiaries and perpetrators. Instead, there are mere ‘token’ fines on banks and other finance institutions compared to their huge billions and trillions of corrupt gains.

October 2014 - British ‘Thought Police’ exposed.

Recent revelations in the national press have confirmed the suspicions of many on the left that there have been attempts to suppress our knowledge of history from the vantage point of the working class.

It has come to light that some of our greatest historians of recent times, along with other members of their families were monitored by MI5. They had their phones tapped and individual files opened on them which attempted to invade every aspect of their lives.

The historians concerned included some of the modern ‘greats’ such as Christopher Hill, AJP Taylor and Eric Hobsbawm. Hill and Taylor, particularly, might be regarded as two of the few intellectual giants whose contributions to British historical analysis have been invaluable. The effect of the actions could have easily been to intimidate them into modifying their writings and in this respect could easily be regarded as suppression of freedom of speech and thought. The British Establishment were clearly unhappy with people whose views deviated from the official line on Britain’s history.

The snooping was not confined to historians, however. Because of support for anti-nuclear campaigns, others subject to ‘special surveillance and treatment’ included the novelist Iris Murdoch and the moral philosopher Mary Warnock. She has since commentated to the effect that such treatment is somewhat flattering to her.

October 2014 - British Workers have had no political representation acting on their behalves, at the highest level, for decades.

A Labour M.P. has been secretly recorded by Tory activists stating that the 1970’s were, in effect, one of the ’better’ decades for British workers. Wages and conditions were, in general, far more generous in real terms for workers than today.

If we go back to those times, we find that towards the end of the decade, the right wing Labour Prime Minister, James Callaghan, declared a form of wage war on the trade union movement which resulted in the so called ‘Winter of Discontent’. His attempts to screw down on wages and conditions for Britain’s workers caused large scale strike actions. The working class could see little benefit in supporting the Party which was attacking them and this opened the door for Thatcher and her far right entourage to take over the levers of power in Britain.

Careful preparation and planning went in to the vicious Tory attack upon the vanguard of the British Trade Union movement, the NUM, in the 1980’s. With the help of the police, paramilitary, capitalist media, secret services and Labour Party treachery, the resistance to the Tory capitalist onslaught on Britain’s Working class proved to be ultimately overwhelmed. We have not had the calibre of broad trade union leadership, subsequently, to put solid resistance firmly back on the political map. Labour Party leadership from Kinnock ,Smith, Blair, Brown and Miliband have followed enthusiastically in the Thatcher footsteps. The trade union movement has been held at arm’s length by the Labour Party hierarchy.

The British capitalist political parties have also, in subsequent periods, almost unanimously (UKIP’s posing apart) followed the Thatcherite line of being pro EU. The policy of this organisation has involved the de-industrialisation of Britain. The British Coal, Steel, Shipbuilding and other ‘heavy’ industries have been whittled away. The free movement of Labour and capital required by being part of the EU has also involved a deterioration in the wages and conditions once maintained by militant British Trade Unionism.

Nowadays, with all the major British political parties in the thrall of ‘big business’, including Labour, UKIP, SNP, Plaid, Tory and LibDem, there is currently very little hope of improvement for Britain’s working class. The one ray of hope is for the whole rotten British capitalist edifice to be brought crashing down by the Socialist Labour Party. Britain needs a thorough Socialist programme of rebuilding.

October 2014 - Conference notes – Blackpool October 2014.

The 2014 Conference of the Party was held in Blackpool last weekend. The general summing up of events would reveal a very united and determined Party in excellent spirits with a will to step up our efforts at overthrowing the rotten, corrupt, capitalist system operating in Britain.

The Conference opened with an address from Party President Andrew Jordan. He spoke of the irrelevance of New Labour’s policies with no mention of dealing with tax avoidance from them. Measures to prevent the wealthy from using tax avoidance would help significantly to balance Britain’s books as well as removing any need for austerity policies aimed at Britain’s working class. He discussed the ‘pseudo’ left who constantly form new coalitions and change their names. Some of the ‘so-called’ left in Scotland even joined or formed coalitions with the Scottish Nationalists. The fact is that there is no REAL alternative apart from the SLP. He mentioned further BBC apologies relating to our electoral activities. We are a Party with leading roles for women and young people. The latter are, of course, the future of the Party. He spoke of the media blackout for our Party and our gearing up for future elections throughout Britain.

Fraternal greetings were received from our wonderful friends and political comrades at the Cuban Embassy in London.

A minute’s silence was held to remember fallen comrades who have done so much for the Party and Socialism.

The business of Conference got underway with constitutional amendments. The main result of changes is that the Party will in future operate on more of a regional basis.

Motions discussed and debated included ones relating to residential care home standards.

A talk was given by John Boyd of the Campaign Against European Federalism to which our Party is affiliated. He looked specifically at the attempts by transnational corporations allied to banks in order to sue and bully World Governments into adopting rampant free market capitalism with privatisation and destruction of the green environment to the fore. TTIP, backed by such political parties as UKIP, is a frontal attack upon national states and democracy.

Consideration of further motions followed with discussion of our longstanding demand for proportional representation. The Party called for the restoration of rights to strike, free assembly, secondary picketing and binding collective bargaining. Discussion was made relating to the secular nature of the Party.

A motion was debated concerning the violence of corporate capitalism.

This was followed by one attacking the capitalist brainwashing of Britain’s children by the media and the education system.

A further motion called for the complete overhaul of the British legal system.

Discussion followed on the proposed HS2 rail link. Our Party is opposed since we would have other priorities such as expanding Britain’s overall rail network to bring it nearer to its pre Beeching ‘axe’ status (under a renationalised system).

Our opposition to the ‘Bedroom Tax’ and other attacks upon the poor and vulnerable was affirmed.

Further motions relating to our Party’s republicanism and Britain’s food sovereignty were considered. The malicious effects of GM foods and the companies ‘pushing’ them were discussed.

Ken Capstick, the Party treasurer gave the summing up remarks in an inspiring closing address. He mentioned the great freedom we have to express our opinions as members of the SLP. We do not have to defend the words or actions of former Labour leaders like Blair, Brown etc. He mentioned the regressive effects of the Chicago School Neoliberal agenda largely introduced during the Reagan Thatcher years. We were asked by the rampant capitalists to embrace global capitalism and it is bringing the World to its knees. Only the Socialist Labour Party can show Britain the way forward to happiness, peace and prosperity for Britain’s masses.

September 2014 - Warmongers Inc.

By 1944 it was obvious that the Soviet Union was winning the war and the pace of their march towards the Western coasts of Europe panicked the British and American forces into launching the ‘D’Day invasion in order to prevent Soviet forces from dominating the whole of mainland Europe.

At the end of the Second World War, Churchill and other Western imperialists were adamant that confrontation was again necessary between the ‘West’ and the USSR and so we had the ‘Iron Curtain’ speech and the establishment of NATO - an organisation set up to keep the Soviet sphere of influence in check.

Logically, therefore, with the political decision by the naive and idiotic Soviet leadership to dissolve the Soviet system in 1991, then the need for NATO also disappeared. Agreement was reached with the former Soviets that in no way would NATO encroach upon former Soviet territories. In practice, the eastward expansion of NATO has known no bounds. Again, in order to justify its existence and the huge armament industries of the West, NATO has been instrumental in causing conflict wherever its tentacles have reached.

It has been the tool of Western/Zionist aggression in actions against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria etc.etc. Unfortunately, wherever it has intervened, it has left complete chaos in its wake. After arming the Taliban against the USSR in Afghanistan, the armed insurgents turned upon their sponsors. Again, after arming the insurgents in Syria, they also have turned.

We in the SLP do not wish to be part of this non stop aggression organisation which has caused so much trouble. Just as France once had a principled stand of not being part of NATO (reversed under various American poodle leaderships including the present), so Britain should distance itself.

We currently have the idiotic position of NATO being deeply involved in the Fascist regime in Kiev which has brutally set about its own population in the East of Ukraine. We even have reports (not mentioned in the Western capitalist media) of Kiev’s planes shooting down a Malaysian airliner. We therefore have to raise the two questions: Firstly, why is NATO interfering in former Soviet territories? Secondly, why is there a NATO organisation still in existence? Surely, World policing should be done by a United Nations force, not one under the influence of the West’s less than one per cent unprincipled elite who also control over 70% of media coverage/propaganda.

September 2014 - Arthur Scargill at Orgreave 2014 - Video.

September 2014 - Power to the people – not the bosses and their international ‘kleptocratic’ and undemocratic organisations .

The Western powers, including the US and the EU, are proposing extensions to the powers of corporations and big business individuals to take elected governments to court if the said governments do not accede to the wishes of the capitalists. The extension of these powers would enable international companies to sue governments of whichever countries have signed up to the new regulations. These new arrangements are termed ISDS or Investor-State Dispute Settlements.

The balance of power is already grossly in favour of the undemocratic, international corporations. Their assets, in many cases, far exceed the GDP’s of the countries in which they operate. This is especially true of oil companies operating in Africa. Furthermore, we have seen in Britain how large corporations switch their resources and operations around the globe in order to avoid paying taxes. The wealth distribution throughout the globe is becoming more and more extreme between the obscenely rich few and the poverty stricken many.

We, in the SLP, call for the halting of the ‘free’ movement of capital and labour in order to partly deal with these problems. Since the capitalist system is based on ideas such as the limited liability of companies, which enable them to dodge their financial liabilities, we can see the obvious need to rewrite legislation. It is commonplace in the US for fracking companies to extract very short term gas reserves, make a quick ‘killing’ and then declare themselves bankrupt , leaving the public to clean up the environmental mess left from the operations.

We can also envisage British governments being sued by these kleptocrat companies because they have not been up to speed in privatising public assets such as the NHS or not enabling the companies and unscrupulous individuals to make big enough profits. Since the Labour Party in power began many of the privatisations, then there is a cross-capitalist party alliance in Britain backing widespread privatisation for the benefit of the few.

Britain is clearly in need of socialist reorganisation in order to take back huge swathes of our assets into public ownership. We can envisage the opposition from foreign predatory capitalist governments and the obvious need for trading connections to likeminded socialist governments throughout the world when we eventually have a government in Britain that represents the best interests of our working class.

August 2014 - Hypocrisy and double standards from British media.

The Western regime provoked military conflicts that are currently underway are causing various humanitarian crises. There is an obvious need for aid to be sent to the suffering civilian populations involved. The need for such help is receiving very differing coverage from the British media, however.

The BBC is giving a great deal of coverage to groups like the Yezidis people and the Turkmen caught up in the fighting in Iraq. As the state propaganda unit of the British regime, there has been a concentration upon the need for aid to go to these peoples who we had previously heard very little of. This should be contrasted with the distinct lack of calls for large scale humanitarian aid for the Zionist purged inhabitants of Gaza or for the Eastern Ukrainian civilians being bombed and attacked by the NATO backed fascist regime in Kiev. These particular attacks remind us of the attacks from Franco’s forces, with Nazi German support, upon the Spanish republicans of Guernica etc. in the 1930’s.

The BBC has gone so far as to call into question whether the Russian aid convoy to Eastern Ukraine is in fact carrying humanitarian aid. This is despite checks upon the contents from Red Cross etc. Surely, any organisation with the least fragment of humanity should welcome civilian aid in war torn areas, whatever the source. The BBC’s record with regard to the truth, impartiality and morality do not, however, bear close scrutiny bearing in mind decades of scandals and falsifications.

August 2014 - Irresistible momentum towards the logic of socialism.

Having made so many disastrous military interventions throughout the world and especially in the Middle East, the capitalist western regimes are once more increasing their interventions in Iraq. Blair is widely recognised as having brought recent heavy British involvement, through lying propaganda, in 2003. Iraq, as are so many countries including Libya, is now in a far more destabilised situation than before western intervention. The twin reasons for the military adventurism in the Middle East have been, firstly, to protect oil interests and secondly, to trash those states potentially threatening to Israel. British political leaders, including Cameron, still cannot bring themselves to reveal these truths so that excuses include protection of ‘tribes’ that we have never heard of before. To the extent that trashing of states has been an objective of Western regimes’ policies (with the Zionist lobby prominent), then they have, of course, been successful.

There have, however, been unforeseen consequences of these destabilising policies. Take the case, for example, of the Kurdish PKK with its Marxist principles. It has been classified by many Western regimes, including the British, as a terrorist organisation. Since it has now become especially useful to the West on the Middle Eastern chessboard, it has now been welcomed by Obama as being a religiously ‘tolerant’ organisation and is being supplied with light arms. This seems to be an historical parallel with the need for Britain and America to side with their former ‘enemy’, the USSR during World War 11. History has a habit of promoting the logic of socialism when the World’s capitalist leadership would instinctively wish to head us down the path towards insanity.


The National Executive Committee of the Socialist Labour Party condemns without reservation the latest massacre in Gaza by the Israeli Army.

The SLP rejects the corporate narrative that says western powers are entitled to dominate, destabilize or destroy sovereign states while calling those resisting occupation or oppression ‘terrorists’.

Israeli violence against Palestine, including bombing, occupation, assassination, kidnapping and blockade are routine. Flowing from its colonial heritage and values, Israel needs to contain permanently the aspirations of the Palestinian people which it does not see as the equal of its own.

We do not therefore regard the current assault on the territory as ‘provoked’.

We hold the western powers ultimately responsible for the crimes committed historically against the Palestinian people and against the peoples of neighbouring states by their proxy, Israel.

We call upon the community of independent states to unite in support of the principle of self determination which applies without discrimination to the people of Palestine as a whole including those displaced.

National Executive Committee Socialist Labour Party 29th July 2014

July 2014 - SLP members fly the flag at Tolpuddle.

slp at tolpuddle 1 slp at tolpuddle 2

July 2014 - Sickening uniformity of orchestrated western media.

The two main stories covered by western capitalist media over the past week or two have been connected with the rascist, fascist blitzing of Palestinian civilians by the Zionists in Israel and events surrounding the ongoing support for the imposed fascist junta operating in western Ukraine.

As has been pointed out repeatedly in alternative media, the views thrust down our throats by the barrage of ‘Goebbels type’ western capitalist propaganda, reflect the views of the ‘less than one per cent’ of the financial and Establishment elite. Unfortunately, for these grotesque individuals with their perverted views, the ordinary people of Britain do not buy into the non-stop propaganda. Instead, our population should have truthful outlets of news to refer to. The mass of tabloid and broadsheet headlines should occasionally try to give balanced reporting. The broadcasting media, including the BBC, Channel 4 news etc. should, one would have thought, have a public duty to try and tell the truth.

Instead, they openly boast about their top executives being Zionist supporters, just as are the lying, self–serving, capitalist politicians at the apex of our class stultified Parliamentary system.

June 2014 - Parts of Britain hit by giant wave of media pollution.

Many families within the UK have been shocked to receive polluted filth through their letter boxes over the past few days. The source of this contamination was the Murdoch empire and specifically its politically sinister production called the ‘Sun’. Apparently, 22 million copies of this ‘rag’ were put through the letter boxes of unsuspecting, unprotected British families.

The purpose of this invasion of our domestic tranquillity appears to be some sort of politically motivated right-wing jingoism. Supporting this stunt has been the Labour leader Ed Miliband whose cringe-worthy pose holding the source of the pollution has caused bitter comment throughout the Country.

We have seen the removal of parts of the Amazon rain forest in order to accommodate the new ‘World Cup’ football stadiums and mother earth has obviously yielded up yet more rainforest in order to source this widespread Murdoch empire induced media pollution.

June 2014 - Ken's Walks (Part 2+3).

June 2014 - If they think that the working class is going to disappear then they are sorely delusional.

The late 1970’s saw the Labour Callaghan government attack the trade union movement to the extent that it caused the reaction of a ‘winter of discontent’.

The working class would not support the re-election of these reactionaries which enabled the similarly right wing Thatcher regime into power.

In an article concerning falsities in Keynesian economic thinking produced by the ‘New Statesman’ magazine of 6-12 June 2014, Paul Mason has referred to this period of British history. Paul Mason is the former economics editor of BBC ‘Newsnight’ and currently Culture and Digital Editor of Channel 4 News.

A paragraph from his article reads ‘In the late 1970s the ruling elite of the west decided that capitalism could not coexist with organised labour. Their project- beginning in Japan, then Britain and the US and pulling in Germany by 2002 – was to weaken labour’s pricing power strategically. The result is rising inequality in developed societies: every recovery brings a new rise in income for the rich but not the poor. The middle class is hollowed out’.

Now we don’t accept Mason’s class analysis since we recognise only the two sections of ‘working class’ and ‘ruling class’ by their relationship to the ownership and control of the means of production, distribution and exchange.

We would like to know the names of those ‘ruling elite figures’ who made these stinking decisions to attack the working class so that we can take measures of retribution in due course. We can, however, give a good guess at some of them! We would also question why none of this thinking has ever emerged on the BBC or elsewhere.

But what this does point out are the reasons for the vicious attacks perpetrated by the Labour and Tory regimes upon the British Trade movement in the late 1970’s and into the 1980’s which culminated in the state sponsored Tory terrorist devastation of Britain’s mining communities in 1984-5. The NUM backbone of Britain’s trade union movement was left dislocated.

The article states the belief that capitalism cannot coexist with organised labour. Now there is a historic precedent for two elements in society at each others’ throats and that is the tussle between the ‘aristocracy’ and ‘sans culottes’ of the French revolutionary period. Perhaps today’s financial elite need to be reminded of which section of society emerged on top in this period. We could say in terms of the modern era that the bankers and bosses’ class should be aware that ‘we, the working class, are not the ones who are going away’.

May 2014 - SLP maintains its prominent position on the left.

Following the release of most UK election results, it is clear that the SLP remains the most potent force electorally on the left of British politics. Although election turnouts were abysmal in Britain (reflecting the general disillusionment with capitalism and the political system), the European election result in Wales left our Party with roughly twice the vote of NO2EU and well ahead of other socialist opposition. Our vote amounted here to 4,459.This is despite the normal capitalist media blackout afforded to our Party. Compared to this was the almost incessant wall to wall coverage given to the right wing party UKIP, led by tax dodging stockbroker Farage. EU turnout overall in Britain was about 34%- a disgrace!

Elsewhere, with local elections, in South Yorkshire, Terry Robinson received 8.47% and Frank Watson 8.97% . In the Midlands at Handsworth Wood, John Tyrrell achieved 6.64%, beating the LibDem candidate. In the North West at Sefton, Barbara Bryan received 6.32% and beat the Tory candidate.

We are grateful to all our candidates for their hard work and dedication in the face of the wet blanket of Establishment imposed silence regarding our efforts.

The one means of breaking through this main media blackout was, of course, our Welsh EU broadcast and again, thanks must go to all involved in its production. The great inspiration emerging from these European elections was the terrific win by Syriza in Greece, the excellent performance of the United Left in Spain , and radical left success in Portugal, Italy, Slovakia and elsewhere. These results show that radical anti Establishment protest parties of the left, which totally reject austerity, can have terrific electoral success.

May 2014 - The Socialist Labour Party - European Parliamentary Election - Wales Broadcast

To view the broadcast - click here.

May 2014 - Naive belief that being part of the EU is bringing peace.

The Green Party have one or two policies with which we have sympathy, for example their principled opposition to fracking. They are, however, campaigning in these European elections for a pro- membership position with regard to the undemocratic EU. A major reason stated by their spokespersons is that membership of the organisation is bringing peace. We completely contest this view of the situation.

Going back a few years, we can recall the support given by German Green Party politicians for the Nato bombing of former Yugoslavia and particularly its Serbian population. The armed attacks upon the former socialist country of Yugoslavia by western capitalist forces and the associated propaganda ultimately led to its break up and resultant ongoing instability.

More recently, we have seen the EU backed support for the fascist coup in the Ukraine (with Labour’s Baroness Ashton playing a prominent part). This again has been coordinated with help from the United States and Nato. This is despite President Reagan’s promises to Gorbachev that Nato would not have any future involvement in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

This support for fascist violence in Europe is likely to become even worse as the fascist politicians in the European Union receive the backing of big business funding and the subservient capitalist media. The European Union is also pushing for a European Army controlled by the Organisation- an idea previously exploited by one Adolf Hitler.

The involvement of the EU states and the tie-up with multiple Nato aggressions as in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. mean that the Greens and any other political parties are either naively mislead or else wilfully blind to the inherent aggressive and warmongering nature of the European Union. We must get out of this organisation as well as Nato before any further damage can be inflicted upon innocent populations. The devastation of the aggressions is to enable western backed corporations to snap up the assets of the victim states at knock down prices. The evil bankers and banks such as Rothschilds , JP Morgan, Barclays etc. which have benefitted from warfare (including in Europe) for many generations should have their influence over political matters and our lives expunged once and for all! They are a significant part of the capitalist elites which are our class enemies.

May 2014 - The Socialist Labour Party provides the only full-blooded left opposition to the Capitalist run EU.

The European elections are just round the corner and once again we see the emergence of temporary alliances on the so-called ‘left’, with their predominately single issue politics and wishy-washy slogans giving, at best, insipid opposition to Britain’s role within the EU. This opportunistic, half-hearted opposition is clustering around groups such as Socialist Alliance, TUSC and NO2EU. They are, apparently, under roughly the same political umbrella. We believe that this sort of sporadic, single issue politics is limited in its ambition and lacks the necessary political impact.

These name-change loving elements are temporary coalitions and do nothing but deflect from the efforts of genuine, robust Socialist Labour opposition not only to the European bosses club known as the EU but to advancing the cause of World Socialism.

What is clearly needed in Britain is a genuine, unified party of the left with a robust constitution, competent, visionary, progressive leadership and an all embracing manifesto. The Socialist Labour Party offers this example.

As a party we are against the uncontrolled movement of labour and capital and wish to trade with the whole world without EU restriction, especially since as a country we were taken in to the EU under false pretences. We were told it was just to be a trading union, but it has now morphed into a political one. This contrasts with UKIP which believes only in control of Labour movement within the EU and would continue to allow capitalism and big business free rein to exploit workers all over Europe. The single issue parties of the so-called ‘left’ on the other hand are against any restrictions on movement of labour within the EU and as we have seen this is depressing British wages.

May 2014 - Britain needs to reverse the actions of the capitalist filth .

It has been said that you can tell when a capitalist politician is lying- their mouth will be open! We have been inundated with lies from these people and their slimy, sweaty appearances cannot be concealed from our view. LibDem finance and treasury spokespersons spring readily to mind.

In recent times, we have had claims from the capitalists that the sale of Royal Mail was above board when in fact the whole thing stitched up the public who theoretically owned it. The financiers in the ‘know’ made huge gains (estimates of one billion pounds) at our expense, as a result of being in cahoots with the capitalist politicians. The privatisation of British Telecommunications and British Rail services were also financially devastating for the working class. The same scenario is being lined up with the continuing privatisation of the NHS. Many of these privatisations were, of course, begun under Labour governments.

What the British public want is the taking into public ownership of institutions such as our Post Office and Royal Mail services as well as our Railway services along with other important industries and institutions. In order to reverse the historic wrongs wrought upon our working classes, however, we should instigate the privatisation of losses and the taking into public coffers of any formerly private profits involved in these actions. Any gains made by hedge funds, banks , financiers etc. involved in the privatisations of public assets should come back into the hands of the working class. We need to reverse the injustices of generations of capitalist oppression upon our class.

May 2014 - Obituary: Tommy Winkle.

Comrades in the North West region and elsewhere have been paying fulsome tribute to Comrade Tommy Winkle one of the SLPs earliest members who died on Saturday 26th April.

A lifelong socialist, Tommy endured discrimination in the work place and blacklisting outside the workplace as a result of his activities as a union organizer, most notably during his time as a shop steward at Shell in Ellesmere Port.

According to party comrade, Kenny Spain, should the works foreman ignore the rules and try to force the workers to work in the rain Tommy would check every puddle to ensure not a droplet was missed.

The anger roused in Tommy when the political blacklist stopped him getting work did not turn inwards but outwards into a passion for justice and for the right of every worker to be valued as a unique human being.

Kenny, a lifelong friend of Tommy, remembers a man who was ‘always pleased to see you’ and wanted to listen, and to know all about you, an assessment shared by Comrade Pat Goodwin from Southport who recalls Tommy’s extraordinary political knowledge and vision and the stimulating and interesting company he provided.

Kenny Spain marched with Tommy in the seventies against unemployment and the Tory Industrial Relations Act and throughout the eighties in support of the miners and other workers fighting Thatcherism.

He remembers an incident on a cold, windy February day when they discovered at the end of a march to the Pier Head that their alarming blue hands were in fact a result of paint running down the poles holding the home made banner. It was he recalls a hugely impressive piece of artwork depicting images of workers which needed four men to carry it.

Until only a few months ago Tommy was contributing at meetings of the North West region and maintained contact until the end of his life, keeping up with party events. In spite of illness he sent a donation very recently to the SLP EU fund and checked to make sure we got the money.

With Pat Goodwin and others he continued also with his work campaigning for pensioners rights.

I am privileged to have known you Tommy but I leave the last word to Kenny.

‘He was a big man but never the bully. In fact he was just the opposite having no time for liars who claimed credit for something they hadn't done. I’m pleased that I met him all those years ago. Goodbye Comrade Tommy’.

Kim Singleton, General Secretary.

April 2014 - The sleaze factory needs a complete overhaul.

With the Maria Miller fiasco reverberating throughout Britain, it is high time to repeat the call for a complete overhaul of the British political system and the removal of all the capitalist M.P’s who do nothing but trail their noses in the trough of public revenues.

It has been reported that the Minister with Japanese ‘fascist’ genes, i.e. Duncan –Smith had been invited onto the Andrew Marr show on Sunday in order to further put the boot into those poor unfortunates in Britain receiving meagre benefits. Because of the gains made at tax payers’ expense (said to be a million pounds on property alone) by Maria Miller, the Duncan –Smith attack had to be held back.

As has been said by members of the British public, if the recipient of a fraction of the gains had been a benefit claimant, then they would be likely to end up in jail. Miller doesn’t even lose her seat as an M.P. and has received a pay-off for being sacked.

The reason so many Members of Parliament and other legislators in Britain are so untrustworthy is because of the nature of the electoral system. Corrupt big business operations are financing the electoral campaigns on a huge scale of all the capitalist parties including Labour, UKIP, Nationalist, Tory, LibDem etc. No wonder the recipients of this corrupt backing are in turn themselves so unsavoury in character.

Nigel Farage of UKIP has been promoted on the air waves again in order to comment on the debacle but he has no leg to stand on since he has evaded large amounts of tax himself (as well as receiving millions in political expenses). Labour can’t comment much since their track record on expenses is atrocious.

The bankers also manage to escape custodial sentences after large scale irregularities but a British benefit claimant in jail would, in the future (as proposed by another seemingly fascist Minister, Grayling) be likely to lose the right to read books in jail. What sort of feudalistic society do these numbskull capitalist politicians want to take us back to?

April 2014 - The stances of the capitalist political parties on fracking run contrary to the views and interests of the huge majority in Britain.

Nigel Farage and UKIP are the latest political party to wholeheartedly back the destruction and devastation of the British environment by advocating widespread fracking. The common law which has held for hundreds of years is, apparently, being thrown to one side so that no law of trespass will apply to fracking companies.

Besides the horrendous environmental costs, pollution and health hazards involved, fracking operations (with their negative energy benefits) also cause major road surface damage. Now we have already seen the surge in pothole numbers affecting our roads which the British regimes try to ignore. The huge trucks and other vehicles required in fracking operations are already causing havoc to roads in the U.S.

The SLP has long advocated taking heavy lorries off our road systems and putting their cargoes onto the rail system. This would, of course, require investment and expansion of the British rail network, putting it on a par with the network of the late 1940’s. The advantages to the environment with less traffic pollution are clear to see (especially when considering recent air quality problems).

The Labour Party will line up with the other capitalist parties as being in favour of widespread fracking. The corrupt big business fracking companies from e.g. the U.S. and France will be pulling the strings to ensure the Labour Party’s backing. We have already seen the Labour Peer Chris Smith put in place to oversee this desecration of our countryside.

The working class should stand in solidarity to ensure that this capitalist vandalism of Britain hits the buffers!

April 2014 - The People’s Republic of Barking and Dagenham.

A third Barking and Dagenham councillor, Gerald Vincent, has defected from Labour to the SLP. Gerry, who will contest Longbridge ward, joins colleagues Jim McDermott (Eastbury) and Barry Poulton (Thames) in forming a strong SLP contingent on the council.

All three councillors, whose values are rooted in the labour tradition of solidarity, are highly respected in their local communities. They have rejected the ‘politics’ of some Labour councillors in the borough who in an opportunistic attempt to get re-elected on any terms have joined parties that scapegoat immigrants and the poor.

The SLP team in Barking and Dagenham enters the elections in May with a strong profile. If you’ve had it with the tired old parties, the tired old lies about ‘change’ and the tired old big money corporate packaging, you have a real alternative.

On 22nd May vote Socialist Labour.

March 2014 - Another Labour councillor defects to the SLP.

A second Labour Party councillor in Barking and Dagenham has defected to the Socialist Labour Party. We are delighted to welcome Cllr. Barry Poulton to our ranks. Party President Andrew Jordan describes him as a man of principle who is placing the concerns of his community ahead of any self interest. Cllr. Poulton has stated that he does not wish to waste his work for the community which would be the case if he did not make his political move.

March 2014 - Harry Parfitt - Reflections on the Miners Strike 1984-85.

I have recently been watching the programmes on the television about the Miners Strike of 1984 1985. During the Strike, we were concerned about some of our members crossing our picket lines, but the reason we lost the strike was because of the treason of our top people in the Labour Movement.

We had no support from the Labour party, the Leadership, Neil Kinnock and Roy Hattersley, and the executives, they were totally against us. Neil Kinnock even went on national television and told the world he despised Arthur Scargill. The same happened with the Trade Union Congress. Norman Willis, the President, was against Scargill and the Strike. The T.U.C have never supported the Miners. They betrayed us in the 1926 General Strike also.

There were even traitors in the N.U.M (National Union of Mineworkers). Four area executive members, two of them from South Wales, joined a conspiracy to take Arthur Scargill and Peter Heatherfield to court over the money that was sent from Russia to help us. The case collapsed before it reached the courts. One of the traitors later begged for forgiveness at a N.U.M conference.

But the biggest betrayal came from the deputies union N.A.C.O.D.S. Their leaders, David Mcnestry and Ken Sampey did a deal with Margaret Thatcher to keep their members in work after they had voted by an eighty percent majority to take strike action. We did have brilliant support from all over the world, from other unions, and the rank and fire of the Labour party. But the strike was betrayed by the Trade Union Bureaucracy in a campaign headed by Kinnock and the entire Labour leadership. I'm sure if we had won the 1984-1985 strike, we wouldn't have the problems today that we have in our ranks.

By Harry Parfitt.

March 2014 - Disgraceful British capitalist media again seek to mislead with lies, distortions and omissions concerning events in Ukraine.

Thanks to foreign media, the Estonian foreign minister has confirmed his (recorded) discussion with the Labour Party’s EU representative Baroness Ashton concerning the true source of recent sniping in Kiev which killed police and protestors. Apparently the sniping was caused by the fascist coup instigators currently receiving the backing of western regimes and not the ousted elected government (as reported by western capitalist media).

The destabilisation of the Ukrainian government thanks to western backed fascist intervention reminds us of previous ‘false flag’ interventions. Hitler’s Nazis used a fabricated incident on the Polish border with Germany in order to attack Poland in 1939. The Gulf of Tonkin fabricated ‘incident’ in 1964 was used as a pretext by the United States to wage a war against North Vietnam. Numerous alleged ‘massacres’ were used to justify western interventions in Yugoslavia which resulted in the break-up of the socialist state and the vilifying of brave Serbia.

Instead of the coverage of the truth of recent events in Kiev, Crimea etc., all we have had is deliberate muck raking and attempts at destabilisation from reporting involving e.g. Matt Frei and Lindsey Hilsum for Channel 4 and from the usual suspect reporting from John Simpson and many others on the BBC. There is a complete cover-up over the Baroness Ashton phone call and when such momentous falsities lead us to the brink of hostilities (as with Iraq weapons of mass destruction), then we must reiterate the view that the British capitalist news media stinks to high heaven.

March 2014 - Video: Ken's Walks & Talks- Ukraine.

March 2014 - SLP announces Welsh Candidates for the European Election.

The SLP is pleased to announce that on Saturday 1st March SLP Wales selected the four candidates that will stand on the Candidate List for the European Parliamentary Election on May 22nd.

The four candidates are, and will appear on the Candidate List, as follows -

1. Andrew Jordan, 2. Kathrine Jones, 3. David Lloyd Jones, 4. Liz Screen.

March 2014 - SLP Statement - Party Welcomes Councillor Jim McDermott.

Our warmest welcome is extended to Councillor Jim McDermott who has joined the SLP after resigning from Labour.

Jim, who has represented the Eastbury ward of Barking and Dagenham since 2006, tells us he feels the Labour Party in Barking has over many years been taken over by people ‘following a different political agenda’ not consistent with the principles he believed the party represented when he joined it fifty years ago.

As an SLP councillor we believe Jim will be free to speak out more openly in support of the interests and needs of his electors as indeed it is his wish to do.

His actions demonstrate integrity, and a concern for the benefit of others over self which is rare in politics these days.

If you share the concerns of Jim McDermott and many others, who are disgusted by the brutal capitalism that is scarring our society and our world, take the first step. Join Us!

Kim Singleton, SLP General Secretary.

March 2014 - Ukraine where neo-Nazis backed by Western Regimes provoke World War Two déjà vous.

The similarities between events during the Second World War and the current upheavals are very striking. The Nazis were keen to grab this ‘bread basket’ area of the Soviet Union. The current interest shown by the Western regimes is again connected with grabbing ever diminishing world resources as well as putting a further dagger at the throat of nuclear power Russia.

The Germans, for instance are pouring resources into the destabilisation of the Ukraine and are apparently funding the efforts of the politically right wing boxer Klitschko. The same old discredited political interfering figures of the right such as Labour’s Baronness Ashton and Nato’s Rasmussen can’t wait to get to Kiev quickly enough whilst Hague has his usual dirty sticky fingers in the meddling pie.

The reporting on this neo Fascist interference is amazing, however. As commentator Nick Wright has stated on TV, the Channel 4 coverage, especially that of Matt Frei has been totally pro the fascist attackers of the Ukraine regime. The BBC commentators, especially David Stern but also Steven Mulvey, have gone so far as to call the Ukraine based Nazi collaborators of World War Two ‘patriots’.

With wall to wall coverage of the far right Nigel Farage and his weird bunch also being bombarded at us, we have to ask in what way we are ever going to get the remotest of fair coverage from BBC, Channel 4 and all the capitalist media in Britain with their obvious pro fascist leanings.

February 2014 - Effort put in by the British working class is making the wealthy much richer and themselves poorer.

Because of the ridiculously low wage rates that operate in today’s Britain, the rich business owners, shareholders etc. are benefitting greatly whilst the workers themselves are sinking further and further into debt and squalor. The fact is that the inadequate minimum wage rate is not a ‘living’ wage.

The borrowing necessary to keep heads ‘above water’ in some cases does not even allow for adequate supplies of food for workers and their families. These people are therefore going hungry along with others relying on inadequate benefits or those whose subsistence payments have been delayed or stopped. No wonder that the upper echelons of the clergy are reflecting the views from below that the vicious policies of the regime are causing widespread misery and starvation. In this case, the response chimes with our own socialist perspective.

Why are the wage rates in Britain so pathetic? As Seumas Milne and others have indicated, the backwards trajectory of British wage rates can be traced directly to the stabbing in the back of the vanguard union of the movement, the NUM, back in the 1980’s. This backstabbing was largely at the hands of the TUC and the Labour Party. They were acting on behalf of the wealthy British capitalist class. This was at the time that the vicious Thatcher regime was waging war with the NUM. The outrageous, murderous, vindictive treatment handed out to the miners and their communities verified the belief that the Tories really were the ‘nasty’ party. When, therefore, current Tory and LibDem spokespersons say that benefit changes are ‘well meant’ and to ‘help’ the poor, we can, with our experience, take them with large pinches of salt, recognising them for the cynical lies that they are. The capitalist elite in Britain really are a malevolent bunch of thugs imbued with moral vacuums.

The slimy LibDem minister, Danny Alexander made flippant remarks recently, in front of a questioning committee, to the effect that ‘ I’m sure we are all agreed on the need for GDP growth’. On the face of it this sounds plausible enough. There are two big reasons for arguing with this generalisation, however. The first is the environmental one that if increased GDP is detrimental to the environment (as in the case of grotesque fracking operations), then the assumption fails. The second is that the production of a larger economic ‘cake’ does not automatically benefit the main producers of it, i.e. the British workers. In fact, records show that the share of the existing ‘cake’ is falling for the British working class and a larger overall economy may lead to even less being available for the most deserving. That is the way the capitalist system is designed and works i.e. for the benefit of the less than one per cent.

February 2014 - ConDem, Tory , Labour and Nationalist British capitalist regimes show utter contempt for the needs of the masses and their environment.

Here we are in 2014 and large parts of our Country find themselves cut off from power and without vital transport links. With the loss of the link via Dawlish in Devon, large areas of that County as well as the whole of Cornwall have no rail connection with the rest of the Country. Nature has continually threatened this stretch of rail for years but it seems that successive regimes have done next to nothing to ensure its survival. The illogical transport thinking has also included the shutting of Plymouth airport in 2011.

The backward transport planning by capitalist British regimes probably reached its height with the Beeching closures of huge swathes of rail communications under Tory and Labour administrations in the 1960’s. Much of Devon and Cornwall’s rail links were disposed of at this time so that North Cornwall and North Devon have no main line stations. If the Beeching axe had not gained political approval, the isolation of these areas would be of less consequence. The fact is that the people of Britain were treated with contempt by these policies.

We have seen the British winter’s disruption of power for thousands of people. The privatised power companies should have been thinking more about securing supplies rather than blatant financial exploitation in order to benefit their shareholders. The only realistic answer to overcome the power problems would be for the British working class to reclaim these exploiting companies without compensation and the large scale introduction of clean coal and other SLP favoured technologies.

The current unhappiness with the regime’s inaction in the Somerset levels is also a consequence of ineptitude and lack of consideration for the local inhabitants. The head of the Environment Agency, the political ‘placeman’ Lord Chris Smith of ‘Blairite’ notoriety was brought in to oversee the huge devastation of Britain with fracking operations. His only other concern, along with the ConDems, has been to implement European directives on the environment which have little bearing on the needs of the British population. No control of Business operations and their often devastating impact on climate change figures in this ultra pro capitalist and free trade agenda. The British Minister supposedly supervising our living environment, Patterson, in fact denies any climate change. The total incompetence of successive capitalist regimes in this Country does not bode well for our futures. Meanwhile, the tax dodger, Farage puts himself up as the main opposition spokeperson on the problems in Somerset. With his obvious pro-business UKIP political agenda, we can see the height of the hypocrisy involved. With the nationalist parties, including Salmond’s SNP also dancing to the EU’s tune, it is clear that the ‘green’ socialist agenda of the Socialist Labour Party is required more urgently than ever.

February 2014 - British Establishment only interested in suppressing historical truths.

With Cameron and his establishment cronies choosing to ignore calls for enquiries into truth behind the causes and events surrounding the 1984-5 Miners’ strike, it is worthwhile and timely to bring up some other cases in which the historical record has been warped in the interest of the British ruling class.

It is a severe blow to the Tories and their fellow capitalists in Parliament (including Blairites, Brownites, New Blue Labourites, LibDems, nationalists etc.) that Thatcher and her administration have been proven to have compulsively lied to the British public over the cause of the 1984 strike. This is, however, only one instance of the anti-working class nature of the operation of the British state.

Michael Gove, for instance, has attacked the ‘Blackadder representation’ of the relationship between British officers and men in World War 1. This representation was of working class ‘lions’ led by public school educated ‘donkeys’. Now as anyone who has the merest knowledge of the horrors of this inter-imperialist conflict knows, the tactics adopted by the upper crust officers meant that huge swathes of working class men were asked to walk to their deaths as they were mown down in their tens of thousands by machine guns.

No wonder that we have the example of anti-establishment action as portrayed in the book and film about ‘The Monacled Mutineer’. No wonder that there are reports that the officer casualty rates were so high because they were being shot by their own troops (sometimes from behind). The public school officer ‘toffs’ were thought to be idiots and thus needed to be removed to prevent further carnage.

There are the instances of British troops sent to fight against the Bolsheviks in Russia who mutinied. The Bolsheviks were, of course, the ‘peace’ party of Russia, calling for the Country to cease involvement in the conflict. It is believed for example that over 60 of the mutinous British troops were imprisoned in Bodmin Gaol with the death penalty hanging over them and only Royal intervention prevented most of them from being executed.

In parallel to this dislike of public school officers, it has also been asserted that the reason most overseas British troops voted Labour in 1945 was that they had seen at close hand the incompetence of the privileged, snobby, officer groups purporting to lead them.

‘History Today’ magazine for February 2014 has as its front page title ‘Don’t mention the Civil Wars.’ The Subtitle is ‘Why is Britain embarrassed by its revolutionary past?’ Well there is certainly no embarrassment on the part of British socialists who recognise from events such as the Putney debates and figures such as Colonel Rainsborough that here was the birth of true, meaningful, democratic political thought and ideas in these islands. These ideas in due course influenced events abroad as in the French and American revolutions.

The real suppression of these revolutionary events in Britain has come from our own ‘Establishment’. An example of this was the meddling of the Queen’s grandfather, King George V, in British politics during 1923-4 when he was trying to prevent the election of a Labour government. The Labour politician George Lansbury reminded the monarch that a former King, Charles 1 had lost his head as a result of political meddling. George V was so upset by this that he was unwilling to accept Lansbury as a minister in the subsequently elected 1924 Labour administration. The rat, Ramsey MacDonald, then Party leader, acceded to the King’s request. (Lansbury’s granddaughter, the actress Angela, is due to reappear on the London stage this year). King George was also unwilling for Labour politicians to sing ‘the Red Flag’ in his presence.

Bringing events closer to the present, we have seen the suppression of the truth over circumstances surrounding ‘Bloody Sunday’ in Ireland with the instigation of ‘whitewash’ enquiries. We have, similarly, seen the ‘whitewash’ enquiries into events surrounding the Hillsborough disaster and those leading to the declaration of war on Iraq. The deception here, (by Blair and his cronies), involved the existence of what were in reality fictitious weapons of mass destruction. The events involving the Shrewsbury 24 construction workers action and imprisonments have been, similarly, covered up.

The suppression of the teaching of this history of the ‘left’ and working class in Britain also extends into modern day school curriculums. It would be cynical for anyone to say that the British working class is ‘embarrassed’ by its revolutionary past when it is more often than not being hidden from view by the privileged. We can be sure that Gove, Cameron and the rest will be at the forefront of this suppression of the truth!

February 2014 - Total irrelevance of New Blue Labour.

The problems faced by Britain’s working class in today’s hostile capitalist environment are being almost totally ignored by all the main parties including Labour. The proposals for reform as espoused by Miliband and his establishment- loving cronies are only tinkering at the edges.

With the shortage of affordable accommodation, the real answer would be to take into common ownership Britain’s housing stocks, at a stroke wiping out the stench of exploiting ‘Rack-rent’ private landlords and associated Rachmanism. Investigation into compensation and possible jail sentences for exploitation would need to follow. We have seen from these scum the recent plans to evict any persons receiving state benefits (as meagre as these usually are). The concentration by the media on unfortunate benefit recipients is being used to hide the real scandal in Britain of large scale evasion and avoidance with use of overseas tax havens by the wealthy. Benefit misclaiming is but a tiny fraction compared to the hundreds of billions of offshore unclaimed tax due back in Britain (as from the global corporations etc.)

Similarly, with the use of unscrupulous accounting tax practices, we also have the ongoing casino gambling by the bankers which has also contributed to loss of British wealth. The Miliband proposals relating to this are, again, like taking a pea-shooter to a battleship. Where are there any long jail sentences for banking illegality being mentioned by New Blue Labour? Where are there any proposals to reclaim ill gotten financially irregular gains by the financial elite? These have included those from manipulation of all financial indices and rates such as Libor. Where are the proposals from Miliband with regard to dealing with the hundreds of trillions of derivatives and ‘off balance sheet’ items not being made public by use of dubious accounting practices?

Again, we have seen in the US, the extraction of shale gas by exploiting companies who have swiftly declared bankruptcy, thereby leaving the public the bill of cleaning up the environment. These practices echo the dumping of huge nuclear waste costs upon the public in the UK by private exploiting companies.

Where are the Labour Party condemnations of these practices? It has been made clear recently that if the minimum wage had kept abreast of inflation, then it would currently amount to about £19 per hour. Would the Labour Party propose to implement this rate? Of course not! – they are in the pockets of the financial elite and big business and should be told by the electorate where to go along with the rest of the capitalist scum.

February 2014 - Miliband follows Blair in snubbing the working class on behalf of ‘New Blue Labour’.

Following Blair’s assertion whilst Prime Minister that the British working class no longer existed (‘we’re all middle class’), the current Labour Party leader has followed in his footsteps. He has indicated that the purpose of the Labour Party is to improve the ‘lot’ of the middle class. No mention is made of there being a working class!

Now for those of us who do not recognise this lying fiction, it is worth reasserting our belief that the vast majority of British people are working class and most are extremely proud of the fact. The political analysis that we adopt is that we are working class since we do not own the means of production, distribution and exchange of our society. In Britain, they are in the hands of the financial ‘elite’. Consequently, we believe that the Labour Party leadership has abandoned the huge majority of people in Britain. It is acting on behalf of the less than one per cent in society. The parallel with this is, of course in the United States where both Republicans and Obama’s Democrats represent the tiny financial elite.

The British working class should have nothing to do with this Party who deserve to be buried electorally in any future polling. Their latest slogan adopts that of the 19th century Tory, Disraeli, who gave the huge lie of ‘one nation Tory party’.

For Tory we are now asked to substitute Labour. For true blue Tories, also read ‘true blue Labour’ as advocated by Miliband and his close advisors.

January 2014 - SLP leader Arthur Scargill proven to have been completely correct and truthful in his opposition to the pit closure programme. Thatcher, her regime and party, the capitalist media and their supporters in the TUC, Labour Party and even some so - called ‘left’ elements proven to have clung to a gross lie and deceit upon the working class!

So at least some of the truth has emerged concerning the events leading up to and surrounding the Miners’ strike of 1984. Arthur Scargill claimed that at least 70 pits were to be butchered. The Tory regime and their press acolytes blasted Arthur and his union spokesmen claiming that only a maximum of 20 pits would close. The release of cabinet papers from 30 years ago has revealed that the secret plan of the regime was to close 75 pits. This plan was to be kept top secret.

Just as many of us on the left never believed a word of Blair’s weapons of mass destruction nonsense in connection with Iraq, so it was that we always believed Arthur and his NUM supporters in contradiction to the line being perpetrated by the capitalists.

The roll call of the disgraced includes Thatcher and her regime including Ridley who drew up the closures plan. It includes the vicious tabloid press and notably the Murdoch communicators such as the Sun and its spiteful (to the strikers) media henchmen such as Andrew Neil, Kelvin Mackenzie etc. As with the Hillsborough disaster, the South Yorkshire and other police were found to be involved in the general disinformation, not to mention the provocations of flashing their strike ‘bonus’ money in the face of the strikers. The free movement of workers to support their colleagues was suppressed (an illegal action). Falsities also flowed from the State propaganda unit known as the BBC (especially at Orgreave) and other broadcasters. The TUC and Labour party (including leader Kinnock) left the striking miners to swing at the end of the vicious inhuman rope of future job extinction. (There were a few exceptions). This was a repeat of their position of no support to miners that was shown in the 1926 strike. The TUC and Labour Party should have stood firmly against the seizure of strike funds and other union moneys (via sequestration etc.) The steel workers leadership (part of the triple alliance of railway, steel and mine workers), failed in their duty of support for the strike. The since discredited ‘scab’ mining unions left their fellow miners in despair. Their jobs have, since, similarly, disappeared so they also were ultimately betrayed. The ‘butcher’ MacGregor carried out his duties with zeal but images of him remain in our minds with a carrier bag over his head - probably preferable to seeing his face.

The NUM leadership and striking miners could see that closure of the pits would lead to thousands of job losses and the demise of close knit mining communities throughout Britain. This was a form of industrial genocide against the working class. The communities involved have indeed suffered harshly in the subsequent years.

A major reason for such a violent assault by the Tories and their capitalist allies was the defeat inflicted upon the Heath government by the miners in 1974 when the slimy capitalists were, in effect, brought down from power by actions such as those at Saltley Gate. The capitalist spokespersons still have the gall to claim that pit closures were based upon economic necessities. The miners’ leaders never accepted the false economics of pit closures, which involved unsubsidised British coal having to compete against subsidised coal imports. British coal was also a generally more efficient fuel to burn. Taking social costs (as well as economic) into consideration, such closures have proven to be disastrous. Little by little, the capitalist falsification and lies thrown against the working class are coming back to bite the perpetrators. Many questions, such as Army, intelligence, spying and generally illegal involvement in the totally lawful calling of a miners’ strike by the NUM remain hidden by a current political regime too afraid to reveal the truth!

December 2013 - Capitalist vandals who are destroying Britain’s environment and economy.

With a major economic policy of the current regime being to re-inflate a housing bubble, the prospects for the economy are dire. The bubble is largely based upon the area of London and the South East where foreign wealthy elite are speculating in property in order, they feel, to have some financial security. It is, probably, only a matter of months before a repeat of the 2007-8 debacle in the property market is repeated, only this time, on a larger scale. The regime’s ‘help to sell/right to buy’ scheme has also fuelled the bubble. Deliberate policies of not building new homes, by Labour and ConDem administrations have added fuel to the fire. The mountain of debt and borrowing involved will have harrowing consequences for those unfortunates who have entered the property market by way of heavy mortgages and loans.

We are told by independent commentators that Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer is understating Britain’s indebtedness by about 50%. The unemployment statistics being trumpeted and accepted without question in Parliament are also complete works of fiction. The British public at large knows that the state of the economy and employment are far worse than the regime and the capitalist media let on.

The real reason for our economic woes lies in the policies of deindustrialisation pursued by capitalist Labour and Tory regimes which almost certainly reached their height under the Thatcher administration. Prior to that we had seen the butchery of the railways, with Marples and Barbara Castle playing important roles. Under Callaghan and Thatcher, the attacks upon Britain’s working class reached new levels, culminating in the devastation of the mining, steel and manufacturing sectors. Membership of the European Union also required the deindustrialisation of Britain. The reliance upon the service and financial sectors now means that Britain is totally vulnerable to world economic instability. We were once the workshop of the world. We have now lost most of our expertise. There is a call for more technical schools to be opened, but with the current economic policy, there seems to be no particular urgency since the jobs are not there. Some financial commentators, such as Janan Ganesh of the BBC’s Sunday Politics, have called for us to remain deindustrialised (20 years has been mentioned) so long as China is manufacturing and producing on our behalf. We think that such policies run completely contrary to what is required. The Thatcherite ‘Reaganomics’ have been shown to be generally devastating to our economy and the working classes. Only the privileged ‘less than one per cent’ have gained anything out of this ‘non trickle down’ nonsense.

Not content with ruining the economy, the current regime are now intent on destroying the environment by polluting water courses and causing despoliation with earthquakes etc. by means of environment unfriendly fracking processes. This vandalism should be stamped out at source and if the British police did their job properly, the attempt to destroy our environment would result in arrests of those perpetrating them. Unfortunately, as with the Nazi excuses from the time of World War 11, the refrain is likely to be that they are only obeying ‘orders’.

The working class should oppose all attacks upon our people, their livelihoods and environment and united in defiance, we shall prevail!

December 2013 - Apartheid and glass ceilings are also part of our ongoing battles!

With our thoughts being directed towards the huge contribution played by Nelson Mandela in trying to alleviate the lifestyles of the ‘black’ and ‘coloured’ elements largely oppressed in ‘apartheid’ South Africa, we must also focus on the conditions of Britain’s working classes.

Mandela made a significant political contribution but it would seem that much work still needs to be done in that Country. The relatively affluent South African wine industry, for example, is still largely dominated by the ‘privileged white’ element of its population. The conditions for great swathes of its less fortunate elements remain dire. South Africa would seem to be in a state of ‘unfinished revolution’. It is not too difficult, therefore, for large elements of the Western capitalist media to heap praise upon the former leader because he did not pose an immediate threat to their economic interests.

As far as Britain is concerned, we have our own problems with anti-working class apartheid and the huge Establishment imposed ‘glass ceiling’ stifling the progress of our working class. There can be little doubt that the ‘less than one per cent’ elite in Britain look down their noses with disdain at the rest of the population. Occasionally we get a glimpse of their thinking. Within the past few days we have had the Tory ‘toff’ and ‘buffoon’ Boris Johnson claiming that the poorer elements in Britain deserve to be so because of their lower IQ’s. This sort of thinking was originally based upon discredited, falsified, pseudo science produced for the consumption of the far-right in the 1930’s. The truth is that the majority of the working class is constituted of unpolished ‘diamonds’ with tremendous potential. Many of the elements represented in the ‘less than 1 per cent’ got there by birthright and privilege and are in fact as thick as two short planks. Unfortunately, many of these backward sort help to run the Country.

A second outpouring of ‘natural supremacy’ thinking could be heard on BBC radio’s Any Questions? from another Tory ‘toff’ Andrew Lansley. When confronted with the huge rise in the need for food banks to feed Britain’s starving, his only response was to praise the work of charities and those providing food donations. The acclaimed British writer Jeanette Winterson, also on the panel, was extremely upset and disgusted to hear this drivel which, of course, sidesteps the main issue i.e. the CAUSE of the problems. This problem ‘driver’ is the regime’s austerity policies aimed at the working class. We are constantly told by the state and its lying propaganda outlets that Britain’s economy and the conditions of its population is improving. The truth is that for the privileged few, their wealth has indeed shot up in leaps and bounds over the past few years. We are looking at wealth increases in the last year alone of over 18% for these people. This contrasts with continuing wage decreases and growing unemployment for the working class and coupled with withdrawal of benefits, no wonder so many are starving and in desperate poverty. Winter weather will also take its toll with numerous people (especially the elderly) freezing to death because of the exploitation of fuel prices by the corrupt few.

With wages and conditions falling so badly, we have also to question the attitudes and negligence of many current trade union leaders. Their failure to call effective strike action (not irrelevant token one day actions etc.) and other powerful industrial actions are making it far easier for the wealthy elite to trample all over the interests of the working class. The Labour Party and its sycophantic union leaders and other stooges have proven to be aligned on the wrong side in this ongoing class ‘battle’.

November 2013 - Wrong priorities of capitalist political parties.

We are learning more every day about the political priorities of the capitalist parties operating in today’s Britain. It is readily apparent that ‘spinning’ news content is the overriding concern of all these parties, rather than the good governance of our Country. The ‘spin’ operation is necessary for them to ensure positive coverage from the capitalist media, especially the daily papers which, in turn, receive extensive further coverage from the main broadcasting companies.

The problem in all this lies with the fact that the capitalist ‘values’ of the press owners and editors do not generally reflect the morality or wishes of the British population at large. In fact, it could be safely stated that the headlines and general tripe poured out from these organs of capitalist greed have very little substance either in the way of morality or value. The proof of this is the continuing massive decline in sales of these capitalist ‘comics’ with all their triviality over decades.

Political ‘spin’ has, of course, been going on in Britain for centuries. The difference in today’s Britain is that the spinning has been developed into a major element of the operational function of capitalist parties. We saw, therefore, the internal workings of the Blair regime where ‘spin doctor’ Alastair Campbell and others played such a pivotal day to day role. Similarly, the internecine ‘civil war’ between the Blair and Brown camps meant that the Gordon Brown treasury team (including Ed Miliband and Ed Balls) had its own political ‘spin’ operation. This has been well documented in the recent book by Damian McBride who operated from within this team. From his recollections, it is apparent that getting the best headlines and stories into the capitalist media was often the main concern of the day. ’Dishing the dirt’ on rival politicians was also an essential element of the operations.

This political ‘spin’ is not, of course, the sole prerogative of the Labour Party. The current Prime Minister Cameron has been so obsessed with press coverage that he appointed Andy Coulson as a close advisor at Downing Street and had close social contacts with Rebekah Brooks. Both people have held high positions within and been integral parts of the Murdoch Empire.

Bearing in mind this complete obsession with political ‘spin’, it makes us wonder when and whether any proper running of the Country ever takes place. If the priority from any spin was the approval of the majority of the British public, then such oversized operations might, conceivably, be understandable. The fact that the subservience is to the views of remote, fascistically inclined, press Barons and Editors means that Britain is ill served by the politically ‘right-leaning’ regimes that currently buy their way into power using the funds, largely provided, by regressive capitalist big businessmen and oligarchs.

November 2013 - The truth about the poisonous capitalism killing our society.

It has been reported that The Tory MP for Northampton South, one Brian Binley has stated that all politicians are totally corrupt and scrounge all the time. He is obviously speaking from his personal experience of members of the Westminster Parliament. With the latest revelations concerning special exemptions on energy bills claimed by M.P’s this fits in well with our knowledge of these incompetents.

The poisonous capitalism being pumped out from this London cesspool has resulted in the major industry of many of our towns and cities being the sale and distribution of drugs. As in Afghanistan where the main economic result of Western intervention has been to promote a great increase in drug production (heroin poppies etc.), so our politicians require large swathes of the working class to be kept in squalid stupor. Even the major banks have been reported as making huge profits from exploiting the drug trade as in Mexico.

The exploitation by these capitalists isn’t only via drug abuse, however. The recent reintroduction of vile exploitative usury on a vast scale, as with pay day loan companies, credit card interest rates etc. has brought further suffering to large swathes of the population. This exploitation has been backed up by the Labour leader Ed Miliband. He has asked that adverts by companies charging thousands of percentage interest rates should not be shown on children’s T.V.

The obvious implication is that they are O.K. for adults to have bombarded at them.

They are NOT! Usury, under English common law was illegal for centuries and should remain so!

The corporate greed, immorality, exploitation and mass surveillance of the working class has seen protests throughout the world as with the ‘Anonymous movement’ march on Westminster and its continuance to Buckingham Palace. The British protests received excellent extensive coverage on the foreign based RT channel. This was in stark contrast to the almost complete non-coverage by British broadcasters such as the BBC and Channel 4 News. The right wing agenda pursued by our capitalist media has been highlighted recently by ‘over the top’ coverage of UKIP’s leader, Nigel Farage (especially on the BBC). Farage is, of course, a self professed user of overseas tax havens. This contrasts starkly with the continued denial of any BBC coverage of SLP spokespersons. The BBC did surpass itself on Sunday 3rd November, however, with broadcasting time given to two separate, unwarranted, political attacks (one by former Murdoch henchman Andrew Neil, the other by a Tory M.P.) on our inspirational leader, Arthur Scargill, to which, of course, we had no right of immediate reply.

October 2013 - Tory election tactics are leaked.

The election tactician for Thatcher, Lord Maurice Saatchi, has, surprisingly, revealed the plan of campaign to be employed by the Party at the next General election. Now we always say, ‘never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake’!

The successful slogan used by the Thatcher campaign was ‘Labour isn’t working’ which depicted lines of jobless people. We can, in retrospect, see that capitalism is not working and this to a much greater extent than was the case at that time. Let’s hope that the slogan comes back to bite the Tories!

The important revelation by Saatchi is that the Tories will play upon the (false) assertion that capitalism and freedom go hand in hand (a huge lie as far as we are concerned). Well we know the sort of freedoms that the Tories have in mind. These are the freedoms to exploit the working class! They are the freedoms to avoid tax by the wealthy, as in the use of tax havens. They are the freedoms to play fast and loose with our hard won rights, as with fair trials and free, or at least easily affordable, legal representation. They are the freedoms to steal our public assets (such as the Post Office) by privatisations. They are the freedoms to deprive the working class of affordable health care. They are the freedoms to deprive the working class of high quality education. They are the freedoms to grind the working class into the British dirt! Forewarned against this onslaught, we shall be forearmed!

October 2013 -One in the eye for spiteful, fascist views of British capitalist press.

The fascist British press have been up in arms about a young blonde girl found amongst the Greek Roma community. This blonde youngster, they asserted, could not possibly be part of this community - she must have been illegally snatched from her real parents! This sort of racist stereotyping shows the thinking behind the warped minds that produce such stories. Like Hitler, it would seem to them outrageous that a blonde person should have to mingle with the Roma community. Again, they know so little about the communities in question that they cannot comprehend the fact that Roma should produce blonde children!

Well the truth has emerged thanks to DNA testing. The girl IS of Roma origin and she was handed to the Greek family by her Roma mother who stated that she was financially unable to properly support the child’s upbringing and so willingly handed her over. The adopting parents stated all along their love for the little girl. Oh that such values were widespread in the ‘capitalist’ society that we are forced to live in!

We, on the contrary, have the situation that some capitalist orientated parents care so little for their children that, at early ages, they are sent off to private boarding schools.

There does not appear to be much love involved in these sort of financial ‘transfer’ arrangements, but they are the kind of upbringings that the stinking owners and editors of the capitalist press are brought up under. No wonder their values are so warped and they cannot grasp elementary values like family ‘love’.

October 2013 - Evil British capitalist politicians show no morality when considering the preservation of our natural environment.

It has been sickening to listen to capitalist politicians spouting their environmental filth on the TV and radio recently. When considering the future for Britain’s energy supplies, the only options that they are prepared to consider involve nuclear powered futures, destructive fracking, foreign gas imports and minor mentions of green options.

Labour, Tory, mini-me Tory, UKIP and nationalist politicians are all singing from the same songsheet. They are all in favour of retaining the current ‘rip-off’ system. They refuse to mention the option that has stood us in good stead for hundreds of years, the availability of centuries worth of indigenous coal. The modern way forward should be the use of a virtually indefinite supply of this resource by way of Clean Coal technology.

When considering the alternatives propagated in the media by the capitalists, we can easily see the huge disadvantages.

Nuclear power has shown to be completely unsafe and out of control with the ongoing Fukushima disaster in Japan. Chernobyl and other ‘covered up’ nuclear disasters must be included in a long line of worldwide environmental pollution. The threats to nuclear plants are manyfold with human error at the forefront. Other factors include natural disasters, such as earthquakes and flooding as well as the omnipresent rising danger from terrorist attacks. The costs of building nuclear plants is also astronomical which is why Cameron and co. are seeking finance from China etc. We should have total control over our own energy resources which will be nationalised under a Socialist Labour administration. There is no place for other states having their hands on Britain’s jugular. There has been no conclusive answer to the question of how to safely store nuclear waste. In fact, again, the attempts to safely dispose of it are also astronomical in hazard and cost. Labour capitalist politicians such as Hilary Benn and Caroline Flint who echo the nuclear demands of the other capitalist degenerate parties are an absolute disgrace!

The worldwide anti-fracking day of action also confirms the extremely widespread hostility to this mutilation of mother nature’s beauty and bounty.

Cameron and his ‘snout in the trough’ cronies once even claimed to favour a green agenda! We can see clearly the pack of lies that has emerged with their favouring of money grabbing fracking operations. Besides damaging the earth’s infrastructure, toxic gases are being emitted into the environment from these desecrations. Drinking water is being poisoned by toxic chemicals which are pumped into the earth. Livestock farms can no longer operate safely. Earthquakes, which are so threatening to nuclear operations, are positively encouraged by fracking initiatives.

The use of indigenous clean coal technology in Britain would have tremendous benefits. We have hundreds of years of reserves. This would help our balance of payments prospects to a great extent. British people would be put back to work, especially in areas of high unemployment. Our expertise in coal technologies would be retained and would also operate as a further revenue source. Furthermore, so many other substances, such as oil, gases, plastics etc. can be extracted from coal. Mining operations have gone on in Britain for many centuries and have never threatened future generations or the wellbeing of the general population. This cannot be said of the horrible consequences of the nuclear and fracking futures envisaged by capitalist politicians whose only concern is for lining their own pockets at the expense of current and future generations.

October 2013 - East Midlands SLP day school notes.

An enjoyable and informative SLP day school was held in Swadlincote on Saturday 12th October. Those attending were rewarded with impressive speakers and some of the highlights were as follows:-

Paul Liversuch gave a talk on the alternative to austerity and cuts. He criticised the neoliberal agenda of the current government. He indicated that the minimum wage, to be realistic would amount to about £19 per hour. Hourly rates of pay have continued to fall under Labour and ConDem regimes. In today’s Britain, 40% of children in cities like Manchester are going to school hungry. The neoliberal agenda, hostile to trade unionism offers no restrictions on profit, import or export controls, private health care and gives subsidies for nuclear power. Large companies are registered abroad to avoid tax whilst it costs huge amounts to keep people out of work. SLP would abolish this agenda and under us, people would not be afraid of retirement.

Ken Capstick then gave a talk on how the SLP should present itself to the media.

He spoke about the inbuilt media bias as shown during the miners’ strike. The hostility to the workers was orchestrated by the security forces and ‘Establishment’ and employed psychological warfare. He continued that because the Labour Party will not reverse the ConDem cuts, it is in fact part of the coalition. He mentioned the black propaganda against miners’ leaders like Scargill and Heathfield regarding ficticious mortgages etc. He said that today’s British tabloid newspapers are not covering the news or explaining the economic crisis. He also gave specific examples of ‘false’ reporting by capitalist journalists.

During the afternoon session local historian, Graham Nutt gave a talk on the rise of the Town of Swadlincote, its industrial impetus and some of its famous sons and daughters. Many of the local trades have now been taken up by French, Chinese etc. operations.

A further presentation was given by representatives of the ‘Leicester City of Sanctuary’ organisation which helps asylum seekers who have come to the area. The disgraceful treatment of these people by British governments and capitalist politicians besmirches any respectable reputation we may have had of helping such people (including Huguenots etc.) in past generations.

The final speaker, introduced by Chair Nick Wroughton, was SLP President Andrew Jordan. His theme was our relationship to the European Union.

He referred to the political consensus at Westminster. He categorically stated that we are NOT all in it together- a ridiculous claim by Tory spin doctors. The capitalist British regimes in fact treat us like scum. He referred to the disgraceful treatment of smaller countries like Ireland and Cyprus by the EU. In Cyprus, for instance 60% of depositors’ monies were stolen from the banks. EU accounts have not been signed off for years - totally unacceptable in other financial spheres. The working classes have to pay for the capitalist crisis. The EU institutions, such as the Commission and Council are totally undemocratic.

Because two thirds of British laws originate in Europe, this is a challenge to our national sovereignty. The EU free movement of capital and labour ultimately costs us jobs and encourages unregulated economic migration. Reform of the EU is in practice impossible because of the need for all 27 states to sing from the same songsheet.

The SLP must continue to call for Britain’s withdrawal and we should carry on with our exposure of the nationalist parties in Britain who are only interested in separation when it doesn’t involve the undemocratic EU. Andrew pointed out that pulling out of the EU would have no bearing upon us remaining under the jurisdiction of the European Court of human rights. Under the Common Agricultural Policy, billions of pounds worth of food is being written off every year. Producers are being paid to spoil, burn food and others not to produce it. With British children going to school hungry and the Red Cross appealing for help to the UK, people are having to rely on credit to feed themselves. Exploitation is feeding exploitation!

October 2013 - Labour Party leader distances himself from any pretences of Socialism.

The verbal dispute that has emerged between the Daily Mail and Ed Miliband has at least enlightened us to the beliefs and values of the Labour Party leader.

To quote him from his article in this Tory rag, ‘My father’s strongly Left-wing views are well known, as is the fact that I have pursued a different path and I have a different vision.....I want to make capitalism work for working people, not destroy it’.

The criticism of his father by this Tory trash reminds us that its proprietors supported Hitler and his rise to power, as well as Mosley’s blackshirts. They do not like ‘his disdain for the Establishment’ which included ‘Eton and Harrow, Oxford and Cambridge, the great Clubs, the Times...... the values of the ruling orders’.

It would seem that Miliband senior, to a large extent, had his heart in the right place. It is a pity that the same cannot be said for his two politician sons or the equally disgusting Daily Mail!

September 2013 - Labour Party’s fight with the Unions is permanent.

The Labour Party, since its formation has always claimed to be a ‘broad church’. Unfortunately, for Britain’s working class, the dominant elements have always been the pro-capitalist ones, including the ‘Oxbridge elites’, careerists, right-wing bureaucrats and sheer opportunists. Any progressive trade unionists still occupying the most minimal space within this stinking pro-capitalist set-up of a ‘broad church’ are left squashed up against its outer walls with their hands above their heads.

The hostility shown to the trade union movement from the upper echelons of this organisation in recent times has been stunning. The leadership has relished the opportunity to call in the police as part of a smear against its so-called ‘friends’ in the Unite union (at Falkirk). The Party has revealed, both in and out of government, no inclination or intention of reversing vicious anti- union laws. On the contrary, they have adopted much of the Tory and ConDem regime policies attacking the British working class. Parliamentary anti- union rhetoric has brought a bare minimum of resistance from a disgraceful non-defence of progressive trade unionism from the wretched Labour Party ranks.

Miliband, the leader, spoke his usual irrelevant clap-trap at the TUC conference. He revealed that the politicians that he revered include the two Victorian Tory Prime Ministers, Disraeli and the Earl of Derby. Both, of course, presided over a period of British history when children were sent up chimneys and the working class touched their caps in deference when the aristocracy, as they rode past in their carriages, threw them a few crusts.

The Earl of Derby is remembered by working class historians as an aristocrat dedicated to horseracing, gambling and shooting. Disraeli is known for his political and financial backing from wealthy financiers including the Rothschilds and failed foreign policy escapades by British troops in places like Afghanistan. Perhaps it is these parallels that so endears Miliband to the smarmy, greasy ‘pole climber’. Whatever the reasons for these ridiculous role model ‘idolisations’ from Miliband, they have no connection whatsoever with the well being of the working class. Nor would we wish to have to spend much time at all remembering them, thank you very much!

August 2013 -Syria- Western regimes pump out the same old war excuses.

So here we go again! Parliament is in summer recess so it must be time for war to suddenly become a necessity again.

We have seen it all so many times before! The same old tired faces emerge in the British media to pump the Establishment line that we have to intervene in order to prevent humanitarian disasters. Since when have Western regimes’ interventions done anything other than cause complete chaos and misery.

Fake excuses for war go back to the earliest recorded times. Springing to mind from the 20th century onwards, we had Goebbels’ excuse that Poland was the aggressor in 1939. We had the ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ faked incident to start the Vietnam War. We saw Thatcher’s political exploitation of the Belgrano sinking. We have seen the Blair/Bush Iraq ‘weapons of mass destruction’ excuses and now we have the pre-scripted claim that the Assad Government has used chemical weapons. More than this, the US spokesperson has ruled out the Syrian rebels’ capability of using such weapons! We are told that UN investigators are using the same assumptions. The truth is that even First World War armies had such capabilities!

It is uncanny how the same faces seem always to emerge at these times of so-called emergency. One is Paddy Ashdown who had a dirty hand in the totally illegal and unjustified bombing and partition of Yugoslavia. Another is Dr. David Owen who’s anti-British working class sell-by date has well and truly expired as a long term apologist for interventions. A further name to emerge is ‘surprise surprise’, one A. Blair who’s bloodstained hands and profiteering from Middle East wars and chaos are legendary.

We can be certain that if we are on the other side of the debate from these media fixtures, then we are securely on the correct side of the argument. Britain has no justification whatsoever for sticking our long discredited (post WW11) intervention nose into the affairs of foreign states.

With Parliament being recalled, it will be interesting to see the warmongering Zionist lobby in action again. This lobby is, of course, allied to the totalitarian Saudi and anti-Iran intervention line. There will, of course, be the Clare Short types, anxious to be led by the nose towards voting for war. What is particularly disturbing is that we are told that any vote by the House of Commons regarding intervention in Syria is not legally binding! We have to ask, what the hell our ancestors fought the Civil Wars for back in the 1600’s!

Finally, again , we have to ask the question ‘How come we have all this money for foreign interventions when the British Capitalist parties claim that we need austerity and that we can’t properly afford to house or feed our population’?

Any sensible Parliamentarians should tell the warmongers to ‘get stuffed’! and concentrate on solving Britain’s economic, social, inequality and wealth distribution problems.

August 2013 -SLP member's letter to the press.

The recently published photographs of William and Kate with their young son, George, portray the joy that a new baby brings to a family. But, while wishing the new born Prince a happy and healthy life, this event should not distract from the inequalities and lack of democracy inherent in monarchism. George is child destined to be King but, as Thomas Paine pointed out, to have a hereditary Head of State makes as much sense as having a hereditary mathematician.

Many will argue that the Royal family is part of the history and fabric of Britain, but this falls foul of the logical fallacy that is the argument from tradition. Just because something has been this way for a long time does not automatically justify its continuation. In a modern world where Britain likes to presents itself as a beacon of democracy, the nation clearly falls flat at the first hurdle of having an unelected and largely unaccountable Head of State. There is clearly a debate to be had about how democratic the House of Commons actually is, but the other two constituent parts of our Parliament: the Lords and the Monarch undeniably lag behind most other democracies.

Others will argue that the monarchy is “apolitical” or just a figurehead. The Monarch is one-third of Parliament; members of the royal family hold vetoes over legislation which may affect their interests; it has been reported that the Prince of Wales has had numerous personal consultations with government ministers; and ultimately, at a time of austerity, the Royal family receives an increasing amount of taxpayers’ money. How can the Head of State, who appoints the Prime Minister and represents the nation on the world stage, not be political? If they are not political, then they are essentially just a state-funded celebrity family.

As UK nations we are all subjects of the Crown not, rightfully, citizens. In the 21st century there is still a family which is elevated above us all – “born to rule over us”. It simply does not fit with modern society that anyone should be effectively told to “know their place” and accept this state of affairs. It may be a myth that in the USA that any child can rise to become Head of State, but in this country it is a downright joke. Our Head of State will never be black or Asian, will never be a Catholic, Muslim or Jewish; they will never know what it is like to be poor; they will never be state educated or have to rely on the NHS. Ultimately our Head of State will never have democratic legitimacy until Britain is a republic. For the next century we already know who is in-line for the top job – and it is not any of us.

Finally, the young prince himself will have limited life choices. Any member of the royal family is born into a gilded cage. His agency will be limited by his destiny: most likely suffering from intrusive well-wishers and the press; a stint in the armed forces whether he likes it or not; followed by a life of trying to keep busy while waiting for the throne to be vacated. The monarchy demeans us all.

Matt Widdowson

August 2013 - The Capitalist Parties’ drive to force ‘slave labour’ wages in Britain.

It is no wonder that the Labour Party has very little of relevance to say these days. Their meaningless drivel concerning the ‘good and bad’ points about ‘Tesco’ and ‘Next’ employment practices cannot mask the fact that the real problem regarding wages is Britain’s continued membership of the EU. ConDem and Labour Party spokespersons have not ceased to pump out the illogical reasons for our continued membership. As a result, we have had unprecedented EU immigration, especially from Eastern Europe, which has had a devastatingly depressing effect upon our wages.

The capitalist parties and politicians are, of course, acting in the interests of the bankers, financiers and the other ‘less than 1%’ at the top of the wealth spectrum. They are ecstatic about the huge wealth redistribution in Britain away from the working class which has seen our wages drop far more quickly and greatly than almost anywhere else in Europe.

Even capitalist commentators (including the likes of Max Keiser) have said, recently, that the minimum wage in Britain should be doubled. This corresponds with longstanding SLP policy concerning an adequate minimum wage. Further to the EU effects causing wage depression, Trade Union leaders must also shoulder much of the blame, especially with their craven support for capitalist parties like Labour. They follow in the same footsteps and traditions as those union leaders who directly or indirectly supported Callaghan and Thatcher during the late 1970’s and 1980’s. They refuse to support wage increase demands and calls for anti-union legislation to be reversed.

The SLP, on the other hand, vows to British workers that once in power, we shall reverse the anti-union legislation, pull us out of the EU and take swift redistribution action regarding wealth. This will include reclamation of unpaid tax revenues from overseas havens and the placing of good earnings back into the pockets of British workers (on a par with the wage gains obtained when the NUM was a militant union, as in the 1970’s and 1980’s).

August 2013 - SLP candidate overcomes attempted media blackout.

The Socialist Labour Party’s candidate Kathrine Jones caused humiliation for the LibDems in the recent Anglesey by-election for the Welsh Assembly. Despite their well known by-election machine and resources, the Government coalition party, fighting in an area which was once a stronghold for the Liberals, (North Wales being the power base of Lloyd George), were beaten by our candidate.

Kathrine also had to overcome the usual media blackout, with the BBC failing to even profile her candidature (the only one not covered). Her overcoming of such resistance is due to our positive political message as distinct from the negative messages of the capitalist parties.

Plaid Cymru were successful with their usual ‘posing’ as a left of centre party, much the same as Salmond’s Scottish Nationalists. Once in power, however, these parties veer to the right, exposing their opportunism.

Other positives emerging from the result were the drops in support for the main capitalist parties with Tories down over 20% and Labour down over 10%.

August 2013 - Aiding and abetting foreign banking powers.

British gold trading experts and others have stated clearly on international TV that Gordon Brown and his regime sold vast amounts of British gold at rock bottom prices in order to support the foreign bankers operating under the name of Goldman Sachs.

Working alongside Brown in the Treasury Department at that time were at least two current Labour Party front benchers, namely Ed Miliband and Ed Balls.

The British public should, rightly, be extremely displeased that our hard earned gold reserves should be sold off so cheaply, costing us, in the longer term, billions of pounds. Further to this, though, why should our capitalist politicians be supporting foreign owned and run companies?

The fact that all this has been hushed up for so long and has received the usual lack of coverage from the British capitalist media makes us smell a rat (or 2,3 or more).

What can be said with certainty is that the helping of foreign operators to the detriment of Britain would in past generations be viewed as, at least, illegal under British law. It would be for experts in law to debate whether such actions would stretch as far as being treason.

The foreign information programmes have also informed us that British gold is again being offloaded on to the market in order to keep solvent the same and other bankers from abroad. We are told that their gold speculations have again brought them to the edge of collapse. Again, there is no coverage from British capitalist media. Again, our gold reserves seem to be being sold off for less than they should be. Again, those responsible should be held to account!

July 2013 - Letter received from anxious neighbourhood residents: Elderley London couple in need of urgent rehousing!

It has come to our attention that an elderly couple living in the City of Westminster area of London are in urgent need of rehousing. With the current regime’s guidelines about people living in appropriately sized accommodation, this case stands out like a sore thumb. The couple, who we believe to be a Mr. and Mrs. Windsor, are being forced to reside in an establishment believed to contain 775 rooms. Can it be right that, at their age, they are asked to maintain the upkeep of such a large building? We understand that they may already be getting huge benefits and public payouts in connection with their attempts to maintain the upkeep of the building, which we believe to be very old. As is the case with other people on benefits, however, the current regime’s guidelines mean that the bedroom tax could be very damaging to their annual incomes. Fairness should come in quickly to relieve them of these onerous burdens. We can only suggest that for such unfortunates a suitable affordable council house in one of the least expensive parts of the country (the north perhaps?) should be made available to them.

We do understand that alternatives to such social housing are open to the couple since other similarly large residences may be available to them around the Country. On the same basis as before, however, these would also seem to be unsuitable for them, bearing in mind the number of rooms and consequent bedroom taxes involved. We can only appeal to the current regime to be generous in their treatment of this couple who are obviously in need of swift rehousing action!

Yours hopefully, Mr and Mrs G. Osborne.

July 2013 - Socialist Labour Party members fly the flag at Tolpuddle!

Good interest was shown by members of the public in the SLP stall at the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival 2013. Lots of leaflets were handed out and good interest was shown in the party. Party members marched in the afternoon precession on the Sunday.

slp members at tolpuddle 2013

July 2013 - Kathrine Jones Standing for the SLP in Anglesey by-election!

The SLP are pleased to announce that Kathrine Jones will be standing as our candidate in Welsh Assembly by-election in the constituency of Ynys Mon/Anglesey on August 1st 2013.

July 2013 - SLP members march at the Durham Miner's Gala.

slp at durham 1 slp at durham 2

July 2013 - British capitalist Members of Parliament should get a well deserved pay cut!

Huge pay rises for British Members of Parliament are currently under discussion. This comes at a time when the British working class are being asked to pay for the excesses of the financial elite and the huge wealth distributions that they are accepting with relish.

The Banks and financial sector are continuing to be bailed out, because, we are told, of disastrous past financial decisions. Such decisions included the taking off of any restrictions by both Labour and Tory administrations relating to financial ‘gambling’ by Bankers and other capitalist adventurers.

Since the capitalist politicians have colluded with the bankers and financiers in bringing about this state of affairs then surely they should be receiving the sternest financial punishments that the law can throw at them. Their past, present and ongoing corruption is well documented. We don’t want to encourage them staying in politics. The public are being ill served by them. The capitalist media, rather than discussing pay rises for them should, instead be demanding huge pay cuts!

July 2013 - Further US / Zionist inspired destabilisation in Middle East.

The elected regime in Egypt has been overturned by the largely US funded Egyptian Army. The destabilisation of yet another of Israel’s neighbours by forces with ‘Western’ backing comes as no surprise as this ‘Cuckoo’ state continues to try to maintain its aggressive presence in the Middle East. It is very amusing that Blair is supposed to be a ‘peace envoy’ in the region. He is in reality a US/ Zionist stooge.

The US is no stranger to overturning democratically elected governments and replacing them with brutal fascist regimes. There have been numerous examples, especially in South America, where the overthrow of the democratic Allende’s Government in Chile and the subsequent murder of countless socialists is a prime example. Indonesia gives another example of US influence helping to wipe out hundreds of thousands of socialists in another area of the World. There in 1965, the forces led by the US puppet General Suharto were responsible for the horrendous purge.

The events in North Africa are not unique, even to that area. In 1991, the elected Islamist take over of Algeria was overturned by a Western inspired military coup.

Clearly, any statements by the US and other Western capitalist regimes about their principled belief in democracy can be taken with the complete pinch of salt and disbelief that they merit. The history of western interventions has been a disgrace!

July 2013 - Labour Party, other capitalist parties and media attacks upon the working class.

The Labour Party leadership have been holding their noses whilst hanging the Trade unions out to dry (at arms length) during the past week or two. They apparently don’t like the idea of working class representatives having the opportunity to stand for Parliament. The other capitalist parties and their manipulated media speak as if these institutions form the ‘untouchables’ section of Britain whose role is silent slavery.

The lack of anyone to defend the Unions in the media or in Parliament has been painful to watch. Having been kicked in the teeth and saddled with an irrelevant police enquiry, all that Len McCluskey can mumble is that he supports the Labour leader. Why? The fact is that the trade unions should be trumpeting their past progressive achievements on behalf of the working class.

Not all trade union leadership has been progressive, however. We remember those treacherous leaders who failed to support Arthur Scargill during the heroic Miners Strike of 1984-5. Some have since been exposed as the rogues that they were, frequently in the pay of the Thatcherite Establishment. Nevertheless, until the anti-trade union legislation of Tory and Labour regimes, the British Unions were able to maintain some pay dignity for the exploited British workers. Many of the post war Union gains have since been lost to rampant capitalism. Nevertheless, given the reversal of all the anti-union legislation, there remains the prospect of progressive trade unionism in Britain.

It is clear that this will not occur whilst any of them tie themselves to the reactionary, dark ages policies of the capitalist Labour Party. McCluskey should tell Miliband and co. where to get off!

July 2013 - British capitalist media’s inadequate coverage of US Illegalities and European humbug.

Russia and most of South America are in uproar at last week’s US inspired grounding of Evo Morales’ plane. Not only was his plane denied refueling rights by France, Spain and Portugal but the Austrians had the effrontery to search his plane on its forced landing, no doubt looking for Edward Snowden. These Countries were obviously taking their directions from the US. They broke every law and convention in the book concerning travel by foreign heads of state.

The sickening humbug concerning all this is that the Countries of the EU have been crying crocodile tears over US unlawful spying and surveillance of EU institutions and their activities. The French leader, Hollande , has not only been found out as a US puppet on these two occasions but we learn that France has been illegaly spying in detail on its own citizens. The British regime has, of course, been up to its neck in illegal spying on its population with the unlawful help of the Americans. What is particularly sickening is the downplaying of all this in the British capitalist media. They have either given minimal or no coverage to these seismic actions.

They are all unfit for purpose. John Prescott says he is unhappy with press self regulation and has resigned from the Privy Council. He should have resigned from politics many years ago! We would like to see the removal of all capitalist media pollution upon the minds of the British people. They have had the chance to present truth to the public (Hillsborough, Miners strike, Government corruption, bankers actions ,etc.etc.) and have failed!

July 2013 - UK capitalist politicians’ statements indicate that they are living on another planet!

The LibDems currently have a well deserved reputation of spinning electoral yarns that waft into the atmosphere post election times. We remember their public pledges not to increase tuition fees. Once in power, they in fact helped to at least triple them. Rothschild Bank is now even recommending to the UK regime that interest rates on student loans should also be hiked (as in America), despite cast iron contractual agreements forbidding this at the time the loans were incurred. Rothschild’s recommendations come in a report that we understand to be entitled ‘Project Hero’.

It came as no great surprise, therefore, when the despicable LibDem M.P. Simon Hughes produced another fantasy yarn on BBC’s Question time. He stated that statistics show that the UK wealth gap is in fact narrowing! This particular information must be deeply embedded in the vaults of GCHQ since we can find no evidence to support the statement. On the contrary, the Resolution Foundation thinktank says that inequality has grown sharply over the past 15 years. The OECD has warned of the dangers of increasing inequality. Oxfam says that the UK is rapidly returning to Dickensian levels of inequality. Since 2008, whilst public spending is being cut, the luxury goods market has registered double digit growth every year. The Rowntree Foundation continually points to the effects of growing inequality in the UK.

With the wealthiest in society protecting their riches by the use of ‘off-shore’ tax havens, as in the case of Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, then there is no prospect of the wealth gap narrowing. Similarly, there would be no prospect of any narrowing of the gap if a Labour Government came to power. Their policy is to mimic the ConDem one of austerity being imposed on the poorest in society and the applying of vast swathes of public service cuts. As was commented upon during the Question Time programme, Ed Balls (the public schoolboy) should be reminded that he is supposed to represent the ‘official opposition’. Len McCluskey of Unite Union has recognised that the Labour Party does not represent the working class. They are another capitalist party whose M.P.’s, by their thoughts and actions, appear to reside on another planet from us. Our people don’t have enough time left for wishy washy interventions hoping to change the right wing course for New Blue Labour. McCluskey and Unite should put their resources into a genuine working class party. SLP would fit the bill!

June 2013 - Capitalist political parties forcing head teachers to run schools as businesses ‘for the benefit of the children’?

With the Labour and ConDem governments pushing educational privatisation of schools through their Academy programmes and other capitalist parties like UKIP wishing to ‘Thatcherise’ education in a similar vein, the detrimental effects upon standards and society’s class based dislocation are clear to see.

Head teachers are now considered to be successful based upon their financial and accounting abilities in running their school ‘businesses’ rather than their skills in bringing out the inherent talents of all children.

The consequent bullying and the driving out of more experienced and ‘expensive’ teachers is clearly highlighted in the linked article. click here.

June 2013 - Capitalism’s total morality void evident across Western governments, Establishment parties and media.

In both domestic and foreign affairs, the urgent removal of all vestiges of the Capitalist system and its thought processes becomes more urgent day by day.

The mass of perpetual lies poured forth by the adherents to the Capitalist system are absolutely sickening to all rational and reasonable people within society.

We hear and learn every day of decisions and policies emanating from the capitalist cesspool that are costing people their lives, their livelihoods, their aspirations and their very will to survive.

Recent examples of the morality void include the collaboration between the US and British regimes over the ‘Prism’ programme whereby millions of people in both capitalist police states are subject to constant surveillance. The boy nerd turned adult nerd, William Hague, even had the gall to deny any collaboration. This was swiftly discredited by the brilliant whistle blower, (deserving of great honour), Edward Snowden. The same sort of denials by the discredited capitalist liar Obama in the US have also been swiftly shown to be the absolute piffle that they are.

Following these Obama Lies, there swiftly followed his foreign policy untruths accusing Syria of war crimes of which they are mostly on the receiving end. These capitalist gangsters must think that we have extremely short memories bearing in mind the Colin Powell and Blair lies over ‘weapons of mass destruction’ leading to the Iraq War.

The real, undemocratic and secret decisions affecting our lives are made behind closed doors by closet fascist organisations like the Bilderberg group. Its founder was a European Prince, a card carrying member of Hitler’s SS.

The members include war criminals (wanted for questioning by Spain etc.) like Henry Kissinger. They also include top business executives and leading capitalist sleazy politicians like Labour’s Healy, Mandelson, Ed Balls and the Tories such as Kenneth Clarke, Osborne and Cameron. The British media, including the BBC refuse to seriously investigate the power and decisions of these organisations, but instead throw smoke screens and pour derision over opponents (as with Andrew Neil on the ‘Sunday Politics’ supported by the Establishment ‘stooge’ David Aaronovitch).

The media and politicians are to some extent being forced (by pressure from the ‘left’) to address the problems of the use of Tax Havens by the sickeningly wealthy. We can’t hold our breath on any real progress in these areas, however, since all the capitalist politicians are ‘in the pockets’ of the sickeningly wealthy.

With the Labour Party policy of depriving the working class of decent, reasonably priced social housing, being continued by the ConDem coalition, the bubble in housing prices which largely led to the current economic meltdown is being desperately reinflated by Osborne’s policies. The result will again be tears for those unfortunates ‘hooked’ by the bankers when the house prices again crash and the properties are snatched back by the lenders. The capitalist media constantly tell us how the British economy is improving. We can’t, however, believe any of the statistics thrown at us. Inflation is far above the ‘official’ figures while wages, terms and numbers in employment are far worse than what we are ‘officially’ told.

The perpetuators of the lies and those helping to keep the lid on the rage of the working class are showered with riches and honours. They should be behind bars.

May 2013 - Reactionary Labour Party ‘Grandees’ queue up to back ‘Snoopers Charter’.

The Labour Party leader, Miliband and other reactionary ‘Grandee’ leaders of the capitalist party have been queuing up to back the Tories in their demands that the so-called ‘Snoopers Charter’ be hurriedly brought into lawful imposition upon the British people. This charter, going under the official title of a ‘communication data bill’, gives the police, secret services and God knows who else, the right to delve into personal emails, look back on what websites British individuals have been visiting and investigate all their past ‘phone calls.

This invasion of privacy must be some of the most fascistic, regressive, invasive, undemocratic legislation that has ever been imposed upon the British population. The power to investigate any aspect of any British citizen is already, covertly, in the hands of the police and security services. To positively encourage such invasion of everyone’s privacy puts us into the sort of situation that existed in Hitler’s Germany when everyday snooping and finger pointing led to a paranoid state of affairs where criticism of any aspect of Government could lead to torture and death.

The LibDem leader has stated that such legislation would not be passed while they were part of the Government coalition. Will this be one of a series of huge lies that have been brought forth by this largely discredited capitalist dungheap of a party? The fact that the Labour Party is backing the fascistic draconian legislation should tell the British public everything that they need to know about this treacherous capitalist enemy of the working class. Some of its personnel are amongst the most reactionary politicians of the last few years. John Reid, one of the advocates of the legislation, is by far more fitted to sitting in capitalist boardrooms as a Director, than representing anything remotely concerned with British workers. Jack Straw’s C.V. is equally obnoxious. His tenure of office is closely associated with illegal rendition and torture, the Hillsborough cover-up and the illegal invasion of Iraq (amongst other things). Alan Johnson, another keen advocate, has a reputation (in some quarters), as a former Union leader, of betraying his members’ interests. Miliband, the untalented, privileged, largely American educationally influenced leader was part of the Gordon Brown entourage that was hugely responsible for abandoning the last few restrictions on rampant, unfettered, capitalism in the ‘City’ and elsewhere that has bankrupted our Country. They still push for an extreme capitalist austerity upon our people when what is clearly needed is the complete overthrow of the rotten system.

The British trade union movement and socialists everywhere should stand firmly against this onslaught. Unions should distance themselves from fascistically influenced and inclined political parties such as today’s Labour Party.

May 2013 - Dehumanisation bred by Capitalism.

We all know that British employers can in the overwhelming generality be described as self serving individuals to whom their employees are regarded as mere expendable ‘assets’. This dehumanisation of British individuals by the process now known as ‘capitalism’ is something against which British people have been fighting throughout our history. The Levellers in the C17th and the Chartists in the C19th both tried to bring in political reforms (e.g. the Agreement of the People and The People’s Charter) that would protect the individual from persecution by ‘impressment’, ‘slavery’ and incarceration in ‘dark satanic mills’ and the workhouse.

This dehumanisation is spreading again in modern day Britain. With the increased privatisation implemented in our industries and in British institutions, including the NHS and schools by the Blair and Brown Labour governments and carried on by the ConDem coalition, the workers in these organisations are now feeling the full experience of unbridled capitalism upon their lives. They now find that, rather than being valued members of society, able to express themselves, they are regarded under privatisation as merely easily replaceable human ‘assets’ of uncaring profit maximising organisations.

The aim of these organisations is to obtain the greatest amount of labour at the least cost. There is no sympathy for longstanding employees who have devoted their energy and lives to public organisations. They can be readily replaced by cheaper, probably less experienced, younger ‘cannon fodder’ for the big gun capitalist-run enterprises.

Trade unions are, of course, possible impediments to all these regressive developments. The failure of the British Trade Unions to stand up to this degredation, however, has been most noticeable since the time of the war waged by all the Thatcherite state apparatus on the most heroic and noble of the resisting unions, the Arthur Scargill led NUM. In contrast to this heroic resistance, a major problem for workers has been the alliance between self-serving, well paid pro-capitalist trade union leaders and the capitalist Labour Party both in and out of government.

With the current capitalism serving political set-up in Britain, no improvement can be seen on the horizon. Only by the Socialist Labour Party wielding some political influence in our Country can any progress with regard to the human condition of British workers be viewed with any degree of optimism. The fight back by an SLP led and inspired British working class is more urgently required than ever!

May 2013 - SLP remember Burford Levellers.

The annual Levellers Day commemoration took place on 18th May. The SLP were pleased to be able to fly our banner again this year. The relevance of the Levellers becomes ever more important as our hard fought for democratic rights are being systematically removed by consecutive capitalist British governments. One of the features of the day was a presentation by speakers including John Hendy QC which was opened up to public questioning. We heard that there are moves afoot for the adoption of a modern day ‘Agreement of the People’ to help protect our ‘natural rights’.

The commemoration at Burford was of a military action in May 1649 by dissident ‘Leveller’ sections of the New Model Army. The sentiment was expressed from the audience that the really advanced, progressive, radical Levellers were these soldiers who the historian Christopher Hill termed the ‘physical force Levellers’ (as distinct from the less radical political leaders who even shunned the term ‘Leveller’).

They were refusing to fight an ‘imperialist’ war in Ireland on behalf of the ‘grandees’ including Cromwell and Fairfax. The results of this ‘imperialism’ included the massacres of Drogheda and Wexford and the ‘troubles’ that exist right to this day. Some of their leaders were shot by firing squad under Fairfax and Cromwell’s command. The preceding tragedy for British history was the assassination of their natural leader Thomas Rainsborough in late 1648, probably with Cromwell’s connivance.

A military confrontation between Leveller troops led by Rainsborough and their political opponents led by Cromwell might well have proved truly progressive and democratic for the whole of Britain if the Levellers had prevailed (a distinct possibility). As it is, we have had to suffer generations of regressive capitalism. The call was made at the event for our children to be taught this radical history, currently suppressed in schools, which, of course, preceded the French revolution by about 150 years.

burford slp 1 burfird slp 2

May 2013 - Disgraceful BBC ‘right-wing’ bias no surprise.

The SLP has first hand information relating to the institutional ‘right-wing’ bias of the BBC in its ‘flagship’ weekly programmes, ‘Any Questions’ and ‘Question Time’.

It is readily apparent that it is extremely rare for true socialist views to be ever aired on these programmes. It is many, many past years since our leader had an invitation to appear on either show. Other than that, we have never received any invitation relating to Party personnel. The usual representation on the panels is of Establishment ‘toadies’.

This is disgraceful enough but wouldn’t be quite so beyond the pale if we occasionally had some discussion of socialist alternatives. The crucial point hidden from the public, however, is the choice of questions. Although the audience are allowed to submit them there is censorship of which questions are allowed for debate.

SLP members have attended both programmes and have found a consistent ‘right-wing’ agenda to the adopted questions. The latest example occurred with Any Questions of May 17th. The producer thanked the audience for their wide range of questions before the programme was aired. Then came the live broadcast and ‘lo and behold’ every question aired (the Producer claimed to have chosen them) was on a ‘right-wing’ agenda, including capital punishment and the ethnic influence on crime in Britain.

To sum up the travesty of this polluting of British public opinion by a state run propaganda machine, we must mention the absolute disgrace that the views of a former Detective Chief Inspector on the panel were more ‘liberal’ than those of either Labour, LibDem or Tory M.P. also appearing. What a disgrace!

May 2013 - A look back at early SLP activist - Alice Wheeldon.

The life and work of an early Socialist Labour Party activist, Alice Wheeldon, who died in 1919 has been commemorated in the Midlands. She was falsely 'set-up' and imprisoned by the British State for her anti-war activities during the First World War.

To read more please click here.

May 2013 - Stop Press – SLP local election results and comment.

We wish to thank all our candidates for their hard work and impressive performances in the local elections. These were, of course, mostly in rural areas of the Country, which is not necessarily our most productive area of support. Nevertheless, early indications are that we have in some cases beaten the Greens and the LibDems and our vote has held up well compared to previous local election results.

The Labour Party has not gained the required momentum to enable it to form the new Government in 2015. In fact, in the South Shields by-election, its percentage of the vote fell dramatically. Labour will suffer at the 2014 European election because of its support for the capitalist European ‘club’.

If UKIP feel that they have the field to themselves with regard to escaping from this set-up, then we can go one better on them since we call for IMMEDIATE withdrawal, not long drawn out ‘pie in the sky’ aspirations and referendums. UKIP have thrown a spanner into the political ‘works’. The Socialist Labour Party will be the ultimate beneficiary. BRITISH ESTABLISHMENT BEWARE!- SLP are coming!

May 2013 - Lords leaping upon NHS privatisation opportunities.

During the last week, the House of Lords has nodded through the mass privatisation of the NHS. These rampant capitalists who have their snouts firmly rooted in the financial trough are obviously looking forward to further lining their pockets, as huge quantities of publicly owned assets are gifted for their personal use as privately owned ‘financial resources’. As the 1945 Labour Party manifesto said, there is a necessity to curb those ‘hard’, uncaring capitalists who exploit our people via excessive interest, rent and profit-taking. Such ‘low life’ inhabit the House of Lords. The answer to curbing them ‘at a stroke’ would be to follow the example from the year 1649 when this corrupt institution was abolished pretty well overnight.

The example that these capitalists would like to follow, with regard to the NHS, is that as experienced in the USA. In that healthwise ‘degenerate’ regime, the horrendous practices would be enough to cause many to wish suicide rather than experience the system. We learn that it is in the interests of hospitals there to sometimes ‘botch’ operations. This keeps people for longer periods in hospital, thereby increasing revenues and the resultant insurance settlements enable the capitalist crooks who own the ‘health’ services to ‘cash in ‘ on hospital errors. Furthermore, under the American health system, if you can’t afford the treatment then ‘hard luck’. This was the British system prior to the establishment of the NHS. Millions of lives were ruined, people died unnecessarily and families broke up as a result. Do we want to go back to this?

With the new privatisation of ambulance services, we can clearly see that the next step will be that if you can’t afford to pay for your ambulance to or from hospital then again ‘hard luck’.

We must not let this regression and degeneration of our Country’s services proceed. We should take stringent steps to make clear to the extreme right wing exponents of these sick ideas that long prison sentences should await any exploitation by them of our hard won social services. We should also make clear that whatever suffering they impose upon our sick and infirm, then we shall repay them on the same basis ‘in spades’.

April 2013 - The Rich Capitalist scroungers and their media mouthpieces.

With the capitalist media, including the BBC, Channel 4 news and Sky constantly pushing a right wing agenda, it is time to put some true facts before the British people. Reality is that vast sums in the billions of pounds are being siphoned off into tax havens whilst tax avoidance and evasion run amok amongst the financial ‘elite’.

At a time when the Tory and UKIP far right political agendas are being pumped down the throats of the masses by these media outlets, little coverage is given to facts such as these:-

It has been reported that Google had UK generated revenues in 2011 of £26 billion and paid only £6 million in tax, a miniscule rate of tax! Their executive chair (also a government advisor) has indicated that the Company’s use of tax havens will continue. RBS bank has poured more than £25 billion into tax avoidance schemes. Tax avoidance and evasion are estimated to cost Britain £120 billion per year. Many huge international companies (including Amazon and Starbucks) which operate here are paying little or no tax to the British exchequer.

All this information receives little or no coverage from the capitalist media. The capitalist politicians in Parliament are generally ‘in the pockets’ of these scroungers.

Meanwhile, the capitalist media concentrate on relative financial trivialities, relating to the working class. Misleading myths are promoted such as :-

• That there are generations of workless work-shy families. Benefits are too generous - myth! • Spending on benefits is out of control - myth! • The benefit bill is high because of cheats and fraudsters – myth! • Most benefit expenditure goes to the unemployed – myth! • Most benefit claimants are long term – myth! • Universal benefits are expensive and inefficient – myth! • Most claimants are sitting at home on benefits for years – myth! • Many people choose to claim disability benefits rather than work – myth! • We are spending vast amounts on large families with hordes of children – myth!

A true view of what is occurring has been produced in a pamphlet by CLASS- the Centre for Labour and Social Studies which can be viewed by clicking here.

April 2013 - Labour Party leadership continues its long tradition of knifing the working class.

With the Labour Party leader Ed Miliband attacking the newly re-elected leader of Britain’s largest trade union, Len McCluskey of Unite, this reminds us of the previous history of working class betrayal that this capitalist party has recorded down the decades.

Back in 1926 with the General Strike going from strength to strength, the Labour Party leadership in collaboration with the TUC leaders managed to sell out the British workers by calling off the strike. The miners were left to battle on alone whilst the other union workers were systematically ‘picked off’.

After the 1945 surge of support for the political ‘left’, the Labour Party leadership managed to alienate Aneurin Bevan and his ‘leftwing’ allies in the Party by introducing prescription charges into the NHS. The leadership also pursued a policy of hostility to the workers state of the USSR which had been our magnificent wartime ally. The leadership was then passed to the ‘rightwing’ bureaucrat Gaitskell.

Following his death, the ‘left’ managed to organise the election to leader of Harold Wilson. Once in power, however, as a recent commentator in the media has put it he ‘dumped’ on the ‘left’. An example of this was that Tory railway closures were continued. Workers rights were attacked with Barbara Castle introducing ‘In place of strife’.

After Wilson came Callaghan who, again, attacked and provoked the working class and caused the ‘winter of discontent’. This was ably exploited by the Tory press and enabled Thatcher to slither into power.

Other Labour leaders, now in opposition continued to ‘rat’ upon the unions and the ‘left’, including Foot and the notorious Kinnock who, again, came in with support from these sections of the working class. Kinnock could not bring himself or the Party to support the miners and other working class organisations in their class struggles.

Following the overdue political demise of Kinnock, the closet Tory, Blair, was brought in as leader and he ditched any lingering Labour Party connections with socialism by ditching Clause 1V of the Party’s constitution. His supporters still rule the roost in the Party. The inept ‘dour misery of a capitalist’ Gordon Brown followed. His deeds included selling off Britain’s gold reserves at ridiculously low prices and his short stop was followed by the ‘privileged’ former Brown treasury colleague (and by definition incompetent) Ed Miliband. He is now busy distancing himself from the unions upon whom he relied to get elected as leader. None of these Labour Party leaders has ever advocated the reversal of the Tory anti-Trade Union legislation. As Tony Benn has said, the Labour Party has in the past been a Party with some socialists in it. Why any of the working class should have the remotest faith in this Party ever doing anything positive for our people is beyond the logic of us mere mortals. We think that commonsense logic would turn McCluskey and other representatives of our Trade Unions to turn to a Party that WILL represent their interests. Such a party is the SOCIALIST LABOUR PARTY.

April 2013 - Ken Capstick's clear explanation of the current captalist crisis - A devastating legacy that's still here today.

To view the article click here.

April 2013 - Our tribute to the Working Class.

With our thoughts at this time devoted to the losses and lamentations of the working class heroes, heroines and their communities, who have suffered and continue to suffer under the assault of vicious capitalist aggression, we can make a solemn pledge. This is to undo and eradicate all the evil inflicted upon Britain and its inherent society and to institute our programme of unbridled socialism at the first opportunity. The Socialist Labour Party will give hope where capitalism, implemented by uncaring capitalists from all Britain’s major political parties, has brought despair. Furthermore, we shall give the oxygen of socialist truth to the masses and overcome and abolish the current mainstream capitalist media censorship which has now even stretched to our music!

April 2013 - Arthur Scargill - 1985 NUM Conference Speech.

To view the speech click here.

April 2013 - A contrast of London’s historic funerals between those evoking love and admiration and those provoking mass hatred and disquiet.

The City of London is no stranger to large scale funerals for persons who have impacted greatly upon the Country’s historic events.

Back in the latter part of 1648, thousands of people marched on foot whilst others rode on horseback as they followed the funeral cortege of the great leveller leader Thomas Rainsborough. He had been assassinated a week before (30th October) at Doncaster, many levellers believing that Cromwell was implicated. They followed the procession going via Islington, St Pauls, Cheapside and through the East End to Wapping where he was interred. He had been the leader of the physical force New Model Army levellers,the Parliamentary naval Vice Admiral and had been a great Civil War commander. The followers wore ribbons of sea green (his own regimental colours) and black. From that time, sea green has been associated as the colour of incorruptibility. Indeed, French Revolutionary leader Robespierre was called the ‘sea green incorruptible’. There was nothing but affection for the deceased shown at this historic event.

Moving on in history, another great funeral took place in January1806. The naval hero Admiral Lord Nelson had been killed at the battle of Trafalgar on October 21st 1805. Fatal casualties would normally have been buried at sea but in this case, his comrades decided to preserve his body in a barrel of brandy. His ship, the Victory arrived at Portsmouth on December 4th. The preparations for a state funeral were by then underway and the proceedings reached their peak over the days of 5th to the 9th of January 1806. The body was taken up the Thames on one of Charles the Second’s state barges and was eventually interred in St Paul’s Cathedral. Thousands of admirers flocked to the events. A monument to the hero, Nelson’s Column was constructed between 1840 and 1843 and is, of course, sited in Trafalgar Square.

We can compare these two outpourings of natural grief with the imminent event in London next week. Here, the forces and police are being deployed in huge numbers in the Capital and along the route in order to prevent hostilities aimed at the cortege. Already, the secret services are drawing up lists of those to be arrested and prevented from getting anywhere near this exclusive ‘Establishment’ function. Because there are so many hostile parties from throughout the World to the historical memory of the deceased, this is going to prove a very complicated operation. The cost of all the surveillance, logistics and event is going to be huge. The great insult to the British working class is that they are being asked to fund most of this (at a time of supposed austerity). Rarely in World history can we say that military might has been used to prevent a Country’s inhabitants from venting their fury at a leader who left office such a long time ago! The irony is that some of this fury will be on public display in Trafalgar Square!

April 2013 - Selected SLP Media comment on recent events.

• Andrew Jordan on - click here.

• Ken Capstick in the Guardian - click here.

April 2013 - Labour Party politicians queue up to praise implacable enemy of the working class.

Labour Party politicians have today been falling over each other in their rush to praise the memory of someone who had proven to be an implacable enemy of the working class.

We are still suffering under the influence of the policies pursued under the extreme right wing influence that allied itself closely with the unregulated ‘Reaganomics’ of the 1980’s. As a result, our Country is trillions of pounds in debt and effectively bankrupt. Once great British manufacturing industry has been devastated and brought to its knees. Many once prosperous towns (as with mining communities) in Britain are now ghost towns where drug pushing seems to be the major trade. Our society has never been so divided and the wealth has been siphoned off by a tiny minority including the Establishment funding ‘banksters’ and financiers. Unemployment is rife (and understated in the capitalist media) and young people exist with little hope or prospects for the future. The bosses exploit their workers as never before with pathetically low wages. Trade unions are well and truly shackled and so workers are unable to support each other in struggle. Public facilities such as libraries and playing fields have been unceremoniously removed. Other facilities such as hospitals and schools are either shutting or falling apart.

The media is almost totally under the control of the ‘filthy rich’, less than one per cent of the population. Their wall to wall eulogies won’t wash with us, however. It is good for the Labour Party’s naked hostility to the working class to be exposed under the current circumstances. This Party, that in its 1945 manifesto called for full employment and land nationalisation, is now just a pale imitation of the Tory Party. The current sycophancy and praise of an extremely hostile enemy of our class should serve to open people’s eyes to the reality that awaits them should they ever in future have any thoughts of voting for such a bunch of class traitors as represented by the Miliband Labour Party.

April 2013 - By their friends shall you know them!.

Who could possibly have had friends as diverse as fascist murderer General Pinochet, South African apartheid leader FW De Klerk and Sir Jimmy Savile? If you get the answer right, rejoice and treat yourself to a drink.

April 2013 - Hidden political attack from Britain’s Fascist rulers.

The Tories and their mini-me allies have launched an all out assault upon the working class. They are publicly defending their blatant redistribution of wealth by means of huge handouts to the rich whilst taking any remaining funds and residuary benefits from Britain’s poor. They are privatising all aspects of the economy and the peoples’ institutions, including education, transport and health services. The official defence of the actions is that they are directed at people who live their lives in the ‘wrong sort of way’. What this means in practice is that any benefits from the system are directed at those born with ‘silver spoons in their mouths’. In Boris Johnson’s case, so it has been said, this amounts to a whole canteen of cutlery. If your parents were careless enough not to have introduced you to a life of luxury and pleasure, then according to the latest mantra from the regime, you are ‘doomed’.

The homelessness and destitution being wrought by these fascists upon the unprivileged adults and their children in Britain, should not, however, be viewed purely in terms of wealth redistribution. The hidden agenda is that this homelessness and forcing of the working class into an itinerant and mobile form of lifestyle means that affected adults will have greater difficulty in thinking about or maintaining their voting rights. Any tracking of individuals by those constructing voting lists and the certainty of such individuals in being able to correctly register for voting are facing growing and more insurmountable obstacles. This is, of course, impacting upon the very people who are more likely to be critical of the system and whose political leanings are to the ‘left’.

The capitalist media is, as usual, pushing the lies of the regime in insisting that the public are behind all this disgraceful theft and redistribution. The blatant lies include those of the sanctimonious hard right minister Duncan Smith who claims he could exist on £53 per week!

The view of Britain’s socialists in the SLP is that the ‘wrong’ sort of lifestyle to be living is exemplified by the Bankers, financiers and public school privileged ‘Bullingdon bully boys’ and their ilk. They are allowed to get away with vast financial fraud, theft and extortion by a system which should be locking them up. They do not fear the law, because it is run by their pals in their interests and they ‘contribute’ to the British economy by stashing their ill gotten gains in overseas tax havens thus burdening the poor with disproportionate debt. We are told that the system has broken. We can’t disagree with that and we know who is responsible (it ain’t the working class) and how to go about sorting it out!

March 2013 - E.U. capitalist theft and extortion the ‘blueprint’ for the future!

The bullying and thuggery inflicted upon the people of Cyprus by the IMF, European Commission and the European Central Bank has been evident over the past few days. Any person or organisation with money deposited in that Country’s banks has found that at the whim of these ‘Troika’ institutions, the funds can be stolen and used by the financial ‘elite’ for their own purposes. The process has even been advocated as a sort of ‘blueprint’ for the future by the Dutch finance minister. He says that it is the way forward for dealing with any troubled banks within the E.U. when similar banking problems arise.

The Cypriot Government ministers were hauled before the undemocratic and fascist E.U and IMF big wigs (with the Germans prominent) and told that the Country would be brought to its knees unless the measures were accepted. The noses of the people were further rubbed in the dirt when they were told that no Parliamentary approval for the blatant extortion and robbery was necessary.

So, again, we have the situation where huge wealth transfer to the ‘less than 1per cent’ is achieved almost at a stroke. It is reminiscent of Hank Paulson holding a gun to the head of US politicians when demanding vast wealth transfers to the bankers back in 2008. It also fits in line with policies such as our own Governments’ ‘quantative easing’ misappropriations.

Further to this conclusive proof that we should not touch the E.U. with a barge pole, we also have the negative effects of E.U. regulations upon British employment terms and conditions. Unlimited movement of manpower within the E.U. means that cheap unrepresented and unregulated labour coming into Britain can undermine wage levels and reverse any previous progressive gains in terms and conditions that may have been achieved over the years by trade unions etc. The Establishment capitalist parties and their patrons, the employers and bankers, love this, of course and have thereby filled their pockets for years. That is why they have ignored resulting problems such as with school resources required for multiple languages, transport congestion and inner city housing overcrowding. The only coverage that the capitalist media gives on this, however, puts it in terms of jingoistic ‘racist’ politics where immigrants who come in are deemed scroungers and ‘benefit tourists’. The agenda is that of the political ‘right’ and Nigel Farage of UKIP seems to be a permanent ‘fixture’ in every capitalist TV discussion studio.

The viewpoint of the SLP or its equivalent is never shown, apart, that is, from during election broadcasts by our Party. UKIP was founded at roughly the same time as the SLP. We have suffered from blanket capitalist media blackout. They, in contrast, are the ‘blue eyed boys’ of the capitalist media, where their every sordid thought (small minded and exclusive though they be) are given huge coverage.

Only by supporting the politics and policies of the SLP can the true interests of the working class be protected. The instant effects of our policies would be immediate withdrawal from the E.U. Anti-Trade Union law and regulations would be abolished, and the whole economic and financial set-up would be brought under the control of the working class and act in their interests. Furthermore, the true voice of the British working class (currently suppressed and censored) would be heard loud and clear through the media!

March 2013 - How the British Labour Party sabotaged post WW2 socialist potential.

The BBC Newsnight programme of 11th March has featured an interesting discussion between Ken Loach and Labour M.P.Tristram Hunt relating to Loach’s new film entitled The spirit of ’45. There can be no doubt that the British working class gained considerable short term benefits from their refusal to meekly accept the pre-war status quo during the 1945 General Election.

The reality was that, at the time, the British Establishment were quaking in their boots because of the great successes of the USSR in its dominant role of defeating the Nazi menace. The influence of this success meant that the British and Americans had to hurry into Europe in order to stop the Soviets before they passed through Germany and reached the Channel.

Against this background, therefore, the British Establishment were prepared to throw some ‘sops’ to the British working class in order to divert the calls for full blooded socialism in this Country.

We therefore had the introduction of a National Health Service, completely free of charges to the working class. By 1950 the Labour Government was introducing prescription charges. By the time of Blair’s Labour Government, the privatisation of the NHS was being given every possible encouragement (as with the Private Finance Initiative).

Similarly, the completely logical nationalisation of the railways was undertaken. The fragmented pre-war set up wasn’t anywhere near efficient. Labour, however, put the former bosses in charge of the new organisation instead of allowing the working class and its trade union representatives to efficiently run a new structure. By the mid 1960’s, the Beeching axe had fallen on swathes of public transport services. Barbara Castle of the Wilson Labour Government continued the butchery.

Free education and subsidised higher education were also temporary gains for the post war working class. Disadvantaged children were gradually gaining opportunities to progress to universities and other seats of higher learning. Working class divisions were, however, still being sown as in the case of the 11 plus exam. Those who progressed found themselves incarcerated in class riven grammar schools. Those who didn’t found themselves pretty much ‘written off’ in poorly funded secondary modern schools. The Blair and Brown Labour regimes have encouraged a reversion to more emphasis on ‘private’ education as with the political ‘pushing’ of the ‘Academy concept’. Withdrawal of subsidised funding of working class children at the higher education stage as well as the introduction of oppressive student ‘loans’ have also been the results of recent Labour regimes.

Further working class gains were made at the end of the War with the nationalisation of essential industries such as coal and iron and steel. Again, though, it was the old bosses who ran the show, not the workers’ representatives. Ordinary people were under the misapprehension that they owned the coal industry. They quickly learned the lesson that they couldn’t claim their ‘free’ coal. Fraudulent British entry into the Common Market, later termed the E.U., meant the winding down of these industries for political reasons. Labour Governments have found themselves ideologically unable to reverse pit closures or closures of steel works but have cynically washed their hands of the sufferings of working class communities.

Ken Loach is quite correct to refer to a ‘spirit’ that the Country enjoyed in 1945. Modern day Britain, having adopted the Thatcherite mantra of ‘no such thing as society’, doesn’t seem to have the same sort of spirit. That is, apart from in the hearts of true socialists!

Tristram Hunt says that we can no longer consider abolishing public schools since the opportunity was lost post war. This is complete hogwash! Loach was right to retort that anything is possible given the political will. The Labour party has consistently shown that its political will is the furthering of capitalism.

In today’s Britain, even Church leaders are proving to be better at opposing Government welfare cuts than the Labour Party representatives. Tory ministers say that benefit cuts are necessary to provide the spur to get people out of poverty. The real scroungers, the filthy rich tax dodgers, don’t seem to need their incomes cutting, but instead, need incentives to make them get out of bed in a morning! Tory benefit cutter Iain Duncan Smith apparently has some Japanese ancestry. He must have inherited a 1930’s Japanese fascist gene. Labour’s Frank Field is another who thinks so far ‘out of the box’ that his proposed welfare ‘reforms’ also seem obnoxious to any rational thinkers and would deserve similar condemnation from the clergy.

A survey of South West church groups has found that 20% of people in the region cannot afford to properly feed their families. They also found that 47% of those interviewed had considered suicide because of financial pressures.

What a condemnation of the capitalist system! That spirit of 1945 is needed more urgently than ever! Given OUR chance, the SLP won’t waste any opportunity to implement full blooded socialism. Neither will we ‘sell out’ the working class, as has happened with the capitalist Labour Party throughout the generations.

March 2013 - Socialists in the UK Mourn the Loss of Hugo Chavez.

Following the announcement on 5th March of the death of Venezuelan President, Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias, Britain’s Socialist Labour Party has joined anti-capitalist parties and campaigners around the world in expressing its sorrow at the news and its support for the Bolivarian revolution initiated by Mr Chavez government.

SLP President, Andrew Jordan, said that ‘during the course of his presidency, the policies of the Chavez government lifted millions of Venezuelans out of poverty, a transformation in the life of a nation which’ he said ‘could never happen in countries governed by free market economic polices. The Bolivarian revolution’ he continued ‘has ensured that the profits of the country’s oil wealth are enjoyed by its people’.

The party’s General Secretary, Kim Singleton, added that the revolution ‘was changing the fortunes of the South American continent. In offering its oil at fair prices to countries without economic or military muscle Venezuela has shown us a vision not only of a new society but of a better world’. In ‘asserting the sovereignty of its nation states, the revolution’ she said ‘was leading Latin America away from decades of dependency and powerlessness’. ‘

On behalf of the Socialist Labour Party’ said Mr Jordan, ‘I offer my heartfelt condolences to Mr Chavez family and friends and to the Venezuelan people at this time. I re-iterate once again our party’s wholehearted support for the values of the Bolivarian revolution and our firm belief that its ideas and example will continue and flourish’.

March 2013 - Coercion and capitalist media manipulation produce warped election results.

All that is corrupt and warped about the British political system has been evident in the recent Eastleigh by-election. The election was called because the sitting M.P. was found to be guilty of long term lies and illegality. He was obviously well representative of many of the capitalist politicians who occasionally turn up on the green benches at Westminster. Given the choice between all the sleazy corrupt capitalist parties, the voters were not evidently unduly put off by the stench emanating from any one particular party.

How did the ‘mini-me’ Tories manage to hang on to the seat? Some surprising information has been revealed subsequent to the result being announced. The LibDems apparently made over thirty thousand ‘phone calls during the campaign and on the final day ‘phoned as many as 120 people per minute. They also secured a great deal of their support before polling day by the ploy of helping people with their postal votes. We have seen how postal vote bias problems can occur as in reported inner cities area instances whereby heads of some of the more recently settled families, with their own traditions, have been found to have influence or hold sway over the votes of other household members. Similarly, there are cases where the elderly residents of old people’s homes have been unduly influenced in voting or had their postal forms filled in on their behalf without independent supervision. Aside from all the covert manipulation at Eastleigh, there was the mass of capitalist literature that flooded through the letter boxes of the area’s inhabitants . Apparently, many of these people were sick to the back teeth of all this literature. One comment publicly aired was that there were plenty of glossy photographs of candidates in green fields etc. but very little of substance in these leaflets. It would be interesting to know whether all of the LibDem spending was above board or if some of the funding itself also had the stench of illegality and corruption behind it. Some of us with no connection to the LibDem party have, in the past, even received birthday cards from them in their continuing efforts to sway our votes! What can be said with certainty is that all this has very little to do with democratic politics but is much more akin to capitalist high pressure selling and coercive manipulation. It also has the aroma of US ‘Tammany Hall’ politics.

Next we can take a look at the capitalist media’s role in the by-election. It would seem that, from the outset, the Establishment controlled media were intent on only promoting the views of the capitalist parties of which they approved, i.e. Labour, LibDem, Tory and UKIP. Other parties and groups, including the Greens and those with limited Trade Union backing simply did not have a look-in. So we saw an election debate on Channel 4 with only four out of fourteen candidates present and the BBC and other broadcasters mostly sidestepped even mentioning other candidates. This was done by the use of their old trusty worn–out slogan of ‘the list of all candidates standing can be found on our website’. Our own SLP Party continues to suffer from this totally unacceptable bias. It should be the electors who decide which candidates they wish to see and hear from, not the biased capitalist media. The Electoral Commission, as with so many so-called ‘institutions supposed to protect the public interest’, have proved to be completely useless in dealing with this electoral manipulation and perversion.

Back in 1647, the radical political party termed ‘Levellers’ were well aware of the use of coercion in electoral politics. They therefore framed safeguards in their proposed electoral reforms. It seems that we have not learned a jot from them and remain with the situation in Britain whereby undue coercion and influence have still not been eradicated from the political process. Movements are afoot to provide us with genuine rights and liberties via modern day ‘Agreements of the People’ and surely the time has arrived when guarantees can be provided to protect us against such US style capitalist ‘big money’ right wing political influence. Until such guarantees arrive, then the overpowering stench of lying corruption will continue to hover above the British political landscape. Purging of the untrustworthy and frequently lying, Establishment controlled, capitalist media should accompany such reform.

February 2013 - Socialist Labour Party to contest the 2014 European Parliamentary Election.

For the full story please see the press releases section.

February 2013 - Madness of uncontrollable E.U. food pollution a further reason for immediate British withdrawal.

With the drip feed announcements from the media concerning the pollution of many British foods by uncertain elements originating from long European supply chains, it is clear that the only way we can again control the health of our food is by immediately exiting the E.U.

There are two organisations in Britain to which the letters FSA are in theory supposed to carry weight. The first is the Financial Standards Authority which will be referred to again later. The second is the Food Standards Agency. This latter organisation has, to put it mildly, been an absolute waste of time in relation to the current meat based shambles. We have had to rely on Irish food testing to make us aware that horsemeat has been included in our diets as a substitute for beef. What has our own Food Agency been doing? Surely it is their job to check for food contamination. Instead, this Agency is appealing to the very people involved in marketing this polluted junk to let them know of any problems.

The parallel with the other FSA is striking in that they too have allowed the widespread marketing of financially ‘polluted’ products to go on without the necessary intervention to protect unsuspecting victims. What we get instead is honours and monies being lavished on the incompetent and ineffective leadership involved with the FSA’s complete failure to intervene in or prosecute the massive financial corruption that has been going on.

British capitalist politicians have been lying through their teeth about the health of the nation’s food supplies. Besides the horse content of up to 100 per cent in meals supposed to contain beef, pork etc. has been found in Halal meals which ,again, should not happen. These politicians assure us that everything is satisfactory and under control. The truth is the opposite. The public have no knowledge of what dangerous chemicals and drugs have gone into these horse meats. Some experts indicate that these chemicals and drugs could be extremely treacherous as far as our health is concerned.

We have to ask the obvious question of why all this is happening to our food?We come back to problems of the long supply chains criss-crossing Europe over which any serious accountability appears to be missing. The obvious interference of capitalist corruption, fraud and illegality would be obvious to any rational socialist viewing the mess. We know from experience that capitalists operate for profit and food regulations to them are unnecessary hindrances.Britain needs to get a grip on the situation and this can only be done if the whole food chain is under our own supervision. This clearly cannot be done if we remain in the EU ‘omnishambles‘ set-up.

A further reason for these disasters is the hidden inflation costs being passed on to consumers. Real inflation rates are running at over 8 per cent, just as real unemployment vastly exceeds ‘official’ figures. Just as in earlier times, coins were ‘clipped’ , today chocolate bars are secretly shortened and cheaper meats replace those ‘labelled’ otherwise. Such is the scourge of capitalism!

February 2013 - SLP Birmingham Event.

On Saturday 9th February, The SLP held a day of events in Birmingham which included a day school and an evening social which commemorated the 41st anniversary of the ‘Battle of Saltley Gate’. Speakers included Cuban Ambassador to the UK, Esther Armenteros. She gave some interesting details of Cuba’s election as President of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States. She informed us of her Country’s tremendous achievements of low infant mortality, high life expectancy and brilliant education and healthcare systems. All this despite a continuing vicious US blockade of its near neighbour.

Also addressing the large audience was the Venezuelan deputy Ambassador Alvaro Sanchez. He gave some history relating to his Country involving 500 years of colonial slavery whereby a small elite held the land. Hugo Chavez has worked tirelessly to overcome these drawbacks. Women are now looked after much better with lower levels of domestic violence and the smallest gender pay gap in South America.

Pete Jackson, author of a book about ‘The Battle of Saltley Gate’ gave a detailed insight into those events in which Arthur Scargill played such a prominent part. Film of Arthur speaking at last year’s commemoration in Birmingham was shown.

Sheera Johal spoke about the upcoming centenary of the forming of the Ghadar Party and its early sufferings.

Shangara and John Tyrrell, who were both prominent in the event’s organisation both gave addresses relating to the Anniversary events and Nick Wroughton of the East Midlands provided some splendid musical entertainment.

The summing up came from Party President Andrew Jordan who referred to the struggle for jobs, housing, health etc. as they come under political attack from those seeking profits as distinct from social benefits and welfare.

January 2013 - SLP proved correct whilst Britain’s capitalist parties have no vision for the future but only more of the same economic failure, social corruption and deprivation for the vast majority.

With the official line being that that we seem to be heading into a ‘triple dip’ recession, many of us on the left don’t think that we have even emerged from the original capitalist economic crisis aggravated by the bursting of housing etc. asset bubbles in 2008. Financial devices such as ‘derivatives’, based upon fictitious, inflated asset prices, have also been grossly overvalued by the banks, governmental and financial institutions. These dodgy ‘assets’ have been used by the institutions to overstate their own net worth. Crooked accounting measures , including use of ‘off balance sheet’ items, have been employed to prop up what are in reality ‘bankrupt’ institutions. The financial side of the British economy is now one huge Ponzi scheme. The economy continues to bounce along the ‘bottom’ despite the Gordon Brown led Labour regime’s claim to have ‘saved the World’!

The current regime, consisting (in the most part) of privileged Tories and ‘mini-me’ Tories, don’t seem to have a clue, either, about how to get the economy moving. The Socialist Labour Party has, since its inception, stated that our economy should be based upon a strong manufacturing and industrial base. We have distrusted the reliance upon a bloated, corrupt ‘finance sector’ as loudly hailed and backed by Thatcherites and Blairites. We have, instead, advocated measures such as reversal of Dr.Beeching’s dismal railway cuts and full, environmentally friendly, utilisation of our mineral and natural resources and working class expertise. Such measures and ideas are now creeping onto the mainstream political agenda, not through the wishes of the capitalist parties, but because logic and current economic necessity demand them.

The problem with the capitalist parties of Britain (including Scottish and Welsh Nationalists and UKIP) is, of course, their perverse view of the World. This can be exemplified by the Labour Party’s Peter Mandelson who said that his Party were ‘intensely relaxed’ about people getting ‘filthy rich’. The reason that the less than 1per cent have done so, at the expense of the rest of us, has been evident since the 2008 crisis emerged. The capitalist regimes (including Britain’s) have been pumping trillions of pounds, dollars, euros etc. of public funds into the pockets of the ‘filthy rich’. These same privileged groups who, largely through their financial exploitation of the rest of us, helped cause the economic devastation, continue to dodge paying tax by using offshore havens and other avoidance and evasion measures. They are backed by their ‘lackey’ political, legal and financial representatives. The whole rotten, corrupt, capitalist edifice needs to be swept away by robust, egalitarian, planned socialist action in the interests of the many, not the few. We have seen examples of such ‘sweeping’ before, in British history, as when the monarchy and House of Lords were swiftly abolished in 1649 during a very short, rare, period of British democratically inclined sanity. What Britain needs is a robust, socialist, political will in order to implement the necessary changes.

January 2013 - Dr Kim Singleton announced as new SLP General Secretary.

kim singleton slp general secretary New SLP General Secretary Dr Kim Singleton.

The Party are pleased to announce that Dr. Kim Singleton has been appointed as the new General Secretary. She steps into the post recently vacated as a result of the retirement from the position of Robert Faraday (who continues as Barnsley area Secretary). We are very grateful to Robert for his excellent, professional work whilst in the post.

Liverpool born Kim has an impressive pedigree as shown by the fact that even at the age of 8 she was helping her parents organise a rent strike! She currently lives in Merseyside with her partner of 19 years. She has been a community support worker and trainer and has been active in workers movement and anti-war struggles for many years. At the 2010 General Election, she stood as the Party’s candidate for Liverpool Wavertree constituency. Kim has studied history, literature, media and sociology at her local universities and is the author of a study of rent strikes on Merseyside between 1968 and 1973. We all wish Kim well in her new role as the Party goes from strength to strength.

January 2013 - Death, wage slavery and the pursuit of World domination.

The leaders of the fledgling United States were keen to distance themselves from the repressive political system of the ‘Old Country’ which had formerly governed them i.e. the British political regime. They therefore drew up some fairly progressive aims for the time based on the themes of ‘Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness’. These aims were good as far as they went. The problem was that the new ruling elite in the United States were secretive capitalists and often slave owners and their main concerns were militarism and their own trading benefits (including tax affairs). The fine words have not been reinforced by necessary protections in order to last the test of time. It could be well contended, therefore, that at the current time the actual objectives of U.S. policy result in ‘death, wage slavery and the pursuit of World domination’.

To back up this contention, it is necessary to take each item separately. The U.S. currently pumps out huge amounts of violence to its home audience via the capitalist mass media including, of course, the film industry. With the ‘gun ownership’ lobby (including the National Rifle Association of America) being extremely powerful, mass ownership of weapons of death, unsurprisingly, leads to a very violent society. Large scale shootings, including those of children and their teachers, are not uncommon events. The answer thrown up to prevent such occurrences is not, as would be expected, to cut down on gun ownership. It is to arm the teachers and school officials!

Similarly, the U.S. has been a mass exporter of death for many generations. We only have to look at the huge death and destruction caused by their use of nuclear weapons at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. During the Vietnam War populations were exposed to poisons like ‘agent orange’ as new means of bringing death and ruination were employed. The present Obama regime has favoured the use of unmanned drones which have, again, brought death and suffering to innocents in areas of the World like Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Because the main political parties in the US, i.e. the Democrats and Republicans are both controlled by Wall Street and the Zionist lobby (as clearly expounded by Mark Bruzonsky etc.), there has been a continuous political attack upon any working class representation as with the U.S. trade unions. As in Britain, the continuous barrage from the capitalist media and successive regimes has largely diminished the effectiveness and vestiges of political power held by the working classes. Lack of bargaining rights, hostile capitalist legal systems and trade union weakness has resulted in falling real wages and diminishment of terms and conditions of work. This, clearly, has become a form of wage slavery, the kind of which would have been easily recognisable in Victorian Britain. Again, in contrast to the pursuit of ‘liberty’, the rate of imprisonment in the U.S. is amongst the World’s highest. Private prison companies exploit the inmates who number disproportionate numbers of the ‘black and ethnic’ citizens as well as those little more than children. Furthermore, Obama has continued the policy of torture and rendition (despite promises to the contrary) in centres such as Guantanamo.

Finally, there can be no doubt that the U.S. is hell bent on World domination as a military and trading power. It continues to increase the physical threats against potential trading rivals. The latest ‘hot war’ provocation seems to be against China via the U.S. ‘proxy’ country of Japan. Ownership disputes over small islands have escalated into the use of fighter jets by both sides in the demarcation of their respective territories. Again, in the Middle East, the use of proxies to further U.S. Zionist ambitions has caused turmoil in countries like Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Libya. The supposed ‘peace envoy’ Blair has been at the forefront of furthering U.S. Zionist warmongering. The truth is that the United States does not have ‘allies’. It has only ‘interests’.

Clearly, then, it is in the best interests of the British working class to steer well clear of the sort of depraved ‘values’ espoused by the current U.S. regime. When that regime recommends that Britain take a more prominent place at the centre of the European union, we should, therefore, be hurtling towards the exit door at maximum speed.

January 2013 - More capitalist lies and misinformation.

The British public has been subjected to more blatant lies and attempted hoodwinking over the past few days. We have heard Prime Minister Cameron proclaim that the Nation can’t pay for the deficit out of taxing the rich. In the words of Mandy Rice-Davies ‘he would say that wouldn’t he’. Again, we heard from Minister David Laws that we are in ‘difficult times’. This is true of the 99+ per cent of us but NOT of the ruling elite who have ‘never had it so good’ as they rake in billions from regime handouts and tax breaks.

The BBC, whilst accepting this rot unconditionally, never cease to amaze us. On the radio programme ‘Any Questions?’ the audience was polled as to whether or not they wished to leave the E.U. We learn that, apparently, they were almost united in wishing to stay in! The usual representative BBC audience there then!

Again, Nicky Campbell hosted a BBC show (The Big Questions) and brought up as a topic the Pope’s apparent criticism of unfettered capitalism. It seems that no socialists were invited to that programme, either, since the obvious alternative, i.e.socialism, did not manage to get a mention. Only the BBC could have a critical programme about capitalism without giving at least the minimum information regarding the logically opposed political system!

January 2013 - e-petition - Full disclosure of all Government documents relating to the 1972 building workers strike and the conspiracy trials at Shrewsbury.

To see the full e-petition please click here.

January 2013 - Continued British regression under capitalism.

2012 proved to be a year of continued regression for Britain under the rotten, corrupt, capitalist system that we (the 99+per cent) are currently suffering under. The unusual situation for Britain’s youth is that they have bleaker futures to look forward to than their parents or other prior generations. Jobs are becoming scarcer, terms and conditions of employment are deteriorating. Class divides are becoming more pronounced and health services and other benefits are moving further out of reach of the vast majority of the working class. Opportunities for higher education are also being placed outside of the resources available to the younger generation.

The truth has emerged concerning past events, such as the 1984 Miners’ strike ‘Battle of Orgreave’ and the Hillsborough disaster, showing that the capitalist mainstream press and broadcasters, including the BBC, Murdoch media and others, have been heavily involved in falsification, lies, distortions, fabrications and generally pulling the wool over the eyes of the public. The recent Jimmy Saville revelations, including his Thatcher regime connections have continued to shock, largely because of media cover-ups. Against this background, we have been fed an almost non-stop diet of irrelevant ‘news stories’ concerning sporting, entertainment and other insignificant trivia.

The mass redistribution of wealth by ruling elites, involving trillions of dollars, pounds , euros and other monies across Europe and the U.S. has been brought to light without the help of any of this corrupt capitalist media. This transfer has generally been from the 99+ per cent to the less than one per cent for whom the capitalist system is run. At least, in the past, the capitalist media did occasionally oppose some of the obviously excessive cuts, as in the case of the Dr. Beeching inspired axing of our railway network by both Tory and Labour regimes. There is no comment to be found these days from capitalist media when the general health of the population is put at risk, as with cuts to environmental health services such as public vermin control and rubbish collection.

With the massive regime handouts to bankers via largely discredited institutions such as the Bank of England (Libor rate manipulation etc.), we are amazed to find that politicians such as Ken Livingstone have, with apparent seriousness, called for any criticism of bankers to cease. These are the same bankers who have been found to be involved in massive drug fund laundering (as via Mexico), gigantic theft, fraud, financial illegality and indirect support for ‘terrorist’ organisations and wars throughout the World. Recently, we find confirmation that U.S. banks were largely responsible for the funding of Hitler in Germany.

We learn that the programmes of overseas aid from Britain are not what they seem. A small number of privileged ‘Establishment’ figures have been raking in huge annual salaries, sometimes in excess of £1 million, for handling this aid. The overall purpose of these funds has been to push pro-capitalist propaganda amongst the world’s poorest, not to provide food or clean water. Wars waged because of Western capitalist and Zionist interests, as with Blair’s lying ‘weapons of mass destruction intervention’ in Iraq and ConDem ‘humanitarian’ bombing of Libya have left behind them massive death and almost complete ruin and anarchy in the countries involved.

What do we need to stop this capitalist regressive rot? Firstly, the working class needs to channel its funding into those political organisations that truly represent it, as with the Socialist Labour Party. They must stop all funding of capitalist organisations like the Labour Party. Secondly, there must be a massive programme of prosecutions of all those capitalists responsible for all of the above ailments that have affected us. The capitalist legal system does not seem willing or able to meet such challenges and must therefore be replaced by a responsible socialist one.

Cuts to our public services and benefits have been shown to be based on class warfare and are blatant theft from the working class and vandalism of the society at large. There is no legitimate justification for their imposition, for example, proper payment and collection of taxes by the rich would remove the need for any of them. Any capitalists involved in implementing any cuts or depriving the working class of their livelihoods should, therefore, face lengthy prison sentences. Similarly, any capitalists even suggesting such cuts or measures should likewise face imprisonment. The protection of the British working class from the current rule by European fascists should also be our priority, enabled by our immediate withdraw from and repudiation of all EU institutions and obligations placed upon us.

December 2012 - Taxation ‘Pay What You Like’ for the rich!

The news that companies such as Starbucks are deciding their own taxation contributions towards the British economy comes as no surprise to those of us who have long campaigned for fair taxation and efficient collection within this important aspect of British society.

The good work of ‘UK uncut’ in highlighting the tax avoidance and evasion of many companies and individuals trading in Britain has brought the moral dimension of taxation policy more into focus. It is outrageous that the British working class are being attacked with cuts to their basic living requirements by successive capitalist regimes whilst the providers of all the misery (Establishment bankers, financiers and politicians) are lining their own pockets with monetary treasure stolen from our pockets.

By collecting the avoided and evaded tax, hundreds of billions of pounds could be raised which could clear the nation’s debts at a stroke whilst restoring meaningful public services and benefits. This collection should be of ALL avoided and evaded tax, past and present and so there should be no question of any ‘shutting of stable doors after the horses have bolted’.

No companies or individuals should feel safe, anywhere in the world, from any taxation clawback procedures that may be implemented by a responsible socialist British Government. In the meantime, we have to put up with the corrupt capitalist regimes which are working solely for the benefit of these financial ‘scroungers’. These turkeys aren’t going to vote for Christmas!

December 2012 - Season of homelessness, starvation and great poverty in Capitalist Britain.

Reputable and trustworthy organisations like the Rowntree Foundation have announced that millions of people are starving at this time in the Britain of 2012. Particularly vulnerable are the children, some of whom are developing distended stomachs, the like of which have normally been associated with countries of the African continent.

A precarious lifestyle also faces the homeless on the streets as the severe cold weather takes it’s toll. Millions more families are being forced to share living accommodation with relatives and friends when they would much rather have homes of their own. The sick are being turfed out of hospital beds because of severe shortages and many are dying because of the cold and lack of medical support as a result.

The absolute levels of poverty are preventing people from heating their homes, feeding themselves, travelling, paying for essentials and are, as a result, encouraging the predicatory loan sharks to move in with their vicious threatening antics. The unemployed are being criticised by the Capitalists when reasonably paid jobs and opportunities are scarce on the ground. Well paid employees are being driven out of jobs in large numbers, in order to make way for cheaper, less experienced replacements.

The same old cynical comments are being made by the voices of the ‘Establishment’ such as ‘this is desperately disappointing’. For any socialists, comments like this are enough to make our blood boil. The Capitalist press and media do make occasional references to all of the above tragedies besetting Britain. Nowhere, however is reference made to the true cause of all of this unremitting misery, the sick Capitalist system being rammed down our throats!

The supposed ‘free’ press and media are almost entirely under the control of the ‘Establishment’ and ‘big business’ interests. The Leveson enquiry run by the ‘Establishment’ has, of course, made no reference to the urgent need of the socialist working class to have a voice in the media.

One of the major reasons for the poverty, which has even affected many people in work, has been the remorseless attack upon wages and conditions by the British Establishment with their ‘big business’ employer and political representatives. This has been most notable since the time of the Thatcher regime’s vicious attacks upon the Arthur Scargill led NUM .Further attacks by both Tory and Labour regimes have hit the NUM and any other trade unions that subsequently showed any hint of genuinely representing Britain’s working class. Those of us in employment have watched the purchasing power of our wages being driven down relentlessly. This is the truth behind the continuing decline of Britain and prominent economic thinkers like Australian Steve Keen have correctly commented that until this is massively reversed then there can be no recovery. A union movement with a new generation of socialist, militant and unrelentingly loyal and trustworthy working class representatives is desperately needed. Britain’s recovery is only possible with true socialism as the shining light to which our lives should be oriented.

November 2012 - British Capitalist politicians with no moral compass.

The foster care story emanating from Rotherham has generated lots of comment from major capitalist politicians. They are in the main critical of the decision of the Labour controlled Rotherham council. Even Ed Miliband has appeared to distance himself from his own local party. This is not the first instance of this as was seen over his criticism of support given by a local party in the south-east to travellers facing eviction earlier in the year.

Other notable contributors to the debate over Rotherham include Prime Minister Cameron, education minister Michael Gove and UKIP leader Nigel Farage and his deputy, Nutall, all critical of the local Labour Party decision.

Such is the complete lack of any morality in the thinking of the major political figures spouting forth that they have missed the major troubling factor in all this that needs to be tackled. This major item sneaked out in one media piece involving a UKIP spokesperson. The comment was made that the ‘host’ family was being deprived of opportunities concerning their foster care ‘business’.

Just as care home ‘businesses’ exist in Britain, so apparently do foster care ‘businesses’. For any socialist these very concepts are extremely troubling. Since when has the raising of children been regarded as a business? Surely, children’s upbringing should be guided by the concepts of love, care and education, not profit and loss accounts with their names attached!

Similarly, Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss accounts should not figure at all in the care of the sick and elderly. It should be the responsibility of the State to freely provide all these necessary services with the care and benefit of the relevant citizens in mind.

Any moral considerations such as the above seem to be out of reach of the minds of Britain’s Capitalist politicians. Without such moral compasses, these politicians can rightly be classified as ‘scum’. It would appear that their minds can only focus on ‘business opportunities’ (i.e. ‘exploitation’) to the exclusion of everything of true value.

November 2012 - Capitalist and Socialist election contrasts.

It has been a time of worldwide elections recently but the contrasting systems indicate the inherent sickness affecting the countries based on capitalist ideologies.

Whereas Hugo Chavez’ socialist victory in Venezuela was generally applauded as a triumph for transparency in an unambiguous result that even the Western capitalist media could find little fault with, the same could not be said of elections elsewhere. The turnout in Venezuela showed genuine mass support for the socialist policies being pursued with generally very high turnouts.

As a vivid contrast to this the US election involved billions of dollars being spent on the campaigns of two ideologically similar potential presidential contestants. The system is so corrupt in that country that one of the candidates, Romney even partly owned one of the companies involved in the voting procedure. The policies of these two candidates were virtually indistinguishable since both represented the interests of ‘big business’ and finance .The heavily controlled (by big business and finance) media gave little coverage to any other candidates. The American public therefore had very little choice presented to them and levels of turnout showed some indifference.

In China, a new generation of leadership has emerged from the system operated in that country. Unfortunately for their population, the introduction of capitalist influences has resulted in growing corruption and wealth discrepancies and the leadership has acknowledged the need to address these problems.

With elections looming in the ‘cuckoo in the Palestinian nest’, Zionist regime in the Middle East, the Netanyahu leadership have adopted the old ploy of whipping up patriotism (as with the Thatcher regime in Britain etc.) by forcing a conflict with the downtrodden people of Gaza. They are looking for votes out of the destruction of countless Palestinian lives. Natural justice would mean the Zionists reaping the whirlwind of their unjustified aggressions throughout the region.

In Britain, the ConDem regime has tried to ‘Americanise’ the running of the police force by introducing politically backed police commissioners in elections that the general public certainly did not call for. What the British public would dearly like and deserve is a vote on our withdrawal from the European Union. The lack of interest and disdain for the main capitalist political parties was shown in these elections. Two polling stations had no-one turn up at all. Average turnouts were approximating 15%. Candidates have been elected as commissioners, often with as little as 7% of the electorate voting for them and in some cases less than 4%. There is obviously no democratic mandate for these kind of pseudo ‘victories’. If there were, then Socialist Labour would already have elected members in Parliament and in the European Parliament. As in The USA, the British media is dominated by big business and financial interests and so coverage of minor parties (as with SLP standing in Cardiff South by-election) has been virtually negligible. The largely discredited BBC and other capitalist media sources have continually ‘wheeled out’ the same old tired right- wing capitalist political faces and views on programmes like ‘Question Time’ and in papers like the Daily Mail. The UKIP leader and his deputy seem to be political fixtures on many political TV programmes. The Establishment is obviously pushing that party of ‘big business and finance’ as an alternative to the largely discredited (by corruption etc.) capitalist parties represented in Parliament. Despite huge spending by UKIP on glossy election materials for the police commissioner elections, the public were not overly interested or impressed. In this instance, the wealthy establishment ‘backers’ have been unsuccessful.

We must fight to the utmost the ‘Americanisation’ of our elections so that ‘big business and financial’ influences are completely removed .The British public need a fair and level playing field put in place so that they can regain a real interest in the political alternative (i.e. Socialism) to the current rotten, corrupt, capitalist system. We look forward to the time when British electoral turnouts and interest in politics rival those in Venezuela and the capitalist media’s attempt to enforce political ‘stupor’ amongst Britain’s voters is eradicated.

October 2012 - Andrew Jordan - Cardiff South and Penarth candidate election leaflets.

The election leaflets for SLP Pesident and Cardiff South and Penarth candidate are now available to view on the regional information page for Wales. Click here to visit.

October 2012 - SLP complaint against BBC now forwarded to the Electoral Standards Committee.

The SLP complaint of electoral bias against the BBC has now been forwarded to the ESC after recent correspondance between the SLP Party President, Andrew Jordan and the BBC Trust. He has questioned the impartiality of the BBC on behalf of the party and we await further developments.

October 2012 - We say NO to brainwashing of the kids.

The plans of the main capitalist parties including the ConDems, Labour and UKIP to privatise education run alongside the introduction of business and military influences into the classroom. These are pernicious influences and should not be tolerated. The results of these types of influences have already been seen, in pre-war countries like Germany and Japan of the 1930’s, where mostly fascist businessmen and the military influenced education. The outcome was of course horrific. The Socialist Labour Party is steadfastly opposed to such influences being allowed across the threshold of our schools and educational facilities.

October 2012 - The SLP's Ken Capstick writes about his experiences at Orgreave.

To read the article click here.

October 2012 - Real opposition is needed.

The booing of the Labour Party leader Ed Miliband was, of course, hugely justified at yesterday’s London Rally. To spread the message that the working class must be further brought to it’s knees by even more cuts and austerity is beneath contempt. Behind his obnoxious words is, of course, the reality that the Labour Party is not functioning as it should by being a true opposition to the vicious class based attacks of the ConDem regime. The House of Commons is more like an old pals club where praise is heaped upon MP’s of other parties upon their cessation of Parliamentary term. If the Labour Party truly represented the working class, there would be none of this mutual back slapping. The front benches in Parliament are divided in theory by two sword lengths, implying that the opposition parties should be at each other’s throats. This is transparently not the case since many Labour Party MP’s could happily sit in the ranks of the Conservative Party. They get elected to Parliament by deception and falsehoods upon the unrepresented working class electorate. Backing these deceptions are many trade union leaders and officials who divert working class funding into these non-representative organisations. The Establishment uses the TUC to divert working class anger at capitalist exploitation into irrelevant and timewasting channels of inertia and non action.

This is why it is essential that the scales fall from the eyes of the working class and true socialist believing SLP members are elected to Parliament, where meaningful class war can be waged. Coupled with this development, we need true strike action en masse. Millions of working class need to take to the streets and the exploiters, including the financiers and bankers should be put behind bars where they can’t attack our people any more!

October 2012 - Unsavoury creeps of the Establishment who wield power and influence.

Following the ‘Establishment ‘ and capitalist media cover-up over the Hillsborough disaster, new revelations involving the BBC and Sir Jimmy Savile OBE, KCSG have recently come to public attention. This was the man who was so well connected that he apparently spent eleven annual Christmas days having dinner with the Thatchers. It would seem that there would be difficulty for most of us in discerning who was the creepiest, him or Mrs. Thatcher!

These sort of people have been the first to extol ‘Victorian values’, by this meaning that the working class should ‘know it’s place’. When one actually looks in any detail at the Victorian age, it becomes clear that there were usually two sets of morality. Public strict moral principles espoused by the high and mighty hid private sleaze and exploitation. Such times gave rise to children being sent up chimneys and the ‘underworld’ portrayed by Dickens (as in Oliver Twist) and the seedy setting for Jack the Ripper’s activities.

This same dual morality seems to be again highlighted by the recent ‘Savile revelations’. What poor choice of timing , therefore, for the leader of the Labour Party, Ed Miliband, to be singing up the praises of the Victorian Tory prime minister, Benjamin Disraeli. This creep slimed his way into the affection of Queen Victoria herself. The ‘one nation’ lies abstracted from Disraeli, being pedalled by Miliband , have also been repeated by Cameron and his unsavoury public school ‘Establishment’ cronies and are merely a re-run of the now infamous ‘all in it together’ lies of the last year or two. Who do they think they are kidding?

October 2012 - Socialism triumphant in Venezuela!

The SLP would like to congratulate Hugo Chavez on his victory in the Presidential election in Venezuela. The progressive socialist policies pursued by Chavez have again given him an election triumph in the South American country. The US funded opposition leader was forced to concede defeat in this transparently fair and democratic election. This was a significant defeat for the ‘evil empire’ in it’s efforts to dominate the South American continent.

There has been a huge contrast between the forward looking policies pursued by Venezuela, Cuba etc. and the regressive policies pursued by western capitalist countries which are designed to impoverish the masses and return us to Victorian times.

October 2012 - City corruption and Merv’s failed thinking.

The Conservatives, Labour and LibDems have all been complicit, whilst in government, of presiding over vast financial corruption in the City of London. They have all encouraged the financial crooks’ paradise that has been prevalent. This financial hub has had the most relaxed legal and financial regulations almost anywhere in the World. No wonder that some of the largest financial scandals of recent times, including those concerning Madoff and Lehman Bros. have been largely centred on London operations. Many American financial giants have brought operations here to avoid more stringent regulations at home. The scandalous fact is that there have been scarcely any prosecutions surrounding many of the recent financial scandals in London. We might expect such a situation under ConDem administrations. As the American lawyer, academic, author and former bank regulator, Professor William Kurt Black has stated recently, the Labour politicians have also been heavily implicated since that Party has a financial position on the extreme ‘right’ of politics. These financial scandals have dragged our Country to the current financial depths and criminal prosecutions of Capitalist politicians and corrupt bankers and financiers is the only way that this festering mess is going to begin to go away. In the meantime, the Establishment (including Capitalist politicians and media) continues it’s diversionary tactics of demanding that the rest of us pay for the heinous crimes that have been committed.

Governor of the Bank of England Mervyn King has recently appeared on the media admitting that billions of pounds have been poured, with the Bank of England’s assistance, into the pockets of the financial elite. His stated theory is that this has trickled down and has impacted the jobs market to the effect that things would have otherwise been far worse for Britain’s employees. We have some news for Merv. This is complete bunkum! Britain’s jobless situation (vastly understated by the Capitalist media and politicians) is far worse than is admitted and the ‘Quantative Easing’ etc. is just straightforward wealth redistribution to the pigs with the largest noses in the trough. The theory of ‘trickle down’ economics was proved to be complete nonsense under Thatcher and Blair’s governments. Only the Socialist Labour Party has any logical repost to these attacks upon the British working class. We know what is needed!

October 2012 - UK academics call for an end to media misrepresentation about the polls in Venezuela’s Presidential election.

Visit Venezuela Solidarity Campaign's website for the full article. Click here.

October 2012 - Labour Leadership’s Lies.

The Labour Party is having it’s annual conference in Manchester. The BBC have quite rightly stated that any decisions arrived at during this stage-managed load of farm excrement are completely meaningless and irrelevant. Any potential influences upon the Party’s policies from this event were removed years ago.

What is extremely irritating is that shadow ministers like Chuka Umunna will not publicly admit that they will continue the vicious austerity attacks upon Britain’s workers should Labour come back to power. Well we know the answer to this question, that the so called ‘love child’ of Blair and Mandelson won’t answer. OF COURSE THEY WILL!

No amount of flannel and verbal discharge can hide the basic fact that the New Blue Labour Party is run on behalf of the Capitalist elite of the Country. Most of the privatisations currently being rammed down the throats of the British people were begun under Blair and Brown’s administrations.

Union leaders such as Len McClusky pretend on the one hand to voice dissent at the prospect of even more savage cuts. In almost the same breath, they publicly support and applaud the speech of the Public school arch capitalist propagator Ed Balls. Balls was deeply involved in many of the worst aspects of privatisation and wealth distribution to the elite (along with Brown and the Milibands).

The Labour leaders must think that the British working class are complete idiots. The Leader, Ed Miliband is trying to cultivate the impression that he is your everyday comprehensive school educated average British chap. He is not. He was born to a highly privileged family, his father being a leading political academic. Ed Miliband spent two periods of education in the United States.

This is hardly the education open to the ordinary man in the street. These sort of people have nothing in common with the beliefs and values of the British working class.

The plain fact is that they are a bunch of cynical liars who continue to promise one thing to Labour’s working class voters whilst believing and acting the exact opposite to the complete detriment of the 99+ per cent.

September 2012 - "Socialism Did Not Fail!" - The view of Occupy Wall Street Member Caleb Maupin.

September 2012 - The campaign to ground the drones.

The Drones Campaign Network in the UK is organising a week of action to protest the growing use of armed drones from 6th – 13th October. The week coincides with the International Keep Space for Peace Week which focuses on the militarization of space.


September 2012 - The disgrace of capitalism is exposed throughout the world.

Here in Britain, the complete rottenness of our Capitalist institutions have been well and truly highlighted in the past week with real events surrounding the Hillsborough football deaths in 1989 finally surfacing. The Establishment organised a cover-up by producing lies, altering evidence and smearing the innocent. The police and politicians were the original instigators of the deceptions. The media, with Kelvin Mackenzie and the Sun in the vanguard, helped pump out the lying slurs. Even the BBC, filming the scenes live, could not provide the public with truthful evidence. Behind all this was the belief of institutions such as the South Yorkshire police that they were above the law and that working class lives were not to be valued. These were the same beliefs that had been encouraged by the Thatcher Government during the great miner’s strike of 1984-5. Class war had been declared against the lion hearts led by Arthur Scargill and was to continue in the area of South Yorkshire through to 1989 and probably beyond. The main Establishment enquiries into the events, under both Tory and Labour governments and outside police investigations still maintained the lying myths as the ‘truth’.

Again, in Britain, we are told that apart from the bankers and financiers bleeding us dry with corrupt speculation, the price of petrol has been manipulated and held artificially high by the same set of crooks at the apex of our financial system. Financial commentators have accused the BBC of downplaying the financial corruption. Capitalist politicians like Osborne are being jeered by massed crowds. The price of food throughout the world is being corruptly influenced and raised by the financial crooks of Wall Street and the City of London. Large masses of people are going hungry. No wonder that the slightest spark can set off the sort of reactions against the US, Israel and other capitalist countries that we are seeing on a global scale.

The British workers, too often misled by reactionary union leaders, are finally gaining the resolve to take action against capitalist robbery and oppression by calling for general strikes. The reactionary TUC , as it did in 1926, is doing all in it’s power to pour cold water upon such vital actions. The mantra arises that we cannot take actions that may break the (capitalist) laws. In that case no potentially progressive rights would have ever been won in Britain, since fighting unjust laws has provided the working class with a glorious history (with events such as the civil wars, the chartist risings, the suffragette campaigns and the miners strikes immediately springing to mind).

In Europe, the capitalist politicians are unable to reverse the deepening financial chaos produced by the EU. The US backed IMF is itching to get its sleazy and corrupt anti- working class ‘claws’ into several struggling European countries. Calls for even greater centralisation (with Germany pulling many financial ‘strings’) have led to reaction in various countries against any establishment of a ‘Fourth Reich’.

Even in America itself, the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ spokespersons such as Caleb Maupin are saying that capitalism is in it’s death throes and a socialist way forward is the only answer. The heat is on and only a spark is required for socialism to explode upon the scene. Britain, as elsewhere, is in dire need for this development.

September 2012 - Andrew Jordan - Cardiff South and Penarth by-election video.

September 2012 - SLP backs Union calls for General Strike.

The Socialist Labour Party fully backs the calls from Unions including GMB and Unison for a General Strike. The coalition's attacks upon British Workers needs answering in the starkest terms. British Workers are not prepared to pay for the financial difficulties that have been forced upon them by the reckless actions of financiers and bankers. These bankers are fully backed and have legal and political protection from the major capitalist political parties including Labour, Lib Dem and the Conservatives. Those responsible and those who have accumulated obscene wealth despite this current crisis should be made to pay for this situation which is solely of their making.

September 2012 - Notes on SLP Weekend meeting in Derbyshire.

Supporters throughout England and Wales attended a joint SLP, Venezuela Solidarity Campaign weekend ‘day school’ in Swadlincote on Saturday 8th September. We were hugely privileged to have included among our guest speakers, the Cuban Ambassador, Esther Armenteroz and the National Secretary of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, Dr. Francisco Dominguez. The meeting was chaired by SLP’s Nick Wroughton.

The first speaker, on the subject of the Economy, was SLP treasurer Ken Capstick. His speech covered topics such as the Thatcher- Reagan neoliberalism, credit card debt, banks spreading risk via credit default swaps etc., the black holes of debt on their balance sheets and their global nature. He recalled how the miners had fought against capitalism and touched on the subject of last summer’s riots.

The next speaker was Welsh SLP’s Kathryn Jones on the nuclear issue. She recalled her years of peaceful protest at Greenham Common. She lambasted the worldwide nuclear industry and identified the need for nuclear products by our defence industry in the preparation of nuclear weapons as a reason for the Government insisting upon the retention of a nuclear industry in Britain. She recalled how in 1978 there were still 2000 people per year dying as a result of the American nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. She also mentioned BBC ‘censorship’ in relation to nuclear debate in which she had participated.

Two speakers addressed the subject of Cuba. Cuban Ambassador Esther Armenteroz recalled her upbringing in Buena Vista (of ‘Social Club fame). She recalled how the revolution had benefitted the population and how she had gone into rural communities to help eradicate illiteracy. The revolution had given dignity to the ‘have nots’ in Cuba. She touched on the modern day Cuban cooperation with other South American countries including Equador, Nicaragua and Venezuela. Furthermore, she spoke of the country’s particular strength in bio-technology and renewable energy industries. Cuba, she emphasised was embarking upon a programme which they regarded as ‘modernisation’ but were still hampered by the US trade sanctions etc. which have gone on for over 50 years. These touch upon all aspects of Cuban life including items that we in the West take for granted, such as insurance matters. Unlike in the West, Cuba takes measures to eradicate any corruption in society.

SLP West Midland’s Shangara Singh recalled his recent highly enjoyable visit to Cuba as part of an SLP delegation and also his previous trips to the Country. He emphasised his enthusiasm for it’s culture and way of life and how much we have to learn from it’s benevolent influence in the world. He mentioned the wonderful hospitality and places of interest seen during the delegation’s visit.

The following speaker, on the subject of Venezuela, was Dr. Francisco Dominguez (National Secretary of VSC). He stated that the country could be regarded as either blessed or cursed by its oil reserves since these made it attractive to the U.S. On Hugo Chavez coming to power around 1998, the price of oil sold to the Americans per barrel was around $8. The U.S. was in fact being subsidised by Venezuela. It has now risen to around $105 per barrel. Poverty in 1998 affected 68% of the population, it is now down to 28%. Cuban help invited into the Country helped eradicate illiteracy in one and a half years. Venezuelan doctors from the upper classes were primarily interested in performing plastic surgery. Chavez, therefore, invited in 20,000 Cuban doctors in order to meet the Country’s health needs.

The Americans were, of course, extremely unhappy with these developments and carried out a ‘coup’ in 2002. Popular pressure brought to bear by the population on key military units etc. helped overcome this two day phenomenon and Chavez was rightfully restored to power. One Labour Party M.P. had already produced an article in the media welcoming Chavez’ removal from office!

With elections due later this year, he has a huge popular lead over his ‘right wing’ rival whose campaign is being backed by vast amounts of American money. When Chavez duly wins, we are told to expect Western capitalist media to go into overdrive to denounce ‘fraudulent’ elections which will be nothing of the sort.

The final topic of discussion was Europe and the European Union. This was addressed by both Paul Liversuch of SLP East Midlands and Andrew Jordan, the Party President. One main area of emphasis lay in describing the undemocratic structures of the EU. It was stated that 85% of UK laws by-pass Parliament since they are produced from this largely unelected bureaucracy called the EU. It was particularly interesting to note that the flow of capital in the European Union was generally from West to East whilst that of Labour was from East to West.

This free movement of capital and labour is causing mayhem amongst member countries and is only benefitting the owners of big business and industry. Economic migration from within the E.U. has been a significant problem for Britain in recent times.

A further issue that was mentioned is the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The policies that have been produced have led to food waste. People have been paid not to produce food and others to destroy it in order to help maintain food prices. This comes at a time of large levels of starvation throughout the world and is a disgrace.

The political aspect of the EU as it touched upon Scotland and Wales was mentioned. Elements within their societies are calling for independence from Britain yet at the same time they are calling for deeper integration within Europe. There is an obvious illogicality in taking up such political positions which can only end up in further democratic ‘deficit’ by ‘hitching wagons’ to the largely undemocratic E.U.

September 2012 - Panic and disarray amongst the ‘Establishment’.

The disarray amongst the Coalition running the Country has been highlighted over recent days by Clegg’s call for a ‘wealth tax’ immediately being ‘slapped down’ by Chancellor Osborne.

The obvious reason for Clegg to bring this idea forward is the potential political ‘wipeout’ that his Party is facing electorally. The British population have seen the blatant lies from the LibDems over the increased levels of tuition fees, when public pledges not to increase them have proven worthless. Could anyone seriously believe any other ‘pie in the sky’ proposals from these charlatans? The real reason for the introduction of the idea is purely to placate and divert the views of deeply discontented and vanishing LibDem grass roots opinion.

The whole purpose of the Tory party (along with other capitalist parties) is to transfer wealth from the masses to the ‘super rich’ and so Osborne’s reaction is no surprise to anyone. Tory, LibDem and Labour parties have been extremely successful in this wealth transfer to the rich over recent decades. Mandelson said that the Labour Party was ‘intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich’. The supposed ‘trickle down effect’ of heaping riches on the wealthiest as advocated by the ‘Thatcherites’, ’Blairites’ etc. has proven to be completely illusionary. The true effect has been to produce financial chaos and general discontent and misery.

Aside from Clegg, the Labour Party’s Lord Dennis Healey has also been reported as having raised such redistribution diversions in the past. Although denied in some quarters, it is widely believed that he threatened to ‘soak the rich ‘until the ‘pips squeak’. This is, however, the same Healey that took on the then ‘left’ of the Labour Party in the election for deputy leader. He also brought in the International Monetary Fund’s assistance, helping to drive down the wealth and conditions of Britain’s workers, which led directly to the ‘winter of discontent’. He has also, in the past, been a prominent frequenter of the infamous capitalist Bilderberg group’s meetings.

Healey, was apparently of the impression that having looked into the ‘wealth tax option’, it would prove to be impractical. There seems to be a view perpetrated and disseminated by the ‘political right’ in Britain that insurmountable problems will arise in trying to impose a ‘wealth tax’ or any other taxes on the rich for that matter. Actions against use of tax havens and tax avoidance schemes by the wealthy are already well overdue in Britain. In contrast, such problems over introducing wealth taxes don’t seem to be there in other countries such as France or some Scandinavian countries etc. The miniscule wealth tax in France, however, is hardly sufficient to redress the decades of asset transfers from the poor to the rich. Alternatively, the only sensible solution for Britain’s economy and society would be a significant wealth tax in order to help adjust for the huge disparities in wealth that have been encouraged by successive British capitalist regimes and which have bred such justified hostility against the financial elites and have helped create the current ongoing financial chaos and breakdown in society.

The only comment about the Clegg proposal from the Labour Party so far has been to criticise the hypocrisy of the LibDems, who after all voted at budget time for tax breaks and reduced rates for the super rich. It isn’t worthwhile the working class holding their breaths for any Labour Party actions to redistribute wealth in any egalitarian way. Their Party history over the decades points to exactly the opposite.

On the other hand, large scale progressive redistribution is the name of the game for Socialist Labour, which, in due course, will bring financial stability to our people, help dispel the current social and political discontent and eliminate capitalism and its inherent exploitation of the masses.

August 2012 - ‘No chance’ with BBC if there is a whiff of the ‘left’.

The Labour Party supporting Baroness Joan Bakewell has been told by the outgoing Director-General of the BBC that there can be no statue erected in memory of George Orwell because he was ‘too left wing’.

From the perspective of many of us on the ‘left’, Orwell was an ‘Old Etonian’ who, in 1949 gave British intelligence the names of around 36 or37 prominent figures in British public life (including actors Charlie Chaplin and Michael Redgrave and singer Paul Robeson) who he perceived as being ‘pro Soviet Union’. Some definition of ‘left wing’!

This viewpoint from the hierarchy of the BBC means in effect that anyone genuinely representing ‘left-wing’ views has no chance of being treated with any sympathy whatsoever by the organisation.

We therefore show below the latest correspondence between our Party President and the State’s leading broadcaster:-

9th August 2012

Dear Mr Jordan,

Thank you for your letter of 26th July, escalating your complaint about a report on the Six O'Clock News on BBC1 and the News Channel on Wednesday, 25th April. You suggest that the report demonstrated electoral bias against the Socialist Labour Party because it did not include any reference to the SLP. It made reference to Respect, UKIP, the English Democrats, the BNP and the Green Party.

I am sorry that you remain dissatisfied with the responses you have received from Ric Bailey, the BBC's Chief Political Adviser. He has explained the editorial guidelines that governed the reporting of smaller parties in May's local council elections in England. He has also explained that, in line with the BBC's editorial guidelines, editorial judgement drove the decisions about which of the smaller parties to include in that report. In other words, editors asked: Is there a relevant news context prevailing or a topical news issue that makes it important to include, say, the BNP or the English Democrats.

I am sorry that you disagree with guidelines - the draft of which I understand you were invited to comment on - which in effect, enable editors to use their discretion and journalistic judgement when deciding coverage. Clearly news is an inexact science: a story of relevance to some in our audiences may well be of less significance to others. In this instance, as has already been outlined in Ric Bailey's letters to you, there was a news justification for including each of the parties referenced, in a report for the UK network about the English local council elections.

Rather than go over exactly the same ground again, if you remain dissatisfied with my response, it would be open for you to appeal to the BBC Trust. If you wish to contact the Trust, your correspondence should be addressed within 20 working days to Lucy Tristram, Complaints Manager at the BBC Trust Unit, 180 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 5QZ, or you may wish to email;

Yours sincerely, Helen Boaden Director, BBC News Group.

17th August 2012

Dear Ms Tristram,

Following correspondence, which has taken place in the most part with Mr Ric Bailey Chief Advisor, Editorial Policy and Standards at the BBC, I am now approaching you regarding the second complaint the Socialist Labour Party has had to make to the BBC this year.

On January 22nd 2012 the BBC apologised to the SLP on BBC Radio 4 and in writing for comments made about the Party. We accepted the apologies on our part and we thought that we had moved on.

On Wednesday 25th April 2012, however, the BBC demonstrated further electoral bias against the Socialist Labour Party.

At approximately 18:25 on April 25th 2012 on BBC News, as broadcast on BBC1 and the BBC News Channel, the BBC ran a story on ‘smaller parties’ contesting the local elections in Britain this May. The list of parties mentioned included UKIP, Green Party, English Democrats, British National Party and the Respect Party. It did not include the Socialist Labour Party.

You can see the arguments that have been put forward on this matter in the history of my correspondence as attached.

Mr Bailey in his letter to me, dated 18th July 2012, explained why each party in turn was mentioned in the news broadcast. There is an acknowledgement that both the Green Party and UKIP fielded sufficient candidates at this year’s local elections as set out in the election guidelines. As for the other three parties mentioned in the broadcast, namely the Respect Party, English Democrats and British National Party, none of them met the minimum candidate requirement.

Mr Bailey in his letter explains that it was George Galloway’s recent by-election victory in Bradford which was the justification for the Respect Party being mentioned in spite of the fact they fielded less candidates in this year’s local elections than the SLP.

It is, however, when you get down to Mr Bailey’s justifications for the inclusion of the BNP and English Democrats that things get rather woollier.

The BNP’s inclusion is justified by Mr Bailey because the BNP had “modest hopes at this election” and because “their leader says this is a rebuilding phase after an internal power struggle”. Surely, as a polar opposite to this, the growth in support for the SLP is just as justifiable for inclusion in such a broadcast as any such mention of the BNP? Let us not forget that the SLP polled more votes than the BNP in last year’s Scottish Parliamentary and Welsh Assembly elections – the most recent national elections to take place in Britain.

The English Democrats inclusion is justified by Mr Bailey because “....their campaign had some topicality, namely, the referenda for elected Mayors in English cities....” I do find this attempted justification rather worrying, firstly because it is a very weak attempt at a justification and secondly because as a result the BBC is saying that irrespective of size, support, electoral record etc if a party makes a comment on any topical issue it can be mentioned on a broadcast solely at the BBC’s discretion. All you need do is look at any of our literature and you will see it covers not just one but a whole range of topical issues ranging from tax avoidance and evasion to the European Union and to issues such as social housing and many, many more.

It is evident from the level, and incorrect nature, of the research that Mr Bailey had on our Party that the BBC never intended to mention the SLP in the news broadcast of April 25th 2012. For this the BBC should apologise to us and our hundreds of thousands of supporters.

I was disappointed with the content, or in fact lack of content, in Ms Boaden’s letter dated August 9th2012. Aside from merely providing an overview of the issue, and then suggesting that I contact the BBC Trust about this matter, the only thing Ms Boaden does is state that I disagree with the guidelines – which I do not. What I disagree with is the justifications provided for including the political parties that did not meet the minimum quota of candidates to guarantee a mention on the broadcast whilst not including the Socialist Labour Party.

The BBC, it is clear to say, never wanted to mention the SLP in its broadcast. The BBC have demonstrated by their actions in 2012 that they are trying to stunt the growth the SLP has seen in terms of electoral support over the last few years by cutting all mention of us out of its broadcasts; except of course for the “now defunct” comment made on BBC Radio 4 in January of this year.

I am standing as a candidate for the Cardiff South and Penarth by-election that is due later in autumn. It is interesting to note that the BBC, despite being sent press releases from SLP Cymru/Wales, has not mentioned my candidacy in any articles, yet at the same time it has mentioned confirmed candidates from the other parties contesting the election. Following numerous ‘tweets’ by members of the public asking for election impartiality from the BBC, after becoming aware of the BBC’s silence on my candidacy, the BBC still has not given any acknowledgement of our standing in this important by-election. Further evidence, as if it was needed, that the BBC is committed to keeping the SLP out of the public eye.

Yours Sincerely, Andrew Jordan Party President Socialist Labour Party

August 2012 - Complete and incompetent subservience of British regime in Assange case.

The Thatcher worshiping ex ‘boy wonder’, William Hague has well and truly brought the British regime into disrepute by his threatened forcible attack upon the sovereignty of the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Apart from the sickening grovelling to U.S. pressure for Assange and Wikileaks to be ‘silenced’ by ultimate American ‘kangaroo court’ injustice (via Sweden etc.), the implications of Hague’s actions and statements set back the world cause of international diplomacy by hundreds of years.

As the progressive President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa has said, the British threats have ‘violated inter-American law’. They have ‘violated all international law’. They have ‘violated the Vienna Convention’. They have also ‘violated all diplomatic traditions of at least the last 300 years on a global scale’.

These laws and conventions are not there by accident. They have emerged over hundreds of years of trial and error. They are designed to oil the wheels of civilised world relationships.

Similar violations have seen some catastrophic consequences:- Hitler disregarded the Treaty of Versailles by illegally re-arming Germany which led in great measure to World War 11.

Recent American Presidents, including Reagan and Clinton helped overturn the U.S. Glass-Steagall Act, originally designed to prevent banking speculation which aggravated the Great Depression of the 1930’s. The recent overturning has greatly contributed to the current, worldwide, banking fiasco led, economic turmoil.

Similarly, Israel has continued to defy International law and UN resolutions regarding Palestine. The Levy report of 2012 has indicated that international law doesn’t apply in the West Bank. Again, such contempt for internationally agreed norms can only lead to future turmoil and bloodshed in the region, if not beyond.

Apart from the insanity of Hague’s actions, we have to ask what moronic advice is being given to the small minded capitalist politicians from the Civil Service mandarins? It is time for a clearout at the top of British society. Socialist views and actions would bring back some sanity into the governance of our people.

August 2012 - Political establishment encourages the huge, continuing and growing social divisions within Britain.

Recent events and news have emphasised the huge and growing social divisions within Britain. The cynical outpourings from the 'Establishment' politicians continue to attempt to blind the mass of the population from the unnecessary realities of life that they are forced to bear.

We have, consequently, seen Government spokespersons proclaiming the need for more sporting activities to be incorporated into school agendas. Mayor Boris Johnson has even gone as far as calling for two hours of sporting activity per day in schools. Some of us would have relished such opportunities during our time at school but the reality is that Government educational and regulatory demands in other directions run counter to such thinking. These include rigid, time consuming exam and testing structures and excessive oversight from Ofsted inspections. Furthermore, the policy of successive Labour and ConDem governments has been to deprive state schools of sporting facilities. School sports playing fields have continued to be sold off for financial reasons that mostly benefit private individuals rather than the community. Again, any specialist sports coaching in state schools has also been reined back for financial reasons.

It is the height of cynicism for ministers to come on to the media and say this is 'not' or 'not only' about money. The teachers and parents know that in the vast majority of cases IT IS!

The opportunities for the poorest in society therefore contrast sharply with the generally much better funded private school sector. Many sporting activities included in the Olympic Games are out of the financial reach of ordinary people. The rowing events are largely the preserve of public schoolboys and the privileged. Yachting and equestrian activities are normally well out of reach of the pockets of potential working class competitors. Other sports such as shooting require expensive equipment purchases and appropriate training facilities. As a society we should be calling for equal sporting opportunities for all!

Another area of inequality that has been highlighted recently has involved the large scale of illegalities perpetrated by the banks and other financial institutions. We have seen cases of banks reported as involved in illegal money laundering and support for terrorist organisations on the back of huge manipulation of smuggled drugs related monies. In the meantime, the funding of the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has been cut by 40%.The capitalist politicians are giving a clear message of 'hands off' where the financial sector is concerned. We can't even be sure that some of the regulators are not 'in the pockets' of the bankers and financiers. Indeed, one leading financial 'insider' and commentator in the media has said that ALL compliance officers on Wall Street are 'dirty' (i.e. can be 'bought off' from investigating wrong doing).

We therefore have the situation where, although the appropriate laws and regulations are said to be in place, few are acted upon. The London financial sector is said by some to be less regulated than elsewhere but whatever the situation, there appears to be complete financial anarchy, with the vast majority of the large scale corruption going unpunished.

Contrast this with last years' inner city summer riots when we had the example of kids being jailed for stealing as little as a bottle of water. Are we going back to the times when they could be hung for stealing a loaf of bread? We already have real hunger within large numbers of the British population with cases of bloated stomachs in children due to malnutrition being reported.

The 'Agreement of the people' presented for adoption at the Putney debates in 1647 called for 'Equality before the law'. After 365 years we are no nearer in getting it. Other equalities such as financial (largely affected by tax havens and avoidance) and educational seem also to be becoming ever more distant whilst the Capitalist parties of the Establishment continue to line the pockets of the super rich (and their own) at the expense of the 99+ per cent.

August 2012 - BBC Bias against the SLP - Updated 02.08.12.

Click here to see the full email correspondence between SLP President Andrew Jordan and the BBC.

July 2012 - The complete twaddle that nutty Norman should lament.

BBC discussion programmes such as 'Any Questions? all too frequently have panellists whose right-wing political views are so outlandish that opponents are left open-mouthed in astonishment when hearing them. Many of the Murdoch Empire cronies such as Kelvin Mackenzie fall into this category. Melanie Phillips, who was quoted on several occasions in the writings of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Brevik, is another. A further example made an appearance last week. Norman Lamont, John Major's right-hand man during the 'Black Wednesday' financial debacle was spouting about the current shambles involving the private contractor for Olympics security, G4S. This incompetent, overpaid company has needed the public sector to bail it out by the need for supplies of police and troops at short notice. Lamont tried to defend the 'private sector' by giving an example of where it was supposed to be superior to the 'public sector'. What an example to choose! - the running of Britain's railways!

Anyone with just the basic knowledge of railways knows that in both Britain and the United States, private railways have, in the past, had to be bailed out by the state because of their gross incompetence and because of their financial unsustainability. The unification of Britain's railways under state control is once again being demanded by all rational railway enthusiasts and the rail unions. Any problems that have arisen in the past relating to public ownership of the railways arose because of political hostility. Both Labour and Tory Governments since the second World War have starved the railways of funds and have consistently run them into the ground. What should have been a public service was decimated under the Beeching axe and subsequent Labour Government cuts (Barbara Castle being a prominent figure in this). It is no secret that Dr. Beeching was called in by Tory Transport Minister Ernie Marples who just so happened to run a motorways building company. Ernie wanted to do away with competition to his commercial road building interests.

In the heydays of railways, when for a time funding was reasonable, there were plenty of staff employed in order to give the public help and advice. Nowadays, with privatisation, smaller stations are frequently unstaffed with machines supplying tickets (if they haven't broken down).Often the advice and guidance needed in purchasing tickets etc. at these stations is non-existent.

Care for the public in supplying refreshments and other services at these small stations used to be a consideration. Not under privatisation!

The results of privatisation often include the unnecessary pricing out of large sections of the public. Those that can afford rail travel often end up in cramped overcrowded carriages of trains running far too infrequently. A recent example of the lack of care for the public is the announced cutting down of links between London and the West Country. This comes at a time when Plymouth airport has been closed down!

Not only are the public being deprived of a reasonable service. Residual railway staff are being financially exploited by these privatised companies who earn such nicknames as 'Virgin on the ridiculous'. The funds that should be ploughed into giving a good nationwide rail service are ending up in the pockets of money grabbing capitalist exploiters. Safety considerations have also been hugely compromised by rail privatisation.

Norman Lamont's comments are therefore diametrically opposed to what is required in Britain. The rail network should once again be expanded by a unified state-owned British Railway organisation run in the interests of the general public. Capital expenditures would provide job opportunities. Furthermore, as SLP policy advises, there is a desperate need to free up our roads by putting heavy transport goods back on to the railways.

July 2012 - Labour politicians and the Establishment are exposed as having sold out the British people.

The real reason why Gordon Brown sold off much of Britain's gold reserves at knockdown prices has recently emerged in the national press. Apparently, an American bank was in danger of collapse because it had a shortfall in it's gold reserves (2 tonnes). Brown's intervention forced down the price of gold, enabling this foreign bank to overcome it's difficulties. It was said that the treasury was pushing for as low a price as possible for the British gold.

The advice on this course of action was, it appears, provided to Brown by an ex- Goldman Sachs banker by the name of Gavyn Davies. He had also worked in Harold Wilson's policy unit and was an economic advisor to Callaghan from 1976-1979. Davies' wife Sue has been a private secretary to P.M. Gordon Brown. Gavyn Davies was subsequently (on the recommendation of Tessa Jowell) appointed as Chairman of the BBC from 2001-2004.He was a proponent of privatisation of some of the broadcaster's functions whilst in this post.

The knockdown sale of Britain's gold reserves occurred in 1999. It might be worth noting that Ed Miliband was an advisor to Gordon Brown from 1997-2000. Ed Balls had been an economic advisor to Brown from 1994 and was chief economic advisor to the Treasury from 1997. The people responsible for this massive Government intervention in offloading our gold reserves have received no sanctions. At least the Nazis received jail and opprobrium when they relieved their victim Countries of stored gold reserves.

Such interventions into the market have recently surfaced again with the exposure of the Libor rate scandal. The complicity of the Bank of England, the Treasury the commercial banks, the City of London and the mainstream media in these market manipulation rackets are now coming to light.

The big question hanging over all these financial shenanigans is why haven't there been any prosecutions? The business and finance journalist Ian Fraser has come up with some clarification to back up our suspicions. He says that much of the financial sector rot set in with the Thatcher deregulation of 1986. In 1987, some high level employees of County NatWest covered up a failed £873 million issue of new stock involving the Blue Arrow organisation. Four men were convicted in the affair after investigation by the Serious Fraud Office. The Establishment were very unhappy about this, however and organised it so that the Court of Appeal quashed the convictions. The S.F.O. were told that this must never happen again. Ian Fraser says that this type of criminal case in 1992 was the last one to date.

In the year 2000, Labour's Blair and Brown had a strategy of 'the race to the bottom' for financial regulation. The Financial Services Market Act was brought in which stipulated that the competitiveness of the 'City' was more important than the rule of law. Ian Fraser says that we shouldn't hold our breaths in waiting for future prosecutions.

It seems obvious from all this that because there appears to be legal immunity for the most privileged in society, then there is an overwhelming need for the law as well as our political institutions to be completely overhauled. The bankers and financiers are beginning to feel the pressure from the masses and it is said that they are organising moves to private islands with special protection service staff being brought in. Our answer to all this is that if they are physically and legally untouchable, then there might eventually be the need for no-fly zones to be implemented (as in Libya) over such hideaways.

July 2012 - Mainstream UK media constantly trying to push a right-wing agenda.

The Socialist Labour Party which was re-launched in 1996 has constantly called for withdrawal from the European Union. The reason for this is that we regard it as a totally undemocratic capitalist club run by bankers and the financial elites in the interests of the (probably less than) one per cent privileged. The capitalist politicians are in the pockets of the bankers and as one commentator has recently said, they are probably in a position to blackmail each other. With daily revelations of huge corruption and law breaking by the banks, there have been no prosecutions of guilty parties when the scandals come to light. It seems that both Labour and ConDem governments have been in collusion with sanctioned illegalities in order to prop up the ailing banks. Interest rates on transactions mentioned to be in the order of $350 trillion worldwide have been falsified.

The Parliamentary consensus is to call for politically controlled enquiries. The advantage is to kick any potential prosecutions into the long grass and blow smoke into the eyes of the public. We have previously seen about 5 enquiries into the Iraq War and still the war criminals like Blair, Hoon, Straw and other conspirators remain at large. The whitewash of the Hutton enquiry was something to behold in it's subversion of justice and the truth. The briefing of media probing Leveson enquiry witnesses before their appearances remove it's cutting edge.

In order to prop up the ailing Eurozone, the latest plans are for more political and financial integration. In truth, this means that the people of Europe will have even less say in who governs them, so the imposed rulers provided by the banking community will move in to other Countries besides Greece and Italy.

Newly agreed details can be seen by clicking here.

Bearing in mind the distinctive political stance of the SLP in wishing to totally withdraw from the capitalist EU club when compared to many other political groupings on the left of British politics, it is amazing that our policy never receives any coverage from the mainstream media. We wish to trade throughout the world with no bar on Countries such as Cuba, The whole of the British Commonwealth would welcome the opportunity to once more trade in fairness with the UK In contrast to.our lack of coverage, the UKIP party of the right seems to have constant coverage.It's leader, Nigel Farage seems to be a permanent fixture in any discussions on our relationship with Europe. This seems a deliberate Establishment policy of boosting the electoral prospects of right wing opposition to EU membership at our expense. We have had no mainstream coverage of our political position on Europe since 1996.

This level of censorship is amazing.

The Blairite Mandelson anti-socialist group of pro Europeans is another that is also exceptionally well represented in media discussions on Europe. Despite the disaster hitting countries that have joined the Euro currency union, spokesmen for this group, like Will Hutton still insist that we should join the single currency. Such spokespersons have disastrous track records.Unlike the SLP, these people did not see the financial crash of 2008 coming. Why then are they given air time? Isn't it about time that some fair and balanced political debate featuring both left and right in politics was allowed by our sclerotic media?

July 2012 - Crime and Punishment - by Ken Capstick.

ALTHOUGH those responsible at Barclays Bank should in my view face criminal charges for the fixing of the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), and in any case many bankers should be in prison cells anyway given their illegal activities over the past 6 years, it is a fact that while the mass media has been chasing the LIBOR rate scandal far worse criminals managed to sneak almost unnoticed under the radar.

This report appeared in today's (03 July 2012) newspaper i the 20p sister paper of the Independent:

GlaxoSmithKline 'bribed doctors' By Stephen Foley


"GlaxoSmithKline, the UK's largest drug maker, tricked and bribed doctors into prescribing children with dangerous antidepressants, it was revealed last night.

The company will pay $3bn (£1.9bn) to settle a slew of charges in the United States after admitting a multi-year criminal scheme to hide unhelpful scientific evidence, manipulate articles in medical journals and lavish gifts on sympathetic doctors.

The drug at the centre of the scheme, the blockbuster pill Paxil, which is branded Seroxat in Britain, has since been banned for use by children because it can make them suicidal.

Company managers all the way up to GSK's chief executive, Sir Andrew Witty, will have their pay and bonuses clawed back if there is any further wrongdoing under the terms of a wide-ranging settlement with the Department of Justice."

So for deliberately and knowingly endangering the lives of children with a drug they knew to be unsuitable they will lose their pay and bonuses ONLY if there is "any further wrongdoing" In my view these criminals should be sent to jail for life.

The report goes on to say:

"GSK admitted illegally marketing several of its drugs for uses that had not been approved by safety regulators and documents released by the Justice Department detailed the luxurious conferences in exotic climes where paid-for scientific speakers hyped up the conclusions of dubious academic papers.

GSK held eight "Paxil forum" events in Puerto Rico, Hawaii and California, where hundreds of doctors were treated to snorkelling, horse-riding, sailing, deep-sea fishing, balloon rides and spa treatments and given an "honorarium" of $750 in cash. The Company knew it was worth paying for these kinds of boondoggles; it monitored the doctors who attended and found they significantly increased prescriptions of Paxil in the months after the event.

Paxil, once GSK's best selling drug, was never approved for use by children but because doctors were free to use their discretion, the company had a strong incentive to steer the medical profession to scientific studies that suggested it might be helpful to under-18s diagnosed with depression. Those studies were paid for by GSK itself. Sales reps for Paxil even called on paediatricians to highlight the studies.

The settlement - $1bn in criminal fines, $2bn in civil penalties – also resolve claims that GSK billed government-run healthcare plans too much for many drugs.

Sir Andrew said, 'I want to express our regret'

Oh well, that's nice of him.


The company pleaded guilty to criminal charges relating to the marketing of Paxil for use by children between 1999 and 2003 when it failed to reveal the existence of two scientific studies that showed the drug was ineffective in treating childhood depression. Cut out important caveats to the conclusion of a third study that suggested it may improve a small number of symptoms in children; overhyped the conclusions of that study after it was published, in conferences and distributed it to doctors.

GSK also illegally promoted Wellbutrin, another antidepressant, for the treatment of adult impotence, obesity and attention deficit, according to its guilty plea yesterday.

Now GSK will submit to a "corporate integrity agreement" with the US government that involves a shake-up of its remuneration plan for senior managers and executives and reflects changes already made to sales practices.


So basically they have got away with it.

Beverley Allitt was called "The Angel of Death" for her hideous crimes against children. Why not GlaxoSmithKline?

July 2012 - Paraguay Coup.

The recent coup in Paraguay has been planned by the Fascist Obama administration in the U.S. for some time. The Americans are very upset that their 'School of the Americas' torture department has not maintained the control over South America that they expected. New ideas, such as 'Parliamentary' coups are therefore now added to their list of regime change weapons.

Click here for more info.

June 2012 - The Labour Party - How cynical can you get?

Elements connected with the Labour Party are apparently asking for limited nationalisation of one or two sectors of the economy to be put back on the Party's agenda. These same elements are also calling for there to be criticism of some aspects of Capitalism.

Those of us who have viewed this party over the decades well know it's track record of cynicism as far as policy is concerned. These demands somehow never seem to appear or be relevant when the Party is in power. In fact the exact opposite occurs when Labour obtains a Parliamentary majority.

The need then is for wholesale privatisation and the bolstering of the capitalist system. The Party says one thing in order to get elected. It then does exactly the opposite having secured the necessary, undeserved support of the working class.

The last Labour Government of Blair and Brown in fact went along privatisation roads that even the Tories were wary to venture down.

They introduced privatisations into transport, the post office services, public utilities, defence services and media operations. In education they introduced the privatised academies and perhaps most sinister of all, they furthered the work of the Tory Major government in partially privatising the Health service.

The PFI initiatives introduced by Labour enabled money lenders and the banks to make huge financial killings by schemes requiring huge debt repayments for decades to come – at no risk- taken from the public purse. These schemes are now coming home to roost as local hospitals are forced to cut their services and whole sections of the Health Service become threatened with financial closure.

The same Labour Party supporting 'critics' of capitalism had nothing to say when Gordon Brown's Government poured hundreds of billions into the pockets of the bankers in an attempt to prop up the floundering capitalist system.

You can be sure of one thing with the Labour Party politicians. If they say one thing in opposition, the opposite is likely to appear from them in Government. If they say one thing in public then they are most likely to believe the exact opposite in private.

June 2012 - Capstick slams new labour.

KEN CAPSTICK SLP Treasurer, speaking to a packed hall, at the University of London addressed the current economic crisis and its root causes. His 35 minute speech was punctuated with applause as he attacked Tory, New Labour and LibDems for pursuing neo-liberal free-market policies that allowed unregulated banks to gamble away the hard-earned wealth of ordinary working people.

He lambasted Tony Blair and Gordon Brown for their adherence to Thatcherite policies and attacked Ed Miliband, who he referred to as Ed Miniblair, for his weak opposition to the cuts. "It is clear that he is a weak and ineffectual leader" He said.

"New Labour is saying it will implement the coalition cuts but not as fast. They are promising slower agony for working class people with the same purpose as the Tories – to save the rich."

Ken went on to praise the striking Spanish miners, as well as those protesting in almost every capital city in the world that deserved the support of workers everyway, he told the meeting.

Interviewed following his speech he called on all trade unions to reconsider their affiliation to New Labour.

"It is no good making fighting speeches at galas while handing over vast sums of money to a party that is the enemy of our class." He said.

June 2012 - Lord Snooty and his Pals.

We all know that Lord Snooty Cameron and his pals were born with silver spoons in their chinless gobs but when the idiots believe that this is the work of the Almighty, then we have to wonder whether we were born centuries out of our time.

On BBC's World at One programme of June 26th, the Tory Lord Trefgarne said that it was God's doing that he was born a hereditary peer. Some of us thought that the doctrine of divine right had been well and truly squashed with the public decapitation of King Charles 1st and his loss of power and authority at the end of the Civil War in 1649.

One of those helping out at this public execution was the soldier and leveller Richard Rumbold. Some years later, in 1685, he took part in the Argyle Rebellion in Scotland which happened around the same time as the Monmouth Rebellion in England. Rumbold was captured and executed. His dying speech included these immortal lines:-

'I am sure there was no man born marked of God above another, for none comes into the world with a saddle on his back, neither any booted and spurred to ride him.'

Just as the inefficiency of Charles the first's Government was exposed, so the complete corrupt ineptness of Cameron's over privileged, Public School, Hurray Henry administration is leading the Country to the depths of depression. Neither do the spoilt brat, heavily Public School influenced, Labour Party opposition have the integrity or vision to provide a realistic alternative or way out of this crony capitalist nightmare.

June 2012 - Reaction and resistance in Spain.

With Spain reeling from Capitalism's ongoing crisis, the EU regulations which have deindustrialised huge swathes of Europe are affecting the Spanish miners. Just as the capitalists all but closed down Britain's coal mining industry (along with many others), the Spanish are getting the same treatment.

Click here for a video on their ongoing reaction and resistance:-

June 2012 - The overdue need for fair and equitable land redistribution.

History and geographical proximity have affected the relationships between England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Land ownership patterns have been distinctive for each Country yet there has been political and military involvement between them over the centuries which has had input into these patterns. Since the time of feudal tribes and kings until the end of the C19th there have probably been three major historic events having impacts upon this land ownership..The first was the Norman conquest in and following the year 1066.Wlliam the Bastard's victory over England's King Harold at Hastings eventually led to wholesale distribution of land to his relatives, military assistants and cronies. Many of the same Norman families still rule the roost with huge land ownership.The second major event was the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry the Eighth in the C16th following his row with the Roman Catholic Church. Here again, huge swathes of Church lands were handed over to the monarch's cronies. The third major redistribution followed the Civil Wars in the mid1600's when large areas of Royalist supporters' and Roman Catholic ownership was transferred to Protestants, military assistants and cronies of Lord Protector Cromwell.This redistribution was often left intact despite the return of the monarchy in 1660.The ordinary soldiers who had fought in the Civil Wars on the winning side mostly received very little for their efforts.They rarely received any land grants and this was important since land ownership was essential to gain the right to vote. At the Putney debates in 1647, therefore, we see the leveller Edward Sexby complaining that the Parliament's soldiery had been misled since they had no stake in the Country and were therefore 'mere mercenaries'. The Monmouth rebel, Daniel Defoe stated some years later that possession was all by 'Fraud and Force'.

Methods of corrupt and forced land enclosure have gone on for centuries, backed by corrupt Parliaments.This has met with determined resistance from time to time. In Scotland, the 'clearances', particularly in the 1800's meant sheep replacing people on the land (because of the financial greed of the aristocracy). Large scale forced emigration to the far corners of the globe enabled people like the Duke and Duchess of Sutherland to enrich themselves. Such measures have redistributed large areas of land from poor to rich. The grip of the English monarchy over Welsh lands was largely enhanced by the building of dominating castles by King Edward the first and others intent on control of the Country.

Ireland has been unique in its land distribution in that it has been largely affected by C20th century events. Following the Easter rising of 1916, an Irish Free State was formed in December 1922. An Irish Sovereign State was declared in 1937 and the 'Republic of Ireland proclaimed in 1949 when the remaining duties of the monarch were removed.

Kevin Cahill published his book 'Who Owns Britain' in 2001 and amongst it's detail, he noted that in 2001, between 30 and 50 per cent of land acreage in England and Wales was unregistered. There was very little accuracy in the land registries. This compared to the previous worthwhile return of 1872 (which did not cover London and some unrated areas). Cahill described this return as 'the most important document in the economic history of the two islands* for 1000 years. He says it was followed by 125 years of silence as a proper land registry was thwarted. He blamed academics including political and economic historians, the (Establishment controlled) Labour movement and the media (particularly singling out 'The Sun') for ignoring the problems. He saw the 'hidden and corrupt hand of power at work in the UK' as the watchdogs were 'bribed or bamboozled by the overweening and all-pervasive networks of the landowning interest'.

In 1881, the Earl of Derby told of the benefits of land ownership. Firstly , political influence, secondly social importance, thirdly, power exercised over tenants and pleasure in improving the estate, fourthly, residential enjoyment including sporting rights and fifthly the money return or rent. The disadvantages of non-ownership are self evident but politically they can be severe if people have no fixed abode, are homeless or lead traveller style modes of life. They will in all probability risk losing the right to vote and other basics. Since these people are generally amongst the most disadvantaged in society the likely direction of their electoral votes would be towards political parties like the SLP. The disenfranchising means that elections are therefore rigged against parties such as ours and this would not be the case where, compulsorily, all people were entitled to the vote.

SLP supporter Harry Parfitt has done his own recent research into this vast subject and the results of his exceptionally impressive work are included in the following.:- **

England, Scotland and Wales land area is getting on for 60 million acres in size, with approaching sixty million people living on those acres. Ireland's acreage is over 20 million.

The area taken up by the homes of the nearly sixty million people, takes up less than 10%, a maximum of six million acres. That leaves roughly fifty four million acres uncovered by bricks and mortar. Of this, between twelve and fourteen million acres are mountain, forest, moorland, water, roadways and industrial land. This leaves approximately forty million acres of often beautiful productive countryside. This is owned by just 189.000 families, that means roughly 60,000,000 people live on six million acres of land and the families of 189,000 live on approaching forty million acres of land. Therefore less than 1% of the population own 70% of the land.

The vast majority of this land is held by three classes of people, Aristocrats, Baronets and the Landed Gentry. Between them, these three groups packed parliament for three centuries and provided the officers of the army, the navy and later the air force. They also provided the Bishops and Clergy of the Church and the judges of the Courts, whilst at the same time, keeping everyone else out of the power structure. Loyalty to ones land and community is always used by governments and monarchs to motivate people to take up arms and die for their country. They call it patriotism.

Yet the vast majority of Britons who died in the two world wars of the 20th Century owned not a square inch of their country's soil. Two Governments, Liberal in 1918 and Labour in 1945 promised in their manifestos to re-distribute the land to all the people of the country, not just a privileged few. The people were betrayed as they have so often been by the inner elite who maintain their influence at the heart of government no matter what the agenda of the party elected at the ballot box. Today that inner elite still owns the country.

The biggest land owners in our country are the Forestry Commission and the Ministry of Defence. Most of the land they own is scrubland, with no agricultural or developmental value. The largest private land owners are the Duke of Buccleuch who owns 240,000 acres in England and Scotland. The land value is £800,000,000 to £1 billion. His personal wealth, excluding land value, is £180,000,000 The Duke of Westminster, who owns 129,000 acres valued at £450,000,000 plus 300 acres in central London estimated at £4 Billion, has a personal fortune is £6.6 Billion. The Church of England is a very large land owner. The exact amount of land is not disclosed. They have used presentational deceit over many years to conceal the land owned. The estimated wealth of the Church is £4.3 Billion. The Crown Estate is the private property of the monarchy. In 1760, George III reached an agreement with the Government over the Crown Estate. The Crown lands would be managed by the Government. The revenue would go to the treasury and in return the Monarch would receive a fixed annual payment which we call the Civil list. The Queen receives £8,000,000 from the civil list annually. In addition to the Civil list, the Monarchy receives travel and property value £22.6 Million, security £100,000,000 plus the costs of local councils for royal visits. When George III reached agreement with the Government in 1760 over the Crown estate, he maintained two large areas of land in the Crown Estate. One is the Duchy of Lancaster, this is the personal inherited property of the Monarch since 1399. It is forty six thousand acres and valued at £348,000,000. Profit for 2010 was £14,000,000. The other is the Duchy of Cornwall which comprises of 133,700 acres valued at £647.000.000 with an annual profit of £16.3 Million. Dartmoor prison lies in the Duchy of Cornwall and the ministry of Justice pays an annual rent of £750,000 to the Prince of Wales for this. This is Tax Payers' money. The express purpose of both the Duchies is to provide income for the Monarch and the heir to the throne. As soon as Charles becomes Monarch, the Duchy of Cornwall automatically goes to his son William. Both Duchies are tax exempt. Also part of the Crown Estate is the Marine Estate: the 24,000,000 acres which lie under water between the low tide mark and the twelve mile territorial limit. They are currently producing £26,000,000 in revenue from various licences granted for dredging, mining and off shore wind farms. The Marine estate also includes the foreshore which comprises of 320,000 acres.

The tiny group of land owners are recipients of £4 Billion in revenue support for their acres tax free. The home owners of today own a miniscule amount of the country and some of the least able pay the bulk of the taxes. But the most invidious part of it is that a portion of our taxes go to those who own most of the country and who do so tax free. Sir Reginald Sheffield, who is the father in law of David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, is worth £20,000,000. He owns vast areas of land in Yorkshire. He also owns 3,000 acres in Lincolnshire. He recently had planning permission to erect eight wind turbines on this land. For just eight wind turbines, he gets £380,000 a year rent. That's over £1,000 a day. The Turbines have a life of 25 years. He could collect as much as £4.4 million in that time. Wind Turbines produce renewable energy. Renewable energy subsidised by every household via their electricity bills adding an estimated £13.95 a year to the average household power bill.

The Republic of Ireland gained their independence from the United Kingdom (as indicated above) after centuries of struggle and conflict. Ireland is above 20million acres in size and has a population of over 4 million people. There are no private land owners in the Republic of Ireland. All the land is owned by the people. They own it all. The Republic of Ireland has no community charge or rates system. Water is free. Home ownership is 83% the highest in Europe.

Compare this with England and Wales, an area of over 37,000,000 acres. More than 99% of the population of over 51,000,000 people live in an area of 2.4 million acres. Home ownership is 66%. Between 1990 and 2000, more than 500,000 homes in the United Kingdom were repossessed. Just like the people of the Cynon Valley, millions of people in Britain have had benefit cuts, wage cuts, job losses and home repossessions forced upon them; all in the name of financial incompetence by bankers and politicians.

David Cameron, the British Prime Minister insists on telling us 'we're all in this together.' Yet there is not a penny being taken off the Civil List and the tax exemptions for wealthy land owners are still in place. Why is this man talking like this? There are twenty nine cabinet members in the government; twenty three of them are millionaires. There is no doubt that these ministers are far more in tune with the people that have described above than they are with us. We are living on two different planets.

The vast majority of us, therefore, have very little stake in our Country .The C17th radicals said that the earth should be a common treasury. Edward Sexby summed up our situation (at Putney in 1647) as being 'mere mercenaries'. His Leveller comrade John Lilburne explained in 1649 why capitalist Parliaments over the generations have failed to tackle Britain's inequalities. In 'The Second Part of England's New Chains Discovered' he wrote 'tis evident, that according to the maxime of Polititians, they judge themselves loose, where other men are bound; and that all obligation are to them Transitory and Ceremoniall, and that indeed every thing is good and just only, as it is conducing to their corrupt and ambitious interests'. This remains true of the main Capitalist parties today.

*i.e. Britain and Ireland

**Most of what follows is written by Harry. We must always bear in mind that population figures etc. are continually changing as indeed is land area with reclamation offsetting losses due to sea erosion etc.

June 2012 - BBC Bias against the SLP - Updated 21.06.12.

Click here to see the full email correspondence between SLP President Andrew Jordan and the BBC.

June 2012 - Unemployed bussed in to steward river pageant.

Coachloads of jobless people brought in to work unpaid on river pageant as part of Work Programme.

For full article please click here.

June 2012 - The Problem with Pensions - By SLP President Andrew Jordan.

For more than a year now the Coalition Government have told us that there is a problem with public sector pensions. The Coalition said they are unaffordable, gold-plated and, in a classic bit of divide and rule, we were told that they are so much better than those that workers in the private sector get; so something must be done about it. The Government set their stall out and the public sector trade unions rightfully mobilised to defend their members' pensions in the face of huge media hostility.

We saw the TUC 'March for the Alternative' on March 26th 2011 in London at which more than 500,000 people attended to voice their anger at what the Coalition Government was doing. We have also seen a number of one day strikes by public sector trade unions - the biggest of course being on November 30th 2011 when some two million public sector works took strike action to make their voices heard. The Government and their spokespeople at the BBC tried everything before November 30th to make it look as though workers in the NHS where being reckless and where abandoning patients under their care. On a visit to the North East shortly before November 30th the Northern Echo gave me the opportunity to explain that actually not only was the action taken by public sector workers just, democratic and necessary but in the case of NHS workers was being organised in a way which ensured that patients would not suffer.

Following November 30th the Coalition set out a series of 'Heads of Agreement' which public sector trade unions were told to sign if they wanted to take part in future negotiations. Different 'Heads of Agreement' where offered to trade unions representing workers in the different public sector fields like local government and health etc. Many of the trade unions signed up to these agreements and have been negotiating on their members behalf since the start of the year.

Last week the Coalition Government came to an agreement with a number of public sector trade unions on the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS). These trade unions will take back the proposals that have come out of the negotiations to the membership and the membership will decide whether or not to accept the proposals.

Before November 30th the Government was telling members of the LGPS that they had to pay more, work longer and receive less to make their pensions viable. A ridiculous prospect when you consider that the vast majority of Local Government Pension Schemes are in huge surplus, like for example, the West Yorkshire LGPS which is something like £9 Billion in surplus. In the agreement with the trade unions last week the Government has slightly softened its demands, for example, it will keep average member contributions at 6.5%, it will keep the retirement age at the state pension age and it will not apply the changes, which are due to come in on April 1st 2014, retrospectively.

All well and good you might think - well maybe - but there is one thing that I find quite scary about these proposals, something which I am sure will not get as much media coverage as other proposals. This is the new and never before seen '50/50 option'. The new '50/50 option' will allow those who are not in the LGPS or those considering leaving the scheme to elect to only pay for, and therefore only receive, half the normal pension. What worries me about this proposal is that for many local government workers, who are now feeling the pinch after three years of pay freezes in the face of spiraling costs of living, the option of only paying half the money into a pension may seem very attractive. You certainly could not blame people for taking such an option when presented with it.

Just take a moment to think about what is going on here. The Government is in effect subsidising the fact that it is making working people and their families suffer at the hands of pay freezes and spiraling costs of living pay by artificially giving them more money - by giving them their money back to cover such costs. It's actually quite clever. People will not think that they are really being made worse off because for a time they will have the same levels of expendable cash as the money 'saved' from pension contributions will ensure that they can buy the same things as before the pay freezes and the rising cost of living kicked in. Economic growth will not be impacted in the short-term either because people will be able to cover the attacks on their pay etc by using what would have been their pension contributions to cover the difference - therefore the Coalition gets to keep business happy as well. Most local government workers will not really feel the difference until they retire when they are left to survive on a state pension which, already since the 1970's, has lost around 40% of its value and a local government pension which has been chopped in half. Classic low-wage economic policy.

When you consider that currently in Hull they calculate that around 8.5% of pensioners are at risk of dying over the winter as they are forced to decide whether to eat or heat their homes it is not hard to foresee a future where more people across Britain will be forced into an old age of despair and hardship. The Conservative Party dresses itself as a party of small governance but such policies are leading Britain into a situation where future Governments will have to meet huge social welfare bills in order to prevent utter catastrophe as more people are left in a situation where they cannot feed themselves. We all know the Labour Party has no idea what to do, in fact, if it was up to Ed Milliband no public sector worker would ever have taken strike action over the last year and the Government's initial proposals would have been pushed through by now.

No matter what trade union members decide to do in the wake of such offers we must be ready to educate people as to what is really going on here. We must demonstrate that we know where this is all heading and we must demonstrate that we have the answers that Britain needs. We are committed to fighting the European Parliamentary Elections in 2014, the General Election in 2015 and the Scottish Parliamentary and Welsh Assembly Elections in 2016 in as much of a capacity as finance allows.

Let our battle-cry be the defence of people's futures.

June 2012 - East Midlands Public Meeting - Report.

A vibrant, interesting and informative public meeting organised by the SLP East Midlands Region was held at Sharpe's Pottery Museum in Swadlincote on Saturday May 26th 2012 – the topic being 'Why Britain should exit the European Union'.

A passionate rebuttal of the often quoted claims, by all three 'major' political parties and pro-employer think tanks and organisations, that EU membership is beneficial for Britain was delivered by SLP East Midlands Organiser Paul Liversuch. Paul painted a picture, no doubt drawing on his experience in industrial jobs and grassroots Trade Unionism, of a 'Worst of all Worlds' scenario for Britons, i.e. being subjects of an unelected monarchy at home whilst also being, seemingly with growing reluctance, citizens of a remote, autocratic and unashamedly pro-employer European construct laying down the law from beyond our shores. Paul also took time to point out the righteous indignation, fury and sanctions that would follow should any working class person be accused of a fraction of that which the banking classes have been proven guilty of.

SLP National President Andrew Jordan then delivered a well-appreciated and meticulously precise denunciation of the EU - deconstructing the myths surrounding UK membership. His speech was notable for a clear grasp of the facts which pointed to the EU's fundamentally undemocratic structure. Andrew outlined beneficial monetary factors which would emanate from Britain leaving the EU, using the example of a nation-state that has already trod this path but still trades successfully with Europe and indeed the world – this example of course being Norway. Andrew said that, although the meeting had been planned a while ago, Britain's exit was a topic recently brought into even sharper focus by the financial meltdown now gripping the continent. Andrew contrasted the SLP's well-costed approach with that of UKIP, a party in favour of preserving the primacy of the City of London and one against the worker and those currently economically inactive, and a party seemingly devoid of any strategy for Britain after leaving the EU. Drawing on his teaching experience Andrew said that, with increasing and wholly unacceptable levels of youth unemployment and having personally known of British children attending school hungry, it wouldn't be hard to decide where to spend the financial bounty forthcoming from Britain no longer having, as a net contributor, to pay billions of pounds in 'membership fees' to a 'rich men's' club'.

A Q&A session then followed at which all participants seemed well aware of the EU's shortcomings. A number of audience members then decided to join the Party before the cool atmosphere of buildings added to a former pottery kiln was exchanged for a sunny bakingly-hot day outside.

east midlands slp meeting images

May 2012 - Warmongering BBC Lie Machine Exposed.

The BBC has been caught out again. In a bloody, warmongering article in line with its usual biased pro NATO, US and Zionist lying propaganda it has published a 'photo with the misinformation that it shows massacred Syrian children. Unfortunately for the British propaganda outlet, the photographer recognised it as one he took in Iraq about 9 years ago. Marco di Lauro, when he saw his work reproduced in this manner said 'he almost fell from his chair'.

The broadcaster has been promoting the line that the Syrian Government is totally responsible for recent outrages when quite clearly, their opponents, the uncivilised, opportunistic outside elements practiced in these barbarities (as in their Libyan intervention)are overwhelmingly responsible.

The BBC has been complicit in many of NATO's aggressions over the years. It provided anti – Yugoslav propaganda concerning supposed Serbian outrages during the aggression and ultimate breakdown of that Country. It pumped out British propaganda about dossiers on Iraq's weapons etc. which turned out to be distinctly 'dodgy'. It unquestioningly trumpeted US propaganda from Colin Powell etc. concerning the same Iraq conflict. It has a hotline to Tel Aviv but seems unable to contact Palestinian spokespersons during their hostilities.

It's anti working class credentials are unsurpassed having it's roots in the propaganda against the 1926 General Strike. This has continued through to it's hostility to the miners led by Arthur Scargill. It's coverage of Orgreave where film of the action was deliberately distorted is well known. Today, we see it's suppression of coverage of the SLP so much so that it is prepared even to exclude SLP candidates from it's broadcast political debates whilst inviting the candidates from all other political parties that are standing.

A supposed publicly owned and run broadcasting outlet, to which the masses contribute financially, that deliberately distorts the truth and hides it from it's own people is obviously, clearly, not fit for purpose.

May 2012 - Julian Assange interview with Equador's progressive President Rafael Correa illustrating the disgusting subversive nature of the US and Capitalist media.

May 2012 - The relevance of the annual commemoration of the Levellers.

The annual Levellers day commemoration took place on Saturday 19th May at Burford in Oxfordshire. Around midnight on 14th May 1649 New Model Army troops under the command of Fairfax and Cromwell surprised regiments of mutineering leveller troops which had assembled in and around the town. Captured levellers (3 or 4 hundred) were incarcerated in the Church all under the threat of death. Eventually they were forced to witness from the 'leads of the church roof' and other vantage points the execution by firing squad of the ringleaders, cornet James Thompson and Corporal Perkins and Private John Church.

The levellers were possibly the earliest political party, formed in Britain during the turmoil of the Civil War years. Their name originated from the nickname given to midland rioters against land enclosures in the early 1600's.They had support amongst the general population, especially in the London area and often met for their meetings in Taverns. One of their most influential figures was John Lilburne who as a Lieutenant –colonel had, in the early stages of the War, fought in Parliament's army. Other prominent civilian levellers included William Walwyn, Richard Overton, John Wildman and Maximillian Petty. The Levellers also had strong representation in the New Model Army. Their leading Army spokesman was Colonel Thomas Rainsborough and other leveller officers included Colonel William Eyres (or Ayres), Major Thomas Scott, Major John Cobbett and Major William Rainsborough (Thomas' brother).

At the famous Putney debates of 1647, Army and civilian levellers had combined to argue for the principles of 'An Agreement of the People' in the face of opposition from Army Grandees led by Cromwell and Ireton. In Parliament, Rainsborough (recruiter M.P. for Droitwich) had said to Cromwell 'one of us must not live' when the latter had been secretly negotiating with the defeated King Charles 1st. The threat from the politically powerful levellers was such that Cromwell was overheard (by Lilburne) saying to Fairfax, the commander of the New Model Army, that 'either you break them or they will break you'. In 1647 the Army marched into London in order to put Parliament in its' place when it tried to break up and reduce the size of the Army. Rainsborough's regiment was the last in the march when entering the Capital, signifying at that time the most powerful and influential regiment in the New Model Army.

The levellers were so far in front of their times that some of their far-seeing demands still have not been implemented. These included annual or biennial Parliaments and the total abolition of slavery throughout the world. Concurrent with these ideas was the demand in the late 1640's for a National Health Service (Geoffrey Robertson quotes Cooke in the Tyrannicide Brief).

Cromwell and Fairfax took action against the Army levellers and a corrupt Parliament put Lilburne into jail. Leveller mutineers were forced to draw lots for their lives at an Army assembly at Ware in 1647. In 1648 Thomas Rainsborough was assassinated at Doncaster. In the pamphlet 'England's New Chains Discovered', Lilburne accused Cromwell of being implicated and said that William Rainsborough was being prevented from investigating his brother's death. Nearly three thousand mourners wearing Thomas Rainsborough's regimental colours of sea green as ribbons followed his funeral procession through London to his burial site in Wapping. Since that time, the sea green colour has been associated with incorruptibility. Cromwell decided to get rid of the leveller Army influence in England by transferring them to take on the Catholic and other opposition to the English Government which had formed in Ireland.

It was against such plans that the leveller mutineers acted. They demanded the immediate realisation of the programme outlined in the 'Agreement of the People' and the reinstatement of the elected Army council. A leveller pamphlet stated that 'the whole fabric of the common-wealth had faln into the grossest and vilest tyranny that ever English men groaned under'. Leveller troops from Colonel Scroope's regiment elected new officers and combined with some from Ireton's regiment. They met up at Blagrave near Abingdon with troops from Harrison's regiment. They then marched west hoping to meet up with troops from Horton's regiment. Fairfax and Cromwell sent Major White and three other officers to promise pardons to the mutineers if they resumed compliance and assured them that no action against them was being prepared.

On the evening of Monday 14th May 1649 seven of the twelve troops of levellers were quartered in Burford and the rest in nearby villages. With the swift march of pursuit by Fairfax and Cromwell's horse troops and dragoons, they were able to surprise the gathered levellers to the extent that horses and arms of about 800 men were taken.

This was not the last gasp of the leveller movement, however and resistance to the military dictatorship of Cromwell continued throughout his rule. Leveller colours were being worn into battle as late as 1685. In the largely working class uprising in the South West termed the 'Monmouth Rebellion' the colours were again in prominence on the rebel side at the battle of Sedgemoor.

slp uk at burford levellers day 2012

May 2012 - Capitalist system becomes sicker in every sense.

With soup kitchens operating in abundance in many Capitalist countries ranging from the US to Greece and people hugely indebted to financiers and losing homes and livelihoods, the contrast with events in financial markets is staggering.

The rotten corrupt system allowed one man, Mark Zuckerberg to earn 19.1 billion dollars overnight with the flotation of 'Facebook'. Countless lives of ordinary people could be drastically improved if these kind of resources were allocated in a reasonable, logical way.

Earlier in the year, the chief executive of Glencore, Ivan Glasenberg, became a paper billionaire worth £6 billion when the firm became listed on the FTSE 100 index. He also scooped a dividend worth £69 million. What is particularly galling is that Glencore trades (speculates) in commodities including wheat, oil, iron ore, zinc, copper etc. As a result of this speculation, food prices are going up around the world with people starving. We also see the effects on fuel price increases in this Country and elsewhere with travel costs increasing along with heating bills. Old people and others die in the cold as a result of these speculations.

Elsewhere, the financial elites, including the bankers, who, with their mindless speculations have caused the world economic meltdown, continue to pay themselves obscene amounts of money for worthless, antisocial financial practices.

The politically motivated break up of the Soviet Union also had some strange effects which even now are surfacing. Gorbachev and other Soviet leaders swallowed the Reagan, Thatcherite political and economic rubbish which is even now coming home to roost in the West. Nationalist sentiments were allowed to rule the day and with the resultant break-up of the system, clowns such as Yeltsin took charge. The resulting financial corruption and turmoil allowed his gangster cronies to seize assets which had been built up over decades by hard toil from Soviet workers. Overnight, such cronies and fellow travellers became Russian , Ukranian, Georgian etc. billionaires. Abramovich was one of such receivers of the corrupt largesse. He has poured some of this wealth into buying success at Chelsea F.C.

It therefore follows that it is largely on the back of Soviet workers stolen funds that Chelsea have secured the European Champions League Trophy. Another recipient of this largesse has been the Queen's cousin, Prince Michael of Kent. He has, so it is reported, received £320,000 from another of the 'oligarchs', Berezovski. The amount was received by the Royal as a 'gift' from his friend. Oh that we all had 'friends' as generous as that! What is particularly sickening in this case, however, is that he received the money via an 'offshore' Company. How unpatriotic can you be to receive monies via tax avoiding offshore companies! It shouldn't surprise us, however, since some of his relatives were, in earlier decades, supporting Hitler's aspirations and today, others back Saudi Arabian and Bahrain despotic regimes, even showering their rulers with hospitality.

May 2012 - Peoples of Europe venting their anger against representatives of financial elites.

The vast majority of British people in last week's local elections snubbed the Establishment parties. In effect they mirrored the results of the elections in France and Greece where rejection of the imposed financial austerity measures was made evident. The Greek leader of the left group Syriza, Alexis Tsipras has been quoted as in effect telling Angela Merkel to 'get lost' in her efforts to screw the Greek nation into financial servitude. The French have largely given Nicholas Sarkozy the same message and the majority in Britain have given their 'Agincourt salute' to the British Capitalist political mafia.

Cameron and Clegg have said that they are listening closely to what the British public are saying but they feel it is in everyone's interests that they stick to the (failed) policies that they have been pursuing. They are now dropping the word 'austerity' for that of 'efficiency'. Cuts will now be in the name of 'efficiency'.

This reminds us of the famous Nazi 'efficiency' loudly proclaimed by the Capitalist media in the 1930's and early 1940's which was found to be heavy (illusionary) propaganda and exposed by the supposedly economically backward USSR and the supposedly 'easy going' Brits.

These ruling financial elites are causing havoc with their speculation in World resources and disregard for the environment and health of the planet. Rising food prices and fuel costs are just two results of the financial speculation emanating from Wall Street and the City of London. One area of exploitation of the planet is the new issue of 'fracking' in order to extract shale gas. Included in this process is horizontal drilling under the earth's surface and the pumping in of possibly toxic chemicals in order to force out the gas. There have been numerous health problems and scares in the US and the medical profession over there have been accused of cover-ups in connection with these processes. People have found gas rather than water coming out of their taps. With the labour placement politician Lord Chris Smith in charge of the environment agency, this exploitation seems to be having the green light in Britain and we can have no faith in any protections from such discredited 'Blairite' public figures. The private land owners allowing this 'fracking' in Britain are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of financial 'killings'.

As with the irresponsible private mine owners and railway companies that were necessarily nationalised after the second World War, it is evident that public ownership of the endangered land areas in Britain is now required. Water bills used to be next to nothing. With the onset of exploitation by privatised Water Companies, our water bills are going through the roof. These companies manage to organise drought conditions during periods of heavy flooding. Another emerging problem is the exploitation by private rent racketeers in London . They are kicking out existing tenants in order to bump up rents, thereby intending to capitalise on higher incomes from expected visitors coming to the Olympics. Government spokesmen may deny any problems but, again, the eventual logical answer can only be to put such property ownership into responsible public hands. Capitalist greed and speculation certainly seem to be completely out of control in their destruction of the planet and people's lives and only socialist controls can bring about order and a civilised, healthy, peaceful future.

May 2012 - Local Election Results - Round-up.

With the media blackout for our Party, the local election results showed some remarkably successful performances. Kathrine Jones in Gwynedd achieved an impressive 31.3%. Kai Anderson in Liverpool Croxteth obtained 14.7% at the same time outpolling Conservative, LibDem, Green, English Democrat and Liberal candidates. Bob English in Denbighshire achieved 12%. Jennifer Cooper in Wolverhampton achieved over 10%. Jim Berrington in Glasgow on first preference votes beat the Conservative, LibDem, TUSC and others. Terry Robinson in Barnsley outpolled the Conservatives in achieving over 5%. John Tyrrell in Birmingham achieved over 6%. Craig Jones in Rhondda beat Plaid Cymru's vote and Simon Parsons in Cardiff outpolled two LibDems and a TUSC candidate.

The results show that the SLP is progressing well as we look to take our place in the forward march of genuine 'left' parties throughout Europe and beyond.

May 2012 - Full Local Election Results.

Comrades, Please see the results below - all candidates should be proud of their efforts and results.


Frank Watson, Barnsley, Stairfoot and Kendray Ward - 2.3% Terry Robinson, Barnsley, Worsborough Ward - 5.4%  Dr Chris Butler, Bradford, Shipley Ward - 2.2% John Tyrrell, Birmingham, Handsworth Wood Ward - 6.1% Shangara Singh Bhatoe, Birmingham, Soho Ward - 1.6% Kai Andersen, Liverpool, Croxteth Ward - 14.8% Jennifer Cooper, Wolverhampton, Ettinshall Ward - 10.1%

Average result in seats we contested in England - 6.1%


Jim Berrington, Glasgow, Canal Ward - 4.3% Louise McDaid, North Ayrshire, Dalry and West Kilbride - 2.2% Jim McDaid, North Ayrshire, Irvine East - 0.5% Bobby Cochrane, North Ayrshire, Irvine West - 1.6% Tristan Lindsay, North Ayrshire, Kilbirnie and Beith - 0.9% James Anderson, North Ayrshire, North Coast and Cumbraes - 2% Debbie Anderson, North Ayrshire, Saltcoats and Stevenston - 1.4%

Average result in seats we contested in Scotland - 1.8%


Simon Parsons, Cardiff, Canton Ward - 0.6% Bob English, Denbighshire, Llanarmon/Llandegla Ward - 12%  Kathrine Jones, Gwynedd, Gerlan Ward - 31.3% Craig Jones, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Tylorstown Ward - 11.2%  

Average result in seats we contested in Wales - 13.8% 

May 2012 - Misleading Media try to hype up pathetic election performances by 'Establishment' parties in low turnouts.

The continuing censorship of the SLP by all the mass media including the BBC, the Guardian, Sky, ITV, Telegraph etc. continued after yesterday's local elections around Britain. BBC could not even bring themselves (again) to list the SLP as a political party. The old trick of lumping the results of non-establishment parties as 'other' was also used in abundance. It was, consequently, difficult to find precise results recorded in any of these main outlets.

What the BBC and others did rave about, however, was how fantastically the 'New', 'Blue', 'Classic' Labour party had performed. The reality in England was that they achieved about 39% of a low average 32% electoral turnout, meaning that their tremendous success was to get about 12 people in every hundred to fall for their lies. In England they were easily the leading electoral performers. With UKIP eating into Tory votes, there appears to be a fragmentation of votes on the 'right' of British politics.

A big blow to the Establishment was the rejection of the 'Americanisation' of politics by several cities where the idea of 'City Mayors' was rejected. Cameron has stated that every city should have a 'Boris' to run it. The attraction for Tories is that one man elected as mayor in cities where the Tories have no chance of winning can overrule the democratically elected City councils.

Early results to hand of SLP candidates include Jennifer Cooper in Wolverhampton with over 10%, Terry Robinson in Barnsley, who beat the Tory, gaining over 5% and John Tyrrell in Birmingham with over 6%. Simon Parsons in Cardiff beat the results of TUSC and two of the three LibDems.

April 2012 - BBC bias against the SLP.

The Socialist Labout Party has once again had to write to the BBC to complain about the bias against the party in their broadcasts. Please see the following transcript of the latest letter written to the BBC Director General, by SLP President Andrew Jordan.

Dear Mr Thompson,

Regrettably this is the second occasion I have had to write to you to complain in 2012.

As you will be aware I was forced into having to complain about a comment made on a BBC Radio 4 Broadcast on Sunday 8th January 2012.

The Broadcast in question was a profile of Imran Khan, the lawyer who led the fight for justice for the Lawrence family, made on a Broadcast which commenced at 17:40 on Sunday 8th January 2012.

Starting at 10 minutes and 52 seconds into the Broadcast the presenter stated, and I quote, "In 1997 Imran Khan stood as a Parliamentary Candidate for Arthur Scargill's now defunct Socialist Labour Party".

Whilst it was perfectly correct that Imran Khan did stand as a candidate at that election it was a total fabrication to describe the Socialist Labour Party as "now defunct".

As a result of this complaint the BBC issued an on-air apology on BBC Radio 4 at a similar time as the original comment was made and a written apology was also issued. We accepted the apologies on our part and we thought that we had moved on.

On Wednesday 25th April 2012 the BBC demonstrated further electoral bias against the Socialist Labour Party.

At approximately 18:25 on BBC News, as broadcast on BBC1 and the BBC News Channel, the BBC ran a story on 'smaller parties' contesting the Local Elections in Britain this May. The list of parties mentioned included UKIP, Green Party, English Democrats, BNP and the Respect Party. It did not include the Socialist Labour Party.

In 2011 the Socialist Labour Party achieved the second highest percentage gain of the total votes cast on the Regional List System in the Welsh Assembly Election. Similarly, the Socialist Labour Party was one of only a small number of political parties that achieved a gain in its percentage share of the votes on the Scottish Parliamentary Regional List System. We also contested English Local Council Elections receiving anything up to 27% of the vote where we stood. Last year the SLP beat the BNP in the Scottish Parliamentary and Welsh Assembly Elections. We also beat the BNP in every English Local Council Election Seat that both parties contested.

Last year we beat the English Democrats in every seat that both the SLP and English Democrats contested. The Respect Party didn't even contest the Scottish Parliamentary and Welsh Assembly Elections last year and we are standing more candidates this year than they are.

I could, quite simply, go on and on with further examples but instead I will say this. The BBC has, in my opinion, further demonstrated its clear electoral bias against the SLP and its hundreds of thousands of supporters across Britain. For this the BBC, as a supposedly impartial media outlet, should be ashamed.

Perhaps this matter now needs passing on to the Electoral Commission.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter.

Yours Sincerely, Andrew Jordan

Party President, Socialist Labour Party.

April 2012 - Failed Capitalist system of sleaze and corruption makes Britons and other Europeans suffer.

With the British economy getting ever weaker and many other Countries in the EU experiencing the same, growing, mass unemployment, the working class are quite rightly taking to the streets to air their hostility to the Capitalist Governments which continue to exploit them to the extremes.

A massive reason for British unemployment has been the de-industrialisation which has been part of EU policy and promoted with relish by the Thatcher and subsequent Governments. A necessary part of the success of this policy involved the breaking of any Trade Union powers of resistance and Rupert Murdoch has made no bones about revealing that this was core to his beliefs and actions. It is to be understood why the Thatcher Government would be hand in glove with such media thinking. Why, however, have successive Labour Party leaders, including Blair, Brown, Kinnock, Miliband etc. been so keen to be allied to the same policies, when their Party funding has included that from misled and misguided trade union leadership? It wasn't only the Tories and Labour that have been cosying up to these failed policies, however. Alex Salmond of the SNP has also been supping the 'polluted' offerings at the court of the emperor Rupert.

There is no prospect of recovery in Europe until trade union power to obtain better wages and conditions as well as millions more jobs is once more reinstated and trade union shackles (picketing restrictions etc.) released. Until then, the European financial elites have only one policy in mind-theft from the masses. In Greece, for example, huge taxpayer funds collected for Hospitals and Universities have been appropriated by a corrupt Government in order to pay off Bank bond holders. This is larceny on a grand scale and we are seeing the same sort of actions being implemented in this Country with the robbing of pension funds etc.

The only answer is for the working class to rise up against these iniquities and a good step in this direction is for total rejection of all corrupt, sleazy, Capitalist politicians from the Tory, mini-me Tory, Labour, Nationalist, UKIP etc. parties at next week's local elections. The direction given by the Socialist Labour Party is the alternative, giving us all hope for the future.

April 2012 - Report on Socialist Labour Party Delegation to Cuba (March 2012).

Click here to see the full report of the SLP delegation to Cuba, March 2012.

April 2012 - Voters reject Establishment Parties and their policies.

The voters of Bradford West have massively rejected the hopeless and hapless policies that are inflicting so much pain upon the under and unprivileged members of society. The combined Government ConDem vote amounted to under 13 per cent. Taken with their Establishment allies vote from the Labour Party, the total moved to under 38 per cent. This means that 'other' party votes amounted to over 62 per cent.

How does this compare to the political polling? The BBC Poll tracker (an average of polls) records the current support for 'other' parties as around 14 or 15 per cent, the highest it has shown for some time. There is a discrepancy with the Bradford vote of about 48 per cent. Now the 'Establishment' pundits will claim that the polling does not reflect the views in individual constituencies. Labour Party officials were, however, confident of victory in Bradford even after the polls had closed. They were obviously 'out of touch' with reality and possibly relying on the BBC. When the results were being realised, there seemed to be a sudden absence from the scene of the usual political 'experts' such as Nick Robinson.

How can the pollsters be so out of touch? Most of us never seem to get sight nor sound of them in everyday life. Back in the 1930's, a polling company in America rang around to find that voters' intentions were to give a Republican landslide. The result when it came was a Democrat win. The lesson to be learned was that only one section in America could at that time afford telephones. Perhaps our polling companies are barking up the wrong trees and feeling the wrong pulses. There may also be the consideration that the British Establishment is using the polling companies to 'manipulate' public opinion into believing the spurious 'popularity' that the media insists the main parties enjoy to the obvious regret and detriment of those of us with independent minds.

March 2012 - Murdoch Mysteries - by Ken Capstick.

As the Conservative Party Co-Treasurer resigns, after being secretly filmed by the Sunday Times, apparently offering access to the Prime Minister, The Right Honourable David Cameron MP and direct input to government policy in exchange for a substantial donation to the Tory Party, it leaves some serious questions that are not yet being asked or answered. £250,000 would, it seems, get you anywhere and everything. The government is corrupt, a harlot that prostitutes itself if the price is right, "Nothing new there." I hear you cry.

So, apart from the many questions being asked so far, what about the other harlot involved? The Tory Sunday Times, owned by Rupert Murdoch, actually set this up. Why? Normally this kind of thing was done by the News of the World, the paper at the heart of the telephone and computer hacking and bribery scandal and which was also owned by Murdoch. Such activities usually involved sports figures claimed to be throwing games and ripping off bookmakers but never at such high levels like the very inner sanctums of government. Murdoch and his son James had to suffer the indignity of being dragged before a House of Commons Select Committee. Murdoch said he actually felt "humbled" he would not like that, one of the most powerful men in the world. He would have expected more help from the Tory grandees who he had helped to put in power, but it gets worse. Rebecca Wade, Murdoch's Chief Executive at News International was arrested less than a fortnight ago on suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and the powerful Rupert was humiliatingly unable to help – humbled again. James Murdoch, Rupert's son, has had to "step down" from his high-flying positions on the boards of holding companies News Corp Investments and News International Publishers after resigning as chairman of News International, which is News Corp's publishing arm, and has now scarpered beyond the short-arm of British justice. He has been relocated to New York where he is said to be "focusing" on the media conglomerate's pay-TV businesses.

Don't forget we only have a one-sided extradition treaty with the U.S. James Murdoch is now safer than Ronnie Biggs ever was but far more dangerous with a Daddy like he's got. Furthermore he has given up his directorships of GlaxoSmithKline and Sotheby's, but he remains chairman of British satellite broadcaster BSkyB, of which he was formerly chief executive and in which News Corp owns 39 percent. Rupert and James Murdoch will be seething at these indignities and ignominious humblings. They would have expected more from people they corrupted with their immense power and wealth. Regardless of other accusations about the telephone hacking of the families of twin tower victims, things in America have gone very quiet. It indicates to me that there is much gnashing of teeth at the centre of the Murdoch Empire when the Sunday Times slips a stiletto into the back of David Cameron's neck.

Those at the very top of the capitalist establishment, such as bankers, expect immunity from prosecution when they commit fraud and adopt corrupt practices as do top politicians, especially when their party is in power. That expectation also extends to big contributors to Tory Party funds and those who use their media power to win elections for them. They are also the same bunch that groans about trade union donations to New Labour. So do I by the way, they should be donating to Socialist Labour.

This, I feel, is no more than the opening salvo in a vicious game of high politics and bitter recrimination exposing the shady dealings that normally lurk in the dark corners of the corrupt hall of power where real decisions in the interests of the few take place and where large sums of money cross palms. Most politicians have to be careful not to get the wrong side of powerful individuals and harlots have to be extra careful that they do not get on the wrong side of their pimp.

Vengeance is mine sayeth Rupert

Open Warfare is breaking out between Murdoch and the Tories and it will not stop there. Further to the above article, yesterday Rupert Murdoch is joining forces now with New Labour by calling for a Public Inquiry into the latest scandal about Tory funding according to the BBC. Of course Murdoch will have it in for Miliband as well and as soon as he can; in fact all three main political parties will have to make sure they are squeaky clean on any issue that Murdoch might get his snarling teeth into.

The media tycoon is clearly on a revenge trip, watch your backs will be the mantra in the halls of Westminster. Although Murdoch deserves everything he gets and should be prosecuted. Nevertheless he is a vindictively ruthless and extremely powerful man with an axe to grind and on an ugly mission. It is going to get very interesting and very nasty. The truth is that they are all in it together. The media mogul, 81, using Twitter, offered tongue-in-cheek advice to Cameron, saying he should have "just followed history and flogged some seats in the Lords, if they still have value!"

It's getting personal.

March 2012 - Budget redistribution to the wealthy.

In order to appraise the current British government of Tories and mini-me Tories, we can perhaps take the view of independent foreign observers who call individual ministers 'fascists'. The budget that was formally announced for 2012 has lived up to what we would expect from such blemishes on the face of humanity. The millionaires on the Government front bench have managed to give themselves and their cronies huge handouts , as from tax cuts, but have targeted an interesting group in society in order to pay for the redistribution. This group is hard-up pensioners. The thinking behind this may, however, be tied up to health service cuts. After all, by drastically reducing the life expectancies of this poverty stricken group, the costs of future health care for them will also be likely reduced. This type of thinking is typical of fascist governments.

March 2012 - British police state repression worse than ever.

The construction workers know all too well about political blacklists. SLP members have themselves been the subject of them. It was well known that the bosses were in collusion in depriving left leaning employees of their livelihoods. Now, however, Steve Hedley, an RMT organiser, has come out with evidence that the police have in some cases provided the bosses with 'blacklist' information. Now we know already from the Leveson enquiry of the collusion between police, the media (Murdoch etc.) and capitalist politicians. This latest evidence provides another piece in the jigsaw of our repressive state apparatus. Surely it must be illegal for any group in society to deprive people of the right to work. Surely, the consequences of such conspiratorial actions should be heavy prison sentences and huge fines for the guilty parties.

In an astonishing contrast to this reality, our unelected, undemocratic, primitively backward, hereditary, head of state has claimed what a 'tolerant' society we are living in. This toleration clearly does not stretch to those of us within British industry etc. wishing to express left wing opinions and as a result being deprived of livelihoods. The actions against British workers stretch far back but examples include those involving the miners, the Shrewsbury two in the construction industry, the print workers (where Brenda, now Lady Dean, asked Murdoch to sue and thereby 'break' her own union). Neither does the 'toleration' reach those youngsters imprisoned and fined for merely using modern technology to refer to last summer's class based riots.

We, as a party of the left, must demand that all evidence on the blacklists, including the detestable figures operating and colluding in them should be made public with appropriate sentencing etc. applied to the guilty perpetrators, as indicated above. We must also ask for hefty compensation for the subjects of such blacklists which are reminiscent of Nazi Germany and the McCarthy era in America.

March 2012 - Miliband's Party backs plan for slave labour.

In one of the most pathetic, waffling political interviews of recent times, Harriet Harman revealed on BBC Daily politics (Friday 16th March) that Labour would back sanctions against any unemployed youngsters that refuse any work offered. The ConDem coalition's efforts in this area have in practice meant loss of benefits for any refusing to join or backing out of schemes. In effect, jobseekers have often been asked to work for free for hugely exploitative companies. No wonder the public outrage has caused companies such as Tesco to back out of publicly accepting this free i.e. 'slave' labour.

Besides attacking young working class career aspirants, Labour also gave political cover for the further privatisation of the Health service. On an earlier edition of the same BBC programme, Diane Abbott said of the current ConDem Health Bill, 'we shall unpick the worst aspects' of it. Plenty of wriggle room there then. Labour began many of the Health Service privatisations when in power and Blair and Brown's party actually fortified the anti-trade union legislation. They also implemented student tuition fees.

Talk about a chocolate fire screen for these vicious capitalist attacks. The fact is that the New, Blue Labour Party finds it difficult, after implementing these privatisations and attacks on our class when in government, to find anything to disagree with. This is why they are a completely ineffective opposition and why any support from the working class for their self-serving, largely corrupt M.P's and vicious capitalist agenda is totally misguided.

March 2012 - Sup with the Devil and you need a long spoon - Article by Ken Capstick.

SENATOR JOHN McCAIN is a warmonger working in the interests of American big business. He is currently running a massive campaign for all-out war on Syria, calling for U.S. military intervention and air-strikes that could easily lead to a wider global conflict. As in Libya he sees great opportunities for himself and U.S. big business to get richer whatever the cost to human life.

The interesting thing about McCain's activities is best understood when his Gaddafi-era activities in Libya are examined. This angel of death worked closely with Gaddafi promoting American business interests during the Bush presidency then switched sides when Gaddafi came under attack. Gaddafi shook hands with McCain, Condoleezza Rice and Tony Blair and thereby ensured his own, and his family's, downfall. He supped with the devil.

The article below, published by, and written by Morgan Strong a former professor of Middle Eastern history, who was an adviser to CBS News "60 Minutes" on the Middle-East, is a fascinating insight into McCain and his sinister activities. In this article he exposes the self-interest of this treacherous, little man who four years ago ran for President of the United States. This lengthy article makes for compelling reading.

The following article is interesting despite it's obvious U.S. anti-Gaddafi propaganda.

To see the article here.

March 2012 - The Bankers' Gravy Train Ploughs on - Article by Ken Capstick.

Regardless of the mass destruction to the world's economy caused by the élite of the capitalist system bankers continue to think that the entire wealth of the world belongs to them and them alone.

People are losing their jobs, pensions, savings, and houses. Wage cuts and attacks on the welfare state including the NHS are rampant while this greedy low-life continues arrogantly to believe that they are the "wealth creators" the world cannot maage without. In reality they destroyed the world's wealth created by US not by THEM.

Last week Barclays footed the £5.7million increase in Bob Diamond's tax bill that he incurred when he moved to London from the U.S. The bank is also set to "reward" him, this year with a package worth a staggering £27million in pay, shares and perks. Don't forget we are told that the austerity measures are necessary, not just by the Tories and Lib Dems but by New Labour as well. Furthermore it has been reported that 238 senior staff at Barclays received average bonuses of £1.2million. If that is true it amounts to a mammoth £285.6million.

It doesn't stop there, two other top bankers were said to be about to receive £16million. In a wild orgy of greed disclosed by the City massive pay and bonuses will be awarded to bosses at Barclays and taxpayer-owned Lloyds and RBS. Lloyds and RBS chiefs Antonio Horta-Osorio and Stephen Hester are in line for awards worth up to £8.2million and £7.9million respectively, despite presiding over combined losses of £5.5 billion last year. They always threaten to leave the country if we stop these handouts. We should tell them to go and take their empty brains with them. Incompetence by executives led Bank of Scotland to the brink of collapse, according to a stinging report by the City's watchdog.

Barclays has just been caught trying to cheat taxpayers out of £500million while Diamond helps himself to £27 million in pay and perks. Less than two weeks ago Barclays was prevented from using two 'highly abusive' loopholes to dodge tax. Despite the furore over Diamond's pay, two other unnamed senior executives received pay and bonus awards last year of £6.7million and £6.5million. It is thought that these executives are Rich Ricci and Jerry Del Missier, the co-heads of Barclays' investment banking arm.

Barclays' chairman Marcus Agius defended the bank's bonuses. He said: 'Barclays needs to operate commercially and that includes setting remuneration for our executive directors appropriately.' Well he would say that wouldn't he, he's one of them? In reality they are stealing the world's wealth, corralling it unto themselves and creating the biggest transfer of wealth from poor to rich that has ever taken place. No wonder people are rioting in the streets. Steal a pair of trainers you go to jail, loot billions of other people's wealth you get a knighthood. They never condemn their class they honour them.

Data provided by Barclays shows that £100 invested in shares in 2006 was worth just £29 at the end of 2011. So this is wealth creating is it?

Stephen Hester, the chief executive of RBS, stands to get a total package of £7.9million. Those who attended Congress may remember me saying he would get the bonus he supposedly gave up one way or another – well clearly he has. They tried to dupe people into thinking he gave his bonus up. He "gave up" a £963,000 bonus earlier this year, bowing to intense public pressure, but his package includes deferred bonuses paid in shares of up to £6.2million which can be realised in 2014 and 2015. These are only the tip of the iceberg.

They are robbing us all blind, filling up their swollen, personal bank accounts by raiding ours. It is the biggest bank heist of all time. John Hourican, the man responsible for winding down RBS's failing investment bank at a cost of over 3,500 jobs, netted £3.2million. By my reckoning that's £914 per job destroyed by this wealth creator. He will also receive £4.19million at the beginning of April under a share incentive scheme relating to 2009 at the height of the crash. That's a declared total £7.4million or £2,114 per job he destroyed. How many could have kept their jobs if he had been sacked instead; and what about the wealth of those and their families whose jobs have gone in this sick system?

EXHAUSTION - Lloyds boss Antonio Horta-Osorio, who waived a £2.4million bonus after taking two months' leave due to exhaustion, was handed shares worth a maximum of £3.2million, which he can realise in 2015. He is also in line for shares worth up to £2.4million in 2014 and he is exhausted.

FOOT NOTE - Six young soldiers lost their lives last week in the Bush/Blair war in Afghanistan while one of their" tank commanders", Harry Wales, was in the Caribbean dancing, playing rugby with a bunch of kids, playing volley ball, apparently beating Usain Bolt in a race and generally soaking up the sun. Now that's better than serving in Kandahar - don't you think?.

March 2012 - Syrian invasion mimics Libya.

The Lebanese M.P. Asem Konsoa has reported that 18 French officers, 100 French paratroopers and 70 Lebanese fighters have been captured in Homs by Syrian forces. This reminds us of the British special services troops that were captured in the early stages of the Libyan Nato aggression.

The conflicts in these Countries would be better classified as foreign colonial interventions rather than internal uprisings. The interesting point about the French news, however, is the almost complete silence from the British mainstream media. Whether the facts are confirmed or not, this censorship is an absolute disgrace, proving the point that our mainstream media are not fit for purpose – as we learn every day from the Leveson enquiry.

March 2012 - Exploitation the key to the Middle East.

To understand what is happening in Syria. Iran, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq etc. is fairly straightforward if we take note of the words of W. Ramsey Clark. He was, after all, the U.S. Attorney General from 1967-1969 and therefore at the heart of U.S. thinking on foreign affairs and policy.

He has recently stated that American policy is to eliminate all Arab governments that are independent of U.S. control. The destabilisation and military intervention in these Countries is for America's geopolitical and economic interests with resultant exploitation as the primary concern.

He further states that the U.S. is a military dominated society but their people are (unlike ourselves) unaware of it. The events of 9/11 have been exploited for foreign policy ends and Clark goes on to say that an informed people would never put up with it.

This makes it all the more sickening for us in Britain that our foreign policy is so much in hock to the Americans and that people like Blair, Hoon, Brown, Straw, William Hague, Cameron, Fox, Douglas Alexander, the Miliband brothers, Clegg, Menzies Campbell have no independent minds from what the U.S. in its exploitative world aggression is telling them to pour forth in their public pronouncements.

March 2012 - IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT – Article by Ken Capstick.

People in Britain should not feel guilty about debt, it's not their fault. Debt is the unpaid wages of the working class. Anti-Trade Union laws were instituted to facilitate the drive to a low-wage economy and increased profits. The contradiction is that a low-wage economy is at odds with high-street spending. Low wages are only one leg of the drive for higher profits because there will be no profits unless people can buy goods. To square this circle debt of all kinds is thrust on hard up families but especially credit-card debt and this creates a contradiction in itself. More families sink into poverty as low wages fail to service ever increasing debt levels and sooner or later there will be another crash as people default.

In this present crisis not only people default but companies, sovereign nations and even banks themselves default. It is a systemic collapse of capitalism. Now they are out to convince us that it is all our fault. We have all been "living beyond our means" by borrowing too much to live the high-life when the truth is that credit card debt in particular has been used to buy the necessaries of life NOT luxury living. Now, some would say that these are the ramblings of an unreconstructed Marxist but tomorrow, Monday 05 February, the magazine "Which" will produce a report and its findings are shocking. It concludes that 1 in 5 cash-strapped shoppers has to borrow money to buy the necessaries of life such as groceries and other basics as wages stay low and prices rocket.

Even before the cuts and austerity measures have begun to bite anywhere near as deep as the government plans, 43% of Britons report that they are just managing to keep their heads above water, 1 in 3 are finding life difficult and 20% have gone into debt to buy their daily essentials. Forty percent of people are changing their lifestyles by staying in and not socialising. Older people who have saved all their lives are being mugged and robbed just as surely as if they had their handbags snatched or pockets picked in the street. Interest rates are near zero so that they are in effect making interest-free loans to the banks while dipping into their savings in order to live, faced with inflated prices. This is how the system is stealing money and transferring it to the coffers of the bankers and the rich, the real looters who have committed fraud and grand larceny on an unprecedented scale and faced no charges unlike those who joined the London riots last year.

These people, who are being robbed, are not the perpetrators of this economic collapse; they are the victims of it. When they hit back we should never condemn them.

The bankers though continue to collect their obscene salaries and bonuses and collect their debts, conveniently forgetting that they are in debt to us. They owe us billions. These criminals are never condemned by their class. Now Britain's biggest mortgage lender the Halifax has announced that interest rates will increase from 3.5% to 3.99% in May which follows RBS-NatWest which increased its rates from 3.75% to 4% on Friday. Why? Borrowing is at an all time low for these banks that wrecked the world's economy. The Bank of England interest rate has been at an all time low of 0.5% for three years. It is greed, greed and more greed that will lead to more household debt and more homelessness as repossessions mount. In fact, it could be seen as deliberate house grabbing by the banks to improve their sagging balance sheets with real brick and mortar assets – calculated property theft. Massive repossessions have taken place all across America as ordinary hard-working families now live in tent cities. Britain will be next. Child poverty is already high and, as these banks run riot and loot people's property, it can only increase. On top of this credit card firms have been raising interest rates on the unpaid wages of working people. The average credit card charges are now 17.32% as against 15.73% in 2009.

"We are all in it together" we are told, well it doesn't look like it to me. Another massive transfer of wealth from poor to rich is taking place right under our noses and more and more people will be well and truly "in it".

February 2012 - Action against the banks.

The Fitch ratings agency has recently come out with the observation that the actions taken in Iceland following the financial crash of 2008 have been far more successful than those of Greece, Ireland, Britain etc.

When the Parliamentarians in Iceland were under pressure from Western governments , including the US and Britain to bail out the banks, thereby impoverishing the population at large, they were pelted with missiles and subject to public animosity to the extent that they caved in to the pressure and the bankers were told in effect to 'get lost'.

Fitch agency has commended the 'unorthodox' approach of the Icelanders and compared it to the capitulation to the bankers' demands in other countries. The relative effects have been dramatic improvement and an upturn in Iceland's financial situation. This compares to the continuing economic downturns in countries that have succumbed to the bankers' demands, including Greece, Ireland, Britain, Spain, Portugal, Italy etc, etc.

February 2012 - Miliband speaks from the heart - of corrupt banking misinformation sources.

One of the major factors affecting the ongoing Capitalist crisis is the freezing up of inter-bank lending. A large element affecting this has been the 'off balance sheet' recording of vast bank liabilities that Governments and banks do not wish the public to know about. The liabilities arose from housing and other property crashes, credit default swaps etc. If they were properly recorded, it would be obvious to the people that many banks are insolvent, doomed and would be correctly described as 'zombie banks'. The bankers are aware of this situation in their own banks and therefore do not trust the likely 'dodgy' information coming out from their rivals. They are not, therefore, prepared to lend to each other.

Why are the banks allowed to secrete these huge 'off balance sheet' liabilities? After all, accounts submitted to Companies House etc. should have the sanction of professional auditors. The fact is that these auditors have been colluding in the cover-ups. It has been more the case of them turning a blind eye to vast misinformation than having any wool pulled over their eyes. The same large accountancy/audit firms operate either side of the Atlantic and the US seems to be investigating this chicanery a lot more than our own Serious Fraud Office etc. The UK, European, US and other Governments all find it politically convenient to allow these 'off balance sheet' items to remain covered up. In keeping the 'zombie banks' as trading entities, rather than shutting them down, they are pumping in public funds that are putting the livelihoods and futures of generations of the working class in jeopardy.

Bearing in mind the discreditable records of these huge International auditing collaborators with the rotten banks and some of Capitalism's most hated institutions, why then should the Labour leader, Ed Miliband flaunt his pro Capitalist sleaze agenda by holding press conferences at these institutions? It is a direct slur upon any public sense of financial propriety and is in effect a huge insult to the working class. It is condoning the continuation of the evils of Thatcherite Capitalism whose banner was taken up with relish by Blair and Brown's New, Blue Labour.

February 2012 - Saltley Gate.

Photos from the Saltley Gate 40th anniversary where Arthur Scargill and Ken Capstick both gave speeches which can be viewed on our homepage.

saltley gat 40th anniversary images

February 2012 - Socialist Labour Party congress 2012.

To read the minutes from our congress, held in Blackpool in January, please click here.

February 2012 - Arthur Scargill on Saltley Gate.

The time was about ten o'clock and there was a hush over the Saltley area. 3000 miners altogether, Welsh miners singing, Yorkshire miners, Nottinghamshire miners, Midlands miners. And yet nothing happened. You could see apprehension on the faces of the police. Here we had a situation where miners were tired, physically and mentally, desperately weary. They had gone through nearly six weeks strike action, they had gone through a three months' overtime ban. they had gone through the worst battling encountered in strike action in any time in recent years. Their comrades had been arrested, one of them had been kicked to bits and yet they were still battling on. I readily concede that some of the lads were a bit dispirited that no reinforcements were coming. And then over the hill came a banner and I've never seen in my life as many people following a banner.

As far as the eye could see it was just a mass of people marching towards Saltley. There was a huge roar and from the other side they were coming the other way. They were coming from five directions, there were five approaches to Saltley; it was in a hollow they were arriving from every direction. And our lads were just jumping in the air with emotion - a fantastic situation.

I heard the police talking - Sir Derek Capper was one, Donaldson his deputy - the tactic was simple: get the pickets coming from the east to go through to the west and get the pickets from the west - the striking engineers - to go through to the east. East to west, west to east. past each other. I got this megaphone and Iʼm yelling like hell: ʻWhen you get to the picket line, Stop! Stop!ʼ !. They were trying to tell me to shut up and I said "You try today, no bloody shutting up today. These boys are coming to our picket line.ʼ And they were piling up like sandwich cake. as far as the eye could see they were just pouring in. Saltley, the area of Saltley was now just a mass of human beings, arriving from all over, with banners.

The only time this crowd opened up was when a delegation of girls from a womenʼs factory came along all dressed in bright white dresses. They plunged through and one of the lads shouts: ʻGo on officer, tell them they canʼt come. Try and hold them.ʼ And no police officer moved, you know. Whoʼd have dared trying to stop those girls coming into that square? Nobody. The crowd was absolutely dense by this time. We were in the centre of it and everybody was chanting something different; some were chanting ʻHeath Outʼ. ʻTories Outʼ. ʻSupport the Miners", ʻGeneral Strikeʼ, a hundred slogans were being chanted. I got hold of the megaphone and I started to chant through it: ʻClose the gates! Close the gates!ʼ and it was taken up, just like a football crowd. It was booming through Saltley: ʻClose the gatesʼ. It reverberated right across this hollow and each time they shouted this slogan they moved and the police. who were four deep, couldnʼt help it. they were getting moved in. And Capper, the Chief Constable of Birmingham, tool a swift decision. He said ʻClose the Gates" and they swung them to. Hats were in the air, youʼve never seen anything like it in your life. Absolute delirium on the part of the people who were there. Because the Birmingham working class had become involved - not as observers but as participants."

January 2012 - ConDem electoral lies lead to higher education attack upon the working class.

Following their highly publicised and blatant lies at election time, the LibDem decision to back Tory increases in University tuition fees has proved to be the most vicious attack upon the working class. With a wholesale lack of job opportunities, it would be logical for working class students with the appropriate qualifications to look to take degree courses, with the hope that in three years or so, the jobs market might have substantially improved, as well as their own career prospects.

The official figures just released show that despite what would logically be an expected increase, the financial attack has been devastating. University applications from UK students have in fact fallen. As a result of the £9000 per annum and more fees in English Universities imposed by this reactionary government , the decline was 9.9% in England. This compares to a much smaller 1.5% in Scotland where the fees don't apply.

This proves conclusively, once and for all, that such financial attacks directly impact upon the education and career prospects of the least advantaged in Society. They are also a further obstacle to social mobility.

The Socialist Labour Party is, of course, committed to their total abolition.

January 2012 - The BBC apologise to the Socialist Labour Party.

The Socialist Labour Party can now report that following communication with SLP President Andrew Jordan the BBC have apologised for branding the SLP "now defunct".

The apology has met the criteria laid down by the Party in the letter sent to BBC Director-General on January 10th 2012 and so the Party now accepts the apology.

A written apology was sent to the Party and an on-air apology is scheduled to go out on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 29th January 2012.

Upon accepting the apology SLP President Andrew Jordan noted his anger that such a 'mistake' could have been made. He suggested that if the BBC had looked at election results from 2011 they would see that the SLP beat or achieved a similar number of votes returned when compared to the BNP, Green Party and UKIP.

Perhaps if the BBC gave the SLP as much media coverage as any one of these political parties throughout the year then programme editors would not make such mistakes.

The Socialist Labour Party would like to thank all those members and supporters that reported the BBC to Ofcom over this matter.

January 2012 - Throwing good money after bad politics.

To comment on the current stance of some of the UK's largest trade unions means we must also touch upon the internal grief of the Labour Party.

No wonder the leaders of the Unite, GMB and other Labour Party fund contributing unions are nearly blowing gaskets. The leadership of the Labour Party have opted for the course of largely accepting the Tory-led agenda of cutting public benefits and making the working class pay for the folly and bankruptcy foisted upon the UK by irresponsible bankers and financiers.

This holds out the prospect for British workers of lower pay, worse terms and conditions and ever growing likelihood of unemployment under any future Labour government. What an appealing outlook for their members!

One reason for this stance of the Labour Party Leadership is their almost complete social disconnection with the British working class. Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, for instance hails from a privately educated background. Leader, Miliband hails from a privileged Zionist academic family background having lived for a spell in the extremely politically 'rightwing' U.S.A.

The Labour Leadership only use for the working class is to demand their votes at election time. In between elections, they wish to have nothing to do with them. So rather than biting the Trade Union hands that partially feed them, the latest action would be more akin to kicking the living daylights out of the workers and their representatives.

One of the SLP's major functions as a political Party is to point out the illogical stance taken by the Trade Union leadership with regard to the Labour Party, when good Trade Union money could, in contrast, be poured into a worthwhile organisation that would truly represent the best interests of the British Working Class. Socialist Labour is this organisation.

January 2012 - A New Years message to all our members and friends.

The Socialist Labour Party wishes seasons greetings and a happy New Year to all members and friends of the Party. We look forward to the coming year with great optimism as one of the very few growing political parties in Britain and at the same time reflect upon the work of comrades that we have lost, including in the past year, both here and abroad. We have great battles and challenges ahead as the crisis of Capitalism reaches ridiculous proportions. One example is that the coalition government are proposing to allocate half of the National Health Service for the use of private patients. Once more, public assets are being given to the least needy. We must ask why the enemies of the NHS like Cameron are allowed to use its facilities when the truly needy will, as in the US health care system, be priced out of using them.


As the Capitalist system lurches from crisis to crisis in it's death throes the lies from the apologists for the system grow apace. We are told repeatedly on the media that no-one foresaw this and no-one foresaw that when the truth is that many on the left including the Socialist Labour Party have been predicting for years the very crisis that the main stream political parties find so stupefying. The mainstream media have, of course, given no coverage of these truthful predictions. Instead, the only coverage given is to those economists and politicians whose track records have proved that they shouldn't even have got past the starting stall.

As the top one per cent in society desperately try to hang on to their ill gotten fortunes at the expense of the rest of us, their tactics are becoming ever more corrupt and vicious. Apart from tax fiddles and Government handouts, they provide themselves with their own security forces and secrete themselves behind walled-off private city areas where entry is via high security gates. The bosses treat their workers ever more like wage slaves.

Cornwall Council, for instance, is proposing that care workers be electronically tagged so that their itineraries can be monitored. We must presume that should workers secure too much rest time then appropriate action such as electronic shock therapy can be taken. On the subject of electronic shocks, we learn that the Capitalist lackey British police has greatly increased it's use of taser stun guns. One force in East Anglia has increased use of these horrible weapons by 800 per cent in the past year.

Prime Minister Cameron's buddy Jeremy Clarkson has spouted that striking public workers should be shot in front of their families. Apparently, these comments were scripted for him by the BBC. The Corporation are obviously flying their true fascist anti-working class colours alongside Clarkson. It seems some of Cameron's other close associates such as Rebekah Brookes and Andy Coulson fall into the same despicable and unsavoury category since they have been accused by fellow journalists of being the scum of the earth. This relates to lies and cover-ups over 'phone hacking and letting subordinates carry the can. On the subject of lies, Mark Sewotka accused Tory minister Francis Maude live on BBC Newsnight of spreading them in relation to the Union strike action. Whatever else we think about Capitalist politicians like Maude and Labour's Lord John Hutton concerning pensions, what can be said with certainty is that they have the personalities and charismas of garden slugs. Maude stated on the same programme that life is going to be tough. He had the working class in mind. We must make sure that it is his class that suffers. On the subject of lies on a large scale, we learn that during the Lehman crisis in 2008 America, the US Government secretly poured 7.7 Trillion dollars into Banks so that their chief executives could tell the public that they were solvent. This was in order for the same Banks to publicly call for above board extra Government funding! Insider trading concerning Hank Paulson, his Goldman Sachs colleagues and the outcomes for large American housing corporations in 2008 has also been exposed. The US Financial system has proven to be corrupt from top to bottom.

Meanwhile in Britain, with the desperate need for affordable housing, the official figures showed that related house starts in Britain for the six months from April amounted to 454. Wow! , that might even fill a street or two. As a result of these sort of policies pursued by all recent Capitalist governments, we already have homeless dying on the streets of towns like Newquay in Cornwall even though winter weather has barely begun and this is scarcely the coldest part of Britain.

Meanwhile, in order to solve the Capitalist crisis, the progressive British Capitalists are dreaming up wonderful financial schemes like building more toll roads. Why don't they go the whole hog and call for highwaymen to patrol them? Similarly, British peoples' medical records are to be made available to private firms. This amounts to financial exploitation of all aspects of our physical being including illness, birth, death etc.

Capitalism has run out of sensible ideas and gone belly up. Socialism is the future! The fight to secure it won't be easy but the benefits to humanity will make it worthwhile. The Socialist Labour Party is prepared to lead the fight!

December 2011 - European lives to be governed by 'Dark Forces'.

The scandal of unaccountability within the European Union has been well and truly exposed with the ousting of the 'elected' leaders of Italy and Greece. The unelected authorities in Brussels have replaced them with former Goldman Sachs Bankers and financiers. The populations of both Countries have had no say in this. The decisions have been made by the unelected Bankers who appear to receive orders from the US via Berlin and Paris.

The latest calls coming from French and German leadership are for closer financial integration in Europe with the need for more political treaties being imposed on member Countries. As a Country, we have had to fight to maintain a semblance of political independence, the latest large scale conflict being with the German axis formation in WW11. Nowadays, control over other European States is achieved via large scale financial invasion rather than via force of arms.

We would not be so worried if we could rely on our leaders acting in the interests of the 99per cent. Following the lies about European trading alliances which have morphed from Ted Heath's original assurances into full scale political unions via successive treaties, we cannot rely on the mainstream British political parties. Labour, Tories, Nationalists and mini-me Tories have proved to be under dominant influence of the one per cent of bankers and financiers.

Although we cannot get our message across in the Capitalist media, because of widespread censorship, the British people know that the SLP has continually spoken the truth about what our true relationship should be with regard to both Europe and the rest of the World. We are not prepared to have our socialist democratic voice , on behalf of the working class, trampled on and British history teaches us that we know how to deal with any imposed tyranny!

Sept 2011 - The views of a British Tax expert.

There's a sickening dimension to today's agreement between the UK and Switzerland that is getting to let thousands of wealthy tax criminals off the hook – without them ever being held to account or even having to admit to their crimes.

At the moment the UK government is turning this deliberate blind eye to massive, large scale, organised looting of the UK's tax system it is also bringing criminal charges against more than thirty young people who recently took part in a in a wholly peaceful UK Uncut demonstration against tax avoidance.

They are facing criminal charges in the UK for having leaflets condemning tax avoiders when at exactly the same time the government was negotiating a deal to make sure that tax criminals were let off without ever facing the consequences of their crime.

This is a sickening indictment of the UK criminal justice system, our respect for free speech, the values of this government and the fact that we live in a society where it is now a crime to criticise the criminality that did and does pervade much of the financial services sector that deliberately promotes tax havens to facilitate crime of the sort which those using Switzerland have just been excused of.

No wonder people are angry. They have every right to be. We are being led by moral cowards who excuse crime whilst prosecuting those who exercise the supposed human right of free speech to criticise those facilitating it. It's Cameroon and Osborne who should be in the dock, not the Fortnum and Mason's protesters from UK Uncut.

August 2011 - Bankers and Capitalist politicians to clean up their own mess?

The Capitalist Press are coming out with main page headlines like 'Rioters to clean up own mess'. In contrast, what we should be seeing is corrupt Bankers, Capitalists and their stooge politicians cleaning up the vast financial mess that they have inflicted upon us.

They have had to call in the 'nanny state' to clean up after them following the 2008 debacle so that we have been forced to sell up the futures of our children and grandchildren in order for them to maintain their luxurious lifestyles. The vast corrupt gains of banksters and other Capitalist crooks far outweigh any gains from pilfering of our demonised youth. Yet what prison sentences do they receive? Unlike Bernie Madoff who got 150 years, no investigations or charges against these major fraudsters have been made when in reality they should be having similar term sentences to Madoff.

We should be going after them in order to seize their ill-gotten assets . If this means leaving them homeless, then so be it, since several poverty stricken working class families could probably fit nicely into the homes of these vermin.

August 2011 - North Africa and Middle East update.

It has been reported that Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch observers on the ground in Libya have completely refuted all major charges against the regime which were used by the Western colonial governments to justify war. They could find no use of African mercenaries, no evidence of rape, no use of helicopter gun ships or bombers. They could only find evidence of 110 deaths (including Gadaffi supporters) in Benghazi when some media reports had recorded thousands.

Since NATO's bombing campaign 'in order to protect civilians', however, the Libyan Red Crescent Society has reported over 1100 civilian deaths and over 6,000 civilian injuries from this bombing. The true reasons for the Colonial intervention have been reported as the following:- Firstly, Libya was on the verge of creating a $42 billion African investment bank offering African countries very low or zero interest rates on loans. This would have put the noses of the IMF, World Bank and other money sharks out of joint. Secondly, Libya was funding major African infrastructure projects, breaking the dependency on western imports. Thirdly, Libya saw its' and Africa's future more closely tied to China and Russia than Western colonialists. Finally, Gadaffi was asking for compensation from oil companies from the USA for the sanctions imposed upon the Country following the Lockerbie bombing.

Apparently, evidence has emerged that the CIA paid millions of dollars to witnesses in the bombing trial in order for them to change their stories and thus implicate Libya. Dr. Jim Swires, the father of a bombing victim has, along with many others, for years doubted the Libyan connection. He has recently been fearful that the 'set-up' Libyan Mr al-Megrahi would become another victim of a US 'hit squad' , the sort that operates in Pakistan etc.

The stirring up of trouble for those regimes in Africa and the Middle East which the 'West' wishes to destabilise apparently follows a blue print. Port cities are often chosen and a few snipers placed on roofs from which they pick off members of the population in order to create mayhem and panick amongst the rest. One of the most recently destabilised regimes is Syria, a longstanding supporter of the Hezbollah organisation in Lebanon which has in the past provided armed resistance to Israel. Up to date news reports speak of Israeli preparations for renewed war against Lebanon. Capitalism in crisis has a natural inclination to turn to war to solve it's problems.

August 2011 - North East Region - new officers appointed.

SLP National Officials would like to congratulate the following Comrades on their elections to the following posts of the North East Region. These being:

Regional President - Frank Harrison

Regional Vice-President - Tommy Geach

Regional Secretary - Chris Watson

Regional Treasurer - David Geach

August 2011 - SLP Party President Andrew Jordan comments on the riots.

Over the past few nights we have seen violence grip the streets of London which is now spreading across Britain.

I want to start by saying that this kind of violence, which has resulted in the sheer destruction of local communities and the deaths of innocent people, is totally and utterly wrong. Violence directed in such a way can never be justified. The people taking part in such acts must realise that the anger they are feeling is being released at the wrong people.

It is my firm belief that the root cause of so many young people going out and committing such offences is the fact that the Capitalist system in Britain has resulted in almost one million 16-24 year olds not being in any form of education, training or work. Many young people are left feeling as though they have no future and so nothing to lose.

The people of Britain must decide where we go from here, we cannot afford to continue with the present system as it falls apart around us. Only a Socialist system will tackle long term unemployment and guarantee the right to education and work which is being denied to many people in modern society. Only the Socialist Labour Party will ensure the investment in society that can take Britain forward.

August 2011 - Tinder Box Britain.

Prior to the Bolshevik Revolution, Lenin managed a Russian émigré newspaper with the title 'Iskra' or 'Spark'. It was evident to brilliant minds like his that even the smallest event could spark off tumultuous consequences. So it has happened in Britain with the larger issue of the reported shooting dead by police of an individual in London. The conditions for wild events have to be in place, however and the British Establishment must bear full responsibility for the Tinder Box that is Britain in 2011.

The mantra of the Government has been 'we are all in this together' when referring to the ongoing austerity. Clearly, this grotesque lie has been well and truly exposed since Establishment 'millionaire' politicians have been sunning themselves on beaches near and far, no doubt sipping their champagne, whilst the masses in the inner cities and elsewhere can barely cobble together enough cash to feed themselves, let alone take holidays.

The attacks upon Britain's youth have been unrelenting from successive Capitalist (Labour,ConDem and Nationalist) governments. In order to gain education, youngsters have had huge debts placed around their necks and have had previous benefits such as Education Maintenance Allowance summarily withdrawn. The privileged Public School prats who have run our Country for years have been completely out of touch with the hardships that ordinary people have had to endure. Pensioners have frozen to death in winter because they have not been able to afford to keep themselves warm or feed themselves adequately. As has been seen on the T.V. young people are saying that they too cannot afford to feed themselves.

They have bleak employment prospects because of the continuing Thatcherite policies of mass unemployment. Many have little prospect of ever securing their own housing, bringing up happy and well fed families and having happy, fulfilled and meaningful lives. The vandalism of past Tory governments in decimating the livelihoods of mining communities can now be seen in operation throughout Britain. The bully boys (short for Bullingdon in some cases) use the police solely to protect their vested interests and treat the masses of poor and unemployed as 'non-people'- the 'disappeared' generation (if they ever think of them at all). Well, these people are certainly making their presence known at the moment! At least Britain's youth is showing the rest of the world that they will not stay downtrodden, that they have spirit and in the words of the great Thomas Rainsborough that 'they have lives to lead'.

The parallels with what is happening in our towns and cities to the situation in the USA are apparent so that over there, cities like Portland, Baltimore and former steel towns in that Country like Gary, Indiana are extremely run down and can offer little or no hope to their inhabitants. The parallels are probably so evident because both government systems operate Capitalist right wing Zionist agendas that require an 'underclass of long-term unemployment. The British Establishment will no doubt wish to see the working class split amongst themselves, a diversion from the reality that they (the Establishment) are the true culprits of Capitalist society's breakdown and should be behind bars for their corruption and exploitation.

The answer to all our problems is of course a SOCIALIST system where social benefits and costs are included in decision making and not the profits of rogue Capitalists! It is about time that Britain drew upon its historic socialist traditions and for the first time installed a truly Socialist Government! In case 'they' haven't noticed, CAPITALISM IS DRIVING US TO DESPAIR! and should be ABOLISHED ONCE AND FOR ALL!

October 2011 - British Media can't face up to anti-Capitalist surge.

The penny appears to have dropped amongst huge swathes of the working class that the whole rotten Capitalist system is rigged in favour of the most wealthy in society.

The group under the title 'Occupy Wall Street' are setting up permanent sites, not only in New York but now in hundreds of cities across the USA, as far as Los Angeles in California. They are protesting against the US political and financial system. The fact is that the wealthiest in society are contributing the least in taxation with the burden falling most heavily on the working class. Corruption and fraud are rife in the US but if the rich break any financial laws, then these laws are often amended retrospectively so that the culprits escape unscathed.

The main political parties are representing the interests of the top echelons of society. It is being said that the Republican Party is merely representing Wall Street. The Democrats, being similarly funded by Goldman Sachs etc. are also largely under the same financial influences. Democrat voters from the working classes are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the President, Obama, whose actions seem designed to benefit only the wealthiest in the Country. Foreign wars and interventions can be seen to be benefitting the arms companies and their Wall Street backers.

The subsequent wealth gap in the US is increasing month after month with the lower strata of society continually losing jobs and benefits. No wonder large numbers of the working class are up in arms calling for an end to the Capitalist nightmare. As Charles Hugh Smith, the economic commentator, has pointed out, some of the most impoverished in America and beyond regard themselves as 'middle' class rather than working class. It is in the interests of the ruling elite that people view themselves in this way since it is regarded as a way of defusing the natural inborn militancy and hostility to the Capitalist system of a growing majority of working class people. Commentators and protestors are noting that after the Arab spring, we are seeing the European and American summer and autumn. Meanwhile it is reported that the wealthy on Wall Street such as JP Morgan Chase Bank are buying off the police with millions of dollars, in effect providing their own 'private army' for use against the demonstrators.

We are not standing idly by in Britain, either. We have had the excellent examples of 'UK uncut' protesting against the wealthy tax dodgers. We have seen the class based riots of the summer. The latest anti-Capitalist group to form is (after the US example) called 'Occupy the Stock Exchange'. As in the US, working class people realise that we have a Con-Dem coalition representing the interests of the elite and big business. In fact some Tory M.P.'s have acknowledged that at their recent Manchester Conference, they found it almost impossible to shake of the corporate, big business lobbyists.

Labour, the official opposition at Westminster as well as the Scottish and Welsh nationalists have also proven to be in the pockets of 'Big Business'. In fact, Gordon Brown's government ,under the guidance of Darling and Mervyn King, poured billions of taxpayers money into the hands of the Bankers, in the same way as the current Con-Dems with the latest round of 'Quantative easing'. Current and future generations of the working class are meant to pick up the tab. So there is little point in the British anti-Capitalists putting any faith in the Labour 'lot'. The parallels with politics in the US are remarkable in the lack of political representation for those in society suffering the greatest financial burdens.

The pro-Establishment British media are having to be dragged 'kicking and screaming' into giving even the most meagre coverage to these potentially momentous events. Their attempted blackout of these latest working class uprisings against the Capitalist system are obviously becoming unstuck in a big way. Many mainstream journalists should, as with so many other political exposures, question their integrity in being involved in these cover-ups.

October 2011 - Beware the 'Bill of Wrongs'.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was adopted by the United Nations after the end of the Second World War is coming under attack from large sections of the British political 'right' who feel that it is inhibiting them from fully exploiting their powers over the British Working Class. It is also causing inconvenience to those in the British Establishment wishing to enforce wage slavery and to send British residents abroad for questioning under torture and incarceration without trial.

These same 'dark forces' of the 'right' are calling for existing protections to be replaced by a so called 'Bill of Rights'. Now there would be nothing wrong in principle for a 'Bill of Rights' which enhanced our freedoms and liberties and which gave protection from Capitalist exploitation, gave guarantees of personal security, protection from vicious Capitalist laws , guaranteed employment, a decent living wage, adequate affordable housing, leisure time, safety at work, guarantees of living happy and prosperous lives etc. In fact, what we are talking about is a Socialist Bill of Rights.

The political 'right' in Britain see things very differently, however. The sort of 'rights' they have in mind are the rights to be able to exploit to the fullest their fellow human beings in order to maximise their personal wealth. They envisage the rights for the richest in the Country to be able to send their children to the 'best exclusive public schools' where they don't have to mix with the working classes. These Schools, such as Eton cost tens of thousands of pounds per year for each child and provide the 'pillars of the Establishment' including numerous Prime Ministers (and the current idiot).

Another 'right' likely to be incorporated by these people would be the so called 'Right to buy', begun by the Thatcher Government and drooled over by much of the Labour Party. This enabling of some sections of the working class to privatise their formerly 'public' housing has been quite often a right to take on unaffordable debt. It is presently being resuscitated by the current 'Thatcherite' ConDem coalition but how it is supposed to work in practice is another matter.

Do people really want to take on large debts for so called 'assets' (more like liabilities), i.e. houses that are generally falling in value? At the end of the Second World War and with the possibility of Communism spreading to Britain, the panicking Establishment, via a Labour Government, was to some extent forced to 'buy off' the British workers. Wages, therefore, were made adequate for the man of the household to be able to single- handedly pay off the mortgage and support his family. Today, this is often impossible for both family partners if working. Wages have fallen relatively as a result of the exploitation of Bosses, failure of some unprincipled union leaders to fight to protect workers pay (in some cases coupled with vicious anti-union legislation) and influxes of cheap labour into the country via British Establishment backed European Union laws. Coupled to this is massive job insecurity (with short –term contracts etc.). How are people supposed to save for deposits on houses, let alone keep up the repayments on mortgages etc? Are we not going down a road that we have travelled before which has been one of the most damaging to our national financial standing? The Tory, LibDem, Labour, Nationalist consensus has been to maintain the running of the British economic engine based upon a housing bubble. With falsely inflated housing prices, people felt (often mistakenly) wealthier, bought more in the shops (e.g. on upgrading their homes) and willingly took on more debt. Sales of social housing and lack of any adequate replacement for it helped to create Government induced housing shortages which further inflated the property bubble. This was also to some extent 'buying' the votes of house owners for electoral purposes. Many on the British 'left' could see the dangers of this bubble expanding over the years but apparently it took Gordon Brown's idiotic, blinkered and complicit Labour Government completely by surprise when it blew up in the period 2007-8. The U.S. Government, pursuing much the same policies caused a similar housing bubble to explode in that country. The result is that property prices in both countries are still retreating with countless families being thrown out on their ears by unscrupulous, often fraudulent lenders. The same story has been true throughout much of Europe. With the ongoing pursuit of these devastating, failed housing policies, one can only say that the Capitalist political parties are economically 'one trick ponies', unable to learn anything from their past historical mistakes. One side effect of this 'Right to Buy Debt' has been the increase in rents payable for accommodation as a result of the shortages of available housing. Why should exploitative private individuals have the options of charging hugely inflated rents and bullying their tenants with threats of eviction? - yet further examples of the total unfairness of the vicious Capitalist system.

Another candidate for a 'right-wing Bill of Rights' would in all likeliness be a right of employers to ignore and withdraw health and safety at work restrictions and regulations. We have seen some of the probable effects of cutting corners for financial reasons with recent reported work- related fatalities. With the well led, strong NUM of the mid 1980's there would have been no question of not upholding the highest standards in Health and Safety. It is a pity that such standards have not been universal or even upheld.

Another likely measure would be the freedom of private companies to run schools and brainwash children with failed, obsolete, Capitalist, corporate mentalities and ideologies. There would also be the freedom for private companies to completely take over the prison system and as in America financially exploit inmates to the hearts content of their shareholders.

A further draconian measure from the reactionaries would be the introduction of more freedom to swiftly remove people around the World at the behest of the Americans. The purpose would be for torture abroad and incarceration without trial (removing any rights under habeas corpus). The Americans are currently ignoring any International laws concerning foreign abduction, torture, illegal regime changes, murder of political opponents on foreign soil etc. and many Labour as well as other Capitalist politicians have been complicit in these actions and their cover- ups. The U.N. has been sadly lacking in it's duty to uphold it's own Charter on human rights and other progressive conventions. It has appeared increasingly to be merely a tool of the World's current 'superpower', the United States. A right-wing Bill of Rights would enable the U.S. to have even more freedom to interfere in the direction of British policy and foreign affairs.

Such a 'Bill of Rights' from the British Establishment Capitalist political parties would in reality and in effect be a Bill of 'Wrongs' to be opposed by all progressive forces within society. We certainly would not object to change and the introduction of a SOCIALIST Bill of Rights because of the failures of UN Charters etc. We would willingly help with the dismantling of the current unprincipled Capitalist system, because we would be replacing it with one based principally upon TRUE fairness and human rights.

Sept 2011 - Breaking down the wall of silence.

The Cuban Five. Persecuted for stopping terrorism.

September 12 marked the 13th year of the unjust incarceration in the U.S.A of five men known as the Cuban Five. They are Rene Gonzales Schwerert, Lananina Salazar, Fernando Gonzales Lort, Antonio Guerror Rodriguez and Gerhardo Hernandes Nordelo.

They entered the U.S.A. city of Miami, on a mission to expose the paramilitary groups based in that city that regularly plot terrorist attacks on Cuba. Their attacks on Cuba have cost the lives of hundreds of people, including non- Cubans; they include several dozen bombings, assassination attempts and include the planting of a bomb in the 1970s on a Cubana airline flight, which killed all 73 passengers and crew. Because the anti-Cuba organisations operate with the apparent support and full knowledge of sections of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) it had been felt necessary to send the Five to discover the truth and expose to the world – including the US public – the extent and consequences of their actions.

The Five were betrayed and captured whilst actually passing information to the FBI and charged with spying. The people they exposed remain free. Ricardo Alarcon de Quesada the President of the Cuba National Assembly recalled that throughout all these years the Five have been subjected to cruel and inhuman treatment. They have been denied the right to see their wives. He condemned the "total silence imposed by the media dictatorship to extinguish the solidarity which they deserve and to conceal the truth. Hence the need to break down this wall of silence, the most important thing today," he stated. "The case of the Five is irrefutable evidence of Washington's complicity with terrorists," he affirmed, adding that the current U.S. administration will have to confront the dilemma of continuing or not the immoral cynicism of its predecessors.

Rene will have served his sentence on October 7. Phil Horowitz, René's lawyer, explained in a telephone conference from Washington that he has asked a Miami federal judge to allow his client to return to Cuba as soon as he is released to serve the three-year probation which was part of his sentence on the island, EFE noted. However, the prosecution is opposing the application, using the argument that René has not shown any remorse concerning the crimes for which he was sentenced, and is asking that he spend that three-year term in Florida where, as his attorney commented, he has no family. For full coverage of their unjust treatment and how to show your support log on to

Sept 2011 - Destabilization and the Confiscation of Assets: After Libya: Is Venezuela Next?

Article from

The Libyan rebels' August 23 attack on the Venezuelan embassy and compound in Tripoli went largely unreported, though fatalities were narrowly averted as Venezuelan ambassador Afif Tajeldine and the embassy staff moved to a safer location at the last moment and left Libya shortly thereafter. It transpired in the wake of the incident that Venezuela's embassy was the only one looted in the whole neighborhood, meaning that the attack which, according to eyewitness accounts, was guided by individuals of European appearance and military posture, specifically targeted the country's mission.

Venezuelan deputy foreign minister and permanent envoy to the UN Jorge Valero Briceño condemned the attack in the UN Security Council. In the meantime, Latin American commentators read the rebel hit against the Venezuelan diplomatic mission in Tripoli as a message to Chavez supposed to threaten him with being next blacklisted leader after the ousted Gadhafi.

It is widely expected that the approach the Empire put to work to destabilize Libya and Syria will in the foreseeable future be employed in Venezuela. Reuters mentioned the plan on August 17, saying that "Political violence in Venezuela threatens to undermine the outcome of next year's election whether President Hugo Chavez wins a new six-year term or not". Outbreaks of protests in Venezuela will be backed by vocal media campaigns launched by BBC, Euronews, CNN, Fox, Al Jazeera, etc. and will likely be paralleled by acts of vandalism and street killings perpetrated by terrorist groups which will sneak into Venezuela from other countries. On the whole, what Venezuela will face is an upgraded color revolution brand involving a stronger than ever component of armed violence. The Pentagon, the US intelligence community, the US Department of State, and the corresponding agencies of Great Britain, Spain, Israel, Canada, and others certainly have the task of preventing the re-election of Chavez in 2012 written into their agendas…

to read the rest of the article please click here:

Sept 2011 - Did you know?

Did you know that Delaware has served as an internal tax haven in the United States and has done so since the late 19th Century? This is where many of the America's richest companies register to avoid or evade paying taxes.

What on earth is the justification for this kind of robbery? This loathsome bunch and their political supporters, of all main parties, have the bare faced cheek to tell us "We are all in it together."


It is said that there are only two certainties - death and taxes - well don't you believe it. There are scavengers that want all the benefits a society can give and give nothing in return, they run their businesses from these tax havens and even live there themselves. Strangely these parasites are not vilified by society, but every year many of them receive knighthoods, OBEs, CBE's or are made Dames of the British Empire. They get their own TV shows and we lavish even more money on them.

August 2011 - Toxic Sources.

The influence of the British media upon our near neighbours shouldn't be treated lightly. Going back a few years, Norway had an unexpected but important football win over England. The Norwegian commentator was ecstatic and poured out words in triumph that 'Maggie Thatcher, Sir Winston Churchill ' etc. etc. 'your boys took one hell of a beating'.

Similar influence should not therefore be overlooked in the case of the self-confessed mass-murderer Anders Breivik. Looking past the unsavoury company that he kept and his links with the far right in Britain, he was, apparently, heavily influenced by the Zionist right-wing commentator of the Daily Mail, Melanie Phillips. So much so that he has, according to reports, quoted her extensively in his writings. The Norwegians have obviously had much to concern them from far right influences. But what about the poor people of Britain?

Melanie Phillips, apart from her insidious tabloid journalism, has been a frequent member (almost a 'regular) on the panel of BBC 'Question Time'. She has also been a fixture on the BBC Radio production entitled the 'Moral Maze'. Her influence over the views of British subjects should not, therefore, be taken lightly. It would be hoped, therefore, that any rational, sensible British Government would take immediate steps to look into the likely malevolent effects of having these right-wing, Zionist views fed down our throats by an irresponsible British media and that every effort should be taken in the future to prevent such harmful influences from polluting our written media and airwaves!

July 2011 - SLP Wales AGM - new officers appointed.

The SLP wishes to congratulate the following members on their new appointments in our Welsh section. They are:

Wales President - Craig Jones

Wales Vice-President - Bob English

Wales Secretary - Liz Screen

July 2011 - What the papers DON'T say.

The incestuous relationship between the broadcast media, the written media and the main political parties in Britain has once again been shown to be highly detrimental to the wellbeing of our Country by the latest News of the World hacking scandal.

The Prime Minister is apparently extremely close friends with Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks, two people at the centre of the News International 'phone hacking conspiracy. Prominent TV political commentators such as Andrew Neil on BBC , Adam Boulton on Sky and media 'personality' Kelvin MacKenzie have close personal ties with Rupert Murdoch as ex and current employees. They may have some regrets, since would anyone seriously wish to be associated with an organisation where, reports say, permission for underhand investigations was required from 5 'Princes of Darkness'.

The Zionist Labour Party leadership (along with the Government) has apparently expressed the view that the immorality of the hacking operation should have no bearing on the decision as to whether Murdoch's News Corp. should extend its' British media dominance by taking a larger stake of B Sky B. .....Really? We all know the putrid Zionist influence over our media from the days of the Israeli- buried rogue (and probable agent) Robert Maxwell. His former Mirror Group employee Roy Greenslade has subsequently apologised, on behalf of the 'Mirror' to Arthur Scargill and the miners for the lies and scurrilous attacks that were launched by that media organisation alone. This has not stopped subsequent barbs being aimed from their papers, however, by their employees such as Paul Routledge.

This same malevolent influence is very conspicuous from the BBC as pointed out by peace activist Dr. David Halpin who has also noticed it in so called 'left 'daily publications. He is extremely critical and contemptous of the British media (BBC, Channel 4 News etc.) and still believes that doubts surround the death of Dr. David Kelly that members of Blair's 'Sofa' Cabinet should be in the dock over the Iraq invasion as well as Cameron etc. over Libya.

The fact that the latest 'phone hacking scandal has been largely suppressed by the 'red-top' papers leads to the conclusion that there are a lot of guilty secrets about with claims of thousands of 'phone hackings being mentioned. We learn that the original police enquiry could not uncover any of this ....really? The Press complaints commission headed by a Tory Baroness apparently failed to find evidence of this ...... really?

The dumbing down of politics by the broadcast and written media goes on apace. Socialist views can't get a look in, even though their relevance has never been so desperately needed with the collapsing Capitalist system there for all to see.

But what do we get from BBC Newsnight, BBC radio, Sky etc?.... Reviews of 'What the Papers Say'.

The lies and drivel (about media 'personalities', soap operas etc.) from the Capitalist newspapers are regurgitated and fed relentlessly to the public where they replace genuine news and relevance as to what deviousness, warmongering and immorality our Government is really up to in the World.

As has been recently observed, Lord Reith's successor at the BBC, the Director- General Frederick Ogilvie stated that his goal was to turn the BBC into a fully effective instrument of war...... You can say that again!

Talking of which, on the coming to power of a Socialist Labour administration in Britain, one of our first tasks might be to instigate a 'No-Fly Zone' over Rupert Murdoch's Wapping organisation.

* For more on Dr. David Halpin, please see the link below. He discusses the media and the dominance of 'Friends of Israel' groups in the main political parties. (David Cameron has stated that he is a Zionist.) 80% of the Tory party are members. No Labour M.P. can become a minister unless they are a member. He calls Lib Dem website treasonous. He says that the considerations of this foreign power equal or outweigh those of our own Country. Non of these interests are stated when M.P.'s debate relevant issues in Parliament. Blair appears to be Israel's ambassador to the Middle East.

See the video:

July 2011 - Tolpuddle Festival 2011.

SLP members gave support to the 2011 Festival held from 15th to 17th July. The Party had a stall in the main Martyrs' Marquee which was operated by John Keaveney, Rob Hawkins, friends and family. Some members stayed in tents on the site but the majority arrived on the Sunday when the main march took place to honour the 19th Century trade union 'martyrs'. The Party was pleased to get its' message across during the festival and as can be seen from the 'photo gallery', we displayed our banners in the Sunday march. Some of our members were also attached to trade union delegations. Overall, we were very pleased with the goodwill shown to the Party from the public who in some cases gave us ideas for future campaigning.

June 2011 - Strike Action. Message from the SLP Party President.

Comrades, On Thursday, for the first time in a long time, UK-wide industrial action is being planned by several Trade Unions in relation to the Coalition Governments proposals over public sector pensions.

I want to give my support, on behalf of the Socialist Labour Party, to every single person on strike. The brave action taken by these Trade Unions and their members is showing the Coalition Government the depth of their anger at the ideological attacks of the 'ConDem' Government on their pensions.

Following Thursday, it is important that the TUC Trade Unions stay together to launch a co-ordinated wave of strike action should the Coalition refuse to back down from their vicious attack on working peoples money which they are doing to cover the mistakes of their financial terrorist friends who caused the financial problems in the first place.

We at the SLP will always support peoples right to strike and will fight any anti-Trade Union legislation the Coalition try to force through to help their ambition.

In Comradeship, Andrew Jordan Party President of the Socialist Labour Party.

June 2011 - The widening class divide.

The Divisions between the ruling class and the rest of us are becoming clearer as the Capitalist crisis rumbles on.

In Greece, the mass of the population are unwilling to accept the austerity measures being forced upon them by the international banksters and crooked financiers. The politicians trying to implement the measures are having to receive military style protection to keep the public at bay. Helicopter banners are being displayed by the protesters in the hope that this route of exit will be taken by the corrupt political leaders of the Country (as in the US exit of Vietnam and the Western stooge government in the Yemen etc.) The slogan 'No Pasaran' is shown on other banners. This was used by the Spanish 'left republicans' during their Civil War of the 1930's and Greeks are giving a nod of solidarity with the downtrodden Spanish masses. Loukanikos the dog is making a name for himself in his aggression against the military style police whilst at the forefront of the protest. The Greek public are demanding that the Country defaults on the unreasonable interest rates and debts being thrust upon them by the IMF, EU etc. Monies payable by the masses and state asset sales are going purely to maintain the lavish lifestyles and line the pockets of the international financiers and not to build the Greek economy.

Similar unreasonable demands are being made upon the British Public at this time. Workers are having their wages cut and terms of employment ripped up. They are being asked to work till a later age and pay more in contributions for inferior pensions. Safety at work legislation is being thrown in the bin by the bosses. Mass unemployment is being used as a weapon to drive down wages and conditions. Future generations are being asked to pay for the mistakes of Capitalist speculators and politicians.

What have the Capitalist Labour opposition to say about these attacks upon the British working class? Very little, because it has been Blair and Brown's Labour Government that has been the main architect and begun implementing these measures. When the ConDems launched an assault upon the structure of the NHS (demanding more privatisation etc), very few Labour members could be bothered to turn up in Parliament in order to debate and resist the attacks and so solid resistance has mostly come from within the NHS itself.

The same can be said for the Trade Union resistance to the attacks upon their members. Labour politicians have been unwilling to openly support strike action. There has been the same mealy-mouthed response and lack of support from the Labour Party that the miners received during their heroic resistance to Tory attacks in the 1980's.

As with the 1926 General strike and the 1984 miners strike, we have no doubt that the Labour Party will be doing all in its power to undermine workers resistance. It will be interesting to see which Union leaders are the first to be running to capitulate and selling their members down the river.

One thing is for certain, the Socialist Labour Party will never renounce the right to strike for ALL workers and will be solidly behind any working class resistance that may be forthcoming. This is a clear demarcation line between us and the Capitalist Quislings.

May 2011 - Obama's hideous values.

The U.S. President has been over here, pontificating on 'so-called' U.S. democratic values that are supposed to be shared with the British. Let us take a look at some of these 'values'.

He says that the 'free market' is essential for the progress of the world's population. This would sit neatly with the views of Thatcher and Reagan and subsequent British and U.S. Prime Ministers and Presidents and their respective political parties. The only problem is that the resulting free-for-all from decades of unfettered 'neo-liberalism' and 'free markets' has brought huge wealth discrepancy (poverty for the masses) and a Global financial crisis (crisis of Capitalism) that sees no end. What is more, the overall wealth and GDP's of ex-socialist countries that have adopted the free market have been seen to plummet.

When you are prepared to privatise everything that moves then moral outrages pile up on each other. One such case is the prison system. British Governments are more and more looking to the private sector to run our Jails (after the American model).

The USA has the highest percentage of prisoners in the world with at least 2.3 million people incarcerated. Racism is rampant with a hugely disproportionate number of 'blacks' behind bars – rather ironic when Obama's ethnicity is considered. The privatised prison system needs the numbers to be kept up in order to maximise revenues. So we had the case in Pennsylvania of thousands of children being put in prison for ridiculous 'non crimes' such as throwing a piece of steak. Two of the senior judges were found guilty of receiving huge amounts in paybacks from the prison privateers in return for shutting up the kids behind bars. Such are the sickening values espoused by Obama.

Again, we had the Obama promise to shut down Guantanamo. The idea for this camp probably originated in Britain (1660's) at the time of the Restoration of Charles the second. Old Commonwealth enemies of the crown were jailed on offshore islands where they could have no recourse to the law (e.g. of Habeas Corpus). Out of sight out of mind! Even in those times, it is unlikely that the necessity for so much torture in these places would have been felt when compared with what is going on in Obama's Guantanamo camp. But this is only one instance of extra-judicial incarceration. Foreign rendition of U.S. foes from around the world has been occurring, (with British and other Government collusion), to countries such as Egypt where torture has been rampant.

Again, Mr Obama we judge you by your actions, not words.

The U.S has also been a state founded principally on a 'War and weapons producing' economy. Its foreign interventions has seen millions of innocent people exterminated in the name of 'U.S. values'. Weapons such as those using agent orange and missiles tipped with depleted uranium have caused damage to lasting generations of civilians around the Globe (Libya is a current example).

The U.S. has been prepared to support vile Dictators who have downtrodden their populations in return for the Yankee dollar, whilst American Presidents have professed support for so-called democracy.

Current U.S. foreign policy is in the hands of Obama and the 'wicked witch of the west', Hilary Clinton. Whatever their so called values, we say that the British people should not touch them with a barge pole but should instead tell Obama and Co. precisely where they should stick them!

May 2011 - The new Blue Rinse Brigade.

The Labour Party is becoming more of a joke as the weeks go on. This week, we have been amused by the spectacle of Ed Miliband addressing an influential group in the party by the name of 'Blue Labour'. The aim of this group is apparently to influence the Party so that it attracts those members of the public who previously voted Tory. The mind boggles! Are we going to see the ranks of blue rinsed Trade Union leaders sitting at future Labour party conferences? There is no doubt about it, the current policies of the party are those that Thatcher's adherents were calling for all those years ago. It is so easy these days to move between any of the main parties because they are all pursuing the same right wing Capitalist agenda.

A major influence behind this grouping is one Maurice Glasman. He has recently been elevated to the peerage through Miliband's influence as 'Baron Glasman of Stoke Newington and Stamford Hill in the London Borough of Hackney.' You wouldn't think he would have much time for policy making after presenting his title. Anyway, it sounds like the Zionist leadership of the Labour Party are busily scratching each others' backs whilst ignoring the needs of the ordinary people of Britain who misguidedly vote for right wing, Capitalist, warmongering Labour M.P's in the hope that their lives will somehow be made more bearable. The penny appears to have dropped for these voters in Scotland. We must hope that it does for those still clinging to the wretched Labour Party elsewhere in the British Isles.

May 2011 - Unconstitutional and inappropriate.

Because the British Constitution is unwritten, then the SLP believes that our rights and liberties are unprotected and subject to the whims and fancies of whoever is ruling the political roost at any particular time. The so-called Constitution is said to have strengths from certain unwritten conventions which have evolved over the centuries. One such convention is that of 'Parliamentary privilege', which was flouted when police invaded the Commons and arrested a Tory M.P. The then Speaker of the Commons (Martin) was shown to be uninformed and out of his depth when not upholding this convention and went shortly afterwards.

After Cromwell's seizure of political power when head of the Army during the 'Protectorate' of the 1650's, for a short while, Britain had regional overseers called Major Generals who were appointed by the Lord Protector. This method of rule was not deemed popular by the Gentry and Aristocracy and so subsequent Governments tied the hands of the military (in theory) by making them subservient to the Crown and Parliament. Military commanders therefore took orders from political powers and did not, constitutionally, run the Country. We have to ask, therefore, why this convention is being subverted by the current Chief of the Defence Staff, the professional head of the armed forces, General Sir David Julian Richards.

This unelected, Establishment appointee is much like other appointed heads of the British armed forces. The 'Tatler' listed his school as one of the top Public Schools in the Country, a source, no doubt of countless other 'chinless wonders'. This week, the Public school twit announced to a Sunday newspaper that the terms of engagement on Libya should be changed so that direct attacks could be launched against the infrastructure of that Country, otherwise Gaddafi would survive in power. There are so many objections to be made against this outrageous statement. Firstly, it is immoral, since the infrastructure of a Country has to be built up over many years and there is little prospect of not causing huge loss of life to civilians etc. Not that morality or loss of life has ever had any bearing upon the policies of Labour or Tory Governments regarding foreign aggressions. Secondly, this has not been authorised by the UN resolutions on Libya, not that NATO or British Governments care a hoot about UN resolutions (as in the case of Iraq, or Israeli attacks on and expansion in Palestine). Thirdly and perhaps most pertinent to the above, Sir David Julian has no right to pronounce on British foreign policy and what we should be doing abroad, but should keep his trap firmly shut and take his orders in silence from the Government of the day which in theory should have at least a little bit of influence upon it from elected representatives! He really should read up on British history and try to get a flavour of our unwritten 'constitution'. We, of course, would wish for a written constitution which restores and defends hard fought- for rights and liberties, especially regarding Trade Unions, which have been decimated by succeeding Labour, Tory and other Capitalist administrations.

May 2011 - What's in a name?

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the current Managing Director of the IMF has been arrested in the US for an alleged sexually violent attack upon a female hotel worker. It has been stated that he was being lined up as the Socialist Candidate for next year's French Presidential elections.

He has been at the head of an organisation (IMF) that has been responsible for financially attacking and starving the world's working class. They have been driven to early graves in whichever Country the IMF has got its tentacles into and imposed its austerity measures on. We must ask the question, therefore, what on earth can this man have possibly had in common with the concept of, or anything else remotely related to, Socialism?

It just goes to show that you have to look at the contents of the tin very closely before you believe what it says on the label. It looks like the French 'left' have had a narrow escape.

May 2011 - Untimely and inappropriate.

James Connolly would most likely be turning in his grave. The Constitutional head of the British Army was today, at huge expense, being given a state welcome by the Country on whose behalf he fought against British oppression during Easter 1916 and on whose behalf he was shot in cold blood by a British Army firing squad.

Whilst this is upsetting to many elements in both countries, it is worthwhile trying to understand what exactly is going on here. It would seem that the modern way to gain influence over foreign countries is by financially dominating them. International finance in the form of the IMF, EU etc. are able to bully and give political direction to those countries that come under attack from International financial profiteering gangsters. Exceptionally severe terms are laid down for financial aid to these countries when it is required and this usually results in falling living standards for the poor and oppressed. As a result of Ireland, (part of Alex Salmond's 'Arc of Prosperity'), coming a tremendous 'cropper' when their economy imploded during the ongoing crisis of Capitalism (with property price crashes, banking collateral being wiped out and mounting unemployment) they have been forced to go cap in hand to the EU and IMF bankers. Because of the significant banking tie-ups between that country and Britain, the British Government are no doubt getting their 'hooks' re-established in the Emerald Isle via the new 'oppressive' lending terms and no doubt part of the ongoing deals are invitations of state visits at the highest level in order to highlight the new 'power relationships'.

The British have never lost their interest in the 'South' as recently revealed by disclosures that de Valera was fearful of attacks by Britain in WW11 and so gave up the names of IRA personnel in Britain as 'sweeteners'. We can recall personal stories e.g. of relatives in the British Navy shipwrecked off the coast of Southern Ireland during that War as a result of enemy action. They could have been held in the 'neutral country' for the duration but were introduced back into the 'North' via a pub on the border. Such cooperation can now be viewed in a different light as a result of these recent disclosures.

The political and financial value of Ireland is not of course the sole concern of Britain and the EU. Obama, the 'Uncle Tom' warmonger, is apparently visiting the Country next week in order to bolster his Irish 'vote' support ready for the next Presidential election. (He is also taking particular interest in Israeli affairs at this time, again no doubt with the US Jewish vote in mind.)

The tie ups between Britain and Ireland are very close and ongoing (as with family relations and trade). There is no doubt, however, that any of our relations who fought the Nazi hordes in WW11 did not do so in the hope or expectation that Public School, 'Hooray Henry', financial banking gamblers would through their uncontrolled recklessness bankrupt our Countries and leave us at the mercy of foreign Capitalist exploitation. Greece is currently being stripped of its assets by these Capitalist financial thugs. We must ensure that the same is not allowed to happen here or in Ireland but the current privatising Governments in both Countries don't fill us with any confidence in this regard. Truly Socialist Governments on the other hand WOULD give our populations the necessary protection from the global financial predators and terrorists (e.g. by following the ordinary people of Iceland's example in telling the bankers where to get off!)

May 2011 - May 5th Elections - The view from the left.

The SLP has emerged as the main electoral force on the left of British politics having outpolled the other 'left' parties that we have taken on. This gives us an excellent springboard since we are likely to benefit from the growing dissatisfaction with the capitalist, warmongering, Zionist-led Labour Party. The electoral strength of the Labour Party has been largely undermined in Scotland where the Nationalists have capitalised on the unpopularity of the main Capitalist parties at Westminster. Labour has in the past drawn much of its Westminster strength from it's Scottish base but this can no longer be taken for granted. Unpopularity with the Westminster Government coalition's vicious attacks on the working class have mostly focussed on the Lib-Dems (mini-me Tories) for their betrayal of any principles after having broken their covenants to the electorate over tuition fees, VAT rises, the NHS attacks etc. Because we have a co-ordinated programme and structure and are not distracted by the shifting concerns of various leftist alliances and single issue causes, the SLP is now quite properly established as THE party of the left in Britain.

April 2011 - How the British Political System stamps out Democracy.

Back in 1975, Britain had a referendum on whether or not to join the Common Market (or EU as it is today). We were told that this would be a purely trading relationship and that there were no hidden agendas. At the time, there were no rigid party political divisions on this issue but the majority of the 'left' in Britain voted 'No'. The British 'Establishment' wanted a 'Yes' vote and so expenditure on the 'Yes' campaign was roughly nine times that spent on the 'No' campaign. Unsurprisingly, the 'Yes' campaign won with two-thirds of the vote. On a level playing field there might well have been a 'No' vote majority. The trading relationship guarantee has come to nothing since the EU is now becoming a greater political and military union as the years go on.

The finances backing the 'Establishment' viewpoint are therefore crucial in moulding Britain's politics. Consequently, vast expenditures backing Capitalist party candidates in elections generally ensure that they are elected to Parliament and all other areas of political influence. These expenditures come from 'Big business', unsavoury Capitalists (tax dodgers etc.) with large fortunes, Capitalist pressure groups (including arms manufacturers, oil companies etc.) and also Capitalist system orientated trade unions. Many trade union leaders are on earnings and terms that divorce them from the rank and file and they become an 'aristocracy'. It is in their interests to maintain the system from which they are benefitting so much. There are, of course, principled exceptions to this, but under the last Labour Government (which took huge funds from Capitalist big wigs as well as from Capitalist orientated trade unions), many large unions sat back silently and allowed billions and billions of pounds to be pumped into banks and other Capitalist institutions in order to maintain the rotten corrupt Capitalist system when it hit the rocks.

Just before the Iraq invasion of 2003, a poll was done in a regional newspaper which showed that 96% of those polled were against any possible invasion. Huge protest movements marched against any action. Nevertheless, the British public were ignored and a resulting bloodbath and political shambles were the outcome. Despite the huge opposition, on BBC programmes like 'Question Time' and 'Any Questions' there was never a majority of the panel opposed to the invasion (i.e. reflecting the views of the British public). There would only ever on occasions be one token voice opposed to the Establishment viewpoint.

Again, on 'Newsnight', the Establishment agenda was thrust in our faces. The current propaganda on Libya is almost identical. This bias is a constant theme so that we may see just one token 'champagne' socialist on the odd occasion.

This media bias is also reflected in the world of journalism where the Establishment often co-ordinates the output of the newspaper media so that 'left' views are rarely represented. Socialist candidates in certain areas of the Country cannot even get their names in the papers when they are standing in elections so that they are excluded from the reported list of candidates in these papers. Again, the BBC and other media will do all they can to prevent any air time being given to left wing candidates. In the last General election, a Socialist Labour Party candidate for a brand new constituency was excluded from a BBC debate in which all the other candidates were invited. The Electoral Commission treat this much as the police investigating phone tapping at the News of the World did originally (i.e. 'they don't really want to know'). If airtime is given to Socialist candidates, the BBC representatives will throw questions like 'Why are you standing when you have no chance of winning?' (an actual first question). To Socialist Labour candidates, such questions are, of course, like water off a duck's back. Socialist candidates that do get into media debates are then given less time than mainstream Establishment candidates.

At the time of the English Civil War back in the 1640's, the Levellers were calling for 'annual' or 'biennial' Parliaments. The Chartists of the 1840's called for 'annual' Parliaments. Today we are stuck with mostly 4 or 5 Yearly Parliaments. Once in 5 years you get to put your tick in the box and then the new M.P. goes away and is 'worked on' by Capitalist pressure groups (and most often Capitalist party whips) and ends up ignoring the views of the people who voted for him or her. We are currently being given a referendum on the AV voting system. This is a huge irrelevance to the need for a TOTAL OVERHAUL of the British political system. Insomuch as it may marginally favour non-establishment parties then it might be worth supporting. The policy of the Socialist Labour Party, however, is for full proportional representation (after the French model).

Under pressure from the Levellers at the end of the English Civil War, the monarchy and the House of Lords were abolished almost overnight. Our current political system stinks. We have to look to our predecessors for guidance. So when we take on the Capitalist parties in elections, it is not that we approve of the existing British system, it is just that we will try to forward the case of Socialism wherever we can, undaunted by the rotten corruption and inequality thrown against us.

March 2011 - Nato's Fascist War - Reflections of Fidel.

I didn’t have to be a fortune teller to divine what I foresaw with rigorous precision in three Reflections which I published on the CubaDebate website between February 21 and March 3: "NATO’s plan is to occupy Libya," "Cynicism’s danse macabre," and "NATO's inevitable war."

Not even the fascist leaders of Germany and Italy were so supremely shameless immediately following the Spanish Civil War unleashed in 1936, an episode that many people have possibly recalled in recent days.

Almost exactly 75 years have passed since then; but nothing that can be compared to the changes that have taken place during 75 centuries or, if you will, in 75 millennia of human life on our planet.

Sometimes it would seem that those of us who serenely express opinions on these subjects are given to exaggeration. I would venture to say that rather, we are naïve in supposing that all of us should be aware of the deception or the colossal ignorance into which humanity has been dragged.

Article continues, click here.

March 2011 - TUC National Demonstration London.

The Socialist Labour Party gave support to Saturday the 26th's march to reverse the tide of cuts and attacks on the Working Class which have flooded down in recent years from the Capitalist parties of all descriptions in Parliament. We find it despicable that these same parties have, meanwhile, pumped hundreds of billions of pounds into the hands of the obscenely wealthy including bankers and other tax dodgers.

March 2011 - Disgraceful attacks on civilians by Nato dominated colonialist partnership in the Middle East

The old colonial powers of North Africa – America (colony Liberia), France (Algeria etc.) and Britain ( Sudan, Darfur, Somalia etc.) have launched strikes against Libya which Russia says are already outside the scope of the UN resolution 1973 which called for action to protect civilians . Humanitarian help to prevent loss of life in any conflict would be welcomed but in this case, unwarranted, outrageously powerful NATO partnership indiscriminate weaponry is being used, causing a growing civilian casualty rate. Putin in Russia has likened the action to a modern day crusade and opposition to the action,apart from in Russia is also rife in India, South America, China and all rational free thinking nations. Peaceful offers of mediation from countries such as Venezuela have not been pursued. The needs of the Capitalist weapons producing companies of the West have been the prime concern at the UN. To say that this intervention is selective is putting it mildly. Where was the 'humanitarian intervention' when Israel was doing a 'Guernica' on the helpless victims in Gaza. Where is or has been the assistance for the downtrodden victims in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, Darfur etc.etc. Michel Chossudovsky at the Centre for Research on Globalisation says that the current illegal and aggressive acts form part of a US/Nato agenda and this alliance has brought in some 'figleaf' cover from reactionary Arab pro-western proxies. He says that the true reason for intervention has nothing to do with humanitarian issues but everything to do with oil. The actual reasons for the massive attacks on Iraq (causing a continuing horrific death toll) were not disclosed at the time, with blatant lies about weapons of mass destruction being substituted for the true ones, with oil grabbing, Israeli and weapons company interests being amongst these. The planning for the attacks on Iraq took months if not years. Despite this, the post conflict reconstruction and planning have proved to be almost non existent. Again, in the current situation, there has been virtually no time for post conflict planning but the obvious plot by the Western powers is to secure total dominance over Libya's oil production using a puppet regime in Eastern Libya. When asked about the effects of the French Revolution, Chou en-lai is reported to have told President Nixon in 1972 that it was 'too early to tell'

The 'ripple effect' from the current Western aggression might well have such an explosive outcome that future generations will look upon this as a major turning point in world history. As with the Iraq War, the House of Humbug (or Commons as it is often called) had a discussion on the current action and similarly, members sat like rows of nodding dogs in back windows of cars.(The nodding dogs of War). The benches, displaying tiers of feeble minded fascists covering the spectrum of Tories, mini-me Tories and Zionist led Labour (apart from a negligible few) were taking in with relish the lies and distortions from the same Establishment sources that lied about the causes of the Iraq War. These fascists only get elected because of the vast expenditures from big business and Capitalist pressure groups (including arms manufacturers) that they are able to use at election time. This has little to do with democracy and as with the Iraq War, the British public are largely against the current action and more firmly aligned to the views of the Socialist Labour Party.

March 2011 - An Article by SLP specialist on Libya, Dave Roberts, calling for Victory to the Al Fatah Revolution , Hands off Libya!

As the west gears up for intervention into Libya, the left in Britain with few exceptions are like rabbits in the proverbial headlights, transfixed by the brilliant glare of western propaganda. Many are either completely ignorant of the Gaddafi's  anti imperialist revolutionary history or prefer that their self opinionated pseudo left  intellectualism should not be disturbed by the very notion that the people of the previously poorest  and one of the most backward countries in the world, have through their own efforts, thrown off imperialism. Not only that but  within 4 decades, have gone on to build an economy and a society which  to the horror of western reactionary circles, is the envy of  the  revolutionary class conscious down trodden and poor of  Africa and the Arab world.  If they had bothered to read even a basic history text on  Libya's Green Revolution they would be rightly amazed by it's achievements, benefits which include universal suffrage, free life long education for all, up to post graduate level,  free medical and health care,  a guaranteed home for every Libyan and the highest per capita income in the Arab and African world (a per capita income which is a real average income rather than one based on the massive disparities in wealth to be found in western economies) .Unlike their Arab brothers and sisters in Egypt or Tunisia, Saudi Jordan, at the age of 16 they are entitled to join and attend their weekly held local peoples' committee and participate practically week in week out in the framing and delivery of policies and the allocation of resources that affect their daily lives. No wonder that participation rates in the political process exceed anything the "democratic" west can offer. A point lost on the BBC's Jeremy Bowen when he insisted that rebels were thirsting for democracy. Gaddafi correctly told him that he clearly knew nothing of the policy and practice of the authority of the people in Libya. 

 In setting off on the journey to bring Libya into the "modern " world Gaddafi has been conciliatory  to those elements in society who for reasons of the privilege or power they had held over the people through the mosques or through their previous patronage by western oil companies,  have  continued to resist the struggle for democratic and economic development. He guaranteed participation of the imams in the peoples' committees and ensured that the previous comprador class was no worse off as the wealth, education, health of all Libyans was raised to the remarkable levels they enjoy today. It is clearly these restorationist elements who are forming the backbone of the opposition, eyeing a chance for themselves of a "better" future under the local patronage of western oil companies or bringing Libya under  the  pan-islamist  resistance, rescuing it from what they fear as the westernising modernism and  growing secularism of the Green revolution. Unlike the opposition In Egypt or Tunisia the Libyan opposition have raised the royalist emblem of the western oil company imposed puppet King Idris and increasingly called for western imperialist intervention to secure their counter revolution. It should be glaringly obvious to all but the politically blind that the struggle in Libya is the complete opposite of the unfolding struggle across the rest of the Arab world. An understanding that  might explain why  Hague sent the SAS and MI6 on a secret mission to start  discussions to begin arming the opposition in Libya, whilst two weeks earlier Cameron was in Egypt gun running to the Military Junta. No calls for western intervention in Tunisia , Saudi Arabia , Jordan or Egypt then ?  No calls for the Bahraini or Saudi royals to be referred to the War Crimes Tribunal having invaded sovereign countries and killed unarmed civilians ?  Unlike the Left, British  Imperialism has a consistent class line-  support the Junta in Egypt, to hold back  generalised intifada and  destroy Libyan revolution.Why  ? because it has embodied, to date, the best organised and most resilient resistance in the Arab and African  world . Which is why Gaddafi was referred to by Nelson Mandela as one of the "greatest freedom fighters of the century", why The first country Mandela visited upon his release from 27 years in an apartheid gaol was Libya to thank Gaddafi for his consistent support for the ANC,  why he is supported  by and has supported Cuba, The Sandinistas, Chavez , The Palestinian cause The Irish national struggle etc etc  It would be a disaster for western oil companies and imperialism generally if any  of the Libyan lessons learnt in 40 years of anti-imperialist struggle began to infect the generalised Arab revolt  Which might explain why a country with a population the size of Wales albeit with better health and wealth indices ,is now  facing the combined political muscle and potential military threat of  the European union, NATO the United States etc. It is clearly a bigger ideological rather than military threat. Particularly at this time against the background  of  the continued worldwide  economic collapse of capitalism, it's drive towards generalised warmongering, and it's scramble to secure oil supplies and arms deals. 

That any of these truths should get in the way of western warmongering propaganda has led to an unprecedented campaign  to put the frighteners on  western middle class intellectuals, for example, the enforced resignation of Sir Howard Davies at The London School of Economics for accepting a donation from Saif Gaddafi's foundation after the University had awarded him a Ph.D. This despite the fact that there is hardly a university in the UK that has not taken money from the "Gaddafi regime" ,but,  as the Daily Telegraph pointed out, the real sin was  not taking the money but engaging in academic dialogue with the Libyan's on the practice of direct democracy in Libya. Saif Gaddafi had been asked to deliver the Ralph Milliband Lecture ( Yes the father of the Milliband regime and who according to the Daily Telegraph like Gaddafi was seeking  his own Third Way which was neither Soviet model of socialism or the obvious oppression of western capitalism)   It should be as clear as crystal, who are the reactionaries and who are the anti- reactionaries, who are the imperialists and who are the anti-imperialists in this pivotal struggle. Of course all class conscious ,anti-imperialist and progressive movements should stand shoulder to shoulder with the unfolding  Arab revolt but they should also stand for the victory of the Libyan Al Fatah revolution against  western counter revolution. It's one and the same struggle, although one doubts that much of the British left will understand that .

 Dave Roberts has visited Libya numerous times over the last 15 years leading a number of  European  delegations, participating in a number of International Roundtable conferences in Tripoli and Benghazi, facilitating academics in British universities to study the workings of direct democracy. He has toured the country extensively meeting with students, academics, health workers members of Peoples committees and the Revolutionary Committees Movement.

March 2011 - Nuclear Devastation in Japan

It is remarkable how Labour politicians , 'greens' such as Monbiot and assorted capitalist establishment idiots on the media still cannot abandon their calls for nuclear power in Britain despite the nightmare scenario that this sort of power production is wreaking on the population of Japan. The nutty 'know all' scientists cannot control the monsters that they are creating and true effects are being hidden by governments and politicians (including Obama) in the pay of the nuclear lobby. The US has already given Japan a good dose of radioactive devastation, affecting generations of people after Hiroshima and Nagasaki and now, the American company responsible for the apparently faulty designs of the Japanese reactors has (even this week) been touting for billions of pounds worth of reactors in India. Wikileaks have disclosed that huge amounts (billions) have changed hands in bribes in that Country alone. It would be interesting to see the scale of such corruption with regard to British politicians and spokespersons. It is also reported that bribery has been evident in obtaining clearance from the authorities for these apparently faulty designs. The obvious answer to this worldwide dilemma for safe power is CLEAN COAL TECHNOLOGY and other environmentally friendly options and the replacement and abandonment of UNSAFE NUCLEAR MADNESS (in weapons technology as well) Only one party has consistently adopted this, the only logical and rational way forward for the wellbeing of future generations:- THE SOCIALIST LABOUR PARTY !

March 2011 - Libya, Getting it Right: A Revolutionary Pan-African Perspective

The following article by Gerald A. Perreira is being reposted here from Pan-African News Wire. It was originally posted at Dissident Voice.

Thousands of Indians, Egyptians, Chinese, Filipinos, Turks, Germans, English, Italians, Malaysians, Koreans and a host of other nationalities are lining up at the borders and the airport to leave Libya. It begs the question: What were they doing in Libya in the first place? Unemployment figures, according to the Western media and Al Jazeera, are at 30%. If this is so, then why all these foreign workers? For those of us who have lived and worked in Libya, there are many complexities to the current situation that have been completely overlooked by the Western media and 'Westoxicated' analysts, who have nothing other than a Eurocentric perspective to draw on. Let us be clear – there is no possibility of understanding what is happening in Libya within a Eurocentric framework. Westerners are incapable of understanding a system unless the system emanates from or is attached in some way to the West. Libya's system and the battle now taking place on its soil, stands completely outside of the Western imagination.

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April 2011 - Energy Matters

To suggest that renewable technologies alone can power Britain cleanly and securely is somewhat disingenuous. Britain currently generates 4.5% of its electricity from renewable sources and the thought of the British economy becoming a world leader in green technologies is derisory. We are already considered dinosaurs in this field by many other countries.

Change will not happen without legislation. Whilst we live in what is euphemistically referred to as a 'parliamentary democracy' no political party is going to put forward a manifesto pledge for a 'no-growth' economy or any policy which might bring fear of the lights going out. However hard we try, we are very unlikely to change the living habits of the majority of people in Britain.

In the meantime the problem of fuel security has to be addressed. Britain has never had an integrated energy policy. Governments of all shades have lunged aimlessly from one idea to the next with only the next four years to concern them.

In the last 25 years UK governments have squandered our most valuable assets. The privatisation of energy sources has led to profit a driven industry only concerned with profit instead of consumers or the environment. North Sea gas has been squandered and deep mines were closed for purely political reasons. The closing of deep mines should not be a cause for celebration by environmental campaigners. Hundreds of thousands of Welsh miners were thrown on the scrapheap, thousands of communities were destroyed and the rise of open cast mining inevitably followed.

Currently the UK is a net importer of energy. We import 8% of our oil, 32% of our gas and 70% of our coal. It is easy to believe that coal is a fuel of the past but globally the burning of coal increases year on year. It cannot so easily be dismissed as an energy source.

The UK burns 60 million tonnes of coal a year and 44 million tonnes of it is imported. This is totally insane. Not only do we have adequate coal reserves of our own but that which is imported is of vastly inferior quality, often produced in areas of very poor working conditions and political instability.

Climate campers were right to campaign against the Drax power station. However, the problem is not just that Drax burns coal. Why should the most modern of power stations produce more pollution than older, less efficient stations? The reason is that it burns the dirtiest form of fuel on the planet i.e. imported tar sands, shale oil and Petroleum coke. This power station made a pre-tax profit of £158 million in 2009. This is outrageous when that money could have been spent on quality coal and efficient filtering and processing facilities. In the 2006 Energy Review the Coal Industry argued for money to be spent on clean coal technology, carbon capture and sequestration (CCS). This advice was ignored. CCS, which has no emissions, could replace gas power plants, which emit more than half the carbon of non CCS coal plants, making an 80 percent carbon reduction by 2050 more achievable. Other technologies available for energy production with coal include Underground Coal Gasification. Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle, and Pressurised Fluidised Bed Combustion. None of these technologies are being taken seriously by Britain's privatised energy industries, not because they are unviable, but because they are expensive. The US, India, Brazil, China, Russia and others have vast reserves of coal and they will burn it. Only by forging ahead with Clean Coal Technology can we hope to influence what happens in the rest of the world. In 2006 something happened which sent shockwaves around Europe. Russia fell out with the Ukraine and the amount of gas which passes over the Ukraine to Western Europe was dramatically reduced. EU countries pay Russia $250 per 1000cu cm of gas whereas Ukraine was paying $50. This subsidy was unlikely to continue when Ukraine invited in the US and made moves towards the EU. When Ukraine took their gas from the pipeline anyway supplies to Germany, France and Spain fell by 30%, highlighting the vulnerability of transnational energy supplies. This is the real reason behind the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and the threats against Iran. The search for oil in the most remote regions of the world will surely bring greater disasters. The all powerful oil companies will prove very difficult to stop – even after the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Of course, no government will let the lights go out. In January 2010 when Britain suddenly experienced very cold weather there was a 45% surge in energy requirement. The only fuel flexible enough to have coped with this surge in requirement is coal. The government is now committed to producing at least 35 per cent of our energy from renewable sources by 2020. Alongside energy efficiency that may fill some but not all of the purported gap. The threat of nuclear power is again at the forefront of government policy. Those of us old enough to remember the 1970s kidded ourselves that we had won this battle. The campaign against a nuclear reactor at Portskewett in Gwent prevented the Severn Estuary from having the highest concentration of civil nuclear reactors in the world. The Chernobyl disaster stalled the nuclear lobby for a while but it is firmly back on the agenda again. None of this is meant to undermine the need to forge ahead with renewable technologies. Unfortunately Capitalism will thwart radical ideas because too much is at stake for the profiteers. The problem is not insurmountable but all options have to be kept on the table because there is no panacea.

Liz Screen, Socialist Labour Party Wales.


March 2011 - The Birmingham Six: Have we learned from our disgraceful past?

The Guardian 12/03/11 By Gareth Peirce

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At the trial in London last year of a young Muslim, one defence closing speech clearly interested the jury. In the case it was considering, it was being asked to infer involvement in terrorism from coincidences of association and the defendant's clear interest in radical Islam. The speech recalled another trial, that of the Birmingham Six, based equally on seemingly damning coincidences of faith, association and political loyalties. In that case six men, all Irish, all Catholic, had been drinking in a pub at New Street station in Birmingham before boarding a train to catch a ferry to Belfast. Within six minutes, bombs exploded in two pubs on the station precincts. The men, all carrying mass cards, were travelling to the funeral of a friend, an IRA man who had blown himself up whilst assembling a bomb. All were Republican sympathisers. All were convicted in 1975 of the murders of the 21 victims killed in the explosions in the pubs shortly after their train had left for the Heysham ferry. All were completely innocent. Applying lessons of past injustice to the present, the jury acquitted the young Muslim man.

On 14 March 1991 the Birmingham Six finally walked free. Today, 20 years on, it is vital to appreciate the horrifying detail of what happened to them, and how the truth was not acknowledged for 16 years. The annihilation of justice for others remains an ever-present spectre. The replaying of their triumphal re-entry into the street outside the Old Bailey triggers only partial recollection; Richard McIlkenny steady and philosophical, "Every dog has his day"; Billy Power, looking ahead, thinking of others – "Judith Ward, the Bridgewater Four." And Paddy Hill, burning with rage, "Justice? Those people in there don't even know how to spell the word." It had been his anger, sustained for 16 years, that scorched a route by which ultimately the six would escape. By 1980, he had written more than 1,000 detailed letters to lawyers, MPs, journalists; most never replied, almost all who did, answered similarly: "I'm afraid the odds against you are overwhelming." After all, as well as the coincidences, four of the six men had signed confessions to the bombings soon after they were pulled off the Heysham ferry, and three tested positive for elements of explosives.

For 16 years every other aspect of the case was disregarded; that the men were, in Paddy Hill's words, "tortured and framed" on arrest, beaten, subjected to mock executions, threatened with being thrown from a high building or a car on the motorway, and burnt with cigarettes; that their torturers were the infamous West Midlands serious crime squad, or that the scientist called to Heysham was the incompetent Dr Skuse. They were failed by everyone. Cut and visibly bruised when they were taken from the police station to the magistrates' court, the solicitors who saw them first succeeded in getting legal aid forms signed, but failed to log their injuries.

Within an hour they were in Winson Green prison, where they ran the gauntlet of a lynch mob of prison officers; by the end the teeth of two of the men and the blood of all covered the reception area; the evidence essential to establish in the future that the "confessions" in police custody had been beaten out of them had been obliterated.

The confessions were ludicrously thin, but anything would have done. Retrospectively the police are invariably excused: "After all, weren't they under extreme pressure to get convictions?" The bombs at New Street station had torn into the psyche of the country; support for the IRA in England, still then regarded romantically by many, was annihilated overnight. It was years until the IRA would admit to the bombings. It seems intended warnings had not been telephoned through. The men's homes were the targets of petrol bombs, and nooses were hung on their gates; their families fled, some changed their names, one wife had to move 17 times, and put her children into care for their own safety.

Nevertheless, if the six men were all innocent, how could they have been convicted, and how could the true facts have been suppressed for 16 years? They had a trial by jury after all, moved to avoid local prejudice from Birmingham to Lancaster Crown Court.

But even at the time the appearance of fairness was questionable; at the court, housed in a medieval castle, the trial judge made his views clear. As he reviewed the evidence, Lord Bridge signalled his own reactions: "I am of the opinion," he told the jury, "not shared by all my brothers on the bench, that if the judge has formed a clear view, it is much better to let the jury see that and say so, and not pretend to be a kind of Olympian detached observer."

He suggested that if Dr Skuse was wrong about his claimed findings of nitro-glycerine traces, that would mean he had wasted most of his professional life; if the mens' confessions were false and had been signed because of brutality, the enormity of the conspiracy within two police forces beggared belief. He considered it far from uncommon for criminals to seek relief from inner tensions by confessing.

The prosecution's evidence, bar the coincidences, was in fact hardly credible, but nevertheless swallowed whole. The confessions of the four who capitulated were brief; none described (nor could the police who fabricated them afford to describe) the process of constructing or planting the bombs: they were simply said to have been left in two pubs in "white plastic bags" – previous IRA bombs retrieved from the Birmingham area after telephoned warnings having been thus found. Later forensic analysis by an independent laboratory established that the bombs had in fact been contained in leather holdalls, an inconvenience that in no way interfered with the juggernaut of conviction.

Every appeal failed; at their first, Lord Widgery considered there was "no ill treatment beyond the normal". When the men sued the police for assault, the courts struck down their claims as impermissible attacks on legal certainty, "an appalling vista". By 1991, the year of their release, 18 senior judges in turn had relied on the mantra that the original decision of the jury must be given deference, yet themselves listened to new evidence piecemeal before rejecting it outright, substituting themselves for the jury as the fact-finding body rather than order a retrial. Two retired law lords, Devlin and Scarman, fired broadsides at so seismic a constitutional shift.

Nevertheless, the appeal ordered by the home secretary in 1987 was expected, finally, to ensure the men's release, hearing as it did weeks of dramatic new evidence; police officers on duty at the time had heard the threats and seen the injuries; a chart discovered in the handwriting of the officer in charge, a necessity if the false accounts of interrogations of six men at the hands of 12 officers from the serious crime squad were to match up. It contained inexplicable alterations; one interview claimed by Paddy Hill to have been conducted but denied by police at trial was written into the chart, but then crossed out. Dr Skuse, now retired on grounds of "limited efficiency", cut a pathetic figure, claiming to have authenticated his dubious on-site tests of 1974 the week before the appeal, this time in his kitchen. Hundreds of distinguished observers queued each day for entry to the court. When the court rejected the appeal, commenting "the longer this hearing has gone on, the more convinced this court has become that the verdict of the jury was correct", the men's expectations of immediate release were in smithereens, but so too was the reputation of British justice.

The very public catastrophe of the appeal, ironically, energised an immediate fight back. How could the brutal West Midlands serious crime squad remain unscathed, having rampaged unchecked for more than two decades? In the end its overconfidence was its ruin; one interviewee too many, shackled naked to a chair, had been half suffocated with a plastic bag to force a confession. Questionnaires sent out to every prison were returned revealing in unrelated cases the same fabricated police verbals. Officers on the periphery of events in 1974 hinted at the true picture; one Special Branch officer at the Heysham Ferry confided that the night before giving evidence at the trial he had rewritten his entire notebook to coincide with the evidence given by a colleague in court the day before as to the actual time of arrival in Lancashire of the West Midlands police. He excused himself, "you know how things were".

But in the end, it was the simplest of stupidities that concluded the matter. As the members of the serious crime squad had written (and rewritten) their false accounts, indentations on the pages underneath revealed how their books had been altered. Revelations of the efficacy of the forensic test in proving similar fabrications led to the disappearance from police storage in the West Midlands of dozens of potentially problematic notebooks. But for the Birmingham Six, their failed appeal in 1987 had secured for them one unexpected advantage; the notebooks in their case had been retrieved before the appeal, and retained by a separate police force, Devon and Cornwall. And so it finally came about that the six men emerged into the world.

Has there been a happy ending? Research shows the wrongly convicted suffer irreversible psychological damage far greater than that sustained even by the survivors of major physical trauma. Yet the state fails to provide any expert (or indeed any) aftercare; more than one appellant who has emerged seemingly triumphantly from the Court of Appeal has within weeks been reduced to sleeping on the pavements.

The six men are now five; Richard McIlkenny, the oldest, died in Ireland in 2006. The steadiest of all in prison, once outside his strong heart and spirit broke. Each man, from a devout community in which marriage and family are revered, has had to struggle with the spectre of estrangement; what has been rebuilt is not the same as that destroyed in 1974. Hugh Callaghan, Gerry Hunter and John Walker have carved out different lives, far from Birmingham. Billy Power has taken on responsibilities for generations of dependents and for prisoners still in jail; Paddy Hill's have extended even further. The compensation he received has funded MOJO, a tiny charity that takes on what the state ignores, advice for the wrongfully convicted and safe havens for them on release. Everyone wrestles with demons.

And we have created, without doubt, a new suspect community. The young Muslim man on trial last year faced a different construct. Had he been convicted wrongly, too, there would have been no fabricated notes to discover years later. Instead association and interest might, had the prosecution in his case succeeded, have been enough under yet more emergency legislation to establish support for terrorism. And if acquitted? Control orders exist so that secret courts can (and do) hear secret evidence to severely constrain the liberty even of a person exonerated by a jury.

At least, we console ourselves, we no longer torture terrorist suspects. But is that claim a delusion? If we connive, it makes no difference whether the torture has been outsourced or perpetrated close to home in Birmingham. By the bitter end the case of the six men achieved what the successful elimination of torture requires, a very public accounting. But the detail of the British role in the production of tortured "confessions" in Guantánamo, Pakistan and Morocco is likely never to be publicly exposed; claimed "national security" is intended to ensure permanent secrecy. Twenty years on, we must therefore ask ourselves if we have, in fact, learned anything at all from our disgraceful past.

March 2011 - Remember Rosemary Nelson.

Murder victim Rosemary Nelson 12 years ago today, 15th March 1999,Human Rights Solicitor, Rosemary Nelson, mother of three children, was murdered by a car bomb in Lurgan, north of Ireland. The 'Red Hand Defenders', a loyalist paramilitary group claimed it. She was highly respected and represented a number of high profile cases. She became a hate figure to the RUC Special Branch and repeatedly complained of death threats by police officers which she reported to the United Nations.  Judge Cory’s Inquiry (April 2004) recommended a Public Inquiry to investigate possible collusion between loyalist paramilitaries and British security services.  The Secretary of State for NI immediately announced there would be a full public inquiry, but the public sessions did not begin until April 2008. We still have not had the report of the Inquiry - see article below. It is important that the people of Britain know what has been done in their name.

 Legal Review of Rosemary Nelson Inquiry Findings.

TOM News 14/03/11. Final legal checks are being carried out on the findings of a public inquiry into the murder of Lurgan solicitor Rosemary Nelson, the British government has said. The inquiry team had already said it hoped to have its long-awaited report into the allegations of British security force collusion in the murder completed by the end of April.Britain’s secretary in the six counties, Owen Paterson, said his government’s lawyers are beginning their review of the inquiry’s report to ensure its contents do not endanger any individual or compromise ‘national security’.Mrs Nelson, a 40-year-old mother-of-three, died after a bomb planted by the loyalist Red Hand Defenders exploded under her car as she left her home in Lurgan, County Armagh, on March 15th, 1999. The lawyer represented a number of high-profile republicans, as well as acting for a Catholic residents’ group which opposed Orange Order marches in the Drumcree parade stand-off. She rose to public prominence when human rights groups raised concerns for her safety after revelations that she was being intimidated by British security force members and loyalists.

Written Ministerial Statement: Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (Owen Paterson):

“In anticipation of the publication of the report of the Rosemary Nelson Inquiry, I have today asked a team of officials to commence the checking of the Inquiry’s report in relation to human rights and national security matters, as outlined below. I intend to adopt the same approach as was used for the checking of the report of the Bloody Sunday, Billy Wright and Robert Hamill Inquiry reports. As I informed the House in my Written Statement of 16 December 2010, the Nelson Inquiry intends to complete its report by the end of April 2011. I am responsible for publication of the Inquiry’s report, once it is delivered to me. I am advised that I have a duty, as a public authority under the Human Rights Act, to act in a way that is compatible with the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). To fulfil this duty, I need to take steps to satisfy myself that publication of the report will not breach Article 2 of the Convention by putting the lives or safety of individuals at risk. I am advised that these obligations must be met by me personally, in my capacity as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. Although the Inquiry is also a public authority under the Human Rights Act, I am not entitled to rely on the Inquiry to satisfy my Article 2 obligations and I have a duty to assess this myself. I also have a duty to satisfy myself that publication will not put national security at risk, for example by disclosing details of sources of protected information. I have established a small team to assist me in carrying out this necessary exercise. The team will comprise the Northern Ireland Office’s principal legal adviser, two officials from the Ministry of Defence, one official from the Police Service of Northern Ireland and one official and one legal adviser from the Security Service, who are familiar with the sensitive material provided to the Inquiry Panel. This team will be granted access to the report under strict terms of confidentiality and for the sole purpose of carrying out the necessary checks, and they will report directly to me alone. Neither I nor any official beyond the members of the checking team will have access to the report until 24 hours before it is published. Sir Michael Morland has agreed that this team can carry out the checks on the Inquiry’s premises while the report remains in the custody of the Inquiry. I understand that the report will be made available for checking today.I want to publish the report in its entirety. Should any concerns about the safety of any individual arise, my first course of action would be to consider whether these can be addressed through alternative means. Were I to reach the conclusion, on advice, that a redaction to the text might be necessary, I would consult Sir Michael Morland. In the very unlikely event that any redaction was deemed necessary, my intention would be to make this clear on the face of the report.The report must be published first for this House, and I intend to publish the report as soon as possible once the report and the checking process has been completed. However, I acknowledge the importance of this Inquiry’s findings in the lives of a number of individuals. As with the publication of the Bloody Sunday and Billy Wright Inquiry reports, I intend to consider giving advance sight to those who were designated as Represented Parties by the Inquiry. I intend to discuss this with the Speaker of the House in due course.” END

What we can do to support the Nelson family· Write to David Cameron, Owen Paterson and your own MP demanding the Inquiry Report be published immediately - and encourage others to do the same. We mustn’t let the government delay publication in the way they did with the Saville Inquiry into Bloody Sunday. The Nelson Family need and deserve answers.

Raise the case in your Trade Union, Political Party or Community Group, write to newspapers and get on radio 'phone-ins, see TOM website for more details.

Contact details: David Cameron, 10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA. E-mail: or fill in form at

Owen Paterson, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland Office, 11 Millbank, London SW1P 4PN. -mail: or fill in form at

Your own MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

March 2011 - The attacks on Britain's youth

What do you call a Government that sets mounted police against unarmed workers? – Fascist! Fast forward from Orgreave 1984 to today's Britain. What do you call a Government that sets mounted police against unarmed schoolchildren and students? - again, Fascist! Socialist Labour is totally opposed to the alliance of State repression forces with crony Capitalist exploiters and a political elite who have bought elections through the spending power of big business – or Fascism as it exists today in the US, Britain and most of Europe.

March 2011 - Food and the environment

The world price of food is being driven up by unethical gambling from giant American investment banks who are using it as a source of financial speculation. The US is also requiring farmers throughout the world to substitute crops yielding sources of oil for corn crops etc. This is currently a major factor leading to the masses rising up in the Middle East and elsewhere. In this Country, it turns out that corrupt Parliamentary committees under the influence of GM companies and lobby groups have put lifetime gagging orders on scientists who have pointed out the dangers from GM foods. These include the reproductive failure of mice fed on GM foods. Scientists at Universities etc. are being funded by private companies to the extent that they are unable to criticise the Company actions for fear of financial and contractual (employment) threats.

March 2011 - The UK and the Middle East

Cameron and his cronies such as Hague just can't keep their sticky grubby fingers from meddling in Middle Eastern affairs. Obviously, they couldn't care less who they sell their weapons to provided that their oil interests are protected and this has kept Arab and African populations in the region under undemocratic subjugation. We support all those people who are hungry and unemployed and trying to throw off the yoke of failed western Capitalist exploitation and forced to bow the knee to fascist Zionism – much as we are in this Country where exploitative usury is being used as an extra control. We do not, however, back CIA and imperialist backed reactionary (e.g. pro monarchy) revolts whose only purpose is grabbing regional oil and further repressing the population.

March 2011 - Media Manipulation

We all know that we can't trust the words and actions of any of the state run and influenced capitalist media such as the BBC, CNN, Fox news etc. Unfair lack of coverage for parties of the left at elections is one obvious example. At Orgreave in 1984 we had the BBC altering the sequence of events for the news after the mounted police had charged the miners. The latter's retaliation was shown as the first event. The British Government, through it's media reported that the leader of Libya was heading for Venezuela. The BBC and Al Jazeera reported specific bombing by Libya of targets in Benghazi, a claim refuted by Russian military using satellite technology. Weapons of mass destruction Mr. Blair? …….. Anyone? Now Fox in the US have been caught out after having substituted booing noises for loud cheering of a politician who is not towing the Government/Fox consensus line.